Muddy Creek Lutheran and Reformed Church Collection, 1744-1892


Call number:  MG-7

1 box      10 folders      .5 cubic ft.

Repository: (Lancaster, Pa.)

Shelving Location:  Archives South, Side 1

Description: Collection contains indentures, record books, church records, drafts, deeds, legal documents, song and liturgy books of the Muddy Creek Lutheran and Reformed Church.

Creator:  Muddy Creek Lutheran and Reformed Church.

Conditions for Access:  Folder 3: Please use photocopy; make an appointment with the Director of Archival Services to use original.

Conditions Governing Reproductions:  Collection may not be photocopied. Please contact Research Staff or Archives Staff with questions.

Language:  English, German

Source of Acquisition:  Unknown.


Folder 1 Indenture, 1744: The original parchment deed is from Thomas and Richard Penn to Henry Haller and Peter Frey, in trust of the Lutherans and Reformed or Calvinist Congregations. Although the original Penn Seal has deteriorated, the Penn name is clear.


Folder 2 Indenture, 1761: The Article of Agreement, written on parchment. Made between Henry Haller, Christopher Shoup, George Hefft, and Marcus Egly, trustees of the Calvinist Reformation Congregation, and Valantin Schnider, Jacob Frey, Casper Lutz, and Philip Schober, trustees of the Lutheran Congregation. Dated 30 May 1761.

The document of the transfer of Warrant for Land is from Henry Haller and Peter Frey in trust to Jacob Frey in trust for the Lutheran and Calvinist Reformation Congregations. Dated 16 May 1761.

The survey of the land is dated 5 November 1761.


Folder 3 Reformed Church Register, 1743-1770. Register of baptisms, etc. in German. (Please use photocopy in Folder 3a; make an appointment with the Director of Archival Services to use original.)

Folder 3a Photocopy of the Reformed Church Register, 1743-1770 from Folder 3.


Photocopy of Records of Pastoral Acts at the Lutheran and Reformed Congregations of the Muddy Creek Church, East Cocalico Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, 1743-1770. Translated by William J. Hinke and Frederick S. Weiser. Breinigsville, Pennsylvania: The Pennsylvania German Society. 1981.

Photocopy of the index to Records of Pastoral Acts...



Folder 4 Contributions and Subscriptions, 1812-1869. 2 books.


Folder 5 Deeds and surveys, 1812, 1864, 1872, 1890, 1892.

Indenture of Land of 1812 between William and Catherine Bechtolt and Peter Weiss and Adam Grill in trust for the Lutheran and Calvinists. Survey of the Muddy Creek property dated 1812.

Indenture of 1864 between Jacob E. Becker and Levi P. Swartz.

Indenture of 1872 between Solomon and Maria Hartung and Samuel Lesher, trustee of the German Reformed Congregation of Muddy Creek Church. Survey dated 1 October 1890 shows three different tracts.

Survey dated 9 April 1892.

Indenture of 11 April 1892 between Levi P. and Lydia Swartz, and Henry Lauch and Solomon Hartung.

Indenture of 22 October 1892 between Henry and Mary Laush, trustee of the Lutheran Congregations of Muddy Creek Church, and Richard Hartung, trustee of the German Reformed Congregation.


Folder 6 Legal documents, 1864-1892

Four documents regarding liens on the Muddy Creek Church property.

Lease agreement dated 7 June 1880.

Document sealed and recorded in 1891 of a congregational meeting to vote for or against a casket being taken into the church before burial.

Purchase agreement dated 7 March 1892 between Levi P. Swartz and Henry Laush and Solomon Hartung.


Folder 7 Reformed Communicants, 1885-1905: Names of the communicants are written in a bound volume.

Folder 8 German book of Psalms and Hymns, 1814. Liturgy Book (in German), 1855.

Folder 9  Bulletin for Holy Communion Sunday, 16 October 1927. Confirmation and preparatory services, Saturday, 15 October 1927. Transferred from The Historical Society of the Phoenixville Area, 26 November 2008.


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