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The Lancaster Examiner & Herald

The Lancaster Examiner & Herald began publication as The Lancaser Examiner in 1830 and merged with the Anti-Masonic Herald in 1834. It was published weekly in Lancaster, Pa., during the middle years of the nineteenth century and continued publication as The Lancaster Examiner at least as late as December 1891. By digitizing the years 1834 - 1872, we provide our patrons with a view of politics and events of this tumultuous period that balances the perspective of The Intelligencer-Journal.

Making this resource available further advances our goal of using the latest in technology to provide easier access to a widening array of historical resources in our collections. A nearly complete run of this newspaper (1830-1891) is also available on microfilm in our reading room.

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The digitization of the Examiner & Herald was funded through federal Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA) funds administered by the Pennsylvania Department of Education's Office of Commonwealth Libraries.


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