Treasure Island

Treasure Island

Young Jim Hawkins is left orphaned and inherits a coveted treasure map  that any swashbuckler would kill for, including the feared and unpredictable Long John Silver. Left  in the care of Dr. Livesey and his squadron, Jim’s naïveté could spell the end for them all! Before the sails are hoisted, Silver’s band of pirates covertly invade the ship, falsely portraying cooks and other crewmen and are determined, at any cost, to seize the gold. Set to an exhilarating and majestic score, Treasure Island is a dangerous expedition sure to please any thrill-seeker!

What does Treasure Island have to do with Lancaster history? Find out by joining for Thirsty for History Thursday at the Fulton Theatre on Thursday, September 27! Before curtain on the second Thursday of each major Fulton production, will make the connection between each play and local history.

To enjoy a fantastic performance and an entertaining historical social hour, purchase your tickets by calling the Fulton Theatre at 717-397-7425.  If you are member of, mention your membership to receive a 10% discount.  (Members must call to receive the discount.) A wine and cheese reception begins at 6:30pm on Thursday, September 27, followed by a presentation by Dr. Tom Ryan at 6:45pm. The main performance will begin at 7:30pm.

Photo Credit: Visit Lancaster (featured photo).

Program Off-Site Event

September 27, 2018 Fulton Theatre, 12 N. Prince St. in Lancaster 6:30pm Reception at The Fulton Theatre Call the Fulton Theatre at (717) 397-7425