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Hours for Presidents Day, 2/20

On Presidents Day, February 20th, President James Buchanan's Wheatland, the Exhibition Galleries, and the Museum Store will be open. To learn more about our Living History at Wheatland tours that will be taking place that day, please visit our events page. The Library, Archives, and Administrative Offices will be closed. Thank you!

Map of Lancaster County Townships and Boroughs



Genealogy of Lancaster County Townships Showing Origins and Dates of Their Establishment

Original townshps of 1729 are underscored




* Cocalico Township was established in late 1729 after the original townships were defined and named.

Boroughs of Lancaster County

Incorporated in 1742, becomes a City in1818
Incorporated in 1812
Incorporated in 1814
Incorporated in 1816
Washington Boro
Incorporated in 1827, returned to Village status in 1973
Incorporated in 1838
Incorporated in 1850
Mount Joy
Incorporated in 1851
Incorporated in 1872
Incorporated in 1888
Incorporated in 1891
Incorporated in 1892
Incorporated in 1894
Incorporated in 1895
New Holland
Incorporated in 1895
Incorporated in 1900
Incorporated in 1906
Terre Hill
Incorporated in 1908
Incorporated in 1932
East Petersburg
Incorporated in 1946

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Historically Speaking


The staff and volunteers of the Archives Department at never know what they'll find when working on the documents and records in the collections.  Fortunately, when they do discover something noteworthy they are very willing to share!

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Wheatland: A Love Story

Who would have guessed that a young lady would fall in love with an old President and his old house?

One Young Lady, One Old House, Two Hundred Years of History

I’m Jennifer Walton, Museum Associate at President James Buchanan's Wheatland, and I love an old President and his old house! Over the past nine years, I’ve learned quite a lot about both, and I would love to share it with you!

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