Lancaster County Bird Club Records, Series 13 Lancaster County Bird Club and Other Organizations, 1978-2010

Call Number: MG-566, Series 13 LCBC and Other Organizations, 1978-2010

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Scope and Content Note: Series 13 contains correspondence and documents related to the Lancaster County Bird Club’s associations with the Audubon Society, New York Zoological Park, Pennsylvania Society for Ornithology, Hawk Mountain and the Lancaster County Conservancy. This collection contains the business records of the Lancaster County Bird Club in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Records include the constitution and by-laws, meeting minutes, bulletins, newsletters, programs, correspondence, and newspaper articles about birds, bird watching, and club members.

Creator: Lancaster County Bird Club

System of Arrangement: The collection is divided into 18 series.

Series 1 Newspaper articles

Series 2 Lancaster County Bird Club books and publications

Series 3 Correspondence

Series 4 Programs

Series 5 “Call Notes”

Series 6 Bulletins

Series 7 Daily field checklists and bird counts

Series 8 Newsletters

Series 9 Field trips

Series 10 Donations, sponsorships and membership

Series 11 Crow Problem

Series 12 Constitution and by-laws

Series 13 LCBC and other organizations

Series 14 Awards, recognition and certification

Series 15 Lancaster County Bird Club Reports

Series 16 Safe Harbor Hydroelectric Project

Series 17 Membership cards/lists

Series 18 Minutes

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Biographical and Historical Note: The Lancaster County Bird Club had its beginnings in December 1937 and has been active ever since in pursuit of its goals: to record the observation of bird life in the county, to disseminate in a popular manner the result of such observations, to provide education concerning the habits and identification of birds and to secure the cultivation of public sentiment in the preservation of our native bird life. Articles of Incorporation were filed and approved by the Department of State on December 12, 1983, under the Pennsylvania Nonprofit Corporation Law of 1972.

Lancaster County’s location in southcentral Pennsylvania makes it home to many diverse habitats that are attractive, not only to breeding birds, but also to migratory species. The Susquehanna River, the Furnace Hills, the Lancaster County Parks System, Octoraro Lake, Muddy Run Reservoir, Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area, sites owned by the Lancaster County Conservancy, and the vast agricultural areas all provide excellent birding opportunities.

Lancaster County Bird Club. “About Us.” Accessed May 12, 2015.

Source of Acquisition: Gift of the Lancaster County Bird Club, 20 July 2010-present.

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Box 9

Series 13 Lancaster County Bird Club and Other Organizations

Series 13, Box 9, Folder 1 Audubon Society

Contact information for the Pennsylvania Audubon Society. March 2010.

Letter to Clarence Martin from Thomas Troy, regional representative in response to an inquiry sent regarding attending the Audubon Ecology Workshop in Connecticut. 10 December 1984. Attached is the original letter sent to Thomas Troy from Clarence Martin asking questions. 5 November 1984.

Confirmation of registration for attendance at Camps & Workshops being held in Connecticut. 11 April 1996.

Audubon’s Agenda 2002. Contains conserving America’s birds, educating the public on conservation, preserving wildlife refugees, promoting grassroots actions, restoring the Everglade and other Wetlands, conserving ocean life, and protecting endangered, threatened or imperiled wildlife.

CBC Rare Bird Documentation Form. Information included is the count name, code, species, date of observation, place, observer, observation details, past experience, references/advice consulted, with a signature and date. The form is to be sent to the Audubon Society and if there are any questions observers are instructed to email. 15 February 2010.


Series 13, Box 9, Folder 2 Audubon Society Correspondence 1982 – 2002

Letter to Edward Brigham from Patricia Witmer, Corresponding Secretary concerning the possibility of the Club changing it’s status from an affiliate to a chapter within the Audubon. 24 April 1982.

Letter to Patricia Witmer from Walter Pomeroy, Regional Vice President National Audubon Society about providing help for the Club if they do choose to become a chapter instead of an affiliate. Included are answer to three questions that were raised regarding the dues structure and any changes that would result, incorporation of laws, and dictations from national. The offer for Walter Pomeroy to attend a meeting and discuss this information is made. 7 May 1982.

Paperwork regarding the Chapter Dues Split National Audubon Society 1982 including classification, fee and amount to chapter.

National Audubon Society information for chapter organizers noting when an organization can apply for chapter status as well as what materials to submit. Including certification of full chapter status: requirements to be met by a provisional chapter, requirements for maintenance of full chapter status, and the recommended activities for Audubon chapters.

Audubon Society Constitution, including Article I-name, Article II-purpose with two sections. Also included are Bylaws; Article I-membership with seven sections, Article II-membership with six sections, Article III-board of directors with eight sections, Article IV-officers with ten sections, Article V- nominating committee with three sections, Article VI-other committees with three sections and named list of other committees, Article VII-commitments, Article VIII-discontinuance, Article IX-amendments, Article X-parliamentary authority and Article XI-construction with two sections.

Letter to Walter Pomeroy from Patricia Witmer thanking him for the help but indicating that the Bird Club will not become a chapter and will remain an affiliate. 24 May 1982.

Letter to Patricia Witmer from Walter Pomeroy showing appreciation for recent letter stating the Club’s decision but also noting the possibility of incorporation. There is a recommendation that the Club look into applying for tax deductible status. 1 June 1982.

Letter to Patricia Witmer from Edna Earle Russel, Membership Department. Confirmation of payment was received concerning affiliate dues and an explanation of the confusion is supplied. 28 March 1995.

Letter to National Audubon Society Field Service Department, from Patricia Witmer requesting or inquiring about whether the Audubon Society had any free or low-cost clip art that the Club could use. 13 July 1998.

Letter to Patricia Witmer, fro Edna Earle Russell. Answer regarding the previous letter concerning clip art indicating that due to the Audubon Society using desktop publication software any clip art that they use is paid for downloaded for free via the internet and stating that much information was lost when they relocated including the previously mentioned clip art from the first inquiry. 15 March 1999.

Second Mountain Hawk Watch Assn. 2001 Fall Migration bulletin. Included is a list of the Board of Directors, general update, bird watch October – December 2001, and summary list for Fall 2001. 5 February 2002. Attached is a notice for the Second Mountain Hawk Watch Assn. Annual Spring Banquet. 7 April 2002.

Letter to Jonathan from Pat concerning a call made to the National Audubon Society about dues and how the NAS no longer has affiliates that to remain a part of NAS they will need to become a chapter. In addition, she notes that she has the check that was meant for NAS and will return it later. 30 July 2002.

Letter to Patricia Witmer from Lynn Tennefoss, Director of Field Support explaining that they are no longer continuing the Affiliate Program and suggests alternatives to remain a part of NAS. If there are any questions or if they would like to follow through with a suggestion they are to call Cindy. The Club is also asked to immediately remove any identification of the Club as an affiliate of NAS as they are no longer members. 12 August 2002.


Series 13, Box 9, Folder 4 Audubon Society

“A Guide to Critical Bird Habitat in Pennsylvania” compiled by Gary J. Crossley. Produced by the Pennsylvania Audubon Society Important Bird Areas Program. Copyright 1999.


Series 13, Box 9, Folder 5 Other Organizations

Letter to the New York Zoological Park in New York, from Jan Witmer, Corresponding Secretary noting the Clubs interest in visiting the aviary. Inquiries are made regarding the rates, the location, lunch options, and directions regarding their transportation choice. 27 May 1978.

Excerpts from the “Philadelphia Birdline” beginning 11 December 1981 continuing though to 24 January 1983.

The Newsletter of the Pennsylvania Society for Ornithology. Contains from the president’s desk, 2002 Poole Award given posthumously to Phillips Street, PSO website input requested, the Conservation Corner, Hemlock Woolly Adelgid threatens state’s hemlocks, the raven reporter, cerulean warbler SAP locations, golden-winged warbler SAP locations, PSO bird quiz, PSO annual membership meeting minutes, birds listed at 2002 PSO meeting, 2002, PSO meeting registrants, the new, improved PSO brochure, answers to the PSO bird quiz, notes from PORC, upcoming events, and best wishes Deuane and Carolyn. Volume 13, Number 2. July 2002.

Lancaster County Conservancy. “Birding Classic”. In partnership with the Lancaster County Bird Club 2-23 May 2009. Contains what is it?, why should I participate?, how does it work?, some helpful hints, registration form, and where to go birding-the Preserves of the Lancaster County Conservancy. 2 copies.

Invitation to meet Bill Thompson III and celebrate the inaugural Eiserer-Hickey Lecture. Contains meeting date, time, and location, rough schedule of events, reservation date, time and to whom, and information about The Eiserer-Hickey Lecture as well as Bill Thompson III.

Invitation to F&M’s Environmental Speaker Series featuring Bill Thompson III. Includes that it’s a collaboration between the North Museum of Natural History & Science, Lancaster County Bird Club, and Franklin and Marshall College, meeting date, time and location, about the speaker and the Eisere-Hickey Lecture, a ‘thanks to’ section and contact information for the organizations involved.