Hensel: William Uhler Hensel Collection, 1870-1915

Call number:  MG-76

2 boxes     15 folders     1.5 cubic ft.

Repository:  LancasterHistory.org (Lancaster, Pa.)

Shelving Location:  Archives South, Side 3

Description:  Collection consists mostly of printed copies of addresses written and delivered by William U. Hensel about politics, morality, road laws, James Buchanan, Walter Scott, Trinity Lutheran Church in Lancaster, the Christiana Riot and Treason Trials of 1851, and Presbyterianism in the Pequea Valley. Also includes commemorative brochures, correspondence, scrapbooks, and posthumous recognitions.

Creator:  Hensel, William Uhler.

Conditions for Access:  No restrictions.

Conditions Governing Reproductions:  Collection may not be photocopied. Please contact Research Staff or Archives Staff with questions.

Language:  English

Source of Acquisition:  Source unknown.


Box 1

Folder 1  Picture of Hon. William U. Hensel. Cover of Reformed Church Messenger. 1914; Print of a drawing of William U. Hensel. No date.


Folder 2  Addresses by William U. Hensel. [1870].

Insert 1  Manuscript notes on Alexander Lowery.

Insert 2  Address on judges. Typed on the back of letterhead from Bedford Springs Hotel, Bedford Springs, Pennsylvania.

Insert 3  “Valedictory”; Typed copy of newspaper article about Hensel’s address from the Lancaster Intelligencer, 1 July 1870.

Insert 4  Typed copy of newspaper article about Hensel’s speech titled “Twilight of Faith” from the Lancaster Intelligencer, 28 May 1870.


Folder 3  Booklets

“Jeremiah Sullivan Black: Chief-Justice of Pennsylvania and Attorney-General of the United States.” The Green Bag. Vol. 2, no. 5, May 1890.

An address delivered by W. U. Hensel before the Dickinson School of Law, Carlisle, Pa., June 12, 1893. Published by the Incorporators.

“Like Men.”: Outline of a Talk to the Young Men of Mercersburg, Pa., College, June 5, 1984. Published by Mercersburg College.

The Legislation of 1897 as an illustration of The Decadence of the Legislative Branch of Our State Government. Published by the Pennsylvania State Bar Association. Speech given at Delaware Water Gap. 7 July 1898.


Folder 4  Booklets

A Plea for Pennsylvania. Speech given 12 December 1901. Reprinted from the year book of the Pennsylvania Society of New York. 1902.

“The Significance of It.” Address delivered at the Semi-Centennial Celebration of Chestnut Level Academy. 11 September 1902. Printed by Intelligencer Printing House, Lancaster. 1910. (2 copies)

Wealth and Worth: An Inquiry into the Moral Quality of the Acquisition and

Ownership of Property. Address delivered at Lehigh University. 22 February 1907. (2 copies)

A Pennsylvania Presbyterian President: An Inquiry into the Religious Sentiments and Character of James Buchanan. Address for the Presbyterian Social Union, Philadelphia. 25 November 1907.

Insert  Schemes…and Schemers: “Home Investments” and Investments “Away from Home,” by L. T. Hensel. Reprinted from the Quarryville Sun, 20 February 1905.

“Stay at Home with Your Money,” W. U. Hensel. Speech for Lancaster Board of Trade. 10 January 1907. Provided by J. B. Long & Co., Lancaster.


Folder 5  Booklets

“Cliosophic” Essays.” Contains “The Political Revolution of 1860,” by John W. Appel; “Buchanan’s Administration on the Eve of the Rebellion,” by W. U. Hensel; and “Abraham Lincoln—The Problem. The Man. The Solution,” by Geo. W. Richards. Printed in Lancaster. 1908.

Time as an Asset: An Address to the Boys of The Yeates School on “Prize Day, 1909. Printed in Lancaster. (2 copies)

“Historic Pennsylvania.” Address delivered to the Pennsylvania Association of Washington at the Alaska-Yukon Pacific Exposition, Seattle, Washington. 16 August 1909.

Insert  “Making Roads and Making Road Laws in Pennsylvania.” Speech delivered before the Pennsylvania Motor Federation. 4 April 1908.


Folder 6  Booklets

The Country Lawyer. Address delivered to the Sharswood Club of the Law School of the University of Pennsylvania, 16 April 1910. Reprinted from University of Pennsylvania Law Review and American Law Register. Vol. 58, no. 9, June 1910. (2 copies)

“The Great End and the Real Business of Living.” Address delivered at Washington and Lee University, 14 June 1910. Printed by Intelligencer Print, Lancaster. 1910. (2 copies)

The Shippen House: Some Account of One of the Historical Residences of Lancaster. Speech delivered at the Shippen School for Girls, 22 February 1910. Printed by The New Era Printing Company, Lancaster. 1910.


Folder 7  Booklets

Brief of Argument . . . in Opposition to the  “Public Utilities” Bill. Delivered before the Judiciary General Committee of the House of Representatives, Harrisburg. 26 April 1911.

“Trinity and the Town.” Address prepared for the 150th anniversary of Trinity Lutheran Church, Lancaster. 8 May 1911.

The Christiana Riot and the Treason Trials of 1851: An Historical Sketch. Printed by The New Era Printing Company, Lancaster. 9 September 1911.


Folder 8  Booklets

A Business Appraisal of Political Values. Address delivered to the Poor Richard Club, Philadelphia, 17 January 1912. Printed by The Evening Telegraph.

James Buchanan as a Lawyer. Address delivered before The Law School of the University of Pennsylvania, 28 March 1912. Reprinted from the University of Pennsylvania Law Review and American Law Register.

Presbyterianism in the Pequea Valley and Other Historical Addresses. Memorial address for Bellevue Presbyterian Church, Gap, 8 September 1912. Includes “Chronology of Presbyterianism in the Pequea Valley,” “Historic Marietta and Its Relation to the Donegal Presbyterian Settlements,” “Sally Hastings: A Literary Grass Widow of Donegal,” and “An Old Time Worthy.” Printed by the Brecht Printing Co., Lancaster. No date.


Folder 9  Booklets

Banks, Bankers and Banking. Address delivered before Group Five of Pennsylvania Bankers’ Association, 23 February 1914. Published by The New Era Printing Company, Lancaster. 1914.

Scotland Revisited: A Series of Articles on Scotland, Written for the Lancaster (Pa.) New Era. 1914. (2 copies)

Walter Scott: Poet. Reprinted from The Reformed Church Review. Vol. 18, no. 2, April 1914.

Gentle Jimmy Brown: the Bashful Bard of Bart. 8 January 1915. Printed by The New Era Printing Company. 1915.


Folder 10  Commemorative Booklets

“Commemoration of the Nativity of Robert Fulton born November 14, A. D. 1765 at Fulton House.”  Programme Souvenir. 21 September 1909.

“Commemoration of the Christiana Riot and the Treason Trials of 1851.” Souvenir Program. 9 September 1911.

“Programme of Exercises Commemorating the Bi-centennial of the First Settlement in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania 1710 at the Mennonite “Brick” Meeting House near Willow Street, West Lampeter Township.” 8 September 1910.

“Commemoration of Lancaster County in the Revolution . . . ” 20 September 1912. (2 copies)

An Historic Balcony. Dedication of a memorial tablet at the Hotel Brunswick, 18 March  1915. Printed by The New Era Printing Company, Lancaster. 1915.


Folder 11  Correspondence

Insert 1  Two letters from Jessie W. (Wilson) Sayre. No date.

Insert 2  Letter from George F. Parker. 1892; Facsimile of letter to George Parker. 1896.

Insert 3  Three letters from D. M. Hastings. 1894.

Insert 4  Two letters from M. E. Olmsted, Chief Marshal. Letterhead for the Inaugural Parade, Harrisburg. 1895.

Insert 5  Two letters from Grover Cleveland. Typed copy of the 1904 letter. 1898, 1904.

Insert 6  Photocopied letters from Harriet Lane Johnston, J. Buchanan Henry, and Henrietta J. Buchanan. 1899.

Insert 7  Letters from F. W. Woolworth, Henry J. Ford, and Owen Wister. 1901-1912.

Insert 8  Four letters from Lloyd Mifflin. 1908-1909.

Insert 9  Letters from F. W. Lehmann, George Cameron, and [ ___ ] Gates. 1909, 1912.

Insert 10  Letters from [ ___ ] McKenzie, Mayer Sulzberger, Edwin S. Stuart, and Chas. E. Dana. 1911, 1912.

Insert 11  Letters from the Librarian of Congress to W. W. Griest; and to W. U. Hensel from the Bishop of Pennsylvania, Blanche Nevin, John B. Deaver, J. D. Cameron, Agnes Reppley, and Chauncey P. Holcomb. 1912-1914.

Insert 12  Correspondence between W. U. Hensel and W. R. Brinton. 1913.

Insert 13  Invitation to meet Hon. James W. Latimer, President Judge of the Courts of York County, and Hon. David McMullen, Associate Law Judge of the Courts of Lancaster County. No date; Letter from [ ____ ]. 1910.


Folder 12       

Insert 1  Letter from Willard T. Block regarding Dare Devil Dave Miller. 1879.

Insert 2  [Poem.] “The house where I was born,” by T. C. Harbaugh. 1889.

Insert 3  Transcription of telegram and cruise log. 1915.


Folder 13  Posthumous Recognition

Insert 1  Reminiscences of William Uhler Hensel,” by Robert Blair Risk. Reprinted from the Lancaster Daily Examiner. (in poor condition)

Insert 2  “An Expression of Appreciation of the Life and Labors of the Hon. William Uhler Hensel,” by the Faculty of Franklin and Marshall College. 1915.

Insert 3  Expression of sorrow by the Lancaster Charity Society.

Insert 4  Proceedings of the House of Representatives. 2 March 1915; William Uhler Hensel: an Appreciation, by Barr Ferree, Director of the Pennsylvania Society. 20 April 1915; “In Memory of Honorable William Uhler Hensel,” Lancaster County Historical Society. 5 March 1915.


Box 2

Folder 14  The Christiana Riot and the Treason Trials of 1851, W. U. Hensel. Presented to Frank R. Diffenderffer, 28 November 1911, and used as a scrapbook with correspondence, newspaper clippings, etc. attached at the margins. Two letters from Lloyd Mifflin.

Folder 15  Commemoration of the Christiana Riot and the Treason Trials of 1851, Christiana, Lancaster County, Pa., September 9, 1911: Official Programme, under the auspices of the Lancaster County Historical Society. Scrapbook contains correspondence, genealogy, poetry, invitations to the celebration and responses, telegrams, and newspaper clippings.