Goeble: Margaret Goeble Scrapbooks, 1894-[1908]


Collection: The Scrapbook Collection

Call No.: MG-434, Boxes 006-014

Title: Margaret Goeble Scrapbooks, 1894-[1908]


Extent: 12 volumes

Creator: Margaret Goeble

Repository: LancasterHistory.org (Lancaster, Pa.)

Shelving Location: Archives South, Side 22


System of Arrangement: By Volume:

Book 1: Margaret Goeble Scrapbooks, Index to Thirteen Books, 1904

Book 2: Margaret Goeble Scrapbook of News Clippings, 1894-1901

Book 3: Margaret Goeble Scrapbook of News Clippings, [1894-1904]

Book 4: Margaret Goeble Scrapbook of United States History, [1894-1904]

Book 5: Margaret Goeble Scrapbook of United States History, [1894-1904]

Book 6: Margaret Goeble Scrapbook of United States History, [1894-1908]

Book 7: Margaret Goeble Scrapbook of United States History, [1894-1904]

Book 8: Margaret Goeble Scrapbook of United States History, [1894-1904]

Book 9: Margaret Goeble Scrapbook of United States History, [1894- 1904]

Book 10: Margaret Goeble Scrapbook of United States History, [1894- 1904]

Book 11: Margaret Goeble Scrapbook of United States History, [1894-1904]

Book 12: Margaret Goeble Scrapbook of United States History, [1894-1904]


Description:   The scrapbook collection, created by Margaret Goeble, covers a large variety of subjects, many of which are repeated in different books. Margaret Goeble collected newspaper clippings and magazine clippings starting in 1894. She began compiling her books in 1904 and the finish date is questionable. The most recent dated clipping came from 1908. However, many of the clippings are without date or source notation.

Book 1 is a handwritten index that was started in 1904 and covers the subjects of books two through nine alphabetically.

Book 2 contains no information on Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. The scrapbook contains clippings from 1894-1901 and also includes some handwritten notes, or marginalia. Margaret Goeble created this scrapbook based around her interests and beliefs. It consists of subjects like the Bible, Christmas, religion, religious observances and holidays, literary subjects, poetry, quotes, superstitions, prominent women in history and education.

Book 3 covers many of the same subjects, such as the Bible, religious observances and holidays, poetry, quotes and prominent women. This scrapbook also contains information about Lancaster County; the local subjects include cultivation and history. The book possesses an aerial photograph and a sketch of Lancaster. Other subjects include mythology, world history, United States history and Benjamin Franklin.

Book 4 includes an even wider selection of subjects. There are a few articles related to Lancaster County such as Lancaster High School, Lancaster County Historical Society, local history and the establishment of Lancaster County. This volume contains many of the same subjects as Books 2 and 3, but also contains articles on Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, Victor Hugo, Robert Fulton, Edgar Allan Poe and John James Audubon. Goeble was interested in the sciences and many clippings pertain to science and the history of science.

Books 5 and 6 contribute articles on Pennsylvania history, United States history and world history as well as articles on religion, superstitions, science, poetry and the Bible. In addition, Goeble added clippings about the seasons, the calendar, astronomy and astrology. Articles on wedding customs and superstitions appear regularly in these scrapbooks. Robert Fulton, Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, Patrick Henry, Thomas Jefferson, Hamilton W. Mabie, Edgar Allan Poe and Homer are featured throughout the volume.

Book 7 contains many articles related to education in Lancaster County. There are clippings on local schools such as Shippen School for Girls and Franklin and Marshall College. The rest of the book follows suit with the majority of the collection discussing the subjects of science, weddings, superstitions, poetry, prominent women, religion, Christmas and Benjamin Franklin.

Books 8, 9, and 10 include many of the same topics as the rest of the collection. Book 8 has articles on literature, poetry, marriage customs, superstitions, science and world history. While Book 9 contains all of the same subjects, it adds clippings on the Ottoman Empire and Benjamin Franklin. Informative articles on the United States Presidents and prominent women in history are located in Book 10, as well as the same subjects as found in Books 8 and 9.

Book 11 is dedicated to religion, science and history. This scrapbook contains religious articles on Christmas, religious observances and other holidays. The science portion of the scrapbook consists of articles on astronomy, geology, nutrition and the history of science. United States history is most prevalent within the history section, but there are also articles on fashion, prominent women, military battles, Native Americans and local Lancaster history. The Lancaster history articles include information on Strasburg, Donegal, James Buchanan, Robert Fulton and Penn Square. This scrapbook also has articles on poetry and authors such as William Shakespeare. The volume is not arranged in any particular order, so all of the articles are intermingled.

Book 12 does have some articles on United States history. However, it focuses more on world history and ancient history. Locations around the world that are mentioned throughout the scrapbook include Mesopotamia, Greece, Egypt, Rome, Persia, Russia and England. The major history subjects are empires, wars, mythology, medieval times and the Crusades. Other topics in the book are evolution, religion, poetry, science, fashion and superstitions. Local items of interest were the Ephrata Cloister and some clippings on the history of Lancaster County.


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Language: English

Source of Acquisition: Source unknown.


Subjects: Washington, George, 1732-1799.

Fulton, Robert, 1765-1815.

Franklin, Benjamin, 1706-1790.

Religious poetry.

Love poetry.




Religion and science.


Marriage customs and rites.







World history.

Ledgers (account books)


Clippings (Books, newspapers, etc.)

United States history.

United States presidents.

Pennsylvania — History 1865-.

Lancaster (Pa.)





Custodial History: Previously housed in the Scrapbook Collection, Books 57-68.

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