Thaddeus Stevens & The Legacies of Reconstruction

Thaddeus Stevens & The Legacies of Reconstruction

Thaddeus Stevens fought for civil rights and democracy in the 19th century, but his impact has been felt far beyond the three Constitutional Amendments that he helped pass during the Reconstruction Era. Join LancasterHistory’s Dr. Mabel Rosenheck (Director of Education & Exhibition Planning) and Naomi Subotnick (Research & Curatorial Assistant) for a special tour that will explore LancasterHistory’s latest exhibition “Thieves & Vagabonds” as well as a pop-up exhibit of new historic artifact acquisitions that explore the social movements of the recent past.

A NAACP flyer informing readers about how they can learn about issues and candidates for elections.In Collections Up Close programs, LancasterHistory staff and visiting experts highlight documents, photos, and artifacts from LancasterHistory’s vast collections. In a conversational setting, participants will hear the stories of these objects and what they reveal to us about the history of Lancaster County and its place in American history. This specific program is part of a new initiative by LancasterHistory to collect materials that tell the long story of freedom, equality, and democracy in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and around the nation from America’s founding to today. The Legacies of Reconstruction Collection will be held at LancasterHistory alongside 2 million other documents, photographs, books, and artifacts that tell the story of our community. It will bring our stories into dialogue with people, organizations, and movements of national significance and foster conversations about the meaning of freedom and equality today. To learn more about this initiative or about donating to it, please visit the Donate Objects webpage.

“Thaddeus Stevens & The Legacies of Reconstruction,” a Collections Up Close program, takes place on Saturday, April 20 with programs at 11am and 2pm at LancasterHistory. The event is free and open to the public but requires advance registration. Tickets can be reserved online or by calling (717) 392-4633. Capacity is limited, so advance registration is strongly recommended.



In-Person Event Program

April 20, 2024 LancasterHistory, 230 N. President Ave., Lancaster, PA Programs at 11am and 2pm FREE | Registration Required