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Make a Planned Gift's Planned Giving Program is designed to provide our members and friends with information and opportunities to arrange future gifts that meet each donor’s needs. For example: If a donor/spouse desires a lifetime income, several Planned Gifts can meet this need; or, if the donor desires a larger charitable contribution deduction and reduced income taxes, this can also be achieved. Of course, all of these benefits, as well as reduced capital gains taxes, are available to Planned Gift donors through a number of our planned gift arrangements.

Where the Need is Greatest

The majority of planned gift donors indicate that when their gift becomes available to, it should be used “where the need is the greatest.”

The Endowment Fund

Others designate their planned gift for the Endowment Fund. This fund is permanently invested and only the interest earned is available for use by This is one of several ways that an individual may establish a permanent and meaningful memorial to provide future services by

Planned Gift Opportunities

Many Planned Gift arrangements are available for members and friends who wish to consider a gift of future interest to the

All prospective donors of Planned Gifts will be encouraged to discuss their plans with their family, accountant, attorney, or other financial advisor.

Following are several of these arrangements:

  • Wills/Bequests
    Your will is an expression of your personal values. Bequests may be designated when writing a new will or adding a codicil (amendment) to an existing will. Naming the “, Lancaster County, PA” as an outright, contingent, or residual beneficiary offers the donor all the rights of enjoyment of the intended gift during lifetime. Advantages: estate tax deduction; bequests may be altered any time; can assure that “annual giving” to will continue.
  • Charitable Gift Annuities
    Establishing a Charitable Gift Annuity with provides the donor with an assured lifetime income. This annual income for life is based on the donor’s age at the time of the gift. The donor receives a current year income tax charitable contribution deduction (with a five-year carry over) and may avoid some capital gains taxes. Gift annuities may be funded with cash or securities. Advantages: income for life—at guaranteed rates for one or two lives; tax savings—a large part of what you transfer is a deductible charitable gift and a portion of each payment to the donor is tax free; capital gains tax savings—when you contribute securities for a gift annuity, you minimize capital gains taxes. ($5,000 is a typical minimum gift annuity amount.)
  • Life Insurance
    A gift of an “old” life insurance policy can provide the donor with a current year income tax charitable contribution deduction. A “new” insurance policy gift, with as owner and beneficiary, offers the donor an income tax deduction for all premium payments that are gifted to
  • Charitable Remainder Trusts
    Charitable remainder unitrusts provide donors with a current year charitable contribution deduction, an annual income to the beneficiary (at least 5% reevaluated annually), capital gains tax savings, a possible hedge against inflation and the ability to add to the unitrust in future years. ($25,000 is a typical annuity trust minimum amount.)

Other Planned Gifts Available Include:

  • Revocable Charitable Remainder Trusts
  • Retained Life Estates
  • Charitable Lead Trusts

To discuss a planned gift, please contact:

Thomas R. Ryan

President and CEO

(717)392-4633 , x120

Robin Sarratt
Vice President

(717)392-4633 , x117

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