Learning Tools

Learning Tools

Doing a project or homework assignment on Lancaster County’s history? Use our interactive digital content, including timelines and digital exhibits, to learn more about the important people, events, and dates in Lancaster County’s history. These are also great resources if you’d just like to learn more about Lancaster County.

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James Buchanan’s World

James Buchanan made Lancaster his primary residence from 1809 until his death at his beloved Wheatland home in 1868. Buchanan lived, and ultimately served as our country’s president, during an era of extreme change in Lancaster County and in our nation. Use these digital resources to learn more about James Buchanan and the mid-19th-century world in which he lived.

Interactive Timeline: President James Buchanan

Digital Exhibit: Path to the Presidency

Black History

Lancaster County has a rich African American history, full of stories of people with extraordinary determination that changed our nation. Lancaster was once home to an enslaved population, many of whom fought for our freedom in the American Revolution and Civil War, as well as a site of freedom as a home of the Underground Railroad. Use these digital resources to learn more about Lancaster County’s fascinating African American history.

Interactive Timeline: The Underground Railroad in Lancaster County

Digital Exhibit: Gradual Abolition in Pennsylvania

Women’s History

From its 17th-century founding through the present day, Lancaster County has been home to many notable women.

Interactive Timeline: Women of Lancaster County

Treasures from the Archives

Digital Exhibit: World War I Posters

Digital Exhibit: Love Letters