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Volunteer Opportunities

Archives Clerical Volunteer

Job Duties:  Volunteer will assist the Director of Archival Services with

  • filing administrative papers
  • updating the accessions database
  • organizing and filing’s organizational records
  • photocopying/scanning
  • placing new acquisitions in archival boxes
  • making box labels

Schedule: Two (2) hours per week, Tuesday or Thursday afternoon.

Read more: Archives Clerical Volunteer
Photograph Collection Volunteers

Volunteers are needed to scan and catalog the various types of images in our growing photograph collections. Types of images range from paper prints to film and glass-plate negatives and slides. Perusing historic photos of Lancaster County while you work is an added bonus.

  • Volunteers wishing to scan should have strong computer and scanning experience. Apple/Mac and Photoshop experience isn't necessary, but is a plus.
  • Cataloging photographs entails entering data into our Past Perfect database. Volunteers with computer data entry experience and some knowledge of Lancaster County history are preferred.

For more information contact Marianne Heckles, Research Assistant & Coordinator of Photograph Collections

Archives Aide

We are looking for Archives Aides for Summer 2015.


Job Duties:  An Archives Aide is responsible for retrieving items from the archives when they have been requested by a patron in the Research Library. Training will be provided by the archives staff.


An Archives Aide may also assist with data entry, transcription or cataloging historic documents.


Schedule: Mid-day shifts Wednesday-Friday.


Read more: Archives Aide
Archives Volunteers

We are currently unable to accept new volunteers for the Archives.

Read more: Archives Volunteers
Curatorial and Web Site Volunteers

The work of Curatorial Volunteers may encompass a broad spectrum of personal and professional interests. The Curatorial Department's primary focus is on the collection, preservation, interpretation, and exhibition of the three-dimensional collections of The types of materials we collect are quite varied, as are the methods used to accomplish these goals.

Volunteer Opportunities in this area include:

  • Exhibit Research
  • Exhibit Construction
  • Object Cataloging and Research
  • Oral History Interviews
  • Web Site Design and Maintenance

For more information contact Wendell Zercher.

Youth Group Museum Educator

Do you enjoy helping young people learn about history? President Buchanan's Wheatland is looking for volunteers to serve as youth group museum educators.

Youth Group Museum Educators provide special tours of the President's mansion for children in elementary school, middle school and for home school children. In addition to the special tours of the mansion, Youth Group Museum Educators provide activity based opportunities that provide the children with fun hands-on projects designed to emphasize certain aspects of life in the 1850s.

For more info contact:

Patrick Clarke

History Tour Guides
History Tour Guides provide visitors with personalized tours of President James Buchanan's Wheatland. Do you like to share stories from the past ? If so, we have a fun volunteer opportunity awaiting you at President James Buchanan's Wheatland!

The Wheatland staff will provide the history content for volunteers to study.  This information will help you connect the stories of James Buchanan's private and public life with the tumultuous times in which he lived. Additional training includes the nuts and bolts on how to guide a tour; effective techniques will be demonstrated during tours of Mr. Buchanan's 1828 federal-style mansion. New volunteers shadow others and the museum staff before they guide visitors on a tour of the mansion by themselves.

In addition to daily tours, the museum offers opportunities to participate in special living history programs throughout the year. If you enjoy history, stories and people then President Buchanan's Wheatland is the place for you!

For more info contact:

Patrick Clarke

Junior Volunteer Program

For youth ages 12 to 18 Wheatland offers a junior volunteer program. This program prepares young adults for a lifetime of giving back to community, and helps improve communication skills and self esteem.  Junior volunteers are trained in a variety of responsibilities including guiding tours, researching historical topics and portraying historic characters in living history events during the season.

For more info contact:

Patrick Clarke


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One Young Lady, One Old House, Two Hundred Years of History

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