Lancaster County Monumental Association Records, 1871-1979


Call Number: MG-390

1 box     27 folders     .5 cubic feet

Repository: (Organization)

Shelving Location: Archives South, Side 9

Description: This collection contains records from the Lancaster County Monumental Associationthat date from 1871 to 1979. The constitution, charter and by-laws are included in the collection, as well as invoices for repairs to the monument. The minutes of meetings record the official proceedings of the association. Discussion and debate on whether the monument should be moved from its current spot is also well-documented.

Creator: Lancaster County Monumental Association (Pa.)

Conditions for Access: No restrictions.

Conditions Governing Reproductions: Collection may not be photocopied. Please contact Research Staff or Archives Staff with questions.

Language: English

Source of Acquisition: Gift of Audrey M. Long, given in memory of George W. Long, 31 October 2001.

Administrative History: Processed and finding aid prepared by KK, May-June 2014.


Folder 1 Charter; Constitution and by-laws; committee reports

Insert 1 Charter of the association.The act that appointed a committee to oversee the construction of a monument in honor of Soldiers and Sailors who were from Lancaster County who died in the Civil War. 1871.

Insert 2 Draft of constitution and by-laws set forth by the Lancaster Monumental Association. No date.

Insert 3 Reports of the committee on the building foundation and committee on inspection of model.


Folder 2 Resolution; Supplement to Act of Incorporation
The resolution of the design of a monument to be used was decided during the meeting held on November 4, 1872. Also includes a supplement of the purpose of the Lancaster County Monumental Association.


Folder 3 Contract and Correspondence

Insert 1 Contract agreement with L. L. Bush to construct a foundation for the monument. 1873.

Insert 2 Two letters from Batterson, Canfield & Co. One is dated July 25, 1873 and the second one is dated September 12, 1873.

Insert 3 Letters and articles written about the actions taken by Lancaster City Council. The first is dated 1906, the second is dated 1935, and the last one is dated 1947. The last two are written by the lawyer, William C. Rehm and also includes an envelope from the same office with no address.

Insert 4 A letter from the President of Lancaster General Hospital to the treasurer of the Lancaster County Monumental Association, a Mr. John W. Bartholomae, about the bonds that the hospital owes. Dated 1938.

Insert 5 Copies of article from 1906 and the letter from Mr. Rehm from 1947 and minutes from a meeting dated 1866.


Folder 4 Financial Documents

Insert 1 Invoices and receipts from 1931 to 1932.

Insert 2 Invoices and receipts from 1932 to 1933.

Insert 3 Correspondence transitioning coupons and payments. 1936 to 1937.


Folder 5 Correspondence and Meeting Documents

Insert 1 Correspondence with Keener Memorials thanking them for their work on the monument. Two letters and a note. First letter is dated June 1968, the note August 1968 and the final letter on September 1968.

Insert 2 Correspondence with Keener Memorial from June 7, 1968 about repairing the monument and another letter from Haldy Memorials about the repairs and what the price would be for them to repair it from June 10, 1968.

Insert 3 Agenda for the stated meeting on December 10, 1968. Letter suggesting that the monument be moved to a different location. A resolution stating that the monument should be moved to the Centre Square.

Insert 4 Notes regarding meetings.


Folder 6 Membership cards and Invoice

Four membership cards for The Monumental Association and the invoice for Arthur Lionel Horting Printing. 1969.


Folder 7 Stationery

Eight pieces of stationery for The Monumental Association.


Folder 8 Copies of list of contents of Safe Deposit Box

Two copies of the list of contents of safe deposit box at Fulton National Bank. 1962.


Folder 9 Invoices and Receipts; Correspondence

Insert 1 Two letters from F. W. Hammond to Mr. Bartholomae.

Insert 2 Invoice and receipt for payment of salary to Harry C. Stamm.

Insert 3 Invoices and receipts for 1930-1931.

Insert 4 Invoices for 1933-1934.

Insert 5 Invoices for 1935-1936.

Insert 6 Invoices, receipts and correspondence. 1937.

Insert 7 Invoices and receipts for 1938-1939.

Insert 8 Invoices and receipts for 1940-1941.

Insert 9 Invoices and receipts for 1942.

Insert 10 Invoices, receipts, correspondence. 1944 and 1947.

Insert 11 Financial documents. 1954-1958.

Insert 12 Invoices for 1967 and 1970.


Folder 10 Correspondence and Documents regarding traffic patterns in Penn Square

Insert 1 Lancaster Chamber of Commerce newsletter on the Chamber’s position on the Penn Square Controversy. 1970.

Insert 2 Public Hearing Notice on the monument situation sent by Mr. Miles H. Keiffer. 1970.

Insert 3 Plan of Penn Square by Miles H. Keiffer. 1970.

Insert 4 Correspondence from Charles Kessler to Miles Keiffer and Chamber of Commerce. With envelope. 1970.

Insert 5 Correspondence from A. C. Darmstaetter. 1970.

Insert 6 Correspondence from Fred S. Klein to Miles Keiffer and an article attached. 1970.

Insert 7 Correspondence from York Area Chamber of Commerce. 1970.


Folder 11 Correspondence regarding removal of monument, 1970


Folder 12 Correspondence against Removal of Monument, 1970

Insert 1 Statement from John Jarvis. 1970.

Insert 2 Letter from Frederic S. Klein. 1970.

Insert 3 Letter from A. C. Darmstaetter. 1970.

Insert 4 Letter to Monument Association from Edna Coffroad. June 1, 1970.

Insert 5 Some Questions that need to be answered flyer. July 21, 1970.

Insert 6 Letter to Miles H. Keiffer from Clifford D. Ham. July 27, 1970.

Insert 7 Letter to George Long with a copy of letter to the Chamber of Commerce. With envelope. July 28, 1970.

Insert 8 Original monument controversy article, with copy. July 30, 1970.

Insert 9 List of arguments against TOPICS. July 30, 1970.

Insert 10 Letter to Miles S. Keiffer from Clifford D. Ham. July 30, 1970.

Insert 11 Letter to Chamber of Commerce from Monumental Association. July 1970.

Insert 12 Letter from Miles H. Keiffer. August 3, 1970.

Insert 13 Letter from Klein about bills for advertisements. August 4, 1970.

Insert 14 Proposed Penn Square plan. September 21, 1970.

Insert 15 Resolution adopted by City Council. October 27, 1970.

Insert 16 “Save Our Statue” flyer. 1970.

Insert 17 “Why Keep the Monument in Lancaster Historic Square?” 1970.

Insert 18 Advertisement to save the monument by Union Fire Company. 1970.

Insert 19 Copy of petition for statue. 1970.


Folder 13 Initial reports of cleaning and repairs. December 28, 1978.

Folder 14 Minutes of meetings. 1871-1889.

Folder 15 Minutes of meetings. 1890-1922.

Folder 16 Minutes of meetings. 1923-1947.

Folder 17 Minutes of meetings and agenda. 1970.

Folder 18 Brochures and letter for adding floodlights. 1970.

Folder 19 Letter and document on placing heritage marker. 1976.

Folder 20 Correspondence regarding National Register. 1973.


Folder 21 Invoices and letters

Insert 1 Invoice from Earl Dickel, electrical engineer. October 25, 1957.

Insert 2 Invoice from Rebman’s. February 22, 1965.

Insert 3 Letter to York Mack, Inc. with a note to be forwarded. October 30, 1965.

Insert 4 Letter from Lancaster United Fund Special Promotions Committee. August 31, 1966.

Insert 5 Letter from Walter Bahn suggesting the use of gas lamps. July 21, 1967.

Insert 6 Quotation from Weaver’s Memorial. October 24, 1967.

Insert 7 Invoice from Everything Electrical. November 3, 1967.

Insert 8 Invoice from Everything Electrical. August 24, 1968.

Insert 9 Invoice from Everything Electrical. September 7, 1968.


Folder 22 Correspondence, 1947-1959

Letter to Mr. Hammond from B. M. Zimmerman. August 13, 1947.

Letter to Hammond from Getter. January 3, 1948.

Letter to Getter from Clarence C. Newcomer. May 26, 1953.

Letter to Mary Johns from George Long. September 10, 1956.

Letter to Getter from Long. September 13, 1956.

Letter to Mr. Fry from Mr. Rebman. April 15, 1957.

Letter to Mr. Rineer from Russell Sheild. November 11, 1958.

Letter from Fulton National Bank. April 6, 1959.

Letter to Mr. Rineer from Mr. Diehl. November 18, 1959.

Letter to Commissioner Reese from George Long. December 7, 1959.

Letter to Mr. Diehl from George Long. December 7, 1959.


Folder 23 Correspondence, 1978-1979

Three copies of a letter to George Long from Mayor Richard Scott. October 20, 1978.

Letter to Arthur Morris from James Reese. March 9, 1979.

Letter to George Long from Arthur Morris. March 13, 1979.

Letter to George Long from John Angstadt. September 13, 1979.


Folder 24 Meeting Documents, [1940]-1979

A committee report on expenses of upkeep of the monument. [1940s]

The Rules and Regulations of the Lancaster Monumental Association. Adopted October 21, 1940.

Attendance for meetings between 1942-1948.

Motion on how to protect the monument from traffic. No date.

Number of members there should be and the requirements.

Meeting announcement. February 19, 1962.

Memorial Day program for May 29, 1972.

Vote on whether to reconstruct original statue. March 24, 1979.


Folder 25 Business and Membership Cards

Peter De Laurentis, Concord House Real Estate

Charles H. Kessler, Lancaster New Era

The Monumental Association Membership card for George W. Long


Folder 26 Minutes, 1947-1972. There are also newspaper articles taped to the pages in the front.

Folder 27 Treasurer’s account book. 1881-1960.