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Recent Library Acquisitions

Library Acquisitions, January - February 2017

Recent Acquisitions

(Donors are in bold.)

  • Bach, Jeff, Room(S) For More: A Communal Dwelling or Family House at Ephrata, LC286.3 B118, Jeff Bach
  • Burnham Boiler Corporation, The Burnham Handbook, 621.402 B966
  • Celebrate Ephrata 2016: A Tour of Historic Places, 728.37 C392
  • Gibble, Frank S., My Life in the U.S. Navy, April 18, 1917 – August 20, 1919, 929 G438, Randall C. Haines
  • Giesberg, Judith, Keystone State in Crisis: the Civil War in Pennsylvania, 974.8033 G455, Marlene Arnold
  • Lamparter, Hildegard P., Called: The Life of Robert M. Lamparter: Who Heard the Call, Answered the Call, Lived the Call, 929 P237, Hildegard P. Lamparter
  • McCrea, Kenneth D., Early Cocalico Roads, 905.748 JHSCV v. 41, 2016
  • Reninger, Marion Wallace, Famous Women of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, 974.815 LACO R413, Derrick Warfel
  • Spero, Patrick, Frontier Country: the Politics of War in Early Pennsylvania, 974.802 S749
  • Spohn, Clarence E., Then and Now a View of Ephrata Borough through the Decades, 1891-2016, 974.815 EOHB S762
  • Still, Joseph, Still Family History, 1770’s – 2016, 929 S857, Joseph Still
  • Strauss, Robert, Worst President Ever: James Buchanan, the POTUS Rating Game, 923.173 B918str
  • United States Direct Tax of 1798, York County, Pa: Hellam, Newberry and Windsor, 974.841 U58 v. 4
  • Woolworth Building, LC 720 W917, Nathan C. Buckwalter


New Books, November - December 2016

New library acquisitions for November - December 2016.

(Donors are in bold.)

  • Brown, Pamela, History of Christian Schowalter and Descendants; Pleasant View (Martindale) Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, 929 S559, Brett Benson
  • Clark, Phillip P., Communion of Saints: a History of Christ Evangelical Church, LC 284.1 C544ec
  • Dominguez, Andre, Ruth Naomi Wagner, nee Hoffman: her Ancestors, Descendants and Their Families, 929 H699, Andre Dominguez
  • Gibble, Frank S., My Life in the US Navy, April 18, 1917 – August 20, 1919, 929 G438, Randell C. Haines
  • Gladfelter, Charles Henry, The Manor of Maske: Its History and Individual Properties, 974.842 G542
  • Hankey, Joan R., Guide to Warrents and Patents in Present York and Adams Counties, Pennsylvania, 974.842 H241g
  • Hatt, Doyle, Tauferwege: the Ancestors of Nora Musser, 929 M989, Doyle Hatt
  • Kelar, John, Weathervanes: Three Centuries of a Pennsylvania Folk Art and Tradition, 745 K77
  • Miller, D. Douglas, Drumore Quakers’ Precious Habitation: A 200-Year History of Drumore Friends Meetinghouse and Cemetery, LC 289.6 M647
  • Private Journal of Anna Maria Coleman Parker: May 30 to July 19, 1848, 929 P238, Peter Willing
  • Redcay, C. Lynn, Take Care of Today: a Brossman Family History, 929 B874
  • Smecker, Raymond, The Four Seasons of Lancaster County, LC 917.4815 S637 v.1 and v. 2
  • Spohn, Clarence E., Then and Now, a View of Ephrata Borough Through the Decades, 1891-2016, 974.815 EPHB S762
  • Strauss, Robert, Worst. President. Ever. James Buchanan, the Potus Rating Game and the Legacy of the Least of the Lesser Presidents, 923.173 B918str
  • Updates to “The Past Years at Colemanville” 1983-4, 1986-7, 1988-90, 1991-3, 1994-6 and 1997-98. LC 287 P291i, Robin Phan
  • The Woolworth Building: The Most Popular Store and Office Building In Southeastern Pennsylvania, LC720 W917, Nathan C. Buckwalter
  • Yoder, Don, The German Bible in America, 220.95 Y54


New Books, May - June 2016

New library acquisitions for May and June 2016.

(Donors are in bold.)

  • Antolini, Katharine Lane, Memorializing Motherhood: Anna Jarvis and the Struggle for the Control of Mother’s Day, 394.2628 A635, Given by the Donegal Chapter of NSDAR in Memory of Nancy Hoop
  • Bowen, Richard David, The Bowen Family Genealogy, 929 B786b, Richard Davis Bowen
  • Boyle, Joseph Lee, compiler, White Pennsylvania Runaways, 1750-1762, 974.8 B792w, Joseph Lee Boyle
  • Burkholder, Paul H., The Blacksmith’s Son: an Autobiography, 929 B959, Elletta Sangrey Callahan
  • Celebrating Our Past, Focused on Our Future, LC286.5 M627, James E. Brubaker
  • Celebration of the Parish Status Saint Paul’s Episcopal Church Manheim, LC 283 S149m, Elletta Sangrey Callahan
  • Church of the Apostles: Church Directory 1979, 1980 and 1988, LC 285.8 C561d, Jean Lackey Eggert in memory of Daniel H and Gladys Hess Lackey
  • Diggins, Milt, Stealing Freedom Along the Mason-Dixon Line, 306.362 D573
  • Directory of St. Paul’s Reformed Church 1935, LC 285.8 S149La 1935, Jean Lackey Eggert in memory of Daniel H and Gladys Hess Lackey
  • Directory of St. Paul’s United Church of Christ Directory, LC 285.8 S149L 1973, Jean Lackey Eggert in memory of Daniel H and Gladys Hess Lackey
  • Garver, Lydia N., Tea and Ethnicity in Southeastern Pennsylvania, 917.48 G244
  • Kaseman, Paul W., A Biographical Sketch of Maria Sophia Warfel, 929 W274, Elletta Sangrey Callahan
  • Kraybill, Donald B., Amish Enterprise: from Plows to Profits, 305.687 K91a, Elletta Sangrey Callahan
  • Maddox, Lucy, The Parker Sisters: a Border Kidnapping, 306.362 M179
  • McCardell, W. Paul, Little Britain: an Oral History of Life in Lancaster County, 1905-2000, 929 M123ca, Elletta Sangrey Callahan
  • Mingus, Scott, Flames Beyond Gettysburg: the confederate Expedition to the Susquehanna River, June, 1863, 973.7349 M664 2011, Given by the Donegal Chapter of NSDAR in Memory of Gail Benjamin
  • More With Less Cookbook, 641.5 M547, Elletta Sangrey Callahan
  • Mountville 200 Years: Forward in Progress, 1814-2014, 974.815 MOUV M928t, Mountville Borough
  • Parsil, Delores, Lancaster’s Good Man: John Piersol McCaskey, 923.7 M123p
  • Pennsylvania Dutch Cook Book, 641.5 P415p, Elletta Sangrey Callahan
  • Presbyterian Church of the USA, Presbytery of Carlisle Minutes, MF Drawer 3 Sec. 1 #478, Marlene Arnold
  • Presbyterian Church of the USA, Presbytery of New Castle Minutes, MF Drawer 3, Sec. 1 #843, Marlene Arnold
  • Reiff, Tana, Signs of Lancaster County: a Photographic Tour of Amish Country, 917.4815 R361, Given by the Donegal Chapter of NSDAR in Memory of Rose Tanguy
  • Sisterly Love: Women of Note in Pennsylvania History, 305.40922 S622, Given by the Donegal Chapter of NSDAR in Memory of Virginia Metzger
  • Synod of New York and Philadelphia, Presbytery of Donegal Minutes, MF Drawer 3 Sec. 1 #837, Marlene Arnold
  • Thaddeus Stevens Society, The Great Commoner, 923.2 S846gn


New Books, March 2016

New library acquisitions for March 2016.

(Donors are in bold.)

  • Anspach, Wayne, One Room Schools in East Hanover, Union, Swatara, North Annville, North Londonderry and Surrounding Townships (Lebanon County), 974.819 A623
  • Benchmark Construction Co. Inc., 1761 House, LC 728.27 B437
  • Broucht, Mary Lou, Not In The Cards, 929 L525b
  • Bubbles (Yearbook of Rothsville High School) 1918, LC 371.805 R847 1918, Erica Runkles
  • The Echo Valley Art Group: 65th Anniversary Exhibition, LC 709.74815 E18
  • Fullerton, Hugh, An American Testament, 929 F971, Hugh Fullerton
  • Haak, David H., The Day-Light Department Store, 974.819 L441 v. 20 # 1
  • Heilman, Robert A., Deaths Reported by Der Libanon Demokrat a German Language Newspaper Published at Lebanon, Pennsylvania 1832-1864, 974.819 H466d
  • ---------, Marriages and Deaths Reported by Der Pennsylvanier a German Language Newspaper Published at Lebanon, Penn. 1868-1879.
  • ---------, Marriages and Death Notices Transcribed From the Pages of the Lebanon Valley Standard (1871-1870), 974.819 H466ma
  • ---------, Marriages Reported by Der Libanon Demokrat a German Language Newspaper Published at Lebanon, Pa. 1827-1865, 974.819 H466
  • ---------, The Newspapers of Lebanon County, Pennsylvania, 974.819 H466n
  • Historic Downtown Lititz 2015, LC 917.4815 L776 2015
  • Historic Preservation Trust of Lancaster County, Lancaster County: One of the World’s 100 Most Endangered Sites, LC363.69 H673
  • Lancaster Prospers: An Analysis of Census Data on Economic Opportunities and Outcomes, LC 307.1 L244p
  • Orth, Richard T., Oley Valley Heritage: the Federal Years: 1776-1862, 974.816 O77
  • Rhoads, Ronald, City of Lebanon Bridges Over Norfolk Southern, 974.819 L441 V.20 # 2
  • Witmer, Dennis A., Florence G. Ely and Her Drew Family, 929 H433, Dennis A. Witmer
  • Wonderful World of Horses, 636.1083 W872, Christine G. Shelly
  • Young, Amanda D., A Dendrochronological Investigation of the James Buchanan Birthplace Cabin, Mercersburg, Pa., 728.37 Y68, Dan Guzy


New Books, January - February 2016

New library acquisitions for January and February 2016.

(Donors are in bold.)

  • Album of American Furniture Classics, 749.213 A345, Saranna Miller
  • Armstrong Book of Interior Design, 747 A735, Saranna Miller
  • Boyd-Wilson, Elva, Elva: the First Landlady in Heaven, 920.9333 B789, Susannah Benson
  • Boyle, Joseph Lee, White Pennsylvania Runaways, 1720-1749, 974.8 B792, Joseph L. Boyle
  • Brenneman, Mardella L., Kreutz Creek Charge: Baptisms, marriages and deaths, 1895-1902 and 1921-1930, 974.841 B388
  • Cedar Grove Cemetery, East Earl Township, Pa., R 310.35 C389e
  • Covered Bridges and the Birth of American Engineering, 624 C873, Federal Highway Administration
  • Dundore, Roy H., Pennsylvania German Painted Furniture, 745.51 D915, Saranna Miller
  • Eastern State Penitentiary, Descriptive Registers, 1829-1903, MF Drawer 15, Section 3, 3 reels.
  • Geological Survey, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, MAP 974.815 LACO 529, Oversize, Bob Walker
  • Goodling, Evans C., Brecknock: Early History and Biographical Annals of Brecknock Township, Berks County, 974.816 G652b, Evans C. Goodling
  • Groff, Douglas Withers, The Slumbering Groundhog Lodge of Quarryville, Pennsylvania in the 20th Century
  • Guzy, Dan, The James Buchanan Log Cabin, 728.37 G993, Dan Guzy
  • Hornung, Clarence, Treasury of American Design, 745.09 H813, Saranna Miller
  • Hovinen, Gary, Pennsylvania Dutch Country, a Pictorial History, 917.481 H846, Elinor Wachernagel
  • Just for Kicks: a Salute to the Fulton, 792.0222 J95j, Saranna Miller
  • Lancaster Pennsylvania and Suburbs Street Directory, R 917.4815 L244s, 1998
  • Lancaster Prospers: an Analysis of Census Data on Economic Opportunities and Outcomes, LC307.1 L244
  • Landis, James C., Marietta Restoration Associates Present Candlelight Tours of Marietta, 1966 to 2013, LC 728.37 L257, James C. Landis
  • LeRoy, David H., Roadside Survivors: Historic Milestones on the Old Turnpikes and Post Roads of the Northeast, 974.8 L56
  • Mifflin, Lloyd, An Ode Upon the Semi-centennial of Franklin and Marshall College, June 1903, 811.49 M633o
  • Morse, Jean Gaus Motter, The Sixth Street Indians: a Memoir of Growing Up in Columbia, Pa., 974.815 COLU M884, Saranna Miller
  • Mountwaybia Club; the First Ninety Years, LC367 M928, Patricia Stepanchak
  • Muddy Creek Lutheran Church, Digital Records of Muddy Creek Lutheran Church, MD 284.1 M943 CD, Muddy Creek Church
  • Patterson, Mary L, History of the Patterson Family of Cross Creek, Washington County, Pa., 929 P318 2013, Peggy Patterson Sands
  • Pennsylvania as Artists See It., 759.13 P412, Saranna Miller
  • Ropp, Vesta M., Footprints of Time: Joseph H. Yoder and Amanda Sunthimer., 929 Y54r, Saranna Miller
  • Salaman, R. A., Dictionary of Tools Used in the Woodworking and Allied Trades c. 1700-1970, 684.082 S160, Saranna Miller
  • Shelley, Mary Virginia, Lancaster County’s One-Room Schoolhouses and the History of the Common School Movement, LC370 L245s
  • Snader, Howard, Glossary of 6167 English Words and Expressions and Their Pennsylvania Dutch Equivalents, 433 S669, 1949
  • Southern Lancaster County Historical Society, “Southern End” House and History Tour, 2015, LC 728.37 S727
  • Torpay, Kathryn Chambers, Colonial and Revolutionary Kennedy Families from Southeastern Pennsylvania, 929 K35, Kathryn Chambers Torpay
  • Uhler, George, Genealogy of the Uhler Family: from the Year 1735 to the Younger Generation, 929 U31g
  • Victor, Orville, The History, Civil, Political and Military of the Southern Rebellion, RB 973.7 N552 1861, Michael Abel
  • Woolworth, Frank, Dinner Given to Cass Gilbert, Architect, 923.8 W917


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