Leech Family Papers (Nickel Mines), 1868-1988

Call Number: MG-511

5 boxes     109 folders     2.5 cubic ft.

Repository:  LancasterHistory (Organization); PV7

Shelving Location:  Archives South, Side 11

Scope and Content Note:  This collection contains papers from the Leech and Trout families of Nickel Mines, Lancaster County. The papers are predominantly correspondence between family members and from friends. The letters capture information about family and friends, the communities where they lived, social history and women’s history.

Creator:  Leech family.

Conditions for Access:  No restrictions.

Conditions Governing Reproductions: Collection may not be photocopied. Please contact Research Staff or Archives Staff with questions.

Language:  English

Source of Acquisition:  Gift of Gary Hawbaker, 2008, 2009, 2010.

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Preferred Citation:  Leech Family Papers (Nickel Mines), (MG-511), Box #, Folder #, LancasterHistory, Lancaster, Pa.

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Box 1

Folder 1 Letters to Mary [Harney] in Supplee and Phoenixville, Chester County, PA. Her relationship to the Leech family, if any exists, is not known.

From [Vinie] in East Coventry, PA about teaching forty-six children, going back to Millersville and stating that the phrenologist said she may be an old maid. 9 March 1868.

From unknown with friendly chatter and instructions for making a hat. 29 November 1869.

From Arthur D. Riggs in Philadelphia, PA with a plea for Mary’s attention. 12 April 1872.

From E. S. Bane with an invitation to come to a springtime celebration. 2 September 1872.

From John S. Skelton in Parkesburg, PA with a plea for Mary’s attention and sending his regards to Mr. Bane. With envelope. 22 April 1874.

From John Lewis at Cupola P.O. stating that he visited her mother, there were problems with milking cows, and seeking Mary’s approval to visit. With envelope postmarked Barneston, PA. 9 August 1874.

From [John Lewis] at Cupola P.O. awaiting an answer from Mary and regarding a camp meeting at Geigertown and drunk ladies. 23 August 1874.

From E. S. Bane in Wolles [Wallace Township, Chester County] to come next Sunday to hear “Revernt Edmon Long or I will be up Saterday evning.” 20 June 1870.

From John Lewis in Lewis Mills at Cupola P.O. with Mr. Case away on Christmas, stating that it would be a splendid time for John to visit Mary, and butchering at Jacob’s. December 22.


Folder 2 Letters to Ellen Pyle in London Grove, Chester County from S. E. Williams, Holicong and George Schools in Bucks County, and Swarthmore College. Each letter is addressed “My Nell” and signed “Thy loving Ellen.” Relationship to the Leech family, if any, is not known.

Happy day with Ben [probably husband] and sad day with death of grandmother. Two pages with envelope and child’s note. 2 September 1891.

Concerned Ellen’s troubles, glad to hear about Joe, will choose authors at next meeting, and attended University of PA v. Swarthmore football game. Three pages. 29 September 1892.

Very affectionate comments, news of KAФ photo, vocal and banjo concert, and visit to the Settlement and Drexel. Two pages. 19 March 1893.

Spending time in nursery with Bertha, Ben’s music is much appreciated, Miss Furman gave a pleasant reception, now have Lord’s Prayer in English, Greek and German, and more on hand than ever here at Swarthmore and dream of Ben and me in our own home. Two pages. 4 May 1893.

Until tomorrow. Short note. 27 May 1893.

KAФ circulating letter, reception at Century Club, many family visitors, playing tennis and boating, Buckingham meeting, visited Uncle John Williams and wishing Nell to get Emma Broomell’s place. Five pages. 25 May 1896.

Practicing accompaniment for Il Trovatore, drive and picnic for the Fourth, one of our maids departed, card playing and peanuts, reading Charlotte Bronte, family Lewis meets. Two pages. 8 July 1897.

Letter from Jena in Germany signed Ben and Ellen. Address B. F. Battin, Morgan Hayes & Co., Paris, France. Girls here and on to Nurnberg, Ben to seminar with Dr. Scleher and I to sewing with Frau Dr. Schröters, attending lecture, Grand Duke’s birthday and Johannes Fires and torch processions, sorry thee must repress so much with Mr. Thompson, Ben got “cum Laude” on his exam, reception with many friends and plans for further travel. Nine pages. With envelope. 22-28 June 1900.


Folder 3 Lewis family correspondence and papers. Relationship of the Lewis family to the Leech family is not known.

Folder 3, Insert 1 Correspondence to John Lewis from 28 January 1869 to 13 July 1874.

From [Wallace County] with a lady’s lament. 28 January 1869.

From Riggs & Smith & Vance in Wallace County regarding party at John Johnson’s. 17 March 1870.

From Eliza asking if you’re coming back for I must tell the other man if I can have him. 2 May 1870.

From Miss G. W. T. asking to Come on Sunday. 10 May 1890.

Three invoices from Hagedorn & Co. in Waynesburg, PA for coat, pants, vest and gaiters. 9 September 1870, 3 June 1871, 15 July 1871.

From Ella Hamill in Chester County, PA at Ercildown P.O. with invitation to write or visit. 3 December 1871.

From Emma Smith in Milford [MM], Chester County, PA regarding too much to take over what you said last night and asking him to visit on Sunday. 2 May 1872.

From Emma Smith in Milford [MM], Chester County, PA asking him to visit on Sunday and chatter about friends. With envelope. 4 September 1872.

From Jennie Jackson in Alleghany County regarding a photograph mix-up with his sister, Emma; a severe storm; and plentiful fruit. 14 August 1874.

From C. R. Diener in Goodville, Lancaster County, PA arranging “business” with ladies. 3 December 1873.

From Ella H. [Hamill] asking him to visit Friday or Saturday, stating that sleighing is not so good and she enjoyed Philadelphia. 16 January 1874.

From C. R. Diener regarding a move to Churchtown, working at Joseph Eby’s, and mentioning Lewis’ Mill. With Joseph Eby envelope. 6 April 1874.

From William M. [Happerselt] in Doe Run, Tennessee stating that he intended to see John when he was home, but there was no time and he cannot make Read [Moe]’s picnic. 13 July 1874.


Folder 3, Insert 2 Correspondence to John Lewis from 14 August 1874 to 23 August 187[5].

From Jennie Jackson in Allegheny County regarding photo mix-up with your sister Emma, a severe storm, and plentiful fruit. 14 August 1874.

From [May A. Lewis] in [South] Hermitage regarding quilt laid out by mother and I, company came but pleased they left, Jake is leaving, and an enclosed puzzle. With envelope. 29 April 1875.

From [May A. Lewis] in [South] Hermitage regarding mother smothering me but I feel no worse, will look for you on Saturday. With envelope. 22 June 1875.

From M. A. Lewis in [South] Hermitage stating “Brests very sore and painful”, baby is well, [Carrs] have not been up, but nobody cares. With envelope. 15 July 1875.

From M. A. Lewis in [South Hermitage] stating can’t “get the milk dryed”, on Saturday bring me a sucking glass, Sally Burley, [Willmer] and Emma Carr visited, and you should name your first baby. 22 July 1875.

From May A. Lewis in Honeybrook regarding baby better one day worse the next, doctor stating baby has same that little May died with, thought of parting with her almost kills me, Jake’s baby was buried today, I to see you every day but do whatever suits you best. With envelope. 26 August 1875.

Advertisement from Byron H. Robb & Co. in Cincinnati, OH for salesman of monitor and Argand Fire Kindlers. With personal note. 5 October 1875.

From Sam Yoder [torn] stating will see you Wednesday June 2nd. With penciled list of lumber on reverse. 19 [ ___ ] 1875.

From C. R. Diener in Goodville, PA stating guess you are “some big thing by this time”, will sell you my buggy, and know nothing about Hahnstown. 31 February 1876.

From Ella Hamill regarding singing school tonight, have quit keeping company with all gentlemen except one, but will always be pleased to have you come as a friend, like you to meet lady from Philadelphia.

From Mollie in Phoenixville stating “want to get home and get doctored up”, I am not selfish but know it would be no pleasure for you to call me. August 23.


Folder 3, Insert 3 Letters to Mrs. May A. Lewis in Chester County at Suplee P.O., apparently from her husband, from 14 October 1875 to 26 November 1875.

From John Lewis at Cupola P.O. asking to come to St. [Mary’s] meeting next Tuesday, but let me know if it does not suit, will be up on train next Saturday. With envelope. 14 October 1875.

From John Lewis at Lewis’ Mills asking not to send shirt by train but bring it to Burley’s and stay there, may not stay the night. 9 November 1875.

From John Lewis at Lewis’ Mills stating see you Saturday at Burley’s with the shirts, but make the sleeves 1inch shorter, have not as much muslin by half yard, am called to breakfast and must close. 18 November 1875.

From John Lewis at Lewis’ Mills stating sorry you are unwell, will take you home at one o’clock on the 27th and if not fit on Sunday at 10 o’clock. 26 November 1875.


Folder 3, Insert 4 Letters to Miss Elizabeth Lewis in Coatesville. 10 July 1907.

From Lydia E. Pinkham at Medicine Company touting products and treatment for womb and ovarian troubles.

From Mrs. [Lydia E.] Pinkham regarding privacy statement.

From Hall Capsule Company touting vaginal products. With “Dr. Anderson’s prescription” pamphlet for women’s ailments.


Folder 4 Letters to miscellaneous addressees. Only some fully identified by name and/or location from 11 December 1866 to 22 August 1888.

From Samuel L. [Sylhard] in LaSalle County, IL regarding herding cattle, wedding party Saturday, and having a “mighty gay time in general”. Addressed “Dear Cousin”. 11 December 1866.

From [Vinie] in Glenmore, PA regarding folks going to a meeting (many first names mentioned), and apology for “keeping all the young men”. Addressed “My dear Mary”. 2 April 1867.

From H. [M. Ivey] in Pontiac, Livingstone County, IL stating the activities that are fun here every night: singing school, spelling school, dancing, surprise, and sleighing parties and girls. Addressed “Dear Sir”. 1 January 1869.

From H. M. Ivey in Pontiac, Livingstone County, IL stating you’re ploughing and we’re sleighing and skating, race and throw mud in face of followers, parties and girls. Addressed to “Dear Friend” with envelope to: J. Lewis Miller in Rockville Chester County, PA. 14 March 1869.

From “Your Friend” in Milford, Chester County, PA regarding “Hope in Sorrow” poem of love, come to the “nigro” camp meeting, mentions cousin George Lewis and Emma. Addressed “Dear Friend”. 19 August 1869.

From Miss E. L. Smith regarding invitation for you and friend Mr. E. Trego to come to cousins Mr. Milligans. Addressed “Friend”. 14 July 1870.

From Mollie in Parkesburg, PA stating Mrs. Bayer and Sam’s children have mumps, got box of potash, and scrubbed everything. Addressed “Dear Mollie”. (Partly illegible). 3 November 1875.

From E. S. Bane stating had to get doctor for Henry’s child who may not live and hope to come up for sleighing. Addressed “Dear Friend”. 12 February 1871.

From E. S. [Bane] stating had company coming home and am coming Saturday to spend another Sunday with you darling. Addressed “Dear Mary”. 26 May 1873.

Note on torn envelope: “Edmund Pittains Mair died April 28 1880 9 o’clock 5 minutes in the evening.” 28 April 1880.

From Katie T. Davis in Pittsburgh, PA regarding seeds grow, brother [Asamay] go to California, know nothing about my grandma or aunt, do come to Pittsburgh and send a photo of grandmother. Addressed “Dear Aunt”. May 1880.

From “Thy Sister Anne” in Christiana, PA regarding news of Atglen Fair, fire in Christiana, chestnut hunting, sale of pap’s farm, and horseback ride. Addressed “Dear Brother”. 15 October 1883.

From William B. and C. A. Ashly in Chester, PA stating much obliged for letter and contents, $150 loss from no work, destroy old note from enclosed one, and sickness all around. Addressed “Dear Mother and Friends”. 20 March 1884.

From Aunt Mary in Delhi, NY stating thanks for Springfield papers, spent night on Mount Washington, with friends who milk 36 cows and have dogs churn butter, will attend Grand Lodge in Albany, and then trip to Thousand Islands. Addressed “Miss Maud F. Stone, House of Seven Gables, Franconia, NH”. With envelope. 22 August 1888.


Folder 5 Letters to miscellaneous addressees. Only some fully identified by name and/or location from 24 January 1889 to 29 July 1904.

From Aunt [Joe] regarding happy birthday wishes. Addressed “My dear Niece”. 24 January 1889.

From Lottie regarding ice skating in [ ___ ]. Addressed “Dear Cousin”. 25 January 1889.

From Maggie A. Leach and Amy Leach religion, an abusive husband, and job vacancy. Mixture of two different handwritings. Addressed to “Dear Amy” and “Dear Cousin”. 2 pages. 29 August 1893.

From J. F. Hartman regarding one of four preachers playing football for Dickinson at Franklin and Marshall and mini-sermon on Christianity. Addressed “Dear Friend”. 8 pages. 22 October 1893.

From John F. Leech regarding request for receipt on interest paid. Addressed “Samuel Hocking” in Lancaster. With envelope. 16 April 1895.

From [ ___ ] regarding a long description of this person’s self-analysis of her psyche and need for guidance. (Corrected. Penciled as part of a letter which may or may not have been sent.) Addressed “Dr. W. H. Bell” and “Galen Hall” in Atlantic City. 29 May 1897.

From Nathan c. Schaefer, Superintendent of Public Instructing in Harrisburg regarding enclosed warrant (not here) for state appropriation due the school district. Addressed “Dear Sir”. 29 November 1897.

From George W. Leech and Emily L. Leech in Plattsburg, OH regarding bad times and low prices, tempted to sell farm, news of family-apparently children and grandchildren, surprise birthday for father, mother has cancer. Two letters in one. Addressed “Dear Brother” and “Dear Friends”. 25/26 January 1898.

From R. J. Houston in Lancaster stating after 30 years sorry to miss you, Joe Coffin in convent I believe, can’t recall John F. Leech, remember stealing Isaac Hall’s cabbage and Robert Lucas threatening to kill us for pounding on his door, 16 year old daughter in school in West Chester. Addressed “Mrs. William Harner”. 4 November 1898.

From [ ___ ] stating sheriff “sold me out”, “goods you declined to accept were sold and I cannot” meet my engagements. Addressed “Gentlemen”. [ ___ ] 1902.

From George stating strawberries ripe, have a nice juicy steak on Sunday, got pictures from Bess, have Pop’s write a bit, and met some fiery girls at Elks dance. Addressed “Dear Mother” and “Mrs. John S. Murray” in Radnor. With envelope. 17 May 1903.

From Frances Partlow, The Psychic in New York City regarding advice for lost mail, Astrology, physical condition, and mental attitude. Addressed “My dear Miss Leech”. 29 July 1904.


Folder 6 Letters to miscellaneous addressees. Only some fully identified by name and/or location from 10 November 1909 to 21 February 1922. Five letters are not dated.

From Newton, KS regarding good business, daughter Maurine in 3rd grade, brother Tom’s wife was buried on day they moved, have moved in new house in IL. Addressed “My dear Cousin” and “Mrs. Susie Sanford” in Gap. Letter is unfinished. 2 pages. 10 November 1909.

From Edwin A. Klinger (cousin) in Newton, KS stating saddened by news of death of Mrs. Sanford, and wrote to her yesterday. Addressed “To Family of Mrs. Susan Sanford”. 11 November 1909.

From Brother John in Montreal regarding spending Easter Sunday morning with week’s business correspondence, and may take cab ride to Mount Royal. Addressed “Dear Sister”. 7 April 1912.

Funeral notice for Anna Metzler of Sporting Hill. Black-bordered. 8 March 1913.

From Sarah K. (niece) regarding deaths of Charles Stober, sister Mary’s son in Nebraska, and brother Joseph’s 7 month old boy, bad rheumatism from saving wood in show, sold all her cows, kept her horse so she can go whenever she wants, up to tea and crackers for supper, and birthday presents. Mentions many family members by first name only. Addressed “Dear Aunt Joana”. 3 pages. 29 November 1913.

Receipt from Beacon Falls Shoe Company in New York for $19.50. Addressed to J. N. Oleweiler in Elizabethtown. 30 December 1913.

From Cumberland, Maryland regarding a sick child’s description of her surroundings. Addressed “My dear daddy”. Unsigned. 18 May 1914.

From Niece Maggie in Christiana, PA stating Cousin John here to sell coal and Mary Fogel died yesterday. Addressed “Dear Uncle”. 28 December 1921.

From Niece Maggie in Christiana, PA regarding Sam Fogel’s sale, Amos wishes her had gone to Atlantic City with Lizzie as she has a very kind husband, foods improving, and time for “making garden”. Addressed “Dear Uncle”. 21 February 1922.

From Emma, Mollie, and Sallie stating baby and mother unwell, won’t get flannel until they see if baby lives, am at Uncle Silas’ and am setting my cap for one of the railroad men, baby cries all day and night. Addressed “Dear cousin Mary”. July 10.

From John regarding Ellie in city to buy goods, have asthma, [ ____ ] and father to cemetery, soon time to decorate graves—have one lot there and Ellie has two. Letter is incomplete and incoherent. Addressed “Sister Catharine”. Undated.

From [ ___ ] stating as Lillie is but 5 years old one would prefer your waiting. Reverse side has list of geography questions. Addressed “Mrs. Myers”. Undated.

From Parkesburg, PA. No information listed. Addressed “Molley”. No date.

From [ ___ ] stating met Lilie Kaiser and Lillie Hartman in New York, the lady at our house with Lizzie Lewis, miss you so much, you must come home to Christiana at Christmas, and do be careful boating. Undated.

From Anna M. Leech regarding chain letter to benefit blind Ida M. Baker in Chatham Chester County. Undated.

From Niece Maggie Leech stating letter from sister Lizzie reports typhoid next door, glad to see old friends, Uncle Sam unwell still, and hollering and swearing terribly Aunt Sallie says. Addressed “Dear Uncle John”. July 24.

From [ ___ ] in New Athens, Harrison County, OH stating want to come back and kiss little Alice and Sally for me. Addressed “Dearest Cousins”. Undated.

Folder 6, Insert 1 Lock of hair. Envelope addressed to Miss Rebecca Pittin enclosing lock of James Rittam’s hair.


Folder 7 Correspondence to John F. Leech

John F. Leech was born 4 October 1837, the son of John G. and Maria Rockey Leech. On 13 December 1866 he married Rachel Davis. They were the parents of Amy, Ella, William Farree, Jacob H., Anna M., and John M. Leech. John F. Leech, the father, died on 5 December 1928. This folder contains correspondence to John F. Leech. Subsequent folders contain correspondence and papers of other Leech family members from 3 October 1882 to 4 December 1924.

Folder 7, Insert 1 1882-1892

From J. B. Kauffman in Harvester, PA asking when Kaufman will be at home. 3 October 1882.

From William Ashby in Chester, PA regarding registry return receipt card. 17 March 1884.

From P. J. Lockwood, Attorney in Washington, D.C. urging application for pension increase. 7 June 1888.

From Charles E. Fairman, Attorney in Washington, D.C. regarding examination requirement for increased pension claim. 13 June 1889.

From William Leech (nephew) in Pomeroy stating Emma died and send Ella to help us. 25 December 1890.

From Jacob H. Leech (brother) in Philadelphia stating Margaret was not well so couldn’t attend Emma Leech’s funeral and send papers for me to sign authoring you to settle mother’s estate. 3 January 1891.

From The Reform Republican League of PA regarding pamphlet opposing Senator Quay. 1887-1890.

From [ ___ ] regarding John [Dalzell] with editorial from Lancaster Examiner. 14 March 1892.

From John B. Eshleman in Cordelia, PA soliciting support for Eshleman’s candidacy for County Commissioner. 14 March 1893.

From Chas. Doble in Lancaster, PA stating to return fire insurance policy. 11 May 1893.

From J. K. [Baum] in Philadelphia, PA stating monument copy of John F. Leech discharge will arrive 25 July. 2 July 1893.


Folder 7, Insert 2 Correspondence dated 1894-1900

From Milton Heidelbaugh in Lancaster, PA regarding an expression of sympathy and gratitude. 2 February 1894.

From Samuel Hocking in Lancaster, PA. Receipt for $50. 15 April 1895.

From W. S. Sullivan in Lancaster, PA regarding note forwarding letter from George M. Snead. Letter not here. 12 October 1896

From George W. Leech in Platsburg, OH stating have now house and barn with good well on 14 acres, price down, tramps begging, and Emily’s cancer treated. 31 May 1896.

From Will (son) in East Downingtown stating wheat prices going up. 16 March 1897.

From [ ___ ] announcing funeral for John Albert and Rhea in Philadelphia. With envelope. 29 March 1897.

From Will (son) in San Francisco, CA stating stirred me when I heard Ella married, like my work, draw interest from bank for me or keep it if you need it, may go to “Elaska”. 8 March 1898.

From Maris Townsend in Christiana, PA referring Mr. B. F. Leamare to you for photographs of his little girl. 4 October 1898.

From S. M. Rhea (nephew) in Philadelphia, Pa stating moved to new place, [home] to peace, jubilee next week, Emma has heavy cold. 20 October 1898.

From Will (son) in San Francisco regarding offer to pay off loan on the farm. 2 pages. 2 December 1898.

From Marvis Smith Co. Advertisement for spring agricultural catalogue. 23 January 1899.

From Will (son) in Contra Costa County, CA stating wheat a foot high, flowers everywhere, so warm we have breakfast without any fire, do not want interest money and if you sell the place, will take it off your hands, am working on an oil rig, get a boy to help you so you folks and Anna do not work so hard. 2 pages. 14 February 1900.


Folder 7, Insert 3 Correspondence dated 1900-1907

From [ ___ ] announcing funeral for J. H. Miller of Philadelphia at Russellville, PA. With envelope. 29 October 1900.

From [ ___ ] announcing funeral for Mrs. Susan O’Reed in Lancaster. With envelope. 14 December 1900.

From William Leech (son) in Bakersfield, CA stating out of work for a month, air castles are easy to build, am in oil country now. 2 pages. 16 February 1901.

From James Rife in Coatesville, PA stating if you renew note until 1 April I will pay it all. 28 February 1902.

From William Leech (son) in San Francisco, CA stating had you done as I wanted you would not be working so hard and I would have been better off, now out of work and nothing here so am going to Idaho. 1 May 1902.

From S. H. Townsend in Christiana, PA stating Mrs. Martin wants things at the Parsonage including sideboard as she has no place for dishes she expects at Christmas. 9 December 1902.

From Milton Heidelbaugh in Lancaster, PA stating will do all I can to have your pension increased. 21 November 1906.

From [ ___ ] in Oxford, PA regarding references, examinations, and commissions of pension. Partial letter. 12 January 1907.

From T. M. Storb & Sons in New Holland, PA. Receipt for payment of gravestones and account for work being done. 2 October 1907.

From George W. Leech (brother) stating must use a “cain”, unhappy with companion so looking for place to rent, Emily’s cancer giving her pain. Difficult to decipher. 5 December 1909.


Folder 7, Insert 4 Correspondence dated 1913-1924 and undated

From W. W. Greist in Washington, D.C. stating congratulations on increased pension. Torn, but legible. 16 June 1913.

From Blanche Pilar (cousin) in Lancaster, PA stating going to Wesley Althouse’s and would like you to go and take our pictures. 21 August 1913.

From Maggie B. Kimball (niece) in Springfield, Ohio stating father died June 16, age 90 years, “Mother seems to keep up.”, she will be 84 on June 29. 18 June 1915.

From [ ___ ] announcing funeral of Susanna, wife of William H. Johnson near Mount Pleasant. With envelope. 1 February 1919.

From Maggie (niece and cousin) in Christiana, PA stating visited the Thomas Chamberlaines, he’s been very ill and she is almost blind, forgot to pay you for eggs. 15 August 1921.

From John M. Leech in Stonega, Virginia stating accepted position with coal company in Pittsburgh but will be home for a week before going to work. 28 October 1921.

From Walter Hassel in Paradise, PA. Receipt for contribution to Trustee funds. With envelope. 8 June 1924.

From Maggie Leach (niece) in Christiana, PA stating Samuel Townsend near death, then better. 1 November 1924.

From Margaret K. (niece) in Springfield, Ohio stating wrote Louis T. Leech and wife but they do not answer, Malindia died 30 July, she was 78, George and family went to California but came back. Description of family members and dates. 4 December 1924.

From Swapper’s Friend in Saline, Michigan. Advertisement for sports journal with affixed Taxidermist item advertising products of John Leach, Nichol Miner. With envelope. Undated.


Folder 8 Business papers of John F. Leech, from National Bank of Christiana.

Folder 8, Insert 1 Notes, checks, and bank accounts relating to John F. Leech.

Notes signed by John F. Leech promising to pay as follows:

To                                                   Amount                                              Date

John L. Brackbill                              $35.00                                                7 June 1886

B. F. Reed                                        29.89                                                22 March 1893

Alfred J. Baughman                           24.00                                                12 May 1894

George M. Snead                             25.00                                                1 June 1894

Alfred Hartman                                43.25                                                19 February 1895

William Chamberlin                            24.17                                                28 May 1895

A. D. [Coursen]                                29.46                                                7 December 1895

George M. Snead                             15.00                                                31 August 1894

Checks signed by John F. Leech:

To                                                  Amount                                              Date

Mary L. Caeriner                             $40.00                                                1 January 1898

Harry K. Hershey                             16.50                                                16 November 1914

Note signed by Frank M. Trout promising to pay his father-in-law John F. Leech $27, 30 April 1894 and protest for same lodged by the bank.

Bank book of John F. Leech, Treasurer. Unknown. 1896-1898.

Two bank statements of John F. Leech. 1912 and 1926.


Folder 8, Insert 2 Brinton & B. Frank Walter Invoices.

Invoices for grain, seeds, lumber, and coal bought by John Leech.

Four from Brinton Walter. 2 April 1888 to 22 November 1890.

Thirteen from B. Frank Walter 19 October 1891 to 26 November 1894.


Folder 8, Insert 3 B. Frank Walter invoices.

Invoices for grain, seeds, lumber, and coal bought by John Leech.

Fifteen from B. Frank Walter. 5 March 1896 to 30 January 1899.


Folder 8, Insert 4 B. Frank Walter invoices.

Invoices for grain, seeds, lumber, coal bought by John Leech.

Fifteen from B. Frank Walter. 31 August 1899 to 9 February 1918.


Folder 8, Insert 5 Doble & Snead invoices and receipts

Three Doble & Snead invoices 28 April 189[ ] to 26 September 1891.

From Charles Doble. Receipt for interest on a judgment bond against John F. Leech. 25 March 1896.

From George M. Snead. Listing of John F. Leech’s purchases. 1 August [ 18__ ] to 11 September 189[ ].

Thirteen invoices for groceries, clothing, and supplies. 1893-1897.


Folder 8, Insert 6 Bills and receipts from vendors, publishers, doctors, and etc. for John F. Leech.

Four from Henry Rakestraw, butter manufacturer. 1892-1895.

From George M. Snead. Registry receipt. 15 June 1893.

Christiana ledger for printing. 30 October 1906.

From Edward B. Smith & Co. Bankers for PA Railroad Company stock. 14 April 1908.

From American Red Cross. Receipt for War Fund contribution. 20 May 1918.

Two from Smyrna Creamery Company. For milk. 1898-1899.

From Harvey & Jefferies. Receipts for milk. 16 March 1908.

Two from Harvey Hershey. For coal. 1920-1923.

Two from H. E. Mullen. For Coal. 1927-1928.

Handwritten slip for milk. Undated.

From E. J. Sheeler, painter and paper hanger. For work. Undated.


Folder 8, Insert 7 Bills and receipts from vendors, publishers, doctors, and etc. for John F. Leech.

Four from The New Era/New Era Printing Company and Examiner-New Era for subscription. 1903-1924.

Seven from William Chamberlin for fertilizer. 1893-1902.

Four from Dr. C. E. Helm for professional services. 1917-1926.

Note from Dr. C. E. Helm regarding contributing to his practice. 12 October 1912.


Folder 8, Insert 8 Tax and insurance notices and receipts.

Four county tax notices which list type and value of property. 1895-1908.

Two notices listing county, road, and school tax. 1921-1928.

Ten receipts for various taxes including 50 cents for dog in 1891. 1891-1928.

Nine assessments from Lancaster County Mutual Insurance Company. One for Maria Leech, [mother-in-law of John F. Leech]. 1887-1928.

Folder 8, Insert 9 Pension claim for John F. Leech.

Unsigned, undated claim entitled “Re-Rating Arrears and Increase of Pension” for John F. Leech based on Pension Certificate 217668 for disability from shell wound of left leg. Moved from MG-399, gift of Gary Hawbaker, 19 December 2008.


Folder 9 Letters to Rachel (Mrs. John F.) Leech dated 1897-1900

John F. Leech married Rachel Ferree Davis on 13 December 1866. She was born 1 December 1839, the daughter of Walter and Rachel (Ferree) Davis. She died circa 1907.

From J. A. S. regarding thank you for F & L Fund to Mrs. Leech. Addressed “Mrs. R. Leech”. Postal card. 1 April 1897.

From Samuel Carter, J. G. Mast, George M. Smead, James H. [Cumers], and Watt & Shand. 7 receipts for clothing for Robert. 22 March – 22 December 1898.

From Children’s Aid Society in Philadelphia, PA annotated: recheck for clothes. Envelope for Mrs. Leech. 20 September 1898.

From Amy (niece) at Ada’s in Harrisburg, PA stating nursing sick Marguerita. Letter addressed “Dear Aunt Rachel”. 6 November 1898.

From H. C. Slaymaker listing sisters and brothers of Mrs. Leech and seeking data for a Slaymaker family history. Letter addressed “Dear Madam”. 29 November 1898.

From Mrs. L. W. [_herieger] stating she is sad because her son married a girl the father dislikes. Letter with envelope addressed “Dear Aunt Rachel”. 27 December 1898.

From H. C. Slaymaker seeking family data. Letter addressed “Dear Madam”. 14 February 1899.

From Amy Girvin in Harrisburg, PA stating Marguerita real sick, Ella has malaria, Annie [Sheesly] here yesterday, Ruth under doctor’s care and please come to visit. Letter addressed “Dear Aunt Rachel”. 13 September 1899.

From [ ___ ] stating train “the same old bird Polly” Philadelphia, thanks for strawberries and send my “share” C.O.D. Letter with envelope addressed “My Dear Mrs. Leech”. 9 August 1900.

From E. A. Townsend in Philadelphia, PA regarding rheumatism, Mrs. Rife, Blanche Simpson, nearby churches, and concern about “sematery” lot in Georgetown. Letter addressed “Dear Mrs. Leech”. 9 December 1900.


Folder 10 Estate and other papers of John G. Leech dated 1885-1912

John G. Leech died in 1869. Son of John F. apparently. Did not settle estate until years later, as indicated by some of the following other papers concerning cemetery lot and gravestones.

County tax notice. Showing on reverse “Valuation of 76 acres at $45 for John Leech Estate”. 19 January 1885.

From Milton Heidelbaugh. Receipt for insurance on John Leech Estate. 1890-1893.

Unsigned promissory note to John F. Leech, attorney. 1 November 1892.

Receipt for Burial Lot 107 in Georgetown Cemetery. 27 July 1893.

Two hand-scribed accounts of real and personal property for unnamed person. 1890-1893.

Unsigned articles of agreement between John F. Leech for John G. Leech, heirs and J. [Davies] Miller, Russellville, Chester County for 76 acres, 60 perches in Bart Township Lancaster County. 29 October 1892.

Receipt for Easee-shaped monument. 29 July 1893.

Receipt for gravestone for Rachel Ferree Leech. 2 October 1907.

From John (son) regarding tombstone for Charles Wright’s grave. Letter addressed “Dear Father”. 19 May 1912.


Folder 11 Correspondence to Mrs. Johanna Leech Wright. Johanna was born 1841, the daughter of John G. and Maria Leech. She married Charles Wright of Bart Township, Lancaster County and resided there.

Folder 11, Insert 1 Letters dated 1908-1910.

From Georgia Hughs (niece) in Wilmington, PA stating sympathy for death of Uncle Charley. 5 January 1908.

From Thomas Leech (brother) in Philadelphia, PA stating sympathy. With envelope. 7 February 1908.

From Mrs. John F. Leech in Pomeroy, Chester County, PA stating sympathy, neither Jack nor I fit to come to funeral, and considering coming to live with us. 13 February 1908.

From Catharine A. Ashby (sister) in Chester, PA regarding sympathy and litany of complaints. Poorly written. With envelope. March 1908.

From Susan M. Cottrell (niece) in Springfield, OH stating miss you and old stomping ground, butchering done, eggs 35¢ a dozen, butter 30¢ a lb., chicken 10¢ a lb, will send photos and season’s greetings. 2½ pages. 17 December 1908.

From Sarah Kizer (niece) in Plattsburg, OH stating come see us, got glass dish and handkerchiefs for Christmas, have only one cow, two pigs and my pony died, and trouble caring for two old people. 3 pages. 19 January 1910.


Folder 11, Insert 2 Letters dated 1911-1916

From Emily (Mrs. George) Leech (sister-in-law) in Plattsburg, OH stating now 80 years old, sister Mary died in [Kansas] last January aged 92, sister Sarah Eckman will be 91. 2 pages. 3 October 1911.

From George Leech (brother) in Plattsburg, OH stating in bed two months and now on crutches, talk about Sarah Kizer and farm work, George and Maggie’s children in school, Billy Sunday in Springfield, and cause of Thomas and William Ashby’s deaths. 3 October 1911.

From Sarah Kizer stating sad about Uncles Thomas and William Ashby “be layed away”, worked like a man, canned 100 cans fruit and jellies, 50 lbs dried apples, father 87 on 6 October, will have dinner with all children and grandchildren. 5 ½ pages October 1911.

From Susan M. Cottrell stating friends surprised me with birthday party on 14 November-was 65, Mary Stover’s son Charles killed trying to jump a train, sister Malinda is in Urbana, sorry to hear Aunt Margaret died, Edmond Kimball brought father to us, tried keeping them from being separated, Maggie has her mother. 4 pages. 16 November 1913.

From Catharine A. Ashby regarding many deaths, “[joyen] your Crismas” and idle chatter. Poorly written. 19 December 1913.

From Robert S. Stainton (nephew) in Chester stating mother will be 82, won’t go out in our new Buick, had church at home playing hymns on the Victrola, [Howard] in Ocean City, everybody remembered mother’s birthday, mother’s blind in one eye and doesn’t see much in the other. No date.


Folder 11, Insert 3 Letters dated 1918-1922

From Mrs. C. A. Doble in Nickel Mines, Pa regarding Christmas card. With envelope. No date.

Funeral notice for Emma H. Rhea. 25 March 1920.

From Mrs. John W. Pheneger (niece) in Philadelphia, PA stating moved again, so pleased to visit you and Miss John more and more. With envelope. 12 August 1920.

From Mrs. John W. Pheneger (niece) in Philadelphia, PA stating Ruby’s husband putting in electric light and Miss John and my little house. 16 November 1920.

From Mrs. C. A. Doble regarding Christmas card. In sleeve. With calling card for Mr. and Mrs. Vernon J. Royer. With envelope. 24 December 1920.

From Mrs. Anna Pheneger (niece) stating am at sister Mary’s and will see you Tuesday. With envelope. 6 August 1921.

From Mrs. C. A. Doble regarding Christmas card. In sleeve. With envelope. 23 December 1921.

From Walter D. Rhea in Lansdowne, PA regarding funeral notice for father. 28 July 1922.

From Harold and Eva regarding Christmas card. No date.

From Martha Worth (friend) in Lancaster, PA stating made $14 in two weeks and cousin Emma Dorshiner and Mary send love. No date.


Folder 12 Amy Leech papers

Amy Leech was the first child of John F. and Rachel (Davis) Leech. She was born January 1868 in Bart Township, graduated from Millersville State Normal School and taught in Lancaster public schools for eleven years. She died sometime after 1909. In this folder are her papers, primarily correspondence with a mixture of receipts, invitations, and greetings.

Folder 12, Insert 1 Correspondence dated 1884-1886

From Maggie E. Boyle in Willowdale, PA regarding boyfriends, other girls, picking wild flowers, church and visits. 18 May 1884.

Receipt for $30 for board and tuition. Signed “Frank M. Trout”. 26 January 1885.

From Joanna B. Rife in Newport, PA stating she had 15 teeth extracted, only been to three balls, church, theater, and opera once. 7 March 1885.

From Sallie (cousin) in Clark County, Ohio regarding sister Linda and Sue and brother George “mending roads”, and lack of mail. With envelope. 23 August 1885.

From Aunts Annie and Rhea in Howard St., Philadelphia regarding making button holes in dresses at home—one day six dozen and life’s travails. 2 pages. With three news items. 24 January 1886.

From Sallie (cousin) in Clark County, Ohio stating happy to hear grandmother enjoyed Christmas, visiting sister Malinda, boyfriends and deep snow and too cold to go out. With envelope. 31 January 1886.

Invitation for 29th Anniversary of the Literary Society to State Normal School. With envelope and name card of Abram F. Trout. 29 January 1886.

From Emma [V. L.] and Abram [T__re] regarding shopping, Valentines, girls cutting their hair too short. With envelope. 16 February 1886.

From Annie M. Greenleaf in Gap, PA stating good institute, advantage of going to Millersville, school going well, have not had to whip anyone, largest number was 34 and regards to Ella. 27 February 1886.

From A. Free T. stating not coming this Saturday, squaring accounts with Professor Shaub, could “chaw his ear”, met your “Rowe” relative, walked from Lancaster in 44 minutes and may try Geography exam. With envelope. 3 March 1886.


Folder 12, Insert 2 Letters dated 1886-1887

From Sallie (cousin) in Clark County, PA stating father not well, sister Mattie very weak, sister Malinda and Sue send respects to grandmother, at a birthday party for only other single lady, all others married folks. 18 March 1886.

From Em. (cousin) in [Pomeroy] regarding housecleaning and sewing, fun visiting friend in Coatesville and some gentlemen callers, funeral tomorrow and death of a friend today. 2 pages. 12 April 1886.

From Mary E. Reed in Bart, PA stating wishing you well at school, describing teachers:
Baker, Lyte, Wickersham, and Higbee, united with Mr. Cairnes church and will teach Sunday School. 4 May 1886.

From Mary E. Reed (friend) in Lancaster County, PA regarding is art comparing studies and professors, her teaching experience and school. 4 May 1886.

From Aunt [S. Harner], Harrisburg, PA stating grandmother is in bed and in great care, Mrs. Adams died, learning six children and Jennie Wheeler is in Kansas City. 16 May 1886.

From Lizzie M. Trout in Lancaster, PA asking if addressee and Sue were dead since they do not write. 18 June 1886.

From Mary E. Reed in New Providence, PA stating Papa told me of your having chosen Christ as your friend and offering her opinion of his word. 12 October 1886.

From Sallie Leech (cousin) in Clark County, Ohio regarding visits to brother George, the fair in Columbus, Aunt Liz, cousin Newton who married a second time, both his uncles’ homes burned down, shocked by our earthquake, love to all and grandmother. Very phonetic. 31 October 1886.

From A. Feree Trout (friend) in Beckersville, Berks County, PA stating started school with 23 students and good boarding place, institute was great, so is Reading, took a [Reading] girl to the opera, anxiously awaiting your picture. 2 pages. 30 October 1886.

From Sally Leech in Clark County, Ohio regarding health problems of family in Ohio and PA, measles rampant, sister Linda had baby boy and cures for Aunt Joe and grandmother. Phonetic. 2 pages. Addressed to Amy, Grandmother, Aunts, Uncles and all. 20 March 1887.

From Anna M. Greenley in Steeleville, Chester County, PA regarding many questions about school, wedding of cousin Lizzie Rea to Gilbert Smith, Quaker preached in our church with hat on, and get Mr. Trout to bring you to lyceum at Ada Ruckley’s school. 10 October 1887.


Folder 12, Insert 3 Letters dated 1888-1889

From Sue E. T. regarding sore eyes, beautiful Spring, closing my school, county superintendent still to come, old student died of diphtheria, and religious views. 3 April 1888.

From Charles Wright stating “hop that you will haf a nis day for your berthday”. Phonetic. January 1889.

From Katie T. Davis (cousin) in Pittsburgh, PA stating “whom you’ve never met but with a dull stormy, snowy Sunday nothing better to do than write to someone” than describes herself physically, and hers and her family’s activities. No date.

From Ada Rochey (cousin) in Bart, Lancaster County, PA regarding 21st birthday wishes and advice on how to spend your life. Letter and note. 24 January 1889.

From M. H. Rowe (friend) in Kinzers, PA regarding happy birthday wishes and humorous story of how her parents tried to surprise her with a featherbed on her 21st birthday. 25 January 1889.

From Emma V. Leech and Emma Viola in Pomeroy, PA. 2 letters, 1 with birthday wishes, 1 regarding a remembrance. 25 January 1889. No date.

From Samuel S. Nell in Harrisburg, PA regarding birthday wishes, sleighing, teaching Lottie Harner to skate. 25 January 1889.

From H. E. Campbell stating congratulations on attaining your majority advice on growing old and anecdote about Wittier. 25 January 1889.

From L. Harner in Harrisburg, PA stating 21 years ago when Amy was born, about first name only relatives, going to Steelton in five minutes “with the motor”. No date.

From Albert M. Harner in Harrisburg, PA stating with heartiest birthday wishes. 26 January 1889.

From Ella V. Townsend in Millersville, PA Normal regarding apology for missing your surprise, birthday advice, comments about classes and teachers, anniversary affair with many named attendees, Page Society program and Alice Jacobus’ death. 2 pages. 3 February 1889.

From Albert M. Harner (cousin) in Harrisburg, PA stating in rapture about witnessing the inauguration of President Harrison and saw too the glum Mr. Cleveland, despite horrendous weather and vowing that “when I got inaugurated President I shall see to it that we have better weather”. 5 March 1889.


Folder 12, Insert 4 Envelope with teachers’ circular inviting attendance to the 7th Annual Session of the Gap Local Institute. With program of the events for 11-12 December 1891. 28 November 1891.


Folder 12, Insert 5 Letters dated 1890-1893

From Emma (cousin) in Pomeroy, PA reciting myriad reasons—sick colored worrisome, too much company, ironing to do, dirty clothes from hay making—for not accepting invitation to visit. 2 July 1890.

From Martha H. Rowe in Atglen, PA stating sorry I could not be at your graduation because of mother’s illness. 3 July 1890.

From Sallie Leech in Clark County, Ohio regarding weather, cousin Emma’s death, Valentines, negro bigotry, tolerance for “duch” [Dutch] people, looking for photos of cousins and aunts and poem about home. Three pages. Phonetic letter. Poem about home. 13 March 1891.

From L. [Harner] in Harrisburg, PA stating I wanted to visit, but when Uncle Will sets his mind on vacation in Ocean Grove, I must go, horse cars in Harrisburg a thing of the past, Albert can come to dinner in 10 minutes by motor car, and about many others by first name only. 15 August 1891.

From Sadie A. Rea in Intercourse, PA regarding raising a dime from each of three friends to benefit new Parkersburg M. G. Church. Chain letter. 26 August 1891.

From Ida E. Wolfe in Lancaster, PA regarding raising a dime from each of three friends to benefit new Parkersburg M. G. Church. Chain letter. 10 September 1891.

From Jane McCarty in Cowan, Union County, PA regarding teaching 43 scholars in four grades, will come home for Institute, got handsome watch for Christmas from mother and the boys, Amy’s hard time, Carrie and Alumni meeting in Pottsville, Ella not liking teaching, and Annie enjoying herself. Addressed “Dear Girls”. 26 December 1891.

From Ella V. Townsend in Lyles regarding fear of Mr. Brecht, complaints about poor students and their parents, a literary meeting organized as the Conowingo Cluster and amusing spelling bees. 23 January 1892.

From Jane McCarty in Cowan, Union County, PA stating Cowan is seven miles west of Lewisburg which has 200 inhabitants, Howard married and bought the homestead, Mother and I will move to Lewisburg, Brother Wilson will be a doctor in April and move west, and what do you teach your language classes with no books? 26 February 1892.

From Mary E. Corbin in Hanover, PA regarding thank you for sympathy in death of Bertha. No date.

From American Association of Pen Artists in Lima, Ohio indicating $3-4 a day can be made when Amy becomes proficient with the shading pen. [7] July 1893.

From Mary E. Corbin in Mill Creek, PA regarding the death of long-time teacher Miss Fisher, leaving a vacancy for which you could apply, you could stay with us and have your eyes treated here. Addressed to Amy. 19 August 1892.


Folder 12, Insert 6 Letters dated 1893-1896

From Jane McCarty in Walcott, Iowa regarding visit with cousin Sadie Byrnes, you can visit Fair in Chicago for $2.75 a day for everything, attended races in Davenport and picnicked along the Mississippi River. 22 June 1893.

From Jane McCarty in Lewisburg, PA regarding year-end greetings. Institute programs enclosed. 28 December 1893.

From Jane McCarty in Lewisburg, PA regarding primary school entertainment, attended grand soiree, when school closes will be unemployed and everyone going to the seashore. 6 May 1894.

From Mary Kendig in Creswell stating “we will be very sorry if you will not come back this year” and about the weather and farm buildings. Addressed “My dear Teacher”. 17 June 1894.

From [Blanche] in Lancaster, Pa regarding not liking returning to school after the holidays, love the Polaroid system, and Annie Byers visit. 2 pages.17 January 1895.

From Lottie in Harrisburg, PA regarding thieves in our neighborhood, the inauguration, Harry [Sheesley]’s bed—fast and others b y first name only. 4 February 1895.

From [C. S. Merime] (sister) regarding delaying counsel on possible religious avenues. 2 pages. 8 March 1895.

From Elain Hershey in Windom, PA regarding test questions, tired of plowing and will send photos of Susquehanna scenery. 17 April 1895.

From Eva Phenegar in Strasburg, PA regarding availability of Clara Eckman and Alice Landis—ladies who sew, Epworth League convention, Papa bought me a new piano and hope you are better. 13 May 1895.

From Anna D. Whitcomb in Fox Chase, Philadelphia, PA regarding Normal reunion, Amy’s health and list of contracts with possible teacher vacancies. 3 pages. 18 June 1895.


Folder 12, Insert 7 From Jane McCarty in Lewisburg, PA regarding holiday greeting and sprig of mistletoe. 23 December 1894.


Folder 12, Insert 8 From Anna (sister) in Philadelphia with dress material sample and $12 (not enclosed) and promise of more later, also regarding visits home, and list of candidates for Bart School and new dress. 2 pages. 26 June 1896.


Folder 13

Folder 13, Insert 1 Letters and invoices dated February through 22 September 1896

From Charlotte [cousin] in Harrisburg regarding dusty weather, star course entertainment, sewing dress for manna and underwear, am crazy for a wheel—learned to ride one last summer, and baby’s baptism. 3 pages. 2 February 1896.

From Ada in Creswell regarding decision not to take your school, studying Algebra, Harry Harner going to Millersville, Georgia Jones’ pleasant visit, Mrs. Shuman hid the poker and oil can, and advice if you give up your school. 3 pages. 2 February 1896.

From Ella V. Townsend in [Lyles] stating discouraged by performance of students when Mr. Brecht visited, information on doctors and sanatoriums, envy other teachers social lives, changes at Millersville, and wishing you speedy return to health. 3 pages. 11 March 1896.

From M. Blanche Heidelbaugh in Lancaster, PA regarding Lelia’s illness and hopes to move her to sanatorium. 3 pages. 6 May 1896.

Funeral invitation for Margaret Lelia, daughter of Milton, PA and Harriet E. Heidelbaugh. 18 May [1896].

From W. H. H. Bull & Co. in Galen Hall, Atlantic City, New Jersey regarding board. Invoice. 25 May 1896.

From Ella (sister) in Nickel Mines, Pa sending $50, but when this runs out you will have to come home as this is all we have. Addressed to Amy in Galen Hall. With envelope. 30 May 1896.

From Jennie Armour in Bryn Mawr, PA stating sorry to hear you’re sick but glad you’re in Atlantic City, Children’s Day we marched to the church, Sunday School, and school picnics. 16 June 1896.

From C. S. [Merime] in Nesquehoning regarding the merits of prohibition and bit of family news. 2 pages. 24 June 1896.

From Anna Leech (sister) in Philadelphia regarding visit north in Haverford and Aunt Mamie in Wallingford, clothes she wore, losing her job, and options for the future. 3 pages. 22 September 1896.


Folder 13, Insert 2 Letters dated 10 February through 21 June 1897

From Blanche in Lancaster, PA note regarding hospitality. With Atlantic City, NJ address and pencil notes. 10 February 1897.

From Annie M. Griffith in Gap, PA postal card apologizing for not being able to receive a call from Amy. Addressed to Amy in Haverford. 3 April 1897.

From Dr. Christ in Philadelphia, PA regarding exams I cannot come. Addressed to Amy c/o Mr. North in Haverford. With envelope. 2 May 1897.

From Alice Heidelbaugh in Atlantic City, New Jersey regarding people who departed Galen Hall and her desire to go home. 3 pages. 25 May 1897.

[apparently from Ella (sister)] in Nickel Mines, PA telling Amy to suit herself about coming home, about clothes, evangelist’s services, housecleaning, white-washing, Aunt Joe’s new carpet, and Sallie Leech in OH is married. Unsigned. 27 May 1897.

From Alice Heidelbaugh in Atlantic City regarding addresses, going home, and future treatment by Dr. Bull. 2 pages. 1 June 1897.

From Anna (sister) in Philadelphia regarding out of a job again, several possibilities, new hat, and visit by Mrs. Rhea. 3 pages typed. 4 June 1897.

From Alice M. Yorgey in Pottstown regarding nurse’s training and discouraging Amy from trying it as Dr. Bull advised. 8 June 1897.

From Alice M. Yorgey in Pottstown regarding communicating with a patient Amy knows, attending Normal commencement, and walking through the hospital. 21 June 1897.


Folder 13, Insert 3 Letters dated June 1897 through October 1899

From Ella (sister) in Nickel Mines, PA regarding lost letter with money and dishonest postmasters, you’re coming home or needing clothes, marriage of Blanche Heidelbaugh, and haymaking. 2 pages. 21 June 1897.

From Ella (sister) in Nickel Mines, PA regarding sending your clothes, Frank wants us to marry this winter and I thought you girls would take my place, haymaking, and success at whatever you undertake. 3 pages. 24 June 1899.

From Anna Leech (sister) in Nickel Mines stating I came home despite your wishes, Mt. Pleasant School now needs a teacher, mom can do little work, Mr. Anderson married Will [?brother] and Blanche, making cherry butter, guests for dinner, Naomi learned nursing at Woman’s Hospital in Philadelphia, and Katie Bitterman buried today. 3 pages. 6 July 1897.

From Alice M. Yorgey in Pottstown, PA regarding not hearing from Mrs. Cummis at Wallingford, upcoming ortho course, Amy’s health, and not entering nurse’s training unless she’s well. 13 July 1897.

Note from Wm. H. H. Bull, MD in Atlantic City, New Jersey with flyer advertising his treatments at Galen Hall and advising he has sent same to Miss Peddrick. 19 July 1897.

From Ella Leech (sister) in Nickel Mines, PA stating sending money order for $8, indicating Amy will likely get the school, Will opposes girls riding bicycles, and found the magazine in the trunk. 22 July 1897.

From Ella (sister) in Barnum, West Virginia regarding detailed description of her health, her care, nurse, and naming the baby. 3 pages. 19 July 1899.

From C. E. Helm, MD in Bart to Amy in Plainfield, New Jersey regarding school teacher vacancy. 9 August 1899.

From Grace A. [Werdmitt] in Plainfield, New Jersey regarding hers and others’ ailments and treatments. 4 pages. 9 September 1899.

From Cara Meyers in Parkesburg, PA regarding learning to sew and cook, but not being able to go to school, sick father, and gathering chestnuts. 13 October 1899.


Folder 13, Insert 4 Letters dated 1900-1901

From G. A. [ ___ ] in Jenco, Long Island, New York regarding her health, housekeeping, family, sister’s wedding, and news of friends. 2 pages. 29 July 1900.

From Jan Slaymaker in Paradise, PA stating thanks for the collar and getting the trees in the Spring. Undated.

From Christine Nowell Griggs in Bellevue, PA stating sorry you’ve not regained your health, detailed description of her own travails, advice for recovery, and a prescription recipe. 2 pages. 1 May 1901.

From Will (brother) in San Francisco, California stating sad to hear of Ella’s sickness, mourning the President’s loss, church was packed, with steady work at good wages will stay here, you folks to stay where you are, and have the farm operated on shares by the neighbors. 2 pages. 19 September 1901.

From Will (brother) in San Francisco, California stating glad Ella is better, working at the same shop I left two years ago, and live so close to Grand Opera I can hear some of the music. Partial letter. 15 November 1901.

From Florence Hopkins in [May, PA] regarding students studies and teacher Maud good. 3 pages. 15 December 1901.

From John F. Leech (father) in Nickel Mines regarding money for Christmas to Ella and Amy apparently visiting with sister Ella and husband Frank. 22 December 1901.


Folder 13, Insert 5 Letters dated 1902-1903

From Anna (sister) in Nickel Mines, PA regarding family feuding about operating the farm, news of farm sales, marriages, the weather, sleighing, church, sewing, and death of a cow. 4 pages. 16 February 1902.

From Grace A. [ ___ ] in Jenco, Long Island, New York regarding your sister’s serious illness and your caring for her baby, her health problems, her separation from her husband because of another woman, her supportive family , others apparently treated at [Plainfield]. 2 pages. 24 February 1902.

From John M. Leech (brother) in Nickel Mines, PA to Amy in Barnum, West Virginia regarding selling his store and Will paying interest on money owed you. 27 February 1902.

From Laura V. Barr in Philadelphia regarding paying to Amy transport an organ to sale in Georgetown, dressmaking, health of Amy, and Ella’s family. 9 April 1902.

From Mrs. Josephine le Blare in St. Louis, Missouri soliciting a response to tablets and [ ___ ] food she sent and hawking additional products. With envelope. 4 enclosures. 24 January 1903.

From Ella in Blair, West Virginia to “Dear Girls” (apparently sisters Amy and Anna) regarding old neighbors leaving Barnum, Ladies Aid Society had oyster supper but no fire to cook them but enjoyed being treated to ice cream and cake, Ferree’s strong as a young lion, glad Will arrived home safely, sickness of friends, sewing, and shipping a desk. 3 pages. 22 March 1903.

From R. Spoule, MD in Boston, Massachusetts regarding enclosure describing treatment for catarrh and nervous diseases. 22 April 1903.

From Ella in Blaire, West Virginia regarding children, new hired girl at $1.50 a week, housework, and making soap. With envelope. 2 pages. 25 November 1903.

From Ella in Blaire, West Virginia regarding salves she tried for “dry tetter” (psoriasis per google), description of Christmas presents for the children, Feree’s a “queer boy”, because of Scarlet Fever schools are closed, I put asafetida around children’s necks, and pleasant Christmas. 3 pages. 9 December 1903.


Folder 13, Insert 6 Letters and order form dated 1904-1909

From Charlotte in Harrisburg, PA regarding sick parents and welcoming visitors. With envelope. 14 January 1904.

From R. [ ___ ] Binghamton, New York regarding reading her horoscope in detail after saying “ I cannot inform you of any future or advise you of any money scheme. 3 pages. 12 March 1904.

From Frances Partlow in New York, New York regarding cryptic advice about teaching school or not, investing money, sister’s engagement, and hypnosis for deafness. With envelope. Unrelated news item-not described. 18 August 1904.

From Ella V. Townsend in Lancaster, PA regarding death of Amy’s mother, sympathy to Annie too, was appointed to the Assistantship at the high school, and an excellent institute. 2 pages. 15 November 1906.

From Elizabeth Townsend in Smyrna, PA to Amy in Haverford care of Mr. William North about working with pupils, Amy applying for above job, Mrs. North, and Amy’s health. With envelope. News item regarding librarian position. 26 July 1897.

From The Henry G. Long Asylum in Lancaster, PA regarding admittance of a deaf person and possible problems. 14 November 1908.

From post office, DW of Dead Letters returning a letter signed Amy scolding Aunt Joe for cleaning her house and causing Amy to have “another spell at my heart”. With envelope. 20 November 1909.


Folder 13, Insert 7 Letter undated.

Hand scribed, somewhat incoherent ramblings overwritten in parts. Begun as a letter to Mr. Buckingham in Philadelphia regarding sanity, religion, medicine, Dr. DeMott’s views, learning and life’s purpose. 9 pages.


Folder 14 Jacob Leech correspondence dated 1891-1893.

Jacob H. Leech (1874-1893) was the son of John F. And Rachel Davis Leech. He drowned at age 18 in the Conestoga Creek on 21June 1893.

From J. H. H. in Lancaster, PA regarding parade, circus, sociable at Millersville, school is tiresome, and electric [line] will be done in a month. 23 May 1891.

From J. H. H. in Lancaster, PA regarding celebration of Juniors and Seniors liking school better, new cars running on King Street , and invitation to come on the 9th. 27 June 1891.

From Amy Leech (sister) in Nickel Mines, PA to Jacob at 105 Harrisburg Pike, Lancaster regarding a coat and vest for him, Christmas plans, Annie going to Harrisburg, new blanket, stay on 26 December so you can take Ella to Bart Literary Society, and busy rehearsing Christian entertainment. With envelope. 18 December 1891.

From “Your Brother” in Connersville, Indiana regarding working nights, race track with 100 horses in training, lack of good company, and prices too high at Chicago Fair. 28 may 1893.


Folder 15 Ella (Mrs. F. G. Trout) correspondence. Ella, the daughter of John F. and Rachel Davis Leech was born 17 July 1869 and died 19 February 1958. She married Franklin George Trout. In this folder are letters and greetings sent to her before and after she married.

Folder 15, Insert 1 Correspondence dated 1891-1932.

From Lottie in Harrisburg, PA regarding Albert’s visit to Minneapolis, accidental death of Rob Tippette, care of wife and baby, picnic, chatter about first name only people, parents to Ocean Grove, shook a sheet out the window, and mother’s watch went out too. 4 pages. With envelope. 23 July 1891.

From Mary (niece) in Strasburg, PA regarding thanks for the towels for her hope chest, appreciate the tie from [Feree] and handkerchief from Marion, and hope Uncle Frank is better. 29 December 1915.

From Alice (sister) in Strasburg, PA regarding people by first name only, Elam Trout has Bright’s disease, raising chickens, geese, ducks, and turkeys. 2 pages. 25 September 1922.

From Marion (daughter) regarding thanks for the box of candy, curtain patterns, and photo mix-up. 2 pages. 17 January 1924.

From Adelaide Eder. Christmas greeting. 24 December 1924.

From Lottie in Stroudsburg, PA regarding people by first name only, children in high school, church work, Betty sent dresses she outgrew, making candy and salted peanuts for Building Fund, and quilting. 2 pages. 4 October 1925.

From Mildred in [Elkim], WV regarding trees in Christiana, letter from Aunt Martha, Santa was good to me—hose from Marion, travel case from [Feree], silk underwear, silver, compact, etc—Christmas decorations, day and food, card from Aunt Sadie, and game of “Pig”. 15 January 1928.

From Marion. Mother’s Day greeting. With envelope. 8 May 1929.

From Mary Anderson in Philadelphia, PA regarding your daughter’s address and Leah’s election troubles. 20 March 1932.


Folder 15, Insert 2 Correspondence dated 1932-1947.

From friends Ella and Martha in Keyser, West Virginia regarding Mrs. Benson and her mother, first name children only, colds and Scarlet Fever, and holiday greetings. 2 pages. 15 December 1932.

From Katie [Metcalf]. Christmas greeting. With envelope. 24 December 1932.

From Lottie in Philadelphia, PA regarding busy with Christmas parties at old Ladies Home on State Road and House for the Aged in Fairmont Park, attended all day missionary meeting in Tacony, Philadelphia yesterday, preaching mission in Convention Hall, hearing Dr. Stanley Jones, and Christmas greetings. 11 December 1936.

From [Lottie] regarding funeral of Harry Fairlamb, stitch in hip joint, and refinished floors. 2 pages. Unsigned. 12 July 1946.

From “Home” to “Dear Sister” stating despite deepest ever snow we have coal and are making out, Will got coal and Assistance Bd. pays for it, roads closed, and Will brought our bread and mail. With envelope. Unsigned. 29 February 1947.

From Alice (sister) regarding birthday wishes on one side and many names and two addresses on the other. Addressed “Dear Ella”. Note. Undated.

From Marion regarding wishes and sending handkerchiefs from Wannamaker’s for her birthday. 2 pages. Addressed “Dearest Mamma”. Undated.

From Lottie regarding falling and seeming as brittle as candy, [Feree]’s whereabouts, and Jr.’s dog. Undated.


Folder 15, Insert 3 Correspondence date 1912-1913.

Five letters were in one envelope addressed to Mrs. Frank G. Trout in Blaine, Mineral County, West Virginia as follows:

From Amy L. (assumed to be Ella’s sister) to Marion forwarding 4 others that had been sent to Amy and Anna for Ella to read; but to return only Lottie’s. Also, asking about Mary Landis, 5th Gettysburg Anniversary, hope your Grandpa who has never been there can go as all ex-soldiers by PA law can receive free transport and accommodation, fell and badly hurt my knee, tornado struck Lancaster, Walker neighbors, and Grandpa buying more stock. 2 pages. 28 May 1913.

From Sue (aunt) in Harrisburg, PA regarding slow train, weather, house cleaning, flowers planted, washed on [no] after leaving the clothes in water for 3 days, and remember me to Ella. 2 pages. 29 September 1912.

From Sue (aunt) regarding trip Katie and husband took to Boston, bad cold, and not like in our young days. 2 pages. 31 October 1912.

From Charlotte in North Warren, PA regarding leaving Sanford’s eight weeks ago, Christmas pleasant with 24 for dinner and 18 for supper, many first names, and my nerves seems very much better. 2 February 1913.

From Emma in Chester, Pa regarding mailing Bible and visits. Added note: “For Ella” (apparently by Amy when she forwarded this letter) explaining the Bible is an old one, needed verify his [father John F.] age so he can draw an increased pension, also that Emma would be coming, having no help, white-washing not done, and wanting Lottie to come. 21 May 1931.


Folder 16 Correspondence to Ella and Frank Trout individually and both.

Folder 16, Insert 1 Correspondence dated 1916-1922.

From [Maurie] E. T. in Kingston. Card to Uncle Frank regarding thanks for gift, attended David Tree Surgery Institute, have remunerative work with them here. 12 April 16.

From Anna in Quarryville, Pa regarding first trip, visit with Ada Wilson, babies, and war interfering with the mail. 10 June 1916.

From Marion in Keyser, WV regarding food, her accommodations, roommate, [Lyceum] tickets, and chosen courses. 4 pages. Addressed “Dear Mamma and all”. 17 October 1917.

From Mary (niece) in Piedmont, West Virginia regarding invitation for the whole family. Addresses “Aunt Ella”. 19 October 1917.

From Mrs. Miller in Baltimore, Maryland to F. G. Trout in Kitzmiller, Maryland regarding thanks for boxes, scarcity of sugar, “Hooverizing on many things”, school, and dissatisfied children. With envelope. 11 February 1918.

From Marion regarding not coming home, weaving spring hats, and my one [met] the nicest. 3 pages. Undated.

From The Corner Grocery in Elkins, West Virginia to Frank Trout regarding shipment of apples, courtesy of A. M. [Lowenbock] in Harrisburg, and enclosing a card from [Lowenbock]. 17 December 1921.

From Mrs. Fletcher in Frostburg, Maryland regarding bowel problems, housework, sickness, and carpet at 70¢ per yard. 2 pages. 19 March 1922.

From Alice (Frank’s sister) in Keyser, West Virginia regarding thanks for visit and plans for trip to Lancaster. 31 August 1922.


Folder 16, Insert 2 Correspondence dated 1922-1932.

From Brown in Somerset to Mrs. Trout in Blaine, West Virginia, strike, evictions, and many comments about people by first name only. With envelope. 20 October 1922.

From Mrs. Clarence Fletcher in Frostburg, Maryland with [ ___ ] own of her week’s work, missing Marion at Christmas, no “foolishness” for Christmas, children’s school program, husband taking cod liver oil, and his work as a miner. 3 pages. With envelope. 10 December 1922.

From Alice Lytle in Strasburg, PA regarding thanks for Christmas remembrance, about visitors by first name, and turkey for Christmas. 2 pages. 2 January 1924.

From Mrs. Ben. Christmas card. Undated.

From Ada Sapp in Baltimore, Maryland. With notation. Undated.

From Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Bell in Kitzmiller, MD to Trouts in Christiana, PA. Christmas card. With brief notation. With envelope. [ __ ] December 1930.

From the Benders and Mother in Kitzmiller, MD. Christmas card. With brief notation about mother’s embroidery, George Moon’s death, and snow. With envelope. [20] December 1930.

From Alice, Mary, and Russell. Christmas card with separate note regarding thanks for presents and noisy Lincoln Highway traffic. With envelope. [ __ ] December 1932.


Folder 16, Insert 3 Correspondence dated 1924-1962.

From Mr. and Mrs. Arch Odle (cousin) in Glen Elder, Kansas with notation about the Depression, raising wheat, and snow. With envelope. 19 December 1932.

From Lydia in Kitzmiller, Maryland. Christmas card with brief notation. With envelope. 20 December 1938.

From Abe G. Trout (brother) in Lancaster, PA regarding a LaSalle auto for sale, first name only, travelers, and fixing spigots. With envelope. 21 April 1938.

From Thelma Bell in Bloomington, Maryland regarding the deaths of John and Katie (no last names) and all the pallbearers with full names. 2 pages. 1 April 1942.

From (apparently Ella Trout) in Christiana, PA regarding speaking at Feree’s, being sent from Truax [Fed] [w__ ] to usually cold Massachusetts, Marion being home for their 45th wedding anniversary, dinner at Village Restaurant, ban on driving, and bother of ration cards. Unsigned. Addressed to “Dear Folks”. 25 February 1943.

From Martin Watson (nephew) in Fort Worth, Texas regarding Aunt Ella’s death, possible vacation visit, and third child expected in May. With envelope. 27 February 1958.

From Robert [ ___ ] (nephew) in Lancaster, Pa regarding thanks for “Mary Feree” plate and since you have a car with heat come visit us. 11 September 1962.

From the Bishop Family in Kitzmiller, Maryland. Card to Trouts regarding thanks for floral sympathy offers. Black-edged envelope postmarked 27 December 1924. 27 December 1924.

From William Wade [ ___ ] commencement announcement and calling card for Kitzmiller High School. 13 June 1924.


Box 2

Folder 17 Marion Trout Letters to her parents dated 1914-1929. In this folder are letters Marion wrote to her parents, Frank and Ella Leech Trout. Marion was born 31 May 1899 in Barnum, West Virginia. She graduated from University of Pennsylvania Hospital Nursing School. She died in Cumberland, Maryland on [ __ ] January 1993. (Side note of this translator: d. the New Era 22 Jan.)

Folder 17, Insert 1 Correspondence dated 1914-1923.

To Frank and Ella Leech Trout (parents) from Blaine, West Virginia regarding hot weather, clothes, being one of the three patients, and will be walking soon. 4 pages. With envelope. 10 June 1914.

To Frank and Ella Leech Trout (parents) regarding description of classes, her room, caring for a dying ‘Negress’, and frightened Jews. 5 January 1921.

To Frank and Ella Leech Trout (parents) from University Hospital in Philadelphia, PA regarding coming home to house-clean; getting bed, three meals a day, $9 a month; black silk hose, teddies, and hair nets; sanitation [clan] is visiting a meat-packing plant, the slums, and a dairy farm. 2 pages. With envelope. 3 May 1922.

To Frank and Ella Leech Trout (parents) regarding Mr. Thompson’s funeral, vacation plans, and visits to Fairmount Park and Botanical Gardens. 11 May 1922.

To Frank and Ella Leech Trout (parents) regarding mother’s visit, Aunt Naomi, Aunt Alice, hats, and pleased that Ferree made Sgt. 9 August 1922.

To Frank and Ella Leech Trout (parents) regarding warmth of their capes; “old coon with can car”; like night duty, and send the letter wax seal. 20 October 1922.

To Frank and Ella Leech Trout (parents) stating “the old coon died”, night duty is not hard work and will go to church with a girl at Drexel Ferree asked me to meet. 24 October 1922.

To Frank and Ella Leech Trout (parents) regarding moving to the Nurses Home; visiting the Mastellers’ near Lancaster, seeing Aunts Ella, Martha, Alice, and Katie and Uncle Abe while there; uncovering lettuce from the cellar; too many movies on New Year’s and slow mail service. 2 pages. 2 January 1923.

To Frank and Ella Leech Trout (parents) regarding working in X-ray lab; would love moccasins, apples, cotton hose, soap, and talcum and chatter about friends. 3 pages. 21 March 1923.

To Frank and Ella Leech Trout (parents) regarding Women’s Dispensary duty; bought $5 hat; Aunt Carrie is dead and studying for Surgery Exam. 16 April 1923.


Folder 17, Insert 2 Correspondence dated 1923.

To Frank and Ella Leech Trout (parents) regarding her nurse duties, Ferree’s commencement, vacation, and visits with friends. 2 pages. 6 May 1923

To Frank and Ella Leech Trout (parents) regarding new uniforms and sending used ones to Aunt Anna’s, duty in the Diet Kitchen, and news of friends. 3 pages. 20 November 1923.

To Frank and Ella Leech Trout (parents) stating thanks for the chicken, pickles, etc; hospital guaranteed for small pox; Thanksgiving, and commencement activities. 3 pages. With envelope. 1 December 1923.

To Frank and Ella Leech Trout (parents) regarding money for books and photos; Christmas shopping; nursing duties; small pox; gained weight working in Diet Kitchen and commencement. 4 pages. With envelope. 4 December 1923.

To Frank and Ella Leech Trout (parents) regarding Christmas presents and cards; lace collars; many complements now that “I’m in blue” and got my pin; saw “lightening” at Broad Theater with [Sundan] afterward and operating room duty. 2 penciled letters; 3 pages and 2 pages. With envelope. 12 December 1923.

To Frank and Ella Leech Trout (parents) regarding shopping for head nurse’s Christmas present; receiving cards and presents of candy, jewelry, fruit cake and guest towels and list of people to get photos. 3 pages. With envelope. 23 December 1923.

To Frank and Ella Leech Trout (parents) regarding visiting Ada twice for Horace’s surprise birthday with games and much fun; Ambassador Wood not needing a nurse; my $7 pay went to class dues; send motifs for curtain I’ll make from muslin we get for the operating room. 7 pages. 3 January 1923.


Folder 17, Insert 3 Correspondence dated 1923-1924.

To Frank and Ella Leech Trout (parents) regarding Easter events, many gifts and good dinners; thanks for box from home; now considered a senior and visit to Municipal Hospital where patients’ head are shaved and all kinds of diseases-measles, diphtheria, scarlet fever, and anthrax. 3 pages. 2 April 1923.

To Frank and Ella Leech Trout (parents) regarding visits with Mrs. Benson and Mrs. Sheer; photo to wrong person and letter from Guy Mckeown’s wife. 2 pages. 11 January 1924.

To Frank and Ella Leech Trout (parents) regarding Ruth going to Alabama; Ada’s boys-Horace, George, and Sam; chatter about curtain. 5 pages. 15 January 1924.

To Frank and Ella Leech Trout (parents) regarding Private Floor night duty; Betty Murray helps cook for night Superintendant, but too many dishes; Ferree and school. 4 pages. 1 February 1924.

To Frank and Ella Leech Trout (parents) regarding exams in Materia Medica and Orthopedic and lecture on Internal Medicine; gifts of candy, fruit, and money from patients; query about electric lights and seeing “Greenwich Village Follies”. 4 pages. With envelope. 27 February 1924.

To Frank and Ella Leech Trout (parents) regarding exam grades; bad dream; Uncle Same Feichtner’s health; more photos and future assignments. 3 pages. 6 March 1924.


Folder 17, Insert 4 Correspondence dated 1927 and undated.

To Frank and Ella Leech Trout (parents) from The Warwick in Philadelphia regarding gifts from Mildred Mckean; enclosed check and dinner at the country club. 10 June 1927.

To Frank and Ella Leech Trout (parents) regarding drive to Fairmont Park; out and sending money home. 23 June 1927.

To Frank and Ella Leech Trout (parents) from 4800 Walnut Street, in Philadelphia regarding plans to meet in Winchester; colored eggs and Easter dinner with Ada; to church John Wannamaker established and Easter flowers. 16 April 1927.

To Frank and Ella Leech Trout (parents) regarding needing white shoes; enjoyed cake and cookies and day of church, dinner and short ride with Mrs. Benson. With envelope and Dad birthday card. Undated “Mon AM”.

To Frank and Ella Leech Trout (parents) from Philadelphia regarding weather; housecleaning; Red Book and classes on Bacteriology and Practical Nursing. Undated “Sunday”.

To Frank and Ella Leech Trout (parents) from The Warwick regarding Mrs. Craft’s condition; dinner at White Mariah Valley Country Club $2.50 for stuffed squab, baked honeydew melon, vegetable soup, new potatoes, and pear, salad, iced tea and strawberry shortcake and plan for home visit. Mid-June [probably 1927-see first two entries above] .

To Frank and Ella Leech Trout (parents) mentioning many people, most by first name only; also five cows killed by lightning. Undated “Tues AM”.

To Frank and Ella Leech Trout (parents) regarding Thanksgiving dinner menu, invitations from Mrs. Benson, Ada Wilson and Mr. Rickenbauer’s daughter and pretty dress. Partial letter. Undated. 10:15pm.

To Frank and Ella Leech Trout (parents) regarding shopping for Christmas presents asking for soap, cold cream and stationery. 2 pages. Undated. Tues. night.

To Frank and Ella Leech Trout (parents) regarding night duty; buying a coat for $25, watching the Penn-Cornell game from the hospital roof on Thanksgiving. Partial letter. Undated.

To Frank and Ella Leech Trout (parents) regarding Victor Herbert’s Orchestra at the Stanley, money for class pin, goiter operations, selling clothes and massage exam and surgery lectures. 3 pages. Undated.

To Frank and Ella Leech Trout (parents) stating glad for your trip to Greenland Gap, Ruth Trout’s grandfather’s death, Ferree on the football team, sweater gift from patient, Dietetics exam, tar soap and feel like an old undertaker caring for the dead. 2 pages. Undated.


Folder 17, Insert 5 Correspondence dated 5 September 1929.

To Frank and Ella Leech Trout (parents) regarding trips to Cumberland, Keyser, Washington, D.C., Conowingo, Havre de Grace, and Wilmington by train and bus. Enclosed: Card of thanks from the Bender family about Mark’s death from Kitzmiller, Maryland. 21 August 1929.

From Ferree to Marion from the Mithoff Hotel in Lancaster, Ohio describing the city, his job, co-workers and living arrangements. 4 pages. 11 August 1929.

News item from Kitzmiller, Maryland which lists “Marion Trout of Philadelphia” as a dinner guest. 27 August.


Folder 18 Ferree Trout letter to his parents dated 23 February 1922 through 22 October 1922.

In this folder are letters from William Ferree Trout, born 23 August 1902-died 19 February 1979, wrote to his parents, Frank and Ella Leech Trout from Elkins, WV in 1922.

To Frank Trout (father) from Davis & Elkins College in Blaine, West Virginia regarding studying, playing basketball, student death, coal business and office boy recommendation. With envelope. 23 February 1922.

To Frank and Ella Leech Trout (parents) regarding tennis, baseball, football, Shakespeare play practice and studying, sending box of trailing arbutus to Marion, student strike on Good Friday, new suit and money for shoes. 20 April 1922.

To Frank and Ella Leech Trout (parents) regarding sports, coming home, work at the mine or bottling works. 30 April 1922.

To Frank and Ella Leech Trout (parents) regarding not coming home but need some money, strike breakers and end of school. 3 May 1922.

To Frank and Ella Leech Trout (parents) regarding baseball game in Adrian, exams, Shakespeare play and commencement, saw movie “The Four Horseman of the Apocalypse” and Spark’s Circus. 14 May 1922.

To Frank and Ella Leech Trout (parents) regarding “Midsummer Night’s Dream” program saying play was success, need straw hat and $25 “please”, commencement, Chautauqua and pillow top. With envelope. 23 May 1922.

To Frank and Ella Leech Trout (parents) regarding school closing, work at home, letter from Uncle John about his coal business and movies “The Sheik” and “Way down East”. 4 June 1922.

To Frank and Ella Leech Trout (parents) regarding exchanges with Marion, new Oxfords, need money, student train for games, class, play, glee club, saw Price’s and Thanksgiving plans. 22 October 1922.


Folder 19 through 31 Greetings to the Frank G. Trout family. With a few exceptions, there are Christmas greetings with envelopes to the Trout family from 1914-1958. The envelopes indicate the date and postal address from which they were sent. Through 1924, the Trout’s address was Blaine, West Virginia and Kitzmiller, Maryland; then lastly, Christiana, PA. Question marks indicate illegibility.


Folder 19 Correspondence dated 1914-1924.

From Lillian P. Trout (niece) in Coatesville. 22 December 1914.

From Abe and Katie in Lancaster. 9 December 1924.

From Robert (nephew) in Lancaster. 17 December 1924.

From Rose M. in Kitzmiller. 20 December 1924.

From Lillian P. Trout (niece) in Christiana. 22 December 1924.

From Mr. and Mrs. Daryl Brown in Morgantown, West Virginia. 22 December 1924.

From Harvy D. Grimes in Cumberland, Maryland. 22 December 1924.

From Mr. and Mrs. W. H. [ ___ ] in Cisna Run. 22 December 1924.

From Maurice and family in Sharpesburgh. 22 December 1924.

From Mildred in Elkins, West Virginia. 22 December 1924.

Folder 20 Correspondence dated 1924-29.

From Allan in Blaine, West Virginia. 23 December 1924.

From Ada and Ella and their families in Philadelphia. 23 December 1924.

From Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Ziel in Pittsburgh. 23 December 1924.

From S. Franklin Logsdon in [ ___ ]. No envelope. 25 December 1924.

From Mrs. Earl Phitts in [ ___ ]. [ __ ___ ] 1924.

From Brown family in Somerset. 21 December 1927.

From Mrs. Clarence Fletcher and family in Frostburg, MD. 19 December 1928.

From B. Wilson in Kitzmiller. [ __ ___ ]1928.

From Anna Heck in Blaine, WV. 24 December 1929.

From Pete and Cricket in [ ___ ]. [ __ ] December 1929.


Folder 21 Correspondence dated 1929.

From Grace and Arch Odle in Glen Elder, Kansas. 16 December 1929.

From Eleanor Hyde in Philadelphia. 17 December 1929.

From the Scotts in Quarryville. 17 December 1929.

From Lillian (niece) in Christiana. 18 December 1929.

From Lottie in Philadelphia. 18 December 1929.

From Masteller Coal Co. in Keyser, West Virginia. 18 December 1929.

From Mr. and Mrs. Bartley J. Kilroy in Cumberland, MD. 19 December 1929.

From Alice (sister), Mary and Russell in Strasburg. 19 December 1929.

From Mildred E. Morgan in Elkins, West Virginia. 20 December 1929.

From Joe in Newport, Rhode Island. 20 December 1929.


Folder 22 Correspondence dated 1929.

From the Benders, Mother, [ ___ ], and Rafter in Kitzmiller, Maryland. 21 December 1929.

From Mr. and Mrs. D. W. Wilt in Greensburg. 21 December 1929.

From the Browns in Fairmont, West Virginia. 21 December 1929.

From Dr. and Mrs. James Ewing Cottrell in Philadelphia. 21 December 1929.

From Maurice and family in Pittsburgh. 21 December 1929.
From George J. and Gertrude Poole and Bud in Kitzmiller, Maryland. 21 December 1929.

From the Longs in Keyser, West Virginia. 22 December 1929.

From the DeValls in Kitzmiller, Maryland. 22 December 1929.

From Mrs. Clarence Fletcher and family in Frostburg, Maryland. 22 December 1929.

From Sadie and Edd in Christiana. 23 December 1929.


Folder 23 Correspondence dated 1929-1930.
From Mr. and Mrs. B. T. Davis in Kitzmiller, Maryland. 23 December 1929.

From Mr. and Mrs. Clark Morgan in Grafton, West Virginia. 23 December 1929.

From Laura Fichtner in Kitzmiller, Maryland. [ __ ] December 1929.
From the Walker family in [ ___ ], Maryland. [ __ ] December 1929.

From Lottie in Philadelphia. 17 December 1930.

From L. B. Wilson and [Va] in Kitzmiller, Maryland. 19 December 1930.
From Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Smith in Blaine, West Virginia. 20 December 1930.

From Daryl and Reba in Morgantown, West Virginia. 20 December 1930.

From Hugo, Esther, and Dougie in Kitzmiller, Maryland. 20 December 1930.

From Elsie E. Matock in Reading. 20 December 1930.


Folder 24 Correspondence dated 1930-1932.

From Mr. and Mrs. John Bishop in Kitzmiller, Maryland. 22 December 1930.

From L. Blanche Wilson in Kitzmiller, Maryland. 22 December 1930.

From Mrs. Kate Metcalf in Kitzmiller, Maryland. 23 December 1930.

From Earl and Va in Kitzmiller, Maryland. 23 December 1930.

From the Shore family in Blaine, West Virginia. 23 December 1930.

From Betty and James Cottrell in Philadelphia. 23 December 1930.

From Ada in Philadelphia. 24 December 1930.

From the Trouts on [Sleam] Avenue. No city. No envelope. [ __ ___ ] 1930.

From Marion in Philadelphia. 16 June 1932.

From Cora in Ocean City, New Jersey. 21 October 1932.


Folder 25 Correspondence dated 1932.

From the Ziels in Pittsburgh. 19 December 1932.

From L. B. Wilson and Va in Kitzmiller, Maryland. 19 December 1932.

From Ethel Bender in Kitzmiller, Maryland. With long note. 19 December 1932.

From Mr. and Mrs. [ ___ ] Knotts in Kitzmiller, Maryland. 19 December 1932.

From Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. Russell in Ocean City, New Jersey. 19 December 1932.

From the Scotts in Quarryville. 19 December 1932.

From Sadie and Edd in Christiana. 19 December 1932.

From Masteller Coal Co. in Keyser, West Virginia. 20 December 1932.

From Mr. and Mrs. D. W. Wilt in Greensburg. 20 Decemb er 1932.

From the Davis family in Kitzmiller, Maryland. [2_ ] December 1932.


Folder 26 Correspondence dated 1932.

From Joe (cousin) in Newport, Rhode Island. 21 December 1932.

From John A. Long in Kitzmiller, Maryland. 21 December 1932.

From Earl and Va in Kitzmiller, Maryland. 21 December 1932.

From Philadelphia. Unsigned. 21 December 1932.

From Ferree in Lancaster. 21 December 1932.

From Amy Girvin in Harrisburg. 22 December 1932.

From Mr. and Mrs. John Bishop in Kitzmiller, Maryland. 22 December 1932.

From Katie and John in Kitzmiller, Maryland. 22 December 1932.

From Mr. and Mrs. Clark Morgan in Grafton, West Virginia. 22 December 1932.

From Margaret and Fred Brown in Fairmont, West Virginia. [2_ ] December 1932.


Folder 27 Correspondence dated 1932-1936.

From Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Hamill in Blaine, West Virginia. 22 December 1932.

From Abe and Katie in Lancaster. 22 December 1932.

From Caroline and Bob in Kitzmiller, Maryland. 23 December 1932.

From W. D. Walker and family in Kitzmiller, Maryland. 23 December 1932.

From Ada R. Wilson in Bart. 23 December 1932.

From Mr. and Mrs. O. E. Abernethy and family in Morgantown, West Virginia. 23 December 1932.

From Anna Heck in Blaine, West Virginia. 23 December 1932.

From Lillian P. Trout in Christiana. No envelope. 25 December 1932.

From Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Bell in Kitzmiller, Maryland. [2_ ] December 1932.

From Ferree in Lancaster. 21 December 1936.


Folder 28 Correspondence dated 1936.

From Mr. and Mrs. John Shore and family in Blaine, West Virginia. 21 December 1936.

From Pete Poole and family in Kitzmiller, Maryland. 21 December 1936.

From Joe (cousin) in Newport, Rhode Island. 22 December 1936.

From Maurice, Thelma, and children in Pittsburgh. 22 December 1936.

From Emily and Charlie McMahon in Phildelphia. 22 December 1936.
From the Davis family in Kitzmiller, Maryland. 22 December 1936.

From Katie Metcalf in Kitzmiller, Maryland. 23 December 1936.

From Charlotte Harner in Philadelphia. 23 December 1936.

From Isabella, [Stealy], and Edna in Philadelphia. 23 December 1936.

From M. Eva and W. H. Brown in Christiana. 23 December 1936.


Folder 29 Correspondence dated 1938.

From Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Davis and family in Mount Storm, West Virginia. 14 December 1938.

From Matilda T. Keiser in West Chester. 15 December 1938.

From Amy G. Girvin in Harrisburg. 16 December 1938.

From Lottie H. in Easton. 16 December 1938.

From Mrs. Walter A. and Waltanna Scott in Quarryville. 17 December 1938.

From Mr. and Mrs. Arch Olde in Glen Elder, Kansas. 18 December 1938.

From Ethel Bender in Kitzmiller, Maryland. With note. 19 December 1938.

From Mr. and Mrs. O. E. Abernethey and family in Charleston, West Virginia. 19 December 1938.

From W. H. Bell and family in Bloomington, Maryland. 19 December 1938.

From Lillian P. Trout in Washington, D.C. 20 December 1938.


Folder 30 Correspondence dated 1938-1958 and undated.

From Charlie and Cora in Ocean City, New Jersey. 20 December 1938.

From Ferree in Philadelphia. 20 December 1938.

From W. D. Walker and family in Kitzmiller, Maryland. 22 December 1938.

From Clyde and Ruth in York. 22 December 1938.

From Joe (cousin) in Newport, Rhode Island. 22 December 1938.

From Marie Little in Christiana. 24 December 193[ _ ].

From Verna Frew in Lancaster. 22 February 1958.

From the Scotts in Quarryville. 23 December [ ___ ].

From the Walker family in [ ___ ]. [ __ ___ ___].


Folder 31 Correspondence undated. The envelopes for these cards are addressed to the Frank G. Trout family, but have illegible dates and postmarks. The senders names are as follows: Naomi, Naomi, Jean, Mr. and Mrs. John Bishop, William B. Berger, Marie H. Little, Anna, Martha, Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Shore, L. D. Walter, C. D. Echternach, and unsigned.


Folder 32 through 37 Marion Trout correspondence and papers. See Folder 17 for biography of Marion Trout. In the folders are letters, school report cards, receipts, news items, and miscellaneous papers received by Marion.

Folder 32

From Kitzmiller High School. Report card dated 1914-1915.

From Marion’s teacher. Monthly report on Marion for the 1915 term.

From Marion’s teacher. Monthly report on Marion for the 1916 and 1917 term.

From Aunt Anna in Nickel Mines regarding Christmas gifts, German woman with Uncle W[ ___ ]’s, Kate Woerth marrying Zander boy, auction, and Maggie Leech’s house. With envelope. Addressed to Blaine, West Virginia. 15 February 1915.

From Amy Leech in Smyrna with a long story of a bad dream, grandpa’s health, and housecleaning. 2 pages. 1 May 1915.

From Amy Leech regarding Grandpa’s care, white-washing, her many ailments, and Ada Wilson getting $18 a hundred for white [service]. 3 pages. 29 May 1915.

From Aunt Sadie in Christiana, PA regarding Marion’s commencement invitation. 26 May 1917.

Bridal shower invitation for Lorene [Pew]. Addressed to Blaine, WV. 13 November 1919.

From Ferree (brother) in Camp Meade, Maryland regarding visiting Washington, camp life and inspection by General Pershing. With American League Baseball game ticket. Addressed to Kitzmiller, Maryland. With envelope. 2 August 1921.

From University Hospital in Philadelphia. Practical nursing test. 26 January 1922.

From Woody in Williamsport regarding woes of tonsillectomy and missing Marion. Addressed to University of Pennsylvania Hospital. With envelope. 4 September 1923.

From Woody regarding nursing, boyfriend, photo exchange, and tonsils. 2 pages. Saturday afternoon.

From Aunt Amy in Christiana, PA regarding not receiving photo or Christmas cards, Maggie’s forgetfulness, and commencement.12 January 1924.


Folder 33 Marion Trout notebook. 2” X 3” notebook which records letters received and sent by date and books by title and author. 1921-1923.


Folder 34 Marion Trout correspondence and papers.

From Aunt Sadie in Christiana postal card regarding homecoming. With Thanksgiving card. 27 November 1941.

Receipt from income taxes. 1941.

From [Reba] in India regarding living conditions, help, and work. 2 pages. 11 August 1943.

From Bob aboard ship regarding song, Thanksgiving dinner and football game. 2 pages. 28 November 1943.

From Lt. Col. J. A. [ ___ ] APO NY with thanks for letter. VMail. 28 October 1943.

From Col. Rollin L. [Banchairs] now surgeon of VI Corps regarding Capt. McClain awarded Distinguished Service Cross for gallantry and write if you visit Kathryn. VMail. 7 March 1944.

From Col. Rollin L. [ ___ ] in France with thanks for fruit cake, weather in Rhine Valley, about Kathryn at home, buddy is a commander at Valley Forge [ ___ ], and holiday of hard work. With envelope. 3 pages. 18 January 1945.

From Uncle A. F. Trout in Lancaster, PA regarding illness of many people, birth of Ruth’s baby, and 85th birthday dinner. With envelope. 16 March 1945.

From Dot in Phillipsburg to Marion in Christiana, PA regarding visitors, picking up belongings, [ __ ] furloughs, and going to the Pacific. With envelope. 2 pages. 2 July 1945.

From Father in Christiana regarding Ida Walton in hospital, Mrs. Jackson’s operation, George Graham killed by hit and run, vegetable soup, and mother’s arm is better. With envelope. 2 pages. 5 April 1946.

From Father regarding registration of [Rev] buyers, drive with Lottie into MD, Wm. McMinn died, many people moving, and gardening plans. 2 pages. 4 April 1946.

From Jule Frederick in St. Petersburg, FL regarding mother’s death, family illnesses, reunion plans, and children. With envelope. 3 pages. 17 September 1946.


Folder 35 Marion Trout correspondence and papers.

From Mrs. Ralph Pinalducci APO San Francisco describing and enclosing seating diagram and rules for International Military Tribunal, Far East. Also regarding attending the Diet, shopping, and Christmas. With envelope. 17 December 1946.

From St. Joseph’s Hospital in Lancaster, PA regarding overdue bill for John Leech, deceased. 2 August 1947.

From St. Joseph’s Hospital regarding John Leech, deceased account. 11 August 1947.

From Gladys B. Yost in Cresco with 2-page roster of Class of 1924. With envelope. 15 August 1947.

From Martin T. Watson (cousin) in Keyser, WV regarding relatives and illnesses. With envelope. 2 pages. 2 November 1950.

From Mrs. Harold Scott High in Philadelphia with sympathy for mother’s death. 29 February 1958.

From Ruth W. Fulton in Philadelphia with sympathy and news of many ill friends. With envelope. 20 March 1958.

From Thelma and Bill A. Bell in Oakland, Maryland regarding many deaths in the family, losing home during bank holiday and again during a cyclone, son in the Air Force, and other chatter. With envelope. 1 April 1958.

From Georgia W. Jackson in Kennett Square, PA with a sympathy card with note. 21 July 1964.

From Ruth F. Riley in Paradise, PA with sympathy note. With envelope. 23 July 1964.

From Ida Theis in Keyser, West Virginia with sympathy card and note. With envelope. 23 July 1964.


Folder 36  Marion Trout correspondence and papers.

From Mrs. Mary A. Centini in Lancaster, PA regarding invitation for bakeless bake sale. 16 January 1967.

From Mrs. Clara Orndorff in Coatesville, PA regarding flowers, church with log seats and ground floors, family history, new mop cost 98¢-used to be 10¢. 3 pages. 23 February 1968.

From Mrs. J. A. Seawright in Allentown, PA regarding reunioning with Jean Rutherford, Bertha Walcome, and Edith Hess. 16 March 1968.

From Mrs. Emma s. Oliver in Spokane, Washington regarding chatter about Francis Rice, Almeda Faddis, Ginny Bond, Clem Roops, Ruth Snyder, and Uncle Griff Brown. With envelope. 3 pages. 27 August 1968.

From Mrs. Antoinette Tavaglione in Philadelphia, PA regarding vacation in New England and Beach Haven, New Jersey, choir going to San Francisco and Japan. With envelope. 2 pages. 9 September 1968.

From Mrs. Antoinette Tavaglione in Philadelphia regarding busy time at church, Emma Oliver’s death, Christmas in city stores, and Nixon is good man for the job. With envelope. 2 pages. 9 December 1968.

From Clara Orndorff (cousin) in Coatesville, Pa regarding her father driving the hearse at funerals, Aunt Sara Linvilles, great Aunt Sara Walters, Uncle Joseph Walker, and her 90 years of age. 23 February 1969.

From Anne Mayor in Downingtown regarding invitation to visit, Iva Martin’s daughter, friendly neighbors, needlepoint and crewel work. With envelope. 9 March 1969.


Folder 37 Marion Trout correspondence and papers.

From Jennie in Annville regarding becoming honorary member and gift of candy. With envelope. 18 March 1970.

From Hilda B. Bomberger in Greenbelt, Maryland regarding plans to go to Kitzmiller, Maryland. With envelope. 2 pages. 8 June 1974.

From Lillian P. Trout with postal card from Bermuda. 28 September 1985.

From Bob and Ann Walter in Ft. Pierce, Florida regarding medical treatment, Bible study, and Gwen Ball. With envelope. 26 February 1985.

From Susan E. Chaney in Thiel College, Greenville regarding school, scholarships, boyfriend, and tests. With envelope. 2 pages. 20 March 1985.

From Esther Scott in Honeybrook regarding thank you for rose and other gifts. With envelope. 29 November 1988.

From Esther in San Jose, California regarding new false teeth. With envelope. 3 February 1988.

From N. [ __ ] Dora and Clyde regarding thanks for money and mentioning many first name visitors as she was apparently recovering from serious surgery. 23 October.

From Wanda Hinden with announcement of Mary Ferree Committee Meeting. 29 August [ ___ ].


Folders 38-42 Greetings to Marion Trout. With one exception in Folder 42. These are Christmas greeting to Marion Trout with the envelopes to identify the sender’s location and the date.

Folder 38 1913-1929.

From Aunt Anna in Nickel Mines. 29 December 1913.

From Ethel in Christiana. 24 December 1915.

From Woody in Phildelphia. 22 December 1924.

From Mr. and Mrs. Bishop in Kitzmiller, Maryland. 19 [December] 1927.

From Hope Cressley in Deland, Florida. 17 December 1927.

From [Rene A.] Rawling in Long Branch, New Jersey. 19 December 1928.

From Ada and Paul in Washington. 20 December 1928.

From Mrs. Slicer [Z] Benson in Drexel Hill. 19 December 1929.

From Dr. and Mrs. James Gardner in Cleveland, Ohio. 19 December 1929.

From Uncle Abe and Aunt Kate in Lancaster. 20 December 1929.


Folder 39 20 December 1929-21 December 1929.

From Mr. and Mrs. Hyde in Montoursville. 20 December 1929.

From Mildred L. Morgan in Elkins, West Virginia. 20 December 1929.

From Mr. and Mrs. S. H. Nestock in Shillington. 20 December 1929.

From Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Shore and Family in Blain, West Virginia. 21 December 1929.

From Dr. and Mrs. James [Euling] Cottrall in Philadelphia. 21 December 1929.

From Miss Brown in Philadelphia. 21 December 1929.

From Peg in Shillington. 21 December 1929.

From Selma in Keyser, West Virginia. 21 December 1929.

From Earl and [Ina] in Kitzmiller, Maryland. 21 December 1929.

From Lucy Stifler in Evanston, Illinois. 21 December 1929.


Folder 40 21 December 1929-1928.

From Ferree in Lancaster, Ohio. 21 December 1929.

From Annie St. Vincent in Philadelphia. 22 December 1929.

From Grace Gadsey in Petersburg, Virginia. 22 December 1929.

From George W. Hanner, Maryland in Montoursville. 23 December 1929.

From Blanche in Warren. 23 December 1929.

From the Walker Family in Kitzmiller, Maryland. 23 December 1929.

From Russell I. Mosteller in Akron, Ohio. 24 December 1929.

From Agatha, Joe, and Barbara Miller in Asbury Park, New Jersey. 25 December 1929.
From Rebecca Bareley in Philadelphia. 26 December 1929.
From Mrs. Harry Hahrman in Altoona. [2] December 1929.


Folder 41 December 1929-1938.

From Ruth in Maryland. [ __ ___ ] 1929.

From Clement J. Craft in Philadelphia. 19 December 1930.

From [Bibis] in Weatherly. 20 December 1930.

From Unsigned in Kitzmiller, Maryland. 20 December 1930.
From Mr. and Mrs. [S] H. Nestock and family in Reading. 21 December 1930.

From Doris and Jack in Cumberland, Maryland. 22 December 1930.

From Dr. and Mrs. E. G. Shelley in North East. 23 December 1930.

From Mr. and Mrs. John Bishop in Philadelphia. 23 December 1930.

From Mrs. Katie Metcalf in Kitzmiller, Maryland. [ __ ] December 1930.


Folder 42 December 1943-Undated.

From Aunt Anna in Paradise. 21 December 1943.

From Unsigned in Lancaster. Sympathy card. 24 February 1958.

From William (cousin) in Christiana. 18 December [ __ ].

From Anna M. Leech in [ ___ ]. Undated.

From Mrs. Metcalf in [ ___ ]. Undated.

From Eleanor Hyde in [ ___ ]. [ __ ] December [ ___ ].

From Mr. and Mrs. John Bishop in [ ___ ]. [ __ ___ ___ ].

From A. Ferree Trout in [ ___ ]. [ __ ___ ___ ].

From Aunt Anna in [ ___ ]. [ __ ___ ___ ].


Box 3

Folder 43-46 William Ferree Trout correspondence.

William Ferree Trout was born 23 August 1901. He was the son of George Franklin and Ella Leech Trout in Barnum, West Virginia. He was a WWII veteran and a retired Strawbridge and Clothier employee. He died in Christiana, PA on 19 February 1972. These folders contain his school records, receipts, correspondence and other papers.

Folder 43 William Ferree Trout correspondence.

Folder 43, Insert 1 WFT School records from 1913-1971.

3 report cards for 1913-14, 1914-15, and 1917-18.

Invitation to banquet for Seniors of Kitzmiller High School. 30 May 1918.

Davis and Elkins College term report card for January-March 1919.

5 Davis and Elkins College monthly reports for 1919 and 1920.

Maryland Department of Education High School Teacher’s Certificate for Academic Subjects. 1 August 1923.

West Virginia Department of Education High School Certificate. 1 July 1923-1928.

Special Order from Headquarters Civilian Military Training Camp in Camp Meade, MD. 30 August 1921.

From Reader’s Corporation Service Bureau. With envelope. 29 June 1927.

Davis and Elkins College quarterly Volume XIII, Issue 4. January 1971.


Folder 43, Insert 2 WFT greetings and correspondence from January 1918-September 1918.

From Tabitha and Martin. Christmas greeting. No date.

From Corporal Herman A. Ziel in Camp Beauvoir, France regarding war souvenirs, Austrian soldiers, and visiting Orleans and Paris. 22 January 1918.

From A. M. Enlow in Deer Park, Maryland regarding invitation to promotion and exercises. 3 June 1918.

From A. M. Enlow in Hayes, Maryland regarding working on the farm and picnic invitation. 2 pages. [3 June 1918].

From M. E. Reilly in Frostburg, Maryland regarding going to Cumberland and Oakland before university. With envelope. 28 June 1918.

From Ella Wood in Sloan, North Carolina regarding hot weather, good swimming, and farm produce. 2 pages. With envelope. 12 August 1918.

From Esther Pretoria in Kitzmiller, Maryland regarding chit-chat about first-name only people. With envelope. 21 August 1918.

From Charles Sprague, Jr. in Kitzmiller, Maryland regarding big time with band and soldier speaker and mystery at “the pictures”. 22 August 1918.

From Marie in Cumberland, Maryland regarding soldiers camp along the pike, studying bookkeeping, and mentions many people. 3 pages. 13 September 1918.

From Private Clarence E. Hindbaugh in Camp Meade, Maryland regarding photos, shots, pass to come home, and “armie his hell, hell”. 12 September 1918.

From A. W. Ramsdell in Kitzmiller, Maryland regarding forwarding grades and list of studies from school. 20 September 1918.

From Charles in Kitzmiller, Maryland regarding Clarence Hindbaugh home from weekend, [Cap Barl] sick in bed and Beulah Sellers run over by coal company team and in hospital. 23 September 1918.

From John M. Leech in Blaine, West Virginia stating miss you in the store and sickness here. 10 October 1918.

From Ella W. in Sloane, North Carolina regarding sick with the flu, about the weather, and regards to your mother. 17 November 1918.

From [ ___ ] in Cumberland, Maryland regarding exams, [Pvs] [Col] got 1 year in the pen, and other chit-chat. 18 December 1918.

From [Vanad] and Esther in Hagerstown, Maryland stating came to school too early, play “Oh Boy” not worth $1.10, don’t order an “Irish Club Sandwitch”, and love the dances here. With envelope. 18 January 1919.

From Mary in Kitzmiller, Maryland stating bring D & E here to get beat at basketball, my soldier beau here after 2 years overseas, and go to revival every night. with envelope. 21 January 1919.

From Corporal Herman A. Ziel at APO 911 AEF regarding description of ‘hiboy rue’, France, in fortnight heading home, am sending you German belt, cartridge and safety cap, best wishes for your school work and to your parents and Marion. 2 pages. 24 April 1919.

From Bob in Germania, West Virginia regarding going to go school early and not being allowed to attend Sunday ball game. 12 July 1919.

From Viola in Moscow Mills, Maryland stating saw Hollis and Mr. Bender, miss the dances and picnics every Sunday. 2 September 1919.


Folder 43, Insert 4 Correspondence from Esther Pretoria Starr.

All are addressed to Ferree Trout. Esther probably was a classmate of Ferree’s sister Marion.

Commencement invitation with envelope and calling card. 31 May 1918.

7 letters. First 3 from Kitzmiller, Maryland. Last 4 from Hagerstown, MD.:

Regarding flu epidemic and gathering chestnuts. 14 October 1918.

Regarding flu epidemic and deaths. 23 October 1918.

Regarding flu epidemic and deaths. With envelope. 5 November 1918.

Regarding weekend fun, train ride, and partying. With envelope. 26 November 1918.

Regarding food from home and thank-less Thanksgiving. With envelope. 1 December 1918.

Regarding fortune teller and personal misunderstandings. With envelope. 18 January 1919.

Regarding moving, exams, and being homesick. 11 March 1919.


Folder 43, Insert 5-6 Correspondence from Reba Shaffer.

11 letters to Ferree Trout from Reba Shaffer in Cumberland, Maryland and Kitzmiller, Maryland.

Regarding Sergeant’s speaking in the Grove, Esther and Hollis as a good-looking couple, and miss you. With envelope. 23 August 1918.

Regarding work, people she meets, trucks with ammunition, and train load of sailors. With envelope. 15 September 1918.

Regarding flu illnesses, deaths, and working in the company store. With envelope. 22 October 1918.

Regarding disappointed “you didn’t come”, good time at home, busy in the store, and “pound party” for the preacher. 2 pages. With envelope. 22 August 1919.

Regarding Mason’s Banquet, Marie Bell visiting, and enjoying the oyster supper at Randall’s. With envelope. 28 October 1919.


Folder 43, Insert 6 Correspondence from Reba Shaffer.

Regarding snow, visitors, marriage of Blanche Bell and Darrell Rafter, and whooping cough. With envelope. 20 November 1919.

Regarding weather and missing Ferree. With envelope. [ __ ] January [ ___ ].

Regarding being home for a week, basketball, flu in Elkins, and think of you as a brother. With envelope. Monday evening. No date.

Regarding being over and old times. 3 pages. With envelope. 8 November [ ___ ].

Regarding flu and deaths. 3 pages. With envelope. 17 November [ ___ ].

Regarding Ferree’s parents waiting for the train, Reba’s surprise future plans, and Virginia’s mumps. Monday evening. No date.


Folder 44 Correspondence of William Ferree Trout

Folder 44, Insert 1 Letters from Dot (ex-classmate).

3 letters from Philadelphia.

Regarding school, your letters, picnic, and futile attempt to find Ferree’s sister. 2 pages. With envelope. 7 October 1922.

Regarding Drexel Institute stationery seeing Prisoner of Zenda again, “dreadfully homesick”, delightful visit by Ferree’s sister, and your letter “too deep for me”. With envelope. 28 October 1922.

Regarding regret about Ferree’s injuries. With envelope. 4 November 1922.


Folder 44, Insert 2 Correspondence from Mildred L. Morgan.

7 notes, cards, letters, and telegram from Mildred L. Morgan in Uniontown, PA and Elkins, Maryland.

Regarding Rudolph Valentino in Blood and Sand, relatives, and home. With envelope. 29 September 1922.

Christmas greeting with an apology. With envelope. 18 December 1922.

Note on Christmas greeting about Sunday plans. With envelope. 5 May 1923.

Note on Christmas greeting about hiking plans. With envelope. 5 May 1923.

Note with photo of D. & E. College building with two-page love letter. 5 May 1928.

Telegram regarding travel plans. 29 June 1929.

Get well wishes and camping trip plans. 12 July 1930.

Stating she cannot go to Christiana but may go to California. 16 July 1930.


Folder 45 Correspondence of William Ferree Trout

Addressed to him at Davis & Elkins College, Elkins, WV, Kitzmiller, Maryland, Blaine and Martinsburg, West Virginia, YMCA of Lancaster, PA and Christiana, PA, Lancaster, Ohio, Uniontown, PA, and various military addresses dated 1942 to 1943.

Folder 45, Insert 1 Correspondence dated 1923-1924.

From Lawrence Hayes in Renslaer, Indiana regarding camp, girls, and cameras. With envelope. 8 October 1922.

From Valera in Uniontown regarding Good Fellowship Club, litany of silent movies and stars, bookkeeping, basketball, and graduation. 14 March 1923.

From Lawrence Hayes in Renslaer, Indiana regarding graduation announcement with note on name card. With envelope. 23 May 1923.

From Valera in Uniontown regarding graduation wishes. With envelope. 4 June 1923.

From Marion in Philadelphia regarding nursing school classes, theater party, and thanks for check. With envelope. 10 December 1923.

From Marion in Philadelphia regarding illnesses, senior dances, vacation, weather, and first name only people comments. With envelope. 16 February 1924.

From Aunt Amy in Christiana with Christmas greeting and note about family get together. 24 December 1924.

From Adalaide Eder in Philadelphia with Christmas greeting. With envelope. 24 December 1924.


Folder 45, Insert 2 Correspondence dated 1925-1929.

From Valera in Elkins, West Virginia with Christmas greeting. With envelope. 23 December 1925.

From Rose M. Mason in Martinsburg, West Virginia with Christmas greeting. With envelope. 22 December 1925.

From Rose M. Mason in Martinsburg, West Virginia with Christmas greeting. 22 December 1926.

From Eugene Coffman of The Coffman-Fisher Co. in Davis, West Virginia with businessman’s appraisal of Ferree as a potential store manager. 17 January 1928.

From J. D. Keyes of J. C. Penney Co. in Uniontown regarding job offer for $100 per month. 20 July 1928.

From J. D. Keyes of J. C. Penney Co. in Uniontown regarding job assignment. 24 July 1928.

From Mother in Christiana regarding good wishes and concern about new job and news of home. 1 August 1928.

From H. H. Schwaub of J. C. Penney Co. in New York, New York regarding new opportunity in Lancaster, Ohio store. 6 August 1929.

From Mother in Christiana regarding father cutting corn, mother canning peaches and tomatoes, sorry about night work, air mail letter a novelty, and mailing hat. 2 pages. 19 September 1928.

From Mother in Christiana regarding thanks for Christmas gift and grandfather’s death. 2 January 1929.


Folder 45, Insert 3 Correspondence dated 1929-1943.

From Friend in Elkins, West Virginia regarding invite to come for “your little golden hared girl” with a lock of hair. With envelope. 3 May 1929.

From Mother in Christiana regarding father working at Gap Hardware store, Easter and Mother’s Day candy, trip to Uniontown, West Virginia and Uniontown, Maryland, and news of aunts and uncles. 2 pages. 16 may 1929.

From Mother in Christiana regarding Mother’s Day gifts and trip, Spring, Annie Trout’s funeral, death of Samuel Carter, tennis racket, neighborhood news, and rooster for dinner. 2 pages. 25 May 1930.

From H. H. Schwaub of J. C. Penney Co. in New York, New York regarding job release. 16 January 1931.

From Aunt Alice, Mary, and Russell in Strasburg with Christmas greeting. With envelope. 19 December 1938.

From A. F. Trout (uncle) in Lancaster regarding war time rationing, flag raising, weather, and people news. With envelope. 1 October 1942.

From Minister William B. Buyers in Christiana regarding hometown news. 2 October 1942.

From Marion (sister) in Philadelphia regarding patient care, new shoes, dentist, thanks for pin, and small pox scare. 5 January 1943.

From Private Jonas L. Wenger in Salt Lake City, Utah regarding military, train ride across country, and Army life. 2 pages. With envelope. 3 February 1943.

Folder 45, Insert 4 Correspondence dated February 1943 through March 1943.

From Marion (sister) in Philadelphia regarding patient plans, George Wilson in uniform and sending box for Valentine’s Day. With G. W. Hansel obituary. 2 pages. 9 February 1943.

From Private Jonas L. Wenger in Blythe, CA regarding living in barracks, beautiful canyons coming through Utah and Nevada, and am in new squadron with Tucker. 17 February 1943.

From A. F. Trout (uncle) in Lancaster regarding thanks for “paper knife”, allowed only essential driving, flag with 45 stars raised in Bart, Amos Pichol’s daughter is a [ __ ], George Hansel died, and Raymond Troy and Billy Shober and Naomi fell. 17 February 1943.

From Private Jonas L. Wenger in Blythe, California regarding camp life and Paul Martin’s illness. With envelope. 22 February 1943.

From Marion (sister) in Philadelphia regarding nice patient, parents 45th wedding anniversary, Dot Meyers and Robert Nicodemus married, and future plans. With envelope. 24 February 1943.

From F. G. Trout (father) in [ ___ ] regarding Horst bought Ben out, [Gasland] Albright bought Mrs. Aiken’s property, new people in Mrs. Diffenbaugh’s house, Charles Murphy died, and George Jackson now at home. 2 pages. [ __ ] March 1943.

From Private Jonas L. Wenger in Blythe, California regarding squadron now has 7 planes, Tucker at Geiger Field, Washington, saw your name in Lancaster paper when you graduated. With envelope. 7 March 1943.

From Marion in Philadelphia regarding Radio School, news of Paul Martin and Mr. Greenly, Charles Trout identity, Mary Young married, our unit is in Bombay, India, and do write home once a week. 9 March 1943.

From Private Paul B. Martin in Denver, Colorado regarding in hospital for a month and worrying about family. With envelope. 12 March 1943.


Folder 45, Insert 5 Miscellaneous

From Corporal Jonas L. Wenger in Blythe, CA regarding in combat training outfit, had kitchen police for 5 days, had 15 day furlough to Los Angeles, Hollywood, and San Francisco, Dick Wentling from Lititz killed in plane crash, Paul Martin got a medical discharge, and news of others by last name only. 21 December 1943.

From Martin L. Watson in [ ___ ] regarding offering coins for sale. With currency and coin folder. 21 January 1948.

From Margaret B. Watson in Martinsburg, West Virginia regarding thanks for Christmas card and Mother’s Day candy, no longer have boarders because Frances and family now live here. 2 June [19__ ]

From Sue (sister) in Kitzmiller, Maryland regarding Harry home and in civilian clothes, Daryl discharged tomorrow, and Clarence Liller funeral. With envelope. [ __ ] December [ ___ ]

From Katharine Crowe in Frostburg, Maryland regarding school closing, holidays, love to go to college, and driving. 7 December [ ___ ]

From Katharine Crowe in Oakland, Maryland regarding job of posting name of every child 6 to 18 in Garret County, “no one loves me?”, hope to teach primary grades, and Russel Price married. [ __ ____ ___ ]


Folder 46 William Ferree Trout Papers

Folder 46, Insert 1 Letters from Dot.

3 letters with envelopes from Dot at 216 North 33rd Street, Philadelphia.

Sorry about your injuries. 7 October 1922.

Like school, initiations finished, living on two meals a day, and lost my nerve looking for your sister. 28 October 1922.

Saw Prisoner of Zenda, delighted with your sister’s visit, and your last letter too deep for me. 1 November 1922.


Folder 46, Insert 2 Correspondence from Mildred Morgan.

Mildred wrote from Uniontown, PA and Elkins, West Virginia.

Expecting “a letter every day”, best picture Blood and Sand is here, and how lonesome she is. With envelope. 30 September 1922.

Christmas card and note stating “Let’s be nice to each other”. With envelope. 18 December 1922.

Christmas card and note regarding meeting on Sunday. With envelope. 5 May 1923.

Christmas card and note regarding dinner and hiking. With envelope. 11 May 1923.

Letter of love and marriage with photo of “Hollihurst” at D. & E. College. 2 pages. With envelope. 12 May 1928.

Telegram regarding going to Cumberland. 29 June 1929.

Letter regarding not going to Christiana, weekend camping, and hope you’re feeling all right. 12 July 1930.

Letter regarding J. C. Penney pin, not going to Christiana, and may go to California with Uncle Ed. 16 July 1930.


Folder 47 Miscellaneous Trout Family Papers

Unidentified child’s photo.

From John F. Leech in Nickel Mines to Frank M. Trout suggesting he [ ___ ] to a larger place and “the pigs is doing very nicely”. 27 June 1892.

Pamphlet regarding the Ferree Reunion which records reunion of descendents of Ferree-Lefever held 18 November 1996 and long list of names from old tombstones in the Ferree burial ground.

From Frank G. Trout in Barnum, WV announcing arrival of “a fine baby girl”. Addressed “Dear Parents”. (Note: believed to be birth date of daughter, Marion. Erroneously recorded elsewhere as 31 March 1899.) 31 May 1899.

To F. Trout and family [ ___ ] enclosing marriage announcement for Mary Murphy to William Niland on 10 November 1915 and card stating at home after 1 January in Rawlins, Wyoming. With envelope.

Receipt from American Railway Express Co. for W. F. Trout in Keyser, West Virginia. 5 December 1927.

Schedule and scores for West Virginia Intercollegiate Tennis Tournament singles and doubles including unnamed Trout. 14-16 June [ ___ ].

Sympathy card to Marion Trout in Christiana with note about her father’s death from Mrs. George F. Derst in Lancaster. 18 July 1964.


Folder 48 William Ferree Leech Papers. Herein are financial and investment papers of William Ferree Leech. He was born 20 April 1872, the son of John F. and Rachel Leech. He became a machinist who in 1903 worked in the oil fields of CA, but according to these papers was residing in Lancaster County by 19.

Folder 48, Insert 1 1908-1910

2 letters from E. B. Smith & Co. in Philadelphia for 200 and 300 shares of Bay State Gas dated respectively 12 and 14 August 1908.

4 receipts from Charles A. Stoneham & Co. for $10, $175.67, $175, and $100 dated respectively 12 October, 3, 24, and 29 December 1909.

6 statements for purchase and sale from Charles A. Stoneham & Co. of Bay State, Gold Coins, Ely Cent, Raw Coal, and Nevada Hills stock from 23 November 1909 through 3 November 1910.


Folder 48, Insert 2 1919-1910

8 account statements from Charles A. Stoneham & Co. August 1909 through November 1910.


Folder 48, Insert 3 1900-1950

Receipt for mare and harness from J. Lynch. 19 February 1900.

Shipping tag from Hoopes [ __ ] & Thomas Co. in West Chester annotated on back 12 Elderado Blackberries and receipted 13 April 1911.

Assessment notice from Lititz Agricultural Mutual Fire Insurance Co. 1913.

Check from $12 from John F. Leech. 23 March 1914.

Receipt for school and building tax. 22 September 1938.

Postal card confirming above item.

Receipt from Louis M. Chance for groceries. 4 January 1941.

Postal card for renewal of Lancaster New Era. 28 August 1950.

Postal card for renewal of Lancaster New Era. 18 September 1950.

Empty envelope from Philadelphia Inquirer which remitted $1.40. Undated.


Folder 49-52 Correspondence of Anna M. Leech. In these folders are letters to Anna M. Leech from admirers, family, and friends. She was born 8 May 1876. She was the daughter of John F. and Rachel (Davis) Leech.

Folder 49-50 Correspondence of Anna M. Leech. In these folders are letters to Anna M. Leech from Joseph S. Pickel, an ardent admirer.


Folder 49, Inserts 1 through 10 Letters to Anna Leech. Each insert contains multi-page letters, each with envelopes except Insert 7, from Joseph S. Pickel at 346 West 58th Street, New York, NY. As described below, all are signed “Lovingly” or “Lovingly Thine”.

Folder 49, Insert 1 6 April 1898

(One line cut out) cold here, like our pictures, and to church twice on Sunday.

Folder 49, Insert 2 12 April 1898

Your letter was a little cold, thanks for sprig of arbutus, Easter decorations at Wanamaker’s described in detail, if you were here I’d accept ball invitation, school work is going well, and wish we were together.

Folder 49, Insert 3 17 April 1898

So happy with your letter my love, come to New York with the theater group, lecture at YMCA, to Grand Opera House to see “What Happened to Jones”, and do see the doctor about your arm sweetheart.

Folder 49, Insert 4 24 April 1898

Awful weather, flowers from friends, bad dreams about you, visit to the park and zoo, your thoughts on fighting the Spaniards, party with Will but not a good time, remember our kiss on your Bible.

Folder 49, Insert 5 1 May 1898

Hope your mother will be well so you have more time for me, mother would like a picture, uncle buried yesterday, Chautauqua musical last night, sad that I can’t go driving with you tonight, sending you a flag to wear, ready to fight if needed because Spanish are wrong, and with you were here to walk to the park.

Folder 49, Insert 6 6 May 1898

Your writing is very dear to me, mother says I shall not think of going to Cuba, no time for anyone who drinks beer, will transcribe one of Dr. Smith’s sermons for you, in lieu of birthday present, sent a poem, strange that peaceful Georgetown has “thieves and robbers”, and send “much of my love”.

Folder 49, Insert 7 18 May 1898

Each letter makes you dearer to me, bigoted comments about infidels and Catholics, girls going to beer gardens who I despise, first taste of real business, what are the folks doing on the farm, instead of accompanying you on “straw ride” would rather go in a buggy, I applied for a school in Bart, may not graduate, and wish you could be with me on trip up the Hudson and many kisses.

Folder 49, Insert 8 26 May 1898

Am alone, William is going home, commencement a howling success, brief trip to Jersey, and am not feeling well.

Folder 49, Insert 9 1 June 1898

Apologies for not confiding in you that I am trying for two positions, there is nobody but you even mother, trip up the Hudson and to Brooklyn on business, mama sent a box of strawberries, taking dictation and transcribing Dr. Miller’s commencement notes, college closes in 2-3 weeks, put your hammock out, and we’ll take a couple good swings and end with a good kiss.


Folder 50 Letters to Anna Leech and Pension claim. Except for Insert 8 which deals with a pension claim, letters in this folder are to Anna Leech from Joseph Pickel after he moved to Brooklyn and probably Tarrytown, NY.

Folder 50, Insert 1 10 June 1898.

Lonely and homesick and expressing heartfelt love, did not get the position, soon you may see too much of me, do you have your hammock up yet?, had a good week at school, describes shopping fashions and ties he bought, to Brooklyn and walked back on the bridge, where was your fellow at June meeting [ __ ], and may be home next Saturday.

Folder 50, Insert 2 Letter to Anna Leech.

Expressing happiness and regrets at his recent 3 day visit with Anna, (Note: portion of 2nd page was cut out) you must not work so hard, on arriving here, Miss B. said my work was among the very best, Will seemed very sorry to leave, now working at c/o Mansion House in Brooklyn, NY where most of the guests are rich. 23 June 1898.

Folder 50, Insert 3 Letter to Anna Leech.

Mail comes twice a day, would rather give you a good kiss than write this letter, to New York last Sunday, boarding here is “out of sight”, would love a bunch of your flowers my sweet little darling. 28 June 1898.

Folder 50, Insert 4 Letter to Anna Leech.

Stayed up late 3 nights awaiting your letter, wish I were at the Fate “to see you and your feller go by”, “glad you liked the fair”, for the 4th to the beach in the rain and home, to the Navy yard where Lt. Purdy took me aboard the “Stranger” and where guards called out and pointed a rifle to my head, did some writing for Dr. Harris, and received praise for it. 9 July 1898.

Folder 50, Insert 5 Letters to Anna Leech. 3 letters with an envelope each.

Will is my best gentleman friend and has two things he wants to share with me, met a Mr. Hough here who lived in Lancaster and knows lots of people whom I know, chatter about friends, and will see you Thursday. 9 August 1898.

Please have those kids some way out of sight there as I don’t want any girls but you, we’ll go to camp on Saturday as I start the new school on Monday and want to do my very best, do have the hammock up and ready for two, and be sure to close the rear door. 14 August 1898.

Mr. Back surprised me with a pass to come home but can’t Thursday evening as planned, will come Friday, and we can go to Camp Sun. 15 August 1898.

Folder 50, Insert 6 Letters to Anna Leech. 2 letters as follows.

From Tarrytown, New York stating am going hunting with Mr. Page to Golden Bridge, visited Phillips Manner House where Washington courted his sweetheart, surprised at Willie McClure’s death, and with all my love. 6 November 1899.

Your letter a surprise to me and will come early so we can have a full day. “Sincerely J.” No date.

Folder 50, Insert 7 Letter to Anna Leech.

From Brooklyn and undated. (Probably belongs somewhere between Inserts 1 and 5 above.) Frank Trout is made to think I have such a base opinion of Ella, went to NY by boat yesterday, newest thing here is a Japanese lady, did you ever see one?, 1000 of our men killed yesterday, wrote a parody to “Mary Had a Little Lamb”, and may go to Manhattan to each on the Fourth to see “Fall of Manila”.


Folder 51 Letters to Anna M. Leech.

This folder (Inserts 1-7) contains letters to Anna in Nickel Mines from Paradise, Wagontown, and Philadelphia from her sister Ella before and after she married Frank Trout and (Inserts 8-9) from her daughter Marion. Ella wrote from Nickel Mines, PA, Blaine, WV, and Christiana, PA.

Folder 51, Insert 1 1889-1898

Flooding of cellars, Mattie Hughes married, Frank Eby and Belle Stuart married, and Sam Hoeking in gunning accident. 2 pages. 1 December 1889.

Pie sociable, pies sold for 15¢ to 55¢, cloth for a tea gown 37 1/2¢, Annie would like silver beads, and I some India linen. 10 March 1890.

New item. Will lost barn in wind storm, Ethel [Laritz] in hospital, her children cared for by others, Clara Johnson is in hospital, University on fire so Marion didn’t go back, PRR electrified from Paoli to Harrisburg, and Samuel Weise funeral. With envelope. 2 pages. 3 March 1891.

Shirt waist and your shave strap, Groff’s Mill burned and nearly every farmer lost grain and feed, Mr. Mack fancies you, Grace Murry had baby boy, and Aunt Sarah’s sale. With envelope. 2 pages. 10 March 1896.

Moved and nothing was broken, detailed description of house and furnishings, have fire [ ___ ], and too wet for garden. With envelope. 4 pages. 25 April 1898.

Folder 51, Insert 2 1898-1899.

Jaws busy with popcorn and candy, taking in wash, getting new things-blankets-stereoscope with 100 views for $1.66-cover for $7.60, need your old blue cape, advice on lighting coal-oil stove, and sweet potatoes. 2 pages. 30 October 1898.

Sorry about the house cleaning, Thanksgiving at Watsons, Remie Trout here, Forrest Reysor’s death, and Blanche Heidalbaugh’s baby in India. 2 pages. 4 December 1898.

Mailed a package home, including a [twilight], mittens for mother, knife for Rob, handkerchiefs for aunt and uncle, dinner at Mastellers, and Happy Christmas. 2 pages. 20 December 1898.

Cold down to 24º below, someone in each family keeps the fires going, see no sleighs here only sleds, want to move home, Henry Fogle’s death, Joe King and Clara Keiser married, make you a silk cushion, have dog to “keep away the chicken sneaks,”. 4 pages. 12 February 1899.

Our little girl born, Lillie Blackburn with me for five weeks, Mrs. Trout died and Frank took train to Christ, will return soon as he can, and I’d like to come home in September. 2 pages. 2 June 1899.

Grace Barnard to keep house while I’m home, Will Sheasley is married, and let me know your plans. 2 pages. 21 August 1899.

Travel plans, seas here, help you milk, Chataugua season to Deer Park. 2 pages. No date.

Folder 51, Insert 3 1900-1903.

Boated across the river to visit Lydia, new house is finished and clean, photos of Marian. 3 pages. November 1900.

Sick with a bad cold and detailed description of train trip with baby Marian. 4 pages. 21 January 1901.

Very busy with housework and the baby, Lydia now helping, Lucy Evans living with Smiths, folks moving from Barnum, miners’ strike, Mary Cairner married and lots of home names here – Rice, Simmons, Metcalf, Pugh, Davis, Shultz, Smith and Robinson. 3 pages. No date.

Ada’s baby died, Miss Lydia who went home, had two ladies from M. E. Church District Conference here for 3 days, made 11 glasses crabapple jelly and 2 quarts marmalade, have quinces coming, beans, tomatoes and corn, Farree no more trouble with worms, children’s chatter, and sorry Amy’s health is poor. 5 pages. 16 August 1903.

Details of strike breaking, unionism and violence, husband Frank carrying a revolver and option of going into lumber and coal business in Florin, Pa. With envelope. 4 pages. [4] October 1903.

Folder 51, Insert 4 1903, 1913, 1939.

Marian and Ferree sick, [ ___ ] of something wrong with our relations because [Pamp] glass broke, Frank undecided about Florin, miners turned down the union and are back to work, marriage of Walter and Marge Well, flowers, apples, and chow-chow. 5 pages. 1 November 1903.

Christmas presents, dinner, and greetings. 22 December 1913.

Frank is ailing, Mrs. Otley Jackson caring for her mentally ill son, preserving sour cherries, and Frank hasn’t heard from Old Age Assistance. With envelope. 3 pages. 23 April 1939.

Ferree still at Strawbridges, Dick Williams house sale, hanky-panky with a diamond ring, rent money etc. caused by yellow streak in the Davis family (Note by Aunt Anna: recipient of this letter said yellow streak “came from Slaymaker side of family”). Marion has new job and three rooms papered. Partial letter with attached note. 2 pages. 27 June 1939.

Folder 51, Insert 5 1938, 1939, 1942

Ferree must go to Philadelphis, Marion washed and ironed, Aunt Naomi had chicken waffle supper for us, Frank says leave your money in bank, and can’t come for a chicken. With envelope. 2 pages.

Ferree is gone-is now assistant section manager at Strawbridges, thanks for produce, Marion home, Bess Smith wild to see old Bible, old letters, and stamps have great value, and Will put parsley in a pot for you. With envelope. 2 pages. 19 October 1938.

Sorry for Amy’s suffering and Annie’s need for help, Bart Trout very ill and enclosed letter from Lottie of Easton, PA. With envelope. 15 February 1939.

Lottie now in York County hills, Ferree now a corporal, Ira Brown’s son passed, Ferree and Marion will take you to eye doctor, floods ruined tomato fields, and have clothes ready for us to launder. 2 pages. 16 August 1942.

Thanks for apples, Ferree moved to WI, sorry about laundry, Marion had to go to work, and Frank’s birthday. Unsigned. 27 October 1942.

Folder 51, Insert 6 1941-1946

Marion very sick and in hospital with gastric ulcer surgery and something is going to happen since we both heard voices. With envelope. 3 pages. 15 March 1941.

Ban on gasoline, Amy was “laid away”, Mrs. Will Brown funeral, will buy a waiter from you, and house-cleaning. With envelope. 25 May 1943.

Cooking, housework with no help, drive with Ferree, Easter snow and ice, deaths of Elizabeth Coates Holway, Mrs. Earl [Shimp], and John Evans, sale of Mrs. Hanna Hess home for $5000. 2 pages. 10 April 1944.

Birthday card and note about dinner plans. With envelope. 5 May 1946.

Christmas card, with envelope and 2 page letter. Martha Watson and Harry Helm dies, Abe is better, Aunt Martha had stroke and Tabitha brought us gifts. 18 December 1946.

Folder 51, Insert 7 1947-1948

About Christmas cards, bad New Year’s, and best wishes to Annie and John. With envelope. 3 January 1947.

Weather, difficulty of finding a home for Lottie, vote down on Election day, have few gifts for you, Abe Trout is better, beautiful flowers, and tree at Christmas. With envelope. 2 pages. 5 February 1947.

Busy with garden vegetables and cooking, new hot water boiler in kitchen, help with house-cleaning, canning peaches, lunch for Marion’s friends, Marion three days with Uncle Able and Aunt Kate, alien registration, Walter Quigley in Lancaster County Home, Lottie in York County Home, and recovering from a fall 10 days ago with Peroxide and Absorbine. With envelope. 3 pages. 19 September 1948.

Note telling Anna to which pall bearers notes were sent. 7 July.

Folder 51, Insert 8 1916-1948

Books “The Motor Boys” for Ferree, dandy good time with camp fire, girls and Mountain Girls club and to the pinnacle, highest point in the Alleghenies. 4 pages. 14 November 1916.

Ferree sends thanks for books, am studying French, English, Literature, Shorthand, Typing, and Music, have plenty gas and coal and president wanted miners to work Christmas day, but no cars. 3 new items: re: sales for Mary Weaver property in Strasburg, Mrs. Joseph Balmer, Denver and Mrs. Grace Bander, Lancaster R5 and Obituary of Mrs. Susan Irene Raffensberger.

Empathy for Uncle John’s death. 8 July 1947.

Sympathy card. With envelope. 14 July 1947.

Plans for small family dinner and open house. 16 February 1947.

St. Patrick’s Day card and letter re: parents’ golden wedding anniversary and Nancy Watson’s wedding in Keyser, West Virginia. 15 March 1948.

Easter card and cryptic note written on reverse of University of Penn Hospital Private Patient’s menu. With envelope. 25 March 1948.

Birthday card with cryptic note and Good Morning card of University of Penn Hospital. With envelope. 4 May 1948.

Folder 51, Insert 9 1953-1959.

Postal card with good wishes. 11 April 1953.

Lottie memorial Presbyterian Church program. Watched Mummer’s Parade on TV, Ferree to farm and yellow cat well-fed, thanks for apron, Mama very sick over Christmas, laundry, medicine, and finances. With envelope. 5 January 1958.

Mama a little better, Ferree to farm with food for cats, finished book “Jubilee”, and [Ulm]

Borland died. 19 January 1958. 2 obituaries were stored with this letter: Mrs. Eva M. Barr and Marion’s mother, Mrs. Frank G. Trout. 19 January 1958.

Postal card with results of x-rays, help with dinner, and on liquid diet. 29 December 1958.

Lydia Palmer died in New Jersey, Samuel Pownalls in home near Mendenhall, Lily Livingstone and Mary Berkey in hospital and today is birthday of Georgiana Jackson. Annie Walton and Maurice Trout, Russel Spangler was 14 January. Enclosed is a print of Ripley, WV and need not be returned. 19 January 1959.

Sketch of ME Church, Kitzmiller, Maryland and Park H. Trout public sale news item. Papa had slight stroke and plans to visit. With envelope.3 February 1959.

Easter card and program of Holy Week services of Christiana Methodist Church. With envelope. Note about dentist, Easter Cantata, and death of Alta Wright Mitchell. 25 March 1959.

Mama’s condition the same, Maggie Reed’s 50th anniversary, Mrs. Baker Jackson’s hip pinned, and roads closed by bad weather. 16 February. [Note: Mama, Mrs. Frank Trout died. 19 February 1958].


Folder 52 Letters to Anna M. Leech

Folder 52, Insert 1 Letters from brothers and sister.

From Amy (sister) in Plainfield, NJ regarding wanting Mars Hill instead of W. G. [assumed to be schools]. 11 August 1899.

From Will (brother) in Contra Costa County, California regarding working on an oil well and sending money to buy Anna a washing machine and Morris chair. With envelope. 2 pages. 21 March 1900.

From John M. (brother) in Myerstown regarding sending check for shirts waist and offer to buy sheets. With envelope. 2 pages. 14 January 1902.

From John M. (brother) in Meriden, West Virginia regarding opening locked drawers, room above the mining company office, and good dinner. 29 October 1902.

From John (brother) in Corning, New York regarding Morley phone from Amy. 20 January 1912.

Folder 52, Insert 2 Letters from Cousin Anna. First 2 letters from Harrisburg; last 2 from Pittsburgh. Maiden name unknown; married name Mrs. A. J. Davis.

Detailed description of wedding clothes and plans and questioning Anna’s plans with Joe. With envelope. 2 pages. May 1900.

More detail of wedding clothes, folks home from Paris, visit on 17 August, dining with officers at Gretna, and Jill Sheesley is marrying. With envelope. 2 pages. 6 August 1900.

Detailed description of new house in Pittsburgh, their wedding and long list of gifts with names. With envelope. 3 pages. 18 November 1900.

Social life, making clothes, happily married, and wishing the same for Anna, and much company. 3 pages. 14 April 1901.

Folder 52, Insert 3 & 4 Letters from Charlotte Hamer. These were written from Harrisburg. Charlotte was either a relative or close family friend.

Folder 52, Insert 3 Sewing, Spider and Conundrum Party, Anna Sheesley’s class having lawn Fete, and enclosing 2 letters to Anna’s sister, Ella about visitors Beakie Springer with her yard-long car trumpet, Genevieve Fritchey, and Edith Israel, Marnie Amryll’s mother died and going to Lock Haven. With envelope. 24 July 1898.

Sick children, 5000 at convention in Philadelphia including Harry Hamer, Elizabeth Hoke, Mary Peters, Edith [Frue] and Mary Cairns, Maud Piece was married, colored regiment drilling are out of sight, fine wheel ride to Rockville, and making apple-quince butter. With envelope. 3 pages. 13 October 1898.

Deaths of Forest Razor, Jim Olsen, and Bessie Robin’s husband, to the Jubilee and Gimbel’s fine restaurant. With envelope. 2 pages. 11 November 1898.

About small pox in Harrisburg and vaccinations, Annie Kirk’s husband died of typhoid, and Frank Trout married Myrtle Donelson. With envelope. 3 pages. 13 March 1901.

Folder 52, Insert 4 Letters from Charlotte Hamer

Chatter about many people by first name only and death of “Rachel W-Mrs. Rochey”. 4 pages. 9 April 1901.

Detailed description of wedding and reception for Elma Jackson, Carlisle Indian School commencement, Clara fisher and I to turkey dinner at Rider’s, Ellie Girvin wants Cora Hamer’s address, Annie Tattwell Sheesley’s grandmother died and curious regarding Joe’s experience. 4 pages. 7 February 1902.

About mother’s illness and care with Jean Sheesley’s help and Katie to SD where Oliver bought a mine with her money. With envelope. 18 November 1903.

Postal card with new address care of O. R. Girvin. 12 March 1912.

Long list of items she made for Christmas, success at bazaar, to Fishers for dinner, Ethel Boyd half penny born, long list of Christmas gifts, visits with Ada Wilson, George Johnson’s, and other first name only friends, John Sanford had scarlet fever, and Walter McConley’s father died in Grove City, Eleanor Girvin in Georgetown, with 3 month old baby, Anne Sheesley Davis prospects for Christmas and beautiful tree at Front and Market streets. 3 pages. 26 December 1913.

Christmas greeting with note about Christmas plans and babysitting. With envelope. 21 December 1946.

Folder 52, Inserts 5, 6, 7, 8 Correspondence from various addresses with few exceptions as noted below these are letters are from friends and relatives.

Folder 52, Insert 5 From Clara L. Keiser in Smyrna regarding chain letter to raise funds for Parkesburg M. E. church. With envelope. 24 August 1891.

From Lalia in Lancaster regarding Maud Scott to picnic, lady to go up in a balloon and descend in a parachute at Conestoga Park, going to school at Millersville, Shube’s having sale and going to poorhouse. With envelope. 10 August 1892.

From Elwood H. Thompson in Smyrna regarding invitation to go to meeting at Georgetown. 18 October 1893.

From Willis C. Espenshade in Millersville regarding photo exchange, description of State Normal School, invitation to “Papa anniversary”, success in your teaching and birthday wishes. 7 May 1894.

From John W. Sheaffer in Bareville regarding Ferree history, compensation for copy work, Reading Railroad excursion to Gettysburg, and a news item with Sheaffer’s reminiscence of 58 years. 30 June 1894.

From Willis C. Espenshade in Strasburg regarding farming, teaching 17 students, visit by Mr. Brecht, and pleasant time at institute. 21 October 1894.

From jean Sheesley (cousin) regarding news of many first name only people and house work. 2 pages. 21 November 1900.

Folder 52, Insert 6 Correspondence from various addresses with few exceptions as noted below these letters are from friends and relatives.

From C. L. Trout in Blaine, West Virginia. Postal card about flood devastation. 3 April 1924.

Empty envelope postmarked Harrisburg. With pencil note: Amy Davis Girvin funeral notice died June 7 1943. No date.

From Lottie in Harrisburg regarding at Sheesleys, was at Peters, spend Fourth here or with Clara Fisher, and much first name only chatter. 2 pages. 3 July 1945.

From Lida Murr in Paradise regarding Christmas card and note about cows getting out and good wishes. With envelope. 24 December 1946.

From Lewis and Dorothy Warner in Washington, D.C. regarding Sherrif’s sale of business, no money but still interested in acreage, working at Gichner Iron works, and the government and Frank Warner’s bought home in Falls Church, Virginia. 2 photos enclosed. 27 November 1947.

From Maggie E. Reed in Paradise. Sympathy card. With envelope. 5 July 1947.

From Lottie in Philadelphia. Easter card with short note. With envelope. 16 March 1948.

Folder 52, Insert 7 Correspondence from various addresses with few exceptions as noted below these letters are from friends and relatives.

From Mrs. Ferree Johnson in Rising Sun, Maryland. Annotated Easter greeting. With envelope. 26 March 1948.

From Bessie V. Doble in Lancaster. Easter card with short note. With envelope. 26 March 1948.

From Ella V. Townsend in Peach Bottom stating no need to apologize for Amy, sympathy for your brother John’s death, radio is an indispensable help for living alone, piecing quilt tops, and news of Tillie Keiser. 20 June 1948.

From Lewis and Dorothy in Warner. Enclosed check for semi-annual interest, nothing on principle because of poor corn crop, and baby son born to Louis’ brother. 1 April 1949.

From Narda regarding son Everett is very sick and I fell last week. 2 August 1956.

From Mr. H. G. Myers in Lancaster stating glad you are going to the home, ailments, to New York to sightsee, hear Billy Graham, and family picnic. With envelope. 3 July 1957.

Folder 52, Insert 8 correspondence from various addresses with few exceptions as noted below these letters are from friends and relatives.

News item clipped to an unrelated envelope. Funeral notice for William Hanna in Georgetown. 13 October 1958.

From Dorothy (Mrs. Lewis) Warner in Washington, D.C. regarding husband’s sickness, death and hatred of his family. With envelope. 7 December 1958.

From Marion Trout in Christiana regarding ailments of father’s and Mrs. Rutter, birthday party for Mrs. Rutter, visit by Maud Most and Esther Scott. Enclosing unsigned 3-page letter of 10 July 1938 about a corner cupboard, the weather, and an undershirt. With envelope. 13 February 1959.

From Mrs. S. Elberson Smith in West Chester regarding visiting plans. 17 February 1959.

From Dorothy Warner in Washington, DC regarding holidays in Milwaukee, congressional aide living with her, and news of Bertha Warner, Ruth Rineer, and Ada Clark. With envelope. 17 February 1959.

From Lorraine in Darby regarding Aunt Lil, Christmas coming, and friend’s canary. With envelope. 17 [October] 1959.


Box 4

Folder 53 Greetings and cards to Anna M. Leech

From Lottie in East Stroudsburg. Christmas card. With envelope. 23 December 1925.

From Lettie in Philadelphia. Christmas card. With envelope. 18 December 1929.

From Mildred M. Morgan in Elkins, WV. Christmas card. With envelope. 19 December 1929.

From Blanche and Mother in Christiana. Christmas card. With envelope. 21 December 1929.

From Bess V. Doble in Lancaster. Christmas card. With envelope. 19 December 1946.

From Ferree in Philadelphia. Christmas card. With envelope. 19 December 1946.

From Marion E. Trout in Christiana. Christmas card. With envelope. 21 December 1946.

From William S. Sullivan in Lancaster. Christmas card. With envelope. 22 December 1946.

From Emma May in Darby. Christmas card. With envelope. 22 December 1946.

From Blanche, Ross, and Horace in Paradise. Christmas card. With envelope. 24 December 1946.

From Susie and Blanch [Pelon] in Harrisburg. Sympathy card. With envelope. 9 July 1947.


Folder 54 Greetings and cards to Anna M. Leech

From Bertha Warner in Mount Joy. Sympathy card and note regarding John’s death. With envelope. 14 July 1947.

From Emma May in Darby. Easter card. with envelope. 24 March 1948.

From Mrs. Hoffman in Christiana. Sympathy card. With envelope. 1 March 1958.

From Dr. Kermit Leibensperger in Lancaster. Christmas card. With envelope. 16 December 1958.

From Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Russel in Paradise. Christmas card. With envelope. 18 December 1958.

From Ferree (nephew) in Philadelphia. Christmas card. With envelope. 19 December 1958.

From Mrs. Harry G. Myers in Lancaster. Christmas card with note. With envelope. 19 December 1958.

From Jennie B. Sheesley in Harrisburg. Easter card. With envelope. No date.

From R. McCombs. Christmas card. No date.

From Lottie. Christmas card with note. No date.

From Mrs. E. W. (Sara) Draveler in Paradise. Christmas card with note. With envelope. 22 December [ ___ ].


Folder 55 Annie M. Leech papers. This contains a variety of school and business papers.

Folder 55, Insert 1 1888-1959 and undated.

School report card for Annie Leech. 21 November 1888.

Ladies Home Journal Subscription Notice for 1912.

Four postal card tax notices for 1921-1958 and 1959.

Two tax receipts for 1921 and 1938.

Georgetown M. E. Cemetery receipt. 10 May 1939.

Assessment from John M. Myers Insurance Agency. With envelope. 15 November 1958.

Octoraro Newspapers letter of Welcome. No date.

Folder 55, Insert 2 1957-1958.

Welcome letter from Reynolds & Co. in New York. Financial advisors. No date.

Reynolds & Co. statement for AT&T stock. May 1957.

Welcome letter from AT&T. 29 May 1957.

Hand scribed note regarding above and bank balance. No date.

From Frank Trout. Envelope enclosing AT&T letter. 7 February 1958.

From Frank. Note advising Annie to sell her debenture rights. 17 February 1958.


Folder 56 Amy Leech correspondence and papers. Amy was born January 1968, the daughter of John F. and Rachel (Davis) Leech. She graduated from Millersville State Normal School and taught in Lancaster county public schools for 11 years. These papers are addressed to her in Nickel Mines, Smyrna, and Christiana.

Folder 56, Insert 1 Correspondence to Amy Leech

Invitation to “Social and Surprise for Lillian Hughes”. 18 September 1891.

From Mrs. Florence R. B. Kauffman in Harrisburg regarding visiting and an article (not enclosed). With envelope. 28 November 1911.

From John (brother) at The Rittenhouse in Philadelphia about Mrs. Mack’s boxers. Partial 2-page letter. 26 December 1912.

From Marion (niece) in Blaine, WV regarding sleigh ride, school curriculum, Ferree and Boy Scouts, question about family, and [ ___ ] is buying a cow and 20 chickens. 3 pages. No date.

From Ella regarding ill health and fear of travelling. Addressed “Dear girls”. 2 pages. With envelope postmarked 1 March 1915. No date.

Regarding dentist appointment and hospital visit. Address “My dear Maggie”. With envelope postmarked 1 March 1915. Unsigned. No date.

Folder 56, Insert 2 Correspondence to Amy Leech

From Ada in Harvey, IL regarding German and French philosophers, cousin Eliza’s husband Dr. Cassidy, Mrs. Belle Bachman and Florence Kauffman’s [was] father of Senator C. C. Kauffman, Henry Shuman marrying, my husband’s making me art dormer of leaded glass, and we Western women are less conservative on suffrage than most Eastern women. 3 pages. 18 January 1912.

From E. L. T. (probably sister Ella Trout) in Blaine WV with news of flooding, typhoid, insulation for all, and car under water but saved. Postal card. 19 April 1924.

From E. L. T. in Blaine, West Virginia regarding death of [Vancyla] bishop, age 23. Postal card. 12 October 1924.

From Ella Trout in Christiana regarding long list of items with prices brought at Mary Chamberlin’s sale. 3 pages. 7 November 1925.

From Ella in Nickel Mines regarding many visitors: Jeff Leech and Lou L. in Pomeroy and Uncle Will Ashby, tired from digging garden, Ross Chamberlin and Ferree H. to business college in Lancaster and which society Anne Brown and Miss Hastings will join. 10 April 1890.

From Aunt [ ___ ] and Lottie regarding visiting and housecleaning. No date.

Folder 56, Insert 3 Amy Leech business papers

Invoice from C. E. Helm, Maryland in [ ___ ] PA for $3.50 for professional services from 1 June 1911 to 25 May 1915.

Postal card tax notice for $2.50. 13 August 1921.

Receipt for tax notice. 24 September 1921.

Two ads from Nu-Life New York. New York offering a Reading-according to year date of birth-for secrets of success. With envelope. 23 June 1924.

Nu-Life reading which Amy apparently ordered in response to above and an ad for an Abalone Good Luck Ring. 4 pages.

Postal card tax notice for $5.19. 19 September 1938.

Receipt for tax notice for $5.19. 22 September 1938.


Folder 57 John M. Leech papers. In this folder are letters and business papers of John M. Leech. He was born in 1879 the youngest son of John F. and Rachel Davis Leech. He was addressed variously in Lancaster, Philadelphia, and Corning, New York from various addresses and his brother and sisters.

Folder 57, Insert 1 Letters from various addresses

Invitation to surprise for Davis Rutter. 25 August 1896.

From George Snead in Nickel Mines requesting shipping clothes of Jess. 12 October 1896.

From Frank E. McClure in Wilmington, Delaware regarding selling fish by the carload and ready for new travelling job. 19 November 1896.

From Frank Kendig in Lancaster. Postal card invitation to see Cleveland agent. 15 December 1896.

From Pennsylvania Pickling Co. in Philadelphia regarding job opportunity in Lancaster area. 29 March 1897.

From Merchant’s Real Estate and Employment Brokers in Philadelphia. Two separate letters same date, one with blank form, both regarding job possibilities. With envelope. 30 March 1897.

From Frank E. McClure in Wilmington, Delaware stating Grandfather died. 16 April 1897.

From James J. Miller & Co. in Philadelphia regarding query about work and offer to help if needed in coffee and tea business. 30 April 1897.

From Irene in Lancaster asking can you come to see me. 12 September 1898.

From Licking Valley Co. in Covington, Kentucky. Two enclosures regarding job prospects selling whisky. With envelope. 21 September 1898.

Folder 57, Insert 2 Letters from various addresses

From Mr. Masteller in Philadelphia. Invitation to call. 22 March 1905.

From Rudolph Beckman in Swanton, Maryland. Invitation to meeting. 15 March 1905.

From William Dotts, Jr. in Glen Hope. Offer of coal land at $100 an acre. 17 October 1907.

From Rosalie in French Lick, Indiana. Love letter. 7 pages. With envelope. 25 August 1910.

From Kathryn M. Gabriel in Clymer regarding visiting plans and TB Exhibit. With envelope. 5 January 1909.

From Kathryn M. Gabriel in Philadelphia. Accepting date. 16 February 1909.

From E. J. Eshlemen regarding mine visit and church. With envelope. 3 May.

Funeral notice from Christiana for Rebecca Chamberlin. With envelope. 21 December 1917.

From Ms. M. Keegan, W. P. in West Philadelphia, and Mrs. G. Ketterer. Answering ad for job as a housekeeper. With envelope. [ __ ] June [ ___ ] and 23 [ ____ ] 1912.

Folder 57, Insert 3 Letters from brother Will. These letters from brother Will came from many different addresses and to John in Lancaster and Nickel Mines.

From Philadelphia regarding offering help to improve John’s job prospects and income. 2 pages. With envelope. 8 November 1896.

From Philadelphia regarding suggesting John get references from some more influential people. 2 pages. 22 November 1896.

From Philadelphia recommending John ask for a raise. 1 December 1896.

From Philadelphia stating work dull, less money and changed boarding place. 11 January 1897.

From East Downingtown regarding working at night, future doubtful, and visiting plans. 22 March 1897.

From East Downingtown regarding missed meeting each other and job layoffs. With envelope. 14 June 1897.

From Visalia, CA regarding received valise you sent, use my overcoat, advising John to stay at home, description of fruit season and the local scene. With envelope. 12 October 1897.

From Idaho regarding description of trip on horseback as “somple Hell”, no mail here, and am in Thunder Mountain mining country. 2 pages. 9 June 1902.

From Dillon, Montana stating Thunder Mountain was a fake, staked off for miles around but nothing to show, going to Butte, selling my horse and things for nearly nothing. 2 pages. 2 November 1902.

From Seattle, Washington regarding John’s new position, Will’s philosophy to “give up pleasure for position and money” and taking the family farm. 2 November 1902.

Folder 57, Insert 4 Letters from sisters Amy and Anna

From Amy in Atlantic City, NJ regarding doctor’s diagnosis of needing long-term care for nervous [prostration] and request for loan. Partial 11/2 pages. 24 May 1896.

From Anna M. Leech in Philadelphia regarding plans for John to visit with her and brother Will and advising John to go to the right school. 10 September 1896.

From Anna M. Leech in Philadelphia regarding job hunting, advising John to be careful of fast company and asking for pictures. 2 pages. 11 June 1897.

From Amy in Nickel Mines acknowledging letters and receipt. 22 February 1910.


Folder 58 John M. Leech papers.All of the letters in this folder are from Elizabeth in Gap and E.L.H. (surname unknown) pledging her undying love over an eight-year period and sending local news. She was a dressmaker who lived with a mother and grandfather. Her letters were sent from Gap and sent to John in Meridian and Grafton, West Virginia.

Folder 58, Insert 1 Letters from Elizabeth.

Six letters regarding her love, sewing for Alice Reynolds, Edna Powell, Elsie Kramer, Laura Good and 25 [butterholders], Lizzie Townsend’s sale, gossip about Mr. Herr and Mrs. Senton, Sara Himes and Mary Hager are sick, going to C.E. (Christian Endeavor), Roy Wilson not there, sending the ledger, many small pox cases sent to pest house, thanks for the knife, marriage of Bertha Slaymaker and Mr. Johnson and shopping in Lancaster. 17, 19, 21, 23, 24, and 28 October 1902.

Folder 58, Insert 2 Letters from Elizabeth

Six letters regarding her love, Miss Stewart’s marriage, Alice Eby’s invitation, Katie Carpenter and Emanuel Eby to be married, Taylor Harper’s new teeth, Professor Henry and Anna Sutton are dating, new hat from Mrs. Haylet’s, Barbara and Mari Bair coming to sew, finished sewing for Edna Powell, Laura Good, Alice March, Mabel Marsh and John Weiler to be married, letter from Edna Rockey asking permission to go to Lancaster with Cora Overly, Will Rutter’s father had a stroke, Jennie Sentman is M. E. Church organist, Mr. [Futer] bought Kauffman Hardware Store, and coal is $5.75 a ton. 29 and 30 October, 2, 6, 11 and 12 November 1902.

Folder 58, Insert 3 Letters from Elizabeth

Seven letters (5th letter incomplete) regarding her love, Bessie Townsend’s “carrying-ons”, Reverend Rink Kinzer’s moving to Lancaster and will be selling cotton seed meal, Carie Marsh wedding, Ethel Robinson’s marriage, Edna Shartz’s weight, Reverend John Peterson married, Mrs. Ida Townsend and Lillie Keiser, clothes shopping in Lancaster, am so blue I cry myself to sleep, Chester—not Ed—Townsend married, Mary McGowan visited and said Mrs. Mabel Graham and Mrs. Maurice Townsend are at odds. 13, 14, 17, 18, 19, 20, and 21 November 1902.

Folder 58, Insert 4 Letters from Elizabeth

Eight letters (2 with envelopes) regarding her love, visited Mrs. Ed Knox, Sara Himes “home with half of John Wanamaker’s store”, couldn’t write because Mamma sick and couldn’t sew and I need to make two dresses, Cora Overly’s bad eyes, Zoe Fritz and Ralph Pennock married, Grandfather interest in Rockey family outline, Thanksgiving with Mamma, Mary Hocking not living with new husband, Ethel Plank spoke of institute, others there were Alice Bromell, Blanche Rise, Anna Belle Cairns, to Christiana for Skirt binding, coal at $5.75 a ton, her pleas and promises for John’s trust, sewing for Mattie Knox who is going West, Mamma buying new sewing machine, letter from Edna Rockey, ridging freight trains, thanks for cigar ribbons and pictures, and John’s coming home for Christmas. News items enclosed with letters 2 and 3. 22, 25, and 26 November and 6, 11, 12, 15, and 18 December 1902.

Folder 58, Insert 5 Letters from Elizabeth

Instead of almost daily letters, there are now large gaps in the dates.

Two letters to John in Lancaster. One with an envelope. Regarding being sick, ribbons for her shoes and sewing Ruth Hurlock’s bibs. 7 and 20 August 1903.

Four letters to John in Philadelphia. One with an envelope. Regarding disliking his plan of going to Arizona, Mr. Lichtly robbed of $200, Lillie Trout engaged, Eddie died, taking care of mother at his funeral, Lola Crouther’s wedding and visiting plans. 1, 13, 15, and 30 April 1909.

Folder 58, Insert 6 Letters from Elizabeth

Two letters to John in Buffalo, New York. One with an envelope. Regarding preacher Mr. Wilson, Mr. Groffe asking for John, Jim Marsh on Oxygen at $200 at can, Minnie Shertz badly hurt in sleighing accident, seeing the comet, Ruth Hess having Scarlet Fever, Lula Mervine visiting with us, mother and I going to Harrisburg for fitting Mrs. Miller who’s too ill to come down, trolley strike in Philadelphia and capital graft case. 23 January and 20 February 1910.

Four letters to John in Corning, New York. One with an envelope. Regarding Ruth Hess, Grace Gervine marrying Hartranth, mother to Pomeroy, missing John, help from Elsie or Florence March, grandfather had four “hemorrhages”, Jen Sentman very sick, and floods. 25 and 27 February and 2 and 3 March 1910.


Folder 59 John M. Leech papers. In this folder are letters to John M. Leech in Nickel Mines, Chambersburg, Philadelphia, Hagerstown, Maryland, and Corning, New York from Mae Lundy Burrows from Williamsport and West Chester, PA.

Folder 59, Insert 1 Letters from Mae Lundy Burrows

Seven letters with six envelopes. The first (27 December 1907) Mae Lundy Burrows calling card and the sixth (29 June 1909) with three small photos. She wrote about John’s plans to visit, letterheads, baggage stickers, shopping in Philadelphia, greetings, [lent] restrictions, visiting the capital, Eagles Mere like a graveyard, and longing to see John. 27 December 1907, 7 January, 24 June, 22 December 1908, 22 March, 2 June, and 2 July 1909.

Folder 59, Insert 2 Letters from Mae Lundy Burrows

Six letters with envelopes regarding boredom at Eagles Mere, celebrating 4th of July, being in love, the weather, and lots of idle chatter. 4, 7, 8, 11, 16, and 20 July 1909.

Folder 59, Insert 3 Letters from Mae Lundy Burrows

Seven letters with envelops. 7th letter (5 November) with page from diet book. Regarding funeral service in German, thanks for cards, to milkman’s farm, displeasure with religious discussion, moving-picture show, chestnuts, kisses, liking John, Mark Twain, teaching, library work, and plans for visit.

Folder 59, Insert 4 Letters from Mae Lundy Burrows

Seven letters with envelopes about enjoying “our little drive”, feeling sick, Thanksgiving, displeasure with John’s letter, joking about his visiting and New Year’s wishes. 12, 15, and 24 November and 12, 13, 30, and 31 December 1909.

Folder 59, Insert 5 Letters from Mae Lundy Burrows

Seven letters with envelopes about weather, New Year’s resolutions, cards from Canada, mine superintendent, church every day for Lent, John’s illness, carnival in Canada, John’s thoughtlessness, two grandparents dying, her aunt’s spendthrift life, and day out with friends. 11 January and 3, 9, 18, February and 4 March and 28 September, and 17 October 1910.

Folder 59, Insert 6 Letters from Mae Lundy Burrows

Seven letters with envelopes regarding her ideas of Canada, explaining her aunt’s character, advice to cure loneliness, recommended books, enjoying seeing him, thanks for Christmas gift, Carnegie Medal for escape from hotel fire, religious views, “where we are”, using first names, learning to dance, pride, the masons, dressmaker, visits and Easter plans. 27 October, 29 December 1910, 1-12 February, 11-22 March, and 12 April 1911.


Folder 60 John M. Leech papers. In this folder are business papers of John M. Leech, primarily letters concerning actual or proposed investments in stocks, mineral lands, cattle ranches, and oil.

Folder 60, Insert 1 Letters from J. J. Butler.

Two bulletins and one letter from J. J. Butler, investment specialists of New York, New York; the first enclosing a stock offer from Century Consolidated Oil Co. 30 March, 12 April, and 28 June 1920.

Folder 60, Insert 2 Letter from Pittsburgh Tin Plate and Steel Corporation

Letter prospectus and blank subscription for Cumulative Preferred Stock of Subject Corporation. With envelope. 20 April 1920.

Folder 60, Insert 3 Letters regarding incorporating in Arizona

Letter from The Atlas Trust Co. in Phoenix, Arizona with a pamphlet and blank forms regarding incorporating procedures in Arizona. 1 May 1920.

Follow-up letter from Atlas. 15 May 1950.

From N. Creighton in Phoenix, Arizona about mining claims in Arizona. 25 May 1920.

Folder 60, Insert 4 Letters from J R & Sutherlin Securities Co.

Four letters (one enclosing a news item) from J R Sutherlin & Co. and Sutherlin Securities Co. in Kansas City, Mo regarding oil lands and drilling wells in TX and securing a cattle ranch. 23 April, 8 May, and 30 June 1920.

Folder 60, Insert 5 Letters from Johnston Dryden & Co.

Four letters from Subject Security Underwriters of New York [stating] purchase of Grape-Ola shares and enclosing blank purchase return envelope and news item. 19 April, 10 & 18 May and 28 June 1920.

Folder 60, Insert 6 Letters from various addresses

From Essex Oil Co. in New York, New York regarding shares of oil stock. 14 April 1920.

From San Angelo National Bank in San Angelo, Texas. Letter receipt. 15 May 1920.

From Houston, Texas. Texas oil investments. 16 May 1920.

From John A. Nauman Law Offices in Lancaster. Sale of ranch in Texas. 28 June 1920.

From Andrews & Co. in New York, New York. Two letters and sales pitch for Falls Motor Corp Stock. 3 and 10 July 1920.

From O. M. Rothfuss in Wilkes-Barre regarding farming in New York. 12 July 1920.

From Wilkinson & Miller in San Angelo, Texas. Sale of John Leech 30,000 acres in Texas. 16 July 1920.

From Security producing & Drilling Co. in Fort Worth,exas. Declining offer to buy 30,000 acres of oil land. 16 July 1920.

From S. E. J. Cox Co. in Houston, Texas. Questioning precise location of land for sale in Texas. Hand scribed answer on reverse side dated 21 July 1920.

Returned John M. Leech letter to New England Watch Co. in Waterbury, Connecticut. Possible position as jewelry salesman. 25 July 1920.

Folder 60, Insert 7 Letters from J. D. Sugarman & Co.

Three letters from J.D. Sugarman & Co. in New York, New York two enclosing Sugarman’s weekly market indicator and one Dennis Oil Corp. offering. 16 and 20 July and 13 August 1920.

Folder 60, Insert 8 Letters from various addresses

From Aday Johnston Co. in New Orleans, Louisianna. Two letters and enclosure regarding purchase of 30,000 acres and ‘missent’ letters. 14 and 31 July 1920.

From Hotel McAlpin in New York, New York. Room rates $3.6 a night. 10 August 1920.

From Hotel Breslin in New York, New York. Room rate $2.50 a day. 10 August 1920.

From J. J. Ellison in Sierra Blanca, Texas. Land for sale. 2 pages.11 August 1920.

From Armour and Co. in Chicago, Illinois. Declining offer to purchase cattle ranches in Texas. 11 August. 1920.

From Morris & Co. in Chicago, Illinois. Declining proposition. 16 August 1920.

From Koontz & Co. in Philadelphia. Sale of Essex Oil Co. stock. 17 August 1920.

From The Farm Journal in Philadelphia. Cost of advertisements. 18 August 1920.

From Mark Harris in Buffalo, New York. Sale of silver stock. 1 September 1920.

From County Assessor in Yuma County, Arizona. Availability of copper and silver property. 3 September 1920.

From Sinclair Refining Co. in Louisville, Kentucky. Regrets for having no job offer. 8 September 1920.

From County Treasurer in Kingman, Arizona. What type of mineral land is wanted? 9 August 1920.

From The Independent Oil News in Fort Worth, Texas. Non-acceptance of advertising. 16 August 1920.


Folder 61 Coal business of John M. Leech. In this folder is correspondence between John M. Leech in Philadelphia, PA, Corning, New York, and Nickel Mines, PA and suppliers and customers of coal with whom he dealt as a sales agent/broker.

Folder 61, Insert 1 Oak Ridge Coal & Coke Co.

Eight tickets for shipments (apparently of coal) from Hastings, PA to Christiana Machine Co. in Christiana and M. Darlington & Sons in Green Lawn and Doe Run Stations, PA. 11 January-20 May 1905. An analysis of Oak Ridge Coal. Undated.

Folder 61, Insert 2 Hamill Coal and Coke Co.

Four reports of coal shipments to customers of John M. Leech from Blaine, West Virginia. 3 August 1908-3 February 1909.

Paid invoice for three shipments. 31 October 1908.

Two Hamill letters to John M. Leech in Philadelphia, PA regarding shipments. 27 August 1908 and 18 February 1909.

Copies of five letters apparently from John M. Leech to Hamill regarding billing and paying for shipments. 29 August 1908-16 February 1909.

Folder 61, Insert 3 A. G. Heisey

Three letters and one postal card from A. G. Heisey in Elizabethtown, PA to John M. Leech in Philadelphia and three letter responses from Leech resulting in an order for carload shipment with coal direct from mines to siding. 31 March-24 April 1909.

Folder 61, Insert 4 Thorne, Neale & Co.

Nine letters on subject letterhead from Philadelphia, PA and a calling card for Charles E. Fernberg, general sales agent to John M. Leech in Corning, New York with prices and delivery terms for coal shipments to various customers. 2 May – 6 August 1910.

Folder 61, Insert 5 Throne, Neale & Co.

Six letters as described in Insert 4. 6 August – 9 September 1910.

Two letters to Leech in Nickel Mines, PA indicating no position can be offered. 24 September and 5 October 1925.

Folder 61, Insert 6 W. H. Blight

Six letters with three enclosures from subject company in Elmira, New York regarding coal prices delivery terms and job operating a company store. 21 July 1925-August 1927.


Folder 62 Coal business of John M. Leech. In this folder is correspondence between John M. Leech in Philadelphia, PA, Corning, New York, and Nickel Mines, PA and suppliers and customers of coal with whom he dealt as a sales agent/broker.

Folder 62, Insert 1 Coal business correspondence

John M. Leech was a sales agent for Cambria Coal & Coke Co. In this insert are internal company communications apparently forwarded to him for information and two to him directly. They relate to coal analysis, prospecting in Canada, prices and shipping instructions. 17 November 1903-21 December 1904.

Folder 62, Insert 2 Coal business correspondence. This insert includes internal company communications as described above and as listed below.

From John M. Leech at Cambria Coal & Coke Co. in Philadelphia, PA to Camdon Textile Novelty Co. in Camden, New Jersey. Coal-coke surplus. 5 may 1906.

From S. S. Young in Irvona, PA to Cambria Coal & Coke Co. Difficult to read description of coal land availability. 4 pages. 14 May 1906.

From S. S. Young in Irvona, PA to John M. Leech. Difficult to read description of coal land availability. 4 pages. 29 June 1906.

From D. F. Gohn in Columbia, PA to John M. Leech. Comlpaint about coal delivery. 30 July 1906.

From multiple addresses to multiple addresses. Evaluation reports of mine in preston County, West Virginia. October and November 1906.

From multiple addresses to John M. Leech at Cambria Coal & Coke Co. in Philadelphia, PA. Inability to figure coal deliveries. 17 October 1907.

From Pittsburgh Buffalo Co. in Philadelphia, PA to John M. Leech at Cambria Coal & Coke Co. in Philadelphia, PA. 5 pages. No date.

From Stephen C. Black in West Chester, PA to Cambria Coal & Coke Co. in Philadelphia, PA. Freight charges. 10 October 1907.

From Cockey Coal & Coke Co. in Baltimore, Maryland to Cambria Coal & Coke Co. in Philadelphia, PA. Coal analysis and price. 3 October 1907.

From PA & Atlantic Supply Co. in Philadelphia, PA to Cambria Coal & Coke Co. in Philadelphia, PA. Coal quotes. 15 October 1907.

From Walnut Co. Two daily reports of shipments. 10 and 11 July 1907.

From Keystone Coal & Coke Co. in Philadelphia, PA to Cambria Coal & Coke Co. in Philadelphia, PA. Cannot quote at present time. 15 October 1907.

From Keystone Coal & Coke Co. in Philadelphia, PA. Analysis of carbon coke. Undated.

From David Witherow in Dubois, PA to John M. Leech. Ten cents ton royalty for coal. 22 February 1908.

From State Agent & Transfer Syndicate to John M. Leech. Transfer of land. 26 February 1908.

Folder 62, Insert 3 J. G. Fleming offer

Three page letter with envelope from J. G. Fleming in Indiana, PA offering coal land to John M. Leech. Also in envelope is an annotated calling card and undated want ad of John M. Leech for purchase or lease of a few hundred acres of good coal land. 15 May 1908.

Folder 62, Insert 4 Offers of coal lands

Thirteen letters to John M. Leech offering coal lands in response to the want ad referenced in Insert 3 above and two letters from Leech regarding coal lands. 13 May-1 June 1908.

Folder 62, Insert 5 Offers of coal lands

Same as Insert 4 with eleven letters offering coal lands and two responses from Leech. 24 June-6 August 1908.

Folder 62, Insert 6 Offers of coal lands

From Farmer’s Bank of Indiana to John M. Leech regarding options on coal lands near Johnstown, PA. 2 pages. 22 August 1908.

From A. A. Long in Indiana, PA regarding John M. Leech ad coal land. 24 August 1908.

From Mrs. Jamie Spencer in Marion Center, PA regarding John M. Leech ad for coal land. 2 pages. 28 August 1908.

John M. Leech letters to John B. Taylor in Indiana, PA regarding future meeting. 31 August 1908.

From J. C. Long in Indiana, PA with offer of coal land. 8 September 1908.

From James Young in Irvona, PA with offer of coal land. 19 September 1908.

From Lancaster Chemical Co. in Lancaster, PA ordering three cars of coal at 85¢ at ton. 13 October 1908.

From S. J. Mulberger regarding John M. Leech ad for coal land. 2 pages. 19 October 1908.

Folder 62, Insert 7 Coal offers and orders

From G. W. Robbins in Clymer, PA offering coal lands for sale. 5 January 1909.

From D. W. Wallace at University of PA in Philadelphia, PA sending a coal analysis sample. 21 January 1909.

Two invoices from Commonwealth Coal Co. for carload shipments to Christiana Machine Co., Christiana, PA and A. J. Melcher in Christiana, PA. 15 & 27 January 1909.

Two letters to Commonwealth Coal Co. in Philadelphia, PA for carload shipments. [above addresses]. 22 April 1909.

Letter to Rogers Corr Coal Co. in Philadelphia, PA regarding above orders. 23 April 1909.

Letter to Rogers Corr Coal Co. in Philadelphia, PA negotiating for 30 tons of [Pea] coal. 24 August 1909.

Letters to Rogers Corr Coal Co. in Philadelphia, PA with order of coal shipment to A. J. Melcher in Christiana, PA. 27 April 1909.

Letter to Rogers Corr Coal Co. in Philadelphia, PA with offer of 200 tons coal per week. 27 April 1909.

Letter from W. H. Foreman in Indiana, PA with offer of coal. 6 August 1909.

Letter from Christiana Machine Co. in Christiana, PA with order for car of coal. 29 March 1910.

Three postal card to John M. Leech regarding shipments for account of Thorne, Neale & Co. in Philadelphia, PA. 10 October and 6 & 8 December 1910.


Folder 63 Coal business of John M. Leech

Folder 63, Insert 1 Coal offers, orders and analysis

Coal analysis from W. J. Rattle & Sons in Cleveland, Ohio. 11 July 1904.

Letters to John M. Leech.

From International Coal Corp. in Philadelphia, PA. Sale of stock. 9 April 1920.

From W. B. Townsend in Townsend, Tennessee. Coal property in Clearfield County. 29 April 1920.

Two letters from G. B. Noland in Creech, Kentucky. Freight rate for coal and auto roads. 29 September and 5 October 1922.

From John J. Costello in Moosic, PA enclosing letter from C. A. Sarjeant in Scranton, PA to Thorne, Neale & Co. in Philadelphia, PA regarding John M. Leech purchase proposition. 3 September 1925.

From J. P. Helferstik in Shamokin, PA stating shipments not possible due to strike. With envelope. 3 September 1925.

Two letters from M. A. Chambers United Grocery Co. in Richmond, Virginia requesting for lowest price and opinion regarding length of strike. 8 September and 16 September 1925.

From Sommit Milling Co. in Gaithersburg, Maryland. Price request. 19 October 1925.

Folder 63, Insert 2 Coal offers and orders

From A. K. Althouse & Co. in Philadelphia, PA. Price quotes. 28 October 1925.

From John M. Leech to F. G. Trout with return note from Trout. Price quotes. 15 February 1926.

Postal card from F. G. Trout in Christiana, PA. Coal car arrived. 16 February 1926.

From John M. Leech to Charles E. Fernberg in Philadelphia, PA. Handscribed copy regarding job for a Mr. Pharo as coal salesman. 2 pages. 11 March 1926.

From John M. Leech to Postmaster Kelly’s Sta, PA. Handscribed copy regarding companies on loading coal with response from Postmaster. 17 February 1926.

From Clark Brothers Constuction Co. in Cherry Tree, PA. Visiting plans. 7 June 1933.

From D. J. Blakely in Shelocta, PA. Detailed description of his mine. 9 January 1936.

From W. Jones in Scranton, PA. His sales credentials. 23 April 1940.

Postal card from C. B. Wingate in Tyrone, PA. Refer elsewhere regarding coal operators. 19 September 1941.

Postal card from J. D. Gamble in Morgantown, PA to PA Farmers Box 544 in Harrisburg, PA. Lease of coal seam. 5 February 1942.

Postal card from Carl Kelly in Sandy Lake, PA. Offer of coal vein for lease. 12 February 1942.

Postal card from John D. Gamble in Morgantown, PA. Yes coal is opened. 19 March 1942.

Postal card from J. T. Wilson in Shelocta, PA. Have a phone-farmers line. 20 May 1942.

Folder 63, Insert 3 Coal land analysis and maps

Six coal analyses from S. P. Zimmerman, sales agent for Cambria Coal & Coke Co., in Johnstown, PA. No date.

Sales offer with analysis for New River [Smokelers] Coal from L. B. Whitham in Elm Grove, West Virginia. No date.

Analysis of Bethel Smithing Coal to J. C. Stone in Oceola Mills, PA. 12 May 1903.

Description of 143 acres anthracite coal land near New Castle, PA by A. J. Womelsdorf, civil and mining engineer. No date.

Map of 143 acres labeled Broad Mountains. No date.

Map of coal and rail lines in E. & W. Wheatfield Township near Johnstown, PA. No date.

Map of 325 acres of coal and rail lines in Mahoning Township and Mauch Chunk, Carbon County, PA. No date.


Folder 64 John M. Leech Papers. This contains letters and cards in a wide variety of subjects and persons with whom John M. Leech corresponded.

Folder 64, Insert 1 [Shipping] booklet.

This booklet, with one loose page, contains copies of shipping tickets issued by John M. Leech as sales agent for W. D. Althouse & Co. in Philadelphia, PA. Many are annotated on reverse. 1905.

Folder 64, Insert 2 Miscellaneous papers of John M. Leech. This insert contains receipts, correspondence, invoices, and advertising.

Receipt for $1 from A. Frank Kendig. 12 October [ ___ ]

Four letters from Land Department and State Treasurer of Nevada. A state land contract. 7 October 1908, 5 and 13 September 1911.

From L. M. Jacobsen in Gardnerville, Nevada requesting purchase of 40 acres of Leech owned land. With diagram of land. 2 pages. 3 August 1914.

Transmittal forms from Edward B. Smith in New York, New York for shares of railroad stock. 10 December 1929 and 31 July 1937.

Tax receipt from William W. Murphy in Bart District. 22 September 1938.

From John J. Bair. Laundry invoice. No date.

American Tuber advertisement. No date.

Folder 64, Insert 3 Wilkinson & Miller letter

Letter from subject firm in San Angelo, Texas with an 8-page listing available oil and gas lease holdings in Texas. 18 May 1920.

Folder 64, Insert 4 John M. Leech papers

From H. T. Butts, candidate for controller in Luzerne County, PA. Statement. With envelope.

From John M. Leech seeking employment on one side and almost illegible reply from T. S. Barber in Wilkes Barre, PA on the other. With envelope. 23 September 1925.

Postal card from John M. Leech to State Tax Commissioner in West Virginia regarding price of state land. 4 October 1925.

Postal card from American Agriculturist Inc. to John M. Leech regarding ad insertion. 20 October 1925.

Postal card from John Drummer in Syracuse, New York to John M. Leech regarding his activities. 8 November 1925.

From William W. Finney in Bel Air, Maryland regarding prices for next year’s crops. 11 November 1925.

From Arthur C. Patterson in Delauro, New York regarding a John M. Leech advertisement. 24 November 1925.

From Disston & Heston in Philadelphia, PA regarding someone relocating so far away. 8 December 1925.

From Earl R. Lippincott Realty Co. in Collingswood, New Jersey regarding offer of ground. 8 December 1925.

Folder 64, Insert 5 Newell Pharmacal Co. letters

This insert contains five letters with envelopes, testimonials from users, order blanks, and return envelopes from subject company for “Tobacco Redeemer”-a treatment for addiction. 25 November 1925, 27 January, 26 February, 10 and 26 March 1926.

Folder 64, Insert 6 Thomas H. Gray letters

Two 2-page letters with annotated envelope, return envelope, and coupon for buying Mutual Drilling Syndicate nits for oil exploration in Texas. 6 February and 10 March 1926.

Folder 64, Insert 7 Letters from various addresses

From Lewis Edwin Warner for J. H. Jones in Bunnell, Florida. Land for sale in Florida. 31 December 1925 and 14 January 1926.

From Whitney & Kemmerer Inc. in Philadelphia, PA. Name change. With envelope. 6 February 1926.

From Mrs. [Carnes] in Batavia, Ohio. Thanks for Christmas greeting. 2 pages. 11 February 1926.

From R. H. Manning in Fort Worth, Texas. How to make money. 17 February 1926.

From John H. Myers & Co. in Lancaster, PA. Rental agency for farm. 23 February 1926.

From Producing Royalties Pool, R. H. Manning in Fort Worth, Texas. 2-page letter with return envelope and “Special Profit Sharing Agreement” for unspecified investments.

24 March 1926.

From Edward B. Smith Co. in Philadelphia, PA. Envelope only with annotation regarding rental of Wolverine House. 28 March 1926.

From P. O. Department. Postal Return Receipt. 5 April 1926.

From Del-Bay Farms Inc. in Bridgeton, NJ. Sale of peaches. 19 September 1927.

Folder 64, Insert 8 Papers from various addresses

Postal card from C. D. J. in Wilmington, Delaware regarding printed calendars. 21 April 1938.

Funeral notice for Elmira Gerhert Groff from Malvern, PA. 30 November 1939.

Postal card from B. W. Thomas in Marion Center, PA regarding 40-60 acres. 24 November 1943.

Get well card with envelope from Clair and Lida in Paradise, PA. 30 June 1947.

Telegram from R. A. Smith in Blaine, West Virginia accepting “three car coal at price”. [ __ ___ ___ ]


Box 5

Folder 65 John M. Leech commercial papers

Folder 65, Insert 1 Post card to John M. Leech

From Bart Township. Tax bill. September 1938.

From The Black Diamond in Chicago, Illinois. Advertisement for salesman position. No date.

Folder 65, Insert 2 Newsletters to John M. Leech

From Denver Brokerage Company in Denver, Colorado. 2 newsletters. With envelopes each. 28 January 1933 and 24 February 1934.

Folder 65, Insert 3 Order blanks to John M. Leech

From Kamp & Company in Denver, Colorado. 3 order blanks to purchase stock. With 3 envelopes. 6 February 1933 and Undated.

From Paris-American Parmacal Co. in Des Moines, Iowa. Empty unused envelope.

Folder 65, Insert 4 Business correspondence of John M. Leech

From International Mining & Milling Company in Las Vegas, Nevada. Letter and sales agreement for stock purchase. With envelope. 25 January 1933.

Folder 65, Insert 5 Business correspondence of John M. Leech

From American Gyro Company in Denver, Colorado. Letter and order blank to purchase stock. No date.

From London Mountain Gold Mining Co. in Denver, Colorado. Stockholder letter. 6 February 1933.

From Kamp & Company in Denver, Colorado. Newspaper digest. February 1933.

Folder 65, Insert 6 Business correspondence of John M. Leech

From Orange Judd Illinois Farmer in Chicago, Illinois. 3 letters for subscription. Each with order blanks, envelopes, and return envelopes. 19 January 1926, 17 February 1926, and 19 March 1926.

From Marvin Smith Co. in Chicago, Illinois. Letter offering free catalogue and services. No date.


Folder 66 Christmas cards

1 blank card with a blank envelope.

21 cards from friends, family, and acquaintances. Abernethy family; 2 from Peg Neastock; Aela; Mrs. Hamill; Medical Field Service School: Kathryne, Rollin, and Buddy; Harry, Virginia, and Barbara; Kathryn L Schmauch; Kathleen and Ashley; Agnes; The Walkers; Hailie and Milton; Lorraine; Verna; Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Smith; Sue B. Laughlin; Aunt Anna; Anna M. Leech (Mr. and Mrs. F. G. Trout); [Herssef] Everstine; Jennie H.; and J. W. Burgess. No dates.

From Hermann A. Ziel and the Ziels to Marion regarding school work, $2000 for C B Connelley Trace School, visited Rev. Scott in winter, and come visit. No date.

From Etta S. Benson to Marion asking what has become of you. No date.

From Dan (“Doc”) stating sorry I did not get to see you, leaving on 11:00 train for Pittsburgh Friday night. No date.


Folder 67 Christmas cards

1 blank card with a blank envelope.

22 cards from friends, family, and acquaintances. The L. D. Rohrer Company; S. H. Buley; Sister Katharine; “Beck” Bailey; Russell; Kathryne E. Schmauch; Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Hamill; Mr. and Mrs. Ely M. Knotts; Bob; Dixie and Clark; Eve; Eleanor; Evelyn Jefferies; Charlie and Cora; Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Fletcher and Family; Lillian (cousin); Bill to Marion; Peg; Betty Murray; Etta S. Benson; Daryl and Reba; Pete Poole and Family. No dates.


Folder 68 Christmas cards

1 blank card.

21 cards from friends, family and acquaintances. Mary and Russell; Mr. and Mrs. N. H. Bell; Eva and George; Betty Murray; 2 from Lillian Trout; The Hamills; Mrs. Knotts; Mildred and Valera Morgan; Laura and D. F. Fichtner; Hope; Peg; Ferree; Mr. and Mrs. Hyde; Mildred; George A. Wilson; Russell and Gloria; Dr. and Mrs. John Harvey; Mr. and Mrs. M. Paul Slater; G. M. and Lucy Pool and [Collin L. Bauch…].

From Mrs. C. R. Stecker to Miss Trout stating “lovely of you to remember me” and will see you in March. No date.

From Grace and Arch Adle with well wishes. No date.


Folder 69 Christmas cards

1 blank card.

19 cards from friends, family and acquaintances. Lieut. and Mrs. Bauchspies; Mr. and Mrs. [D]. W. Wilt; J. C. Watson, VP and General Mgr. at Mateller Coal Co. in Keyser, WV; Ferree; Dr. James Ewing Cottrell; Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Bell; Mrs. and Marie [Kumlehn]; Robert F. Trout; Edmund P. Murphy; L. B. Wilson; Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Abernethy; Ruth; Rev. and Mrs. G. M. Pool and Miss Lucy; Maurice and Thelma; Anna Heck; Jean McKean; Pete Poole and family; “[Humf]”; and Maurice and Thelma and children.

From Marion to Aunt Anna. (very small card)

From “Mil”. “Love and good wishes”.

From Alice, Mary & Russell. “Lovingly”. 1930.

From Ella M. “To Ella and all”.

From Aunt Alice, Mary & Russell. “With love”.


Folder 70 Greetings to Leech family members

Folder 70, Insert 1 Various holiday cards.

1 blank Easter card.

From Mildred S. Morgan. Thanksgiving card.

From Mildred. Easter card.

From Esther. Christmas card.

From Marion. Mother’s Day card.

Folder 70, Insert 2 Various holiday and sympathy cards. All with envelopes.

2 Christmas cards from The Children of the Masonic Home addressed to John M. Leech at Nickel Mines, PA. 30 November and 1 December 1922.

Christmas Greetings:

From Ada Rockey Wilson to Amy and Anna Leech at Nickel Mines, PA. December 1929.

From Lottie to Amy Leech at Christiana, PA regarding trip to East Stroudsburg; Christmas in Ocean City; caroling and services. 18 December 1929.

From Ferree Trout to Amy and Anna Leech and family at Christiana, PA. 20 December 1929.

From Jennie and Amy Shusley to “The Misses Leech” at Smyrna and Christiana, PA. 22 December 1929.

From Susan and Blanche Pelen to Anna Leech and John at Paradise, PA. 19 December 1946.

From Mary Myers and family to Anna Leech and “Bro’s” at Paradise, PA. 23 December 1946.

Sympathy cards:

From Bessie V. Doble to Anna M. Leech at Paradise, PA offering sympathy. 5 July 1947.

From Clair and Lida to Anna Leech at Paradise, PA offering sympathy. 5 July 1947.

From The Foulk Family to Annie and William Leech at Paradise, PA offering sympathy. 7 July 1947.

From Blanche & Horace to Anna M. Leech at Paradise, PA. 7 July 1947.


Folder 71 Various items

Folder 71, Insert 1 Miscellaneous items

From Aunt Alice. Birthday card. 29 May 1922.

Phi Sigma Theta dance card. 13 February 1923.

Davis & Elkins College calendar. 1923.

From Aunt Alice to Marion. Christmas card. 1924.

Valentine to Mildred. “I love you”. 14 February 1925.

Strawbridge & Clothier Employees’ Hobby and Talent Show. 3rd place ribbon. 1953.

B.Y.P.U. 1918 S.A.J.C. menu to Lena M. Gall. Salad, Olives, Sandwiches, Ice cream, Cake, and Coffee.

From Walker Family to Marion. Card stating late gift and wishing success.

From Mrs. John Francis O’Neill. Card stating congratulations and best wishes.

From Grace D. Woodward. Card stating success and wishes to my “Staff Nurse”.

5 business cards. Marion Trout, Wm. P. Sieg of The Standard Seale & Supply Co., Anne Major, Mrs. Harry Halman, and Anna E. Hess.

Folder 71, Insert 2 Invitations

For Miss Eliza Williams. “Evening Surprise” at residence of Mr. Thomas Williams. 25 July ’90.

For Anita Heattie Heart. “Evening surprise” at the residence of J. N. Jackson. 17 July [1891].

Party invitation at Mr. Lyons’. 28 November 1872.

For Harry Ryan. “Surprise Party” at Thomas Williams, Jr. 31 May 1890.

To Mr. and Misses Leech. The [Jarfmalk] Association at Pickwick Hall, Georgetown on Halloween. With envelope.31 October 1891.

For Mr. Robert [Lairnes]. “Evening Surprise”. 4 December 1891.

For Miss Annie Harrar. “Evening Sociable”. 3 invitations. 4 June 1892.

For Mr. Albert Pickel. “Birthday Surprise”. 4 November 1892.

For Miss Grace Whistler. “Evening Surprise”. 11 November 1892.

“Poverty Party”. A. O. V. C. E. at the house of Mr. Albert Heidlebaugh. 8 Febuary 1893.

For Howard Rutter. “Evening surprise” at his parents. 11 April 1893.

“Evening socibal” at residence of Mr. James Simpson. With envelope. 11 August 1898.

Sock Sociable. The Ladies’ Aid Society of the Georgetown M E Church. 20 November 1902.

From Agnes and Mabel Marsh in Gap, PA to Mr. John Leech in Nickel Mines, PA. Evening social at their home. With envelope. 12 December 1905.

To Mr. Ferre Trout. Social at W. D. Walker’s home “in honor of his Sunday School Class”. With envelope. 23 August 1918.

Dance card. “Kum a Den” Dancing Club of Elk Garden, West Virginia. 31 December 1919.

From Board of Managers of the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania. Opening of two departments. 14 December 1922.


Folder 72 Church and school items

Folder 72, Insert 1 Church items

3 tracts.

2 collection envelopes.

Card to fill out and sign for agreement on weekly donation.

Collection ledger. December 1890 – September 1892.

Collection ledger. Undated.

Printed sermon of Rev. John W. Sayers. 1902.

Program schedule for church events. August 1902.

Sabbath bulletin in Seattle, Washington. 13 September 1902.

Folder 72, Insert 2 School items

[2 handwritten logs. 1 appears to be a report of scores for “Class No 2” from April to December. The 2nd appears to be amounts of money people donated for the price of “Class No 1”. Undated.]

Top of a letter from Republican State Central Committee with class scores handwritten on the back. October 1920 – June 1921.

Program for the report of the annual conference committee on Local Institutes. 11 November 1897.

Program for First Annual Track and Field Championship of Public Schools of Garrett County. Undated.

Strayer’s Business College Journal. With envelope. April 1900.

A piece of paper with notes on Hercules and Juno. Undated.

History review. Balboa, DeSoto, and Magellan. Undated.

Handwritten notes on Les Miserables. Undated.

History review. Pilgrims, William Penn, and America. Undated.

History paper. Dutch and immigrants. Undated.

Teacher’s log of students. Plus signs under days of the week. Math problems written over top and on the back. Undated.

Pamphlet for Winter Term at Middle Octoraro Academy in Bart, PA. 1892-1893.

Amy Leech’s Geometry notes in a journal. Undated.


Folder 73 Various correspondence

Insert 1 Various correspondence.

2 business cards. D. F. Gohn and Dr. R. D. McCaskey.

From W. D. Stauffer requesting vote for Prothonotary. 20 March 1893.

From The Economist Plow Company in Chicago, IL advertising a plow. Undated.

4 pieces of photocopied newspaper clippings. Obituaries and personals. One is the Philadelphis Record. 7 March 1926. Another is a PA paper. 22 July 1925. The other 2 are undated.

From Brookland Plantation Inc. in Lancaster, PA. Introduction letter, newsletter, informational pamphlet; all in an envelope. There is also a blank donation form with a separate return envelope. Undated.

4 receipts from M. T. Garvin & Co. 9 April 1914.

2 receipts from Watt & Shand Department Store. 9 April 1914.

Receipt from Watt & Shand Dry Goods & Notions. Undated.

Receipt from G. R. Kinney & Co. 9 April 1914.

Receipt from Soutter, Buchana & Young. Undated.


Folder 74 Manuals and guides

Folder 74, Insert 1 J. C. Penney training manuals

Business Training Course Lesson I & II. 1927

Business Training Course Lesson III & IV. 1927.

Folder 74, Insert 2 J. C. Penney training manuals

National and Retail Advertising: Applied to Nation-Wide Storekeeping. 1927.

A Guide to Man-Training Part I. 1927.

Folder 74, Insert 3 Philadelphia Transportation Company tour guide. Undated.


Folder 75 [Account book] with various notes, mathematical equations, and bill amounts. Illegible. Undated.


Folder 76 Poems, Prayers, and Medical Examination

Christian Prayer titled “The Corn is Ripe” regarding the harvest.

Poem regarding the death of a loved one, with many quotations written on the reverse. Written on paper with a purple ink ‘Galen Hall’ letter head for William H. H. Bull, M.D.

Quotations from scripture (the book of John) and theological questioning.

Quotations from scripture (the book of Mark and the Acts of the Apostles) and theological questioning.

Card with quotations titled ‘A Father’s Advice”.

A poem titled ‘Rejected’ regarding Franklin D. Roosevelt explaining to the devil why his acts during his tenure as president should grant him a place in Hell.

A song titled ‘The girl I left behind me’ regarding a man’s despair about having left behind his sweetheart, Peggy.

A song titled ‘Here’s to D and E’ regarding Davis-Elkins and a fight song of school spirit for the Alma mater.

A story titled ‘Down a Well’ regarding two military officers that rescue a burglar from a well.

A Horoscope or Life Chart pamphlet for January 21-February 19, 1921 for Aquarius.

Instructions for preparing and using Black lines upon a white ground that uses acid and sulfates.

A poem titled ‘Farewell’ regarding being separated from family and friends [possible WWI] and on the reverse a second poem to the writer’s father [God] regarding saving his spirit.

Questions for a gynecology examination (a written test).

A poem titled ‘Who Loveth Best’.

A poem titled ‘Going Down to the Grave’.


Folder 77 Funeral Card, Stockholder’s information and Recipes

Funeral Card for Sarah Steigelman, b. 7 February 1834 and d. 29 February 1908.

A T&T Stockholder’s annual information for March 18, 1959.

Advertisement for The Great American Tea Co.’s Great American Baking Powder, and baking recipes to use it in.


Folder 78 List of graduates in Applied Sciences from Columbia College, New York. [1893]-1905.


Folder 79 Deed exchange from George Shulmeyer to Jacob S. Dorwart. 1864.


Folder 80 List of purchases and items purchased at a sale as listed by Abraham Rull.



Folder 81 List of goods with prices sold at Fuller Sale; property of John Hurnley. 1849.


Folder 82 Copy of gardianship account of John Eshleman. 1823. Guardianship was given to a Mr. John Root over the estate of Henry Eshelman and over the minor child, John Eshelman.


Folder 83 Part of the will of John Shirck. 1789.


Folder 84 Indentured servant agreement between Hugh Liam, Martin Shreiner, Christian Shenk and John Landis regarding the estate of Jacob Miller. 1821.


Folder 85 Personal account book of Samuel Grey. [1868-1869]. Along with a list of supplies either bought or sold there and what looks like either notes or journal entries about people or what was happening at that time.


Folder 86 Fair Finance Booklet along with blank agreement for purchase of Texas land leases from Sutherlin Securities Company. [1921]


Folder 87 Letter to stockholders and those interested in Lucky Discovery Gold. 1933.

Letter from the Denver Brokerage Company trying to sell stock in the Lucky Discovery Company.


Folder 88 Order form from Hoopes Bro. and Thomas Company. 1913.


Folder 89 Business card of Walter F. Herzber of Underwood Typewriter Company. Not dated.


Folder 90 Business card of Irvin Vannan, Gen. Manager of Danville Foundry and Machine Company. Not dated.


Folder 91 Rate card from the Farm Journal. 1919. Shows different prices for advertising in the Farm Journal.


Folder 92 Newspaper article on old mansions in Pennsylvania. 1903. One of the houses mentioned is the Toby Leech House.


Folder 93 Letter to a Mr. Leech who is a member of the school board in Bart Township. In this letter, Mr. Leech was asked by a Mr. Howard Mancha if it would be possible for his sister, Maude Mancha, who had just got her Teachers Certificate from Millersville, to start a school anywhere in the township. 1899.


Folder 94 Envelope addressed to John Leech from the Department of Public Instruction. 1897.


Folder 95 Letter to John Leech from a Ms. Anna E. Frantz. In the letter, Ms. Frantz is writing to Mr. Leech to see about a job in the township. 1896.


Folder 96 Progress report of John Leech from Nickel Mines Public School. 1888.


Folder 97 Order from Bart School Board to Dr. B. Frank Walter. The order was for 2000 eggs. 1897.


Folder 98 Treasurer’s report for the Bart School Board for the school year 1897-1898. 1898.


Folder 99 Bond of District Treasurer for Bart Township School Board for John Leech. 1896 and 1897.


Folder 100 School and Per Capita Tax for Mrs. Anna Leech. 1938.


Folder 101 A letter and envelope addressed to Misses Amy and Ella Leech from Edith M. Spayol. The letter was about a death in the Leech family. 1893.


Folder 102   A letter to Ella Leech from a Mr. Harvey R. Wilson.


Folder 103 Plan of Bart Township, Bridgens 1864.


Folder 104 John Leech, Obituary, age 92, Lancaster Daily Intelligencer, 6 December 1928.


Folder 105 George Leech, aged 90 died Wednesday at home in Brooks Station. Survi-vors include his widow, one son and two daughters The Springfield Daily News, Thurs-day, 17 June 1915.

George Washington Leech Death Certificate shows birth in Pennsylvania on 6 October 1824, son of John and Catherine (Rockey) Leech; death on 18 June 1915 in Harmony Township, Clark County, Ohio.

George Leech and Ida M. Patton certificate of marriage in Clark County, Ohio on 3 October 1885 by R. H. Riest, pastor of High Street M.E. Church.

Mrs. Ida May Leech, age 64 died at her home 1615 W. High St, Saturday. Husband George W. Leech, one son, five daughters, three sisters and five grandchildren survive. The Springfield News-Sun, Sunday, 29 January 1933.

Ida May Leech Death Certificate shows birth in Fayette County, Ohio on 1 February 1868, daughter of John and Elizabeth [Beiffert]; death on 28 January 1933 in Spring-field, Clark County, Ohio.

George W. Leech, age 78, died Wednesday, at his home. Survivors are a son, five daughters, five grandchildren and two great grandchildren. The Springfield Daily News, 10 December 1936.

George W. Leech Death Certificate shows birth in Pennsylvania on 8 June 1858, death 4 December 1936 in Springfield, Clark County, Ohio.


Folder 106 Mrs Emily Leach, 86, died Monday at home of her daughter, Mrs M Kimball in Charleston pike. One son also survives. The Springfield Daily News, Monday 17 December 1917.

Mrs. Emily Leach funeral services on Wednesday at Fletchers chapel, with burial in Fletchers chapel cemetery. Springfield Daily News, Tuesday, 1 January 1918.

Mrs Emily L. Leech Death Certificate shows birth in Pennsylvania on 29 June 1831, the daughter of Wm. And Mary (Linwill) Powers; death 31 December 1917 in Springfield Township, Clark County, Ohio.

Edmund Kimball and Maggie B. Leech certificate of marriage in Clark County, Ohio on 2 June 1892 by Rev. O. M.Sellers, New Morefield.

Mrs. Margaret B. Kimball, age 83 of 1706 Woodward Ave. died Monday in City Hospital.

She was born 12 December 1873 the daughter of George and Emily L. Powers Leech. Survivors include a daughter, a son, seven grandchildren and 21 great grandchildren. Springfield Daily News, 18 December 1956.

Edmund Kimball Obituary, September 1943.

Edmund Kimball Death Certificate shows birth in Clark County, Ohio on 11 February 1869 son of George and Martha [Bullen]; death 27 September 1943 in Springfield, Clark County, Ohio.

John O. Kimball, age 55, died 15 October 1920; funeral services at his home in the Titus Road with burial in Fletcher Chapel Cemetery. Springfield Sunday News, 17 October 1920.

John O. Kimball Death Certificate shows birth in Clark County, Ohio on 19 March 1865, the son of George Kimball; death 15 October 1920 in Springfield Townshjip, Clark County, Ohio.

Martha J. Kimball, age 82, the widow of George Kimball and mother of six children died at her home near Fletcher Chapel this morning. The Springfield Gazette, 24 October 1907.


Folder 107 Mrs. Susan M. Cotrell, age 66, funeral services will be held at Fletcher Chapel with burial in the Fletcher Cemetery. The Springfield Daily News, 14 December 1914.

Susan M. Cottrell Death Certificate shows birth in Pennsylvania on 14 November 1848, the daughter of George and Catharine (Pheneger) Leach; death 13 December 1914 in Springfield, Clark County, Ohio.

Benjamin Cottrell and Susan M. Leach certificate of marriage on 17 November 1883 by E. H. Williams, Minister of the Gospel.

Orval A. Trout and Laura Cottrell certificate of marriage on 23 February 1905 by Philip Trout, Pastor. Waynesville, Ohio M. E. Church shows Orval, a Dairyman, was born at Springfield, Ohio on 2 August 1879, son of J. D. Trout and Emma Stevenson. Laura was born in Springfield on 2 March 1885, daughter of Benjamin Cottrell and Susan Leach.

Orval A. Trout died at his home in Pasadena, California on 4 August 1931. Survivors include his widow, one daughter, two grandchildren, three brothers and four sisters.

Item from Springfield newspaper, 6 August 1931.


Folder 108 John F. Leech biographical data and four-generation family tree. Biographical Annals of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, 1903 by J. H. Beers &amp Co,

Jacob Leech, age 18 drowning. New Era, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, 22 June 1893.

Abram Trout, age 75, died at his home at Mount Pleasant, leaving a widow , three sons and three daughters. New Era, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, 3 June 1897.   Also family biographical data. Craig H. Trout website.

Descendants of Daniel Ferree with Leech connections. Slaymaker – Ferree – Leech connections. Rachel Ferree Davis – John Leech connections. From cited websites.


Folder 109 John F. Leech Army and Pension records:

Claim for pension for wounds incurred on 19 March 1865, filed 2 June 1882. War Department, Adjutant General’s Office.

Request for report of hospital treatment received 19 March 1865, 18 July 1882. War Department, Surgeon General’s Office.

Record of service and treatment received for wound incurred. Depart-ment of the Interior, Bureau of Pensions, 15 July 1903.

Declaration for Pension, 4 October 1907.

Declaration for Pension, 4 October 1912.

Department of the Interior, Bureau of Pensions request for personal data relating to his pension payment; answered 4 May 1898.

General Affidavit with personal data re pension, 1 May 1913.

Notary’s statement verifying the source of personal data submitted re Leech’s pension.

Department of the Interior, Bureau of Pensions request for personal date 2 January 1915; submitted 2 April 1915.

Declaration for Pension, 7 September 1925.

Notarized statement of C. E. Helm, M.D. concerning health of John F. Leech, 10 November 1925.

Notarized statement of Amy Leech concerning deteriorating health of John F. Leech, 7 December 1925.

Letter to Department of the Interior, Bureau of Pensions on 5 January 1929 from John F. Leech Estate Administrators advising of his death on 5 December 1928.