Statement of Purpose

Image of part of the LancasterHistory.org logo.LancasterHistory is a community-based, not-for-profit organization established to educate the public on the history of Lancaster County and its place in the history of Pennsylvania and the United States, to advance the missions of regional historical organizations, and to promote the acquisition, preservation, and interpretation of resources representing the history of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania within the broader context of state and national history, including the life and legacy of America’s fifteenth president, James Buchanan, and to preserve and maintain Wheatland, his home.

Mission Statement

LancasterHistory exists to engage and educate the public about the people, places, and events that shaped Lancaster County within the broader context of the history of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the United States of America. As custodians of a complex past, we collect, preserve, exhibit, and make accessible materials chronicling Lancaster County’s heritage as we seek to engage audiences in multi-layered stories of that past.

LancasterHistory Leadership

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2023 - 2024 LancasterHistory Officers
  • J. Richard Gray, Chair
  • Elizabeth M. Groff, First Vice Chair
  • Tom Baldrige, Second Vice Chair
  • Deborah M. Martin, Third Vice Chair & Secretary
  • Kenneth I. Huber, Treasurer & Assistant Secretary
  • Thomas R. Ryan, Ph.D., President & CEO of LancasterHistory
2023-2024 LancasterHistory Board of Directors
  • Thomas Baldrige
  • Stacey Morgan Brubaker
  • Craig G. Coleman
  • Wendell L. Funk, M.D.
  • Steven J. Geisenberger
  • Carlos E. Graupera
  • J. Richard Gray
  • Elizabeth M. Groff
  • Kenneth I. Huber
  • Deborah M. Martin
  • Josh Nowak
  • Nelson Polite, Jr.
  • Erika Rivera
  • Constance D. Santarelli
  • Michael W. Schmid
  • Lenwood Sloan
  • Lawrence F. Stengel
  • Dave Taylor
  • Barbara J. Wilson
2023-2024 Friends of the Tanger Arboretum Trustees
  • Christine Abel
  • Bob Davis
  • Tim Eck
  • Len Eiserer
  • Michael Ervin, President
  • Jeff Hazlett
  • Bob Kandratavich
  • John Kanagy
  • Cynthia Kauffman
  • Kevin Ramer
  • Rick Shoup
  • Dennis Schmick
  • Lorri Schmick
  • Thomas R. Ryan, Ph.D., LancasterHistory Representative
Presidents Emeriti
  • John McCullough Gibson, FLCHS (1961-1966)
  • Gary M. Baer (1995-1998)
Trustees Emeriti
  • Marguerite S.V. Adams
Fellows of the Lancaster County Historical Society
  • Michael L. Abel, FLCHS
  • Marian R. Gerhard, FLCHS
  • John M. Gibson, FLCHS
  • Ralph Goodno, FLCHS*
  • Clarke Hess, FLCHS*
  • John Jarvis, FLCHS*
  • Mortimer Kadushin, FLCHS*
  • William E. Krantz, FLCHS*
  • Gerald S. Lestz, FLCHS*
  • John Ward Wilson Loose, FLCHS*
  • Willis Shenk, FLCHS *
  • Stacy B.C. Wood, Jr., FLCHS*


Honorary Directors
  • Kendig C. Bare*
  • C. Richard Farmer
  • John B. Graybill
  • Terry Lee
  • W. Fred Kinsey, III, Ph.D.
  • Bruce P. Ryder, Esq.*


Honorary Associate Directors
  • Mary Anne Aichele
  • Barbara T. Brown
  • Lynn Dolan, Ph.D.
  • Samuel M. Mecum, Esq.
  • Barry C. Mentzer
  • Michael J. Minney, Esq.*
  • Virginia Lancaster
  • Dale Mohler
  • Laura Sadler Olin
  • Mark R. Simeral
  • Julia S. Shirk