Todd: Alice Ferree Todd Papers, 1857-1927

Call Number:  MG-698

1 box     34 folders     1 cubic ft.

Repository:  LancasterHistory (Organization); PV7

Shelving Location:  Archives South, Side 15

Scope and Content Note:  This collection contains 119 letters and documents listed to Alice Ferree Todd (1845-1930), previously held at the Brinckerhoff estate in Fishkill, N.Y.  The majority of the letters are from Alice Ferree Todd to her husband Moses Hampton Todd (1945-1935).  The remaining are correspondences between Alice and her family (sisters and other relatives) as well as mortgages/deeds signed by James Barr Ferree, Alice’s father.

Creator:  Todd, Alice Ferree, 1845-1930.

Conditions for Access:  No restrictions.

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Language:  English

Source of Acquisition:  Gift of The Descendants of Marie Ferree, in memory of Dr. Charles Heisterkamp, 26 September 2013.

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Preferred Citation:  Alice Ferree Todd Papers (MG-698), Folder #, LancasterHistory, Lancaster, Pa.

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Todd, Alice Ferree, 1845-1930.

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Folder 1 Marriage Certificate and Wedding Invitations

Contains the certificate of marriage between Moses Hampton Todd and Alice E. Todd, dated November 2, 1870 and signed by Minister H. Augustus Smith in Philadelphia, PA.  There is also a wedding invitation to Mr. and Mrs. James B. Ferree, parents of Alice E. Ferree.

Note: The envelope containing the marriage certificate is torn in two, though the certificate, itself, and invitation are intact.


Folder 2 James Barr Ferree

Contains four letters address to James B. Ferree.

Letter 1 – a short birthday card, dated July 14,1859, from his 3rd and 4th daughter, Rebecca and Mary.

Letter 2 – from James A. Patterson, dated May 30, 1863, with announcement of the death of his father, Colonel James Patterson, on the same day.  A brief note on the final minutes of Col. Patterson life is written in pencil in the back by an unknown relative, as he heard it recounted by Mary Patterson, Col. Patterson’s granddaughter.

Letter 3 – (in pencil) from his eldest surviving daughter, Elizabeth (Lizzie), dated August 16, 1864, recounting the recent news from her and her sisters’ (Rebecca and Alice) trip to Atlantic City.

Letter 4 – from his nephew James B. Haines, dated May 16, 1874, with news of the recent death of one of J.B. Haines’s son.


Folder 3 Samuel Patterson Ferree

Contains a letter addressed to Samuel P. Ferree from his sister Alice F. Todd, dated July 13, 1857, inquiring of Samuel and Lizzie’s stay (possibly due to illness) in Long Branch, NJ and news from home, such Alice acquisition of a new bird cage, their father’s birthday, and their friend’s visits.


Folder 4 Mary Ann Patterson Ferree 1 of 5

Contains a letter from her sister Martha P. Sterrett in Mount Joy, dated July 24, 1862.  The letter concerns Martha’s recent ill health and other health related news in the family, including the death of Howard (possibly a grandchild), and the birth of two others (either grandchildren or great grandchildren).  The letter concludes with an invitation to her sister Mary Ann to write and visit.


Folder 5 Mary Ann Patterson Ferree 2 of 5

Contains three letters from her daughter, Lizzie Ferree.

Letter 1 – dated June 20, 1859, contains news of Lizzie’s stay in Alexandria, VA, including the illness and death of a family friends.

Letter 2 – (pp. 2) dated August 2, 1861, related news, visits to her aunts and uncle, and plans from Atlantic City where Lizzie and her two sisters (Alice and Mary) are vacation for the benefit of Mary’s healthy.

Letter 3 – (in pencil) from Atlantic City, dated August 19, 1864, related more family news, a recipe for pickles, and the visit of a guest to the house.


Folder 6 Mary Ann Patterson Ferree 3 of 5

Contains two letters from her daughter, Martha Rebecca (Bec) Ferree.

Letter 1 – dated January 26, 1863, to her mother in Mount Joy from Philadelphia where Bec stayed home in Philadelphia with her father, James B. Ferree, and brother, James, and relates the family’s need to pack and move since the house is to be sold.  Bec leaves a note for her mother to burn the letter.

Letter 2 – dated April 22, 1868, sent to Mount Joy where Mrs. Ferree was stayed with her sister, Martha Sterrett.  The letter mostly relates news from home.


Folder 7 Mary Ann Patterson Ferree 4 of 5

Contains two letters from her daughter, Alice Ferree.

Letter 1 – undated, sent Mount Joy where Mrs. Ferree visited her sister, Martha P. Sterrett in Mount Joy, and contained family news.

Letter 2 –dated July 14, 1866, from Marietta to Philadelphia, mentioned, among family news, a proposal of marriage Alice received from Harry Trout and her thoughts on it.  Also included is a brief note from Martha (Beck) Ferree about an ice cream bill.


Folder 8 Mary Ann Patterson Ferree 5 of 5

Contains a letter from her niece, Sallie R. Witman, dated February 26, 1863.  The letter offers condolences over the recent death of Mary Anne’s third daughter, Mary Ferree.


Folder 9 Elizabeth (Lizzie) Ferree 1 of 3

Contains two letters from her sister, Martha Rebecca Ferree, during Lizzie’s stay in Alexandria, VA.

Letter 1 – dated, May 18, 1859, informed Lizzy news around the family and community. Martha’s writing and word choice comes off rather misplaced at times, making many references to food, which may or may not be in cryptic language.  She also has some very expressed opinions on certain matters.

Letter 2 –dated May 19, 1859, described news like the departure of a family friend (Charley), her sister Mary’s ear infection, and other things done around the house.


Folder 10 Elizabeth (Lizzie Ferree) 2 of 3

Contains six letters from Mary Ferree to her sister during Lizzie’s stay in Alexandria, VA.  The letters mostly relates news and gossip from home as well as Mary’s thoughts on each event.

Letter 1 – dated May 11, 1859, inquired about Lizzie arrival and stay in Alexandria, VA under the care of E. F. Witmer.  It also makes mention of travel and engagement news from their family and friends.

Letter 2 – dated May 21, 1859, shared more news from home, such as the engagements of three friends and expressed annoyance at her Aunt Rachel and her family’s extended stay with them.

Letter 3 – dated May 29, 1859, related more news including several weddings and arrivals of callers to the house.  Attached to this letter is a valentine card addressed to Mary Ferree.

Letter 4 – dated June 1, 1859, related further news, including Mary’s growing annoyance her Aunt Rachel’s stay, and inquires of Lizzie’s activities in Alexandria.

Letter 5 – dated June 8, 1859, detailed some preparations for an upcoming party with mentions of refreshments and other news around the community and house.

Letter 6 – dated June 20,1859, relates local and church news.  A short note was sent along with Mary’s letter written by her brother, Samuel P. Ferree.  The note is complete but seems to be missing its bottom half.


Folder 11 Elizabeth (Lizzie) Ferree 3 of 3

Contains nine letters from her sister Alice Ferree during Lizzie’s stay in Alexandria, VA.  The letters mostly shares with Lizzie news around the house and community during her absence.

Letter 1 – dated May 16, 1859, sent the next day, recounted news from home like friends’ visits and fixing up her bonnet.

Letter 2 – dated May 17, 1859, recounts the day’s activities and news about neighbors.

Letter 3 – dated May 19, 1859, tells of Alice’s sprained ankle and the robbery of a Miss Tatem by a newly hired cook.

Letter 4 – dated May 24, 1859, details some classroom chances at school, more family news, and the marriage and engagements previously mentioned in her sisters’ other letters.

Letter 5 – dated May 31, 1859, mostly told of Alice’s visit to her friend, Jeanie, and vice versa along with short family news.

Letter 6 – dated June 4, 1859, related news of her Aunt Rachael’s departure and events such as upcoming parties and trips.

Letter 7 – dated June 7, 1859, Alice told of a rat she saw around the house, some events at church, her sprained ankle, and plan to write shorter letters oftener.

Letter 8 – dated June 17, 1859, contained a detailed account of Alice’s party, including a guest list, dresses worn, and activities played.  She also mentions some news about her birds and illness of Addie Baxter.

Letter 9 – dated June 27, 1859, recounted brief news from home like a visit to the Floral Fair, end of the school year, falling asleep in church, and more.


Folder 12 Martha Rebecca Ferree

Contains a letter from her sister Alice Ferree, dated August 6, 1866.  The letter mostly contained family news, including Alice serving as a bridesmaid at her friend’s upcoming wedding.


Folder 13 Alice Ferree Todd 1 of 2

Contains two letters from her mother, Mary Ann P. Ferree.

Letter 1 – written in either after November 1870 or  in 1871, offered some insight on what Alice should do in regards to a possible conflict of some religious matter between Alice and possibly her husband and his friends.  The letter makes no mention of what the problem was, only that was it Alice’s decision to make.

Letter 2 – dated July 15, 1871 (probably), Mrs. Ferree asked for Alice to send along her dress and pieces to be mended before her departure.  Alice made a note in the back that it was her mother’s last letter to her.


Folder 14 Alice Ferree Todd 2 of 2

Contains a letter from her sister-in-law, Kate Hunt Todd, dated September 29, 1871, and contained words of condolences following the recent death of Alice’s mother, Mary Ann P. Ferree.


Folder 15 Mary Jane Spangler Haldeman

Contains a letter from Rebecca J. Patterson Spangler (Alice F. Todd’s aunt) to her daughter, Mary J. Spangler Haldeman, date unknown.  Content of the letter mostly concerns family news, with occasion mention of Adeline Spangler, Mary Jane’s younger sister.


Folder 16 Annie T. Hampton

Contains a letter from Alice F. Todd to her sister-in-law, Annie T. Hampton, dated January 29, 1872 and primarily concerning the death of Jeanie R. Todd, wife of James Todd, Jr. – brother of M. Hampton Todd.


Folder 17 Jean Miller Todd

Contains three letters from Alice F. Todd, addressed to her 2nd daughter, Jean Miller Todd.

Letter 1 – (pp.2) dated October 13, 1927, recounted the weather and news, like the autumn leaves, the misplacement of a diamond pin, guests visiting, etc.

Letter 2 – (pp.2) dated October 16, 1927, recounts family news including outings, dinners, and social visits.

Letter 3 – (pp.2) dated October 23, 1927, recounts more family news.


Folder 18 Dr. Charles A. Fifer

Contains a letter from Alice Ferree Todd, dated December 27, 1917, to Dr. Charles A. Fifer, thanking him for a gift and relating general news of her family.


Folder 19 Moses Hampton Todd 1 of 9

Contains 10 letters to M. Hampton Todd from his wife Alice Ferree Todd, written during Alice or M. Hampton’s absence from home.

Letter 1 – dated February 13, 1875, from Allegheny where Alice went to visit her [sister-in-law], Annie H. Todd, who was ill.  The letter content told of Alice’s dissatisfaction with the help in the house and her possible change of plans to return home earlier.

Letter 2 – (pp.2) dated May 25, [1875], Alice wrote of her thoughts on attending a church cantata, the arrival of two dogs, and attending a party.

Letter 3 – dated September 7, [1875], written from Marietta where Alice visited her family.  The letter mentioned the death of “Grandma” though it seems unlikely it is her mother, who died before the birth of Alice’s first child, Mary.  The rest of the letters related news and well-wishes for the family.  Note: A small portion of the top of the second page is torn out, though it does not effect the writing.

Letter 4 – dated May 28, 1876, from Philadelphia, informed Alice’s husband of news of people around the house including their children (Alice was carrying her 3rd child at this time).

Letter 5 – dated July 29, 1877, told of some events that took place while M. Hampton Todd was away.  Alice, perhaps, was feeling unhappy at the time.  She berates herself several times thorough the letter as well as calls to her husband’s attention how she missed him and questions how often he thought of her.

Letter 6 – undated but perhaps written after [1876], once again written by Alice during her husband’s absence from home.  Half of the letter concerned a possible altercation between Alice and her mother-in-law following a minor incident.  The rest of the letter related news of their friends and health of the family.  Note: the crease along the middle of the paper is delicate and beginning to tear.

Letter 7 – dated January 26 either in 1877-1878, the last written during Alice’s stay in Marietta at that time.  It informed of recent events and health of everyone, including the time and manner of Alice’s return.

Letter 8 – dated July 1878 (Wednesday), written from Malvern, inquired after M. Hampton’s health as he was away in Bedford as well as his mother and sister.  It also recounted news such as the wedding of a friend where Alice was a bridesmaid and the robbery and stabbing of a friend’s uncle.

Letter 9 – dated July 1878 (Friday), from Malvern, started with Alice’s recount of the family gathering at the train station to see M. Hampton as his train passed by.  The letter went on to some news from home, including paying the grocery and the situation of her sister, Martha Rebecca (Bec), needing to find work.

Letter 10 – dated to the summer of 1877, from Malvern, told of family news such as a doctor’s visit and Alice’s thoughts on the situation at home concerning her mother-in-law and sister-in-law.  The letter ended with Alice urging her husband on a vacation.


Folder 20 Moses Hampton Todd 2 of 9

Contains 10 letters to M. Hampton Todd from his wife Alice Ferree Todd, written during Alice and/or M. Hampton’s absence from home.

Letter 1 – (in pencil) dated in the summer 1878, from Malvern, Alice informed her husband of the effects the summer heat has had on the family and the general health of the children while he was away.

Letter 2 –dated in the summer of 1878, from Malvern, Alice explained to her husband why he did not receive her letter, her discontent with the landlord where the family was boarding, the health and condition of the children, and small comments about her and her husband’s relationship.

Letter 3 – dated around 1878, Alice informed her husband of the passing of his Uncle.  She further related the difficult she has had with her mother-in-law during his absences, and gave him news of their children.  Note: There are tears on the paper and ink stains throughout thought this does not decrease the legibility of the letter.

Letter 4 – dated May 1879, while Mr. Todd was away on a fishing trip Alice wrote to him to recount what she did during his absence.  Mostly of the letter is of visits and Alice’s interactions with her friends, including her dissatisfactory visit with Mrs. Abbott.

Letter 5 – dated May 1879, Alice relayed news of her children’s sickness and the poor weather though both were improving.  The remaining part of the letter Alice expressed her personal feelings to her husband.

Letter 6 – dated in January 1880, Alice wrote of her time in Mt. Joy and future plans for her visit there, including a trip to Marietta and reminded her husband of some things to be done at home.

Letter 7 – dated January 21, 1880, Alice wrote from Marietta upon her arrival informing her husband of the news there and urging him to write.

Letter 8 – dated around 1881, Alice expressed her unhappiness at receiving so few letters from her husband then process to recount the home news and events during his absence.

Letter 9 – dated July 17, 1883, Alice, her daughters, and mother-in-law are vacation at Atlantic City, possibly having gone there to recover from an illness.  In general, Alice related news and the people she meet there.

Letter 10 – dated July 21, 1883, from Atlantic City, Alice again show disappointment of not receiving letters from her husband during his stay in Chicago.  Most of the letter carried news from family and friends and she lastly commented on the bad behavior of the children.


Folder 21 Moses Hampton Todd 3 of 9

Contains 10 letters to M. Hampton Todd from his wife Alice Ferree Todd, written during Alice and/or M. Hampton’s absence from home.

Letter 1 – dated July 22, 1883, from Atlantic City, Alice recounted the past events and news from her family and friends, including the possible disappearance of a Mr. Lyon.

Letter 2 – dated July 23, 1883, from Atlantic City, Alice wrote of the news she had heard and read from her friends and families such as visits and an engagement of a niece (Frances).

Letter 3 – (pp. 2) dated July 26, 1883, mostly related news of friends, like Dr. Phillips, and disciplining of the children during Alice’s continued stay in Atlantic City while her husband is in Denver.

Letter 4 – dated May 30, 1887, Alice wrote of the reoccurrence of one of her illness, the ill heath of her sister Lizzie, a potential romance for her daughter Mary, and other news from home.  Note: Alice’s youngest child, Hampton, died earlier in the month on May 5th at age 5.

Letter 5 – dated July 1888, recounted family news from Alice while her husband was away.

Letter 6 – dated May 31, 1889, Alice wrote very brief news from home.  Some of her messages may be responses to her husband’s letters or other matters not discussed in these letters, thus, the context of her comments are unknown, making some passage difficult to understand.

Letter 7 – dated July 11, 1895, Alice recounted to her husband an minor argument she had with [B___ ] over a room.  The rest of the letter concerned the events of a picnic and other small bits of news during Alice and the children’s stay at Camp Lafayette.

Letter 8 – dated July 13, 1895, from Camp Lafayette, Alice recounted a rowing incident that happened on morning as well as instructions for her husband before his visit, such as placing a order with the jeweler for a ring for Effie (their 3rd daughter).

Letter 9 – dated July 14, 1895, the last of the letters from Camp Lafayette before Mr. Todd’s arrival, Alice started with a brief mention of James Todd, Jr.’s death anniversary, then proceeded with some news.  Chiefly letter expressed Alice’s dissatisfaction with Johnnie, who along with [B___ ] were their hired help for the summer.  Note: All three letters from Lafayette were inserted together into one envelope dated July 16, 1895.

Letter 10 – dated July 26, 1897, Alice wrote from the Brinckerhoff house in New York to tell her husband of the birth of their first grandchild, Hampton Todd Brinckerhoff.


Folder 22 Moses Hampton Todd 4 of 9

Contains 10 letters to M. Hampton Todd from his wife Alice Ferree Todd, written during Alice and/or M. Hampton’s absence from home.

Letter 1 – dated July 29,1897, from Alice stay at the Brinckerhoff (N.Y.) home following the birth of their grandson, she wrote her husband of the weather, general health of mother and son, and reminders for her husband at home.

Letter 2 – dated January 23, 1899, from Brinckerhoff, Alice gave news of Mary and her grandson, Hampton.  She also sent reminders to Effie (3rd daughter) to run some errands and proposed a change to how she wanted to visit Mary in the future.  Note: The paper is fragile along the folded crease lines with slight tear at both ends.

Letter 3 – (pp.2) dated July 12, 1899, from Camp Lafayette.  Alice detailed her activities the past few days and related to her husband news she received from other correspondences.

Letter 4 – dated October 5, 1899, from Marietta.  Alice wrote about news in the area in relations to the church and her maternal side of the family, the Pattersons.

Letter 5 – dated May 10, 1900, from Brinckerhoff, Alice reminded her husband of things to pack before his coming trip as well as news from Brinckerhoff.

Letter 6 – date May 15, 1900, from Brinckerhoff with her daughter Mary and her family after her husband has returned home from his visit.  Alice wrote mostly of the weather, activities she had done, and of their grandson, Hampton Todd Brinckerhoff.

Letter 7 – dated July 12, 1900, from Camp Lafayette at Long Lake.  Alice wrote of the activities she engaged  in along with news she had heard.

Letter 8 – dated July 13, 1900, from Camp Lafayette, Alice expressed continued disappointment at not receiving a letter from her husband.  She went on to recount the weather at Long Lake, people she had met, and her intention for them to help her sister Martha Rebecca Ferree settle her bills.

Letter 9 – dated July 19, 1900, from Camp Lafayette, Alice wrote of things she did at the camp and news from friends.

Letter 10 – dated May 14, 1901, from Brinckerhoff, during another of Alice’s trips to visit Mary’s family she wrote for her husband to join them and also about their grandson, Hampton, family news, and mentioned the 20th anniversary of her father’s death.


Folder 23 Moses Hampton Todd 5 of 9

Contains 10 letters to M. Hampton Todd from his wife Alice Ferree Todd, written during Alice and/or M. Hampton’s absence from home.

Letter 1 – (in pencil, pp.4), dated July 5, 1903, from Raquette Lake, N.Y. where Alice and her daughters including Mary’s family vacationed.  For most of the letter Alice relayed the journey through New York to get to the lake and described the cabins there in great detail.

Letter 2 – (pp.3), dated July 14, 1903, from Raquette Lake , Alice recounted to her husband the events of the past two days such as the hiking, sightseeing, and spotting of the wildlife around the lake area as well as mentions of the expenses from these activities.

Letter 3 – (pp.2), dated July 21, 1904, from the Saranac Inn, New York where Alice may be vacationing.  Her letter mostly covered news from friends and family from whom she had met or heard.

Letter 4 – dated September 27, 1904, from Fishkill, New York where Alice went to stay with Effie (their 3rd daughter Alice) soon after Effie gave birth to a daughter, Alice.  Alice also wrote of her coming trip to New York the following day to look for servants given Effie’s need for hired help while Jeanie (their 2nd daughter) and the servant, [B___ ], would be returning home soon.

Letter 5 – dated August 24, 1905, from Atlantic City.  Alice wrote at great lengths about Anne (probably their 4th daughter, Annie) recovering and being able to stand, possibly having had injured her legs from either an accident or illness, hence, their trip to Atlantic City to recuperate.

Letter 6 – (pp.4), dated July 24, 1906, from the Birches, Maine, Alice wrote of news she had heard and activities she had done.  In the second half of the letter, Alice also gave her husband a proposition of giving her an allowance each month to do with as she chooses.

Letter 7 – dated June 24, 1906, from the Birches, Maine.  Alice awaited her husband’s arrival in the next few days and wrote to him plans for an excursion the next day.  Note: While June 1906 was written on the letter, an attached note labeled it as July 1906.  It is probably that Alice wrote this letter the same day as the previous letter, albeit during the night of July 24th rather than the 25th because of the aforementioned excursion.

Letter 8 – (pp.2) dated July 27, 1906, from the Birches, Maine, Alice expressed disappointment in her husband not being able to join them (reason not mentioned).  The rest of the letter recounted the planned excursion and a reminder to pay [B___ ] the rest of her wages.

Letter 9 – (pp.2) dated July 29, 1906, from the Birches, Maine.  She wrote mainly of the events that had taken place, outings and joining friends and neighbors, and also of her growing concern for Jeanie and Annie’s financial situation after she and M. Hampton are gone.

Letter 10 – dated July 30, 1906, from the Birches, Maine, Alice wrote of the activities the family had done as well as family news she received and her excitement  of her husband’s arrival to Maine.


Folder 24 Moses Hampton Todd 6 of 9

Contains 10 letters to M. Hampton Todd from his wife Alice Ferree Todd, written during Alice and/or M. Hampton’s absence from home.

Letter 1 – (an accompanying note stated it was written in 1907) Alice recounted details of the family and an upcoming dinner party and schedule once her husband returned.

Letter 2 – (pp.2) dated June 5, 1907, from Brinckerhoff, New York during on the family’s visits to see Mary (their eldest daughter).  Alice wrote of her safe arrival and expectations of what was to be done pending her husband’s arrival the coming Sunday.

Letter 3 – dated June 6, 1907, from Brinckerhoff, Alice chiefly wrote of her concern and struggle with her brother, Sam, over issues about their sister, Martha Rebecca (Bec).  Alice had enclosed a letter [not in this collection] Sam had sent her along with this letter to her husband.

Letter 4 – (pp.2) dated August 6, 1907, from the Birches, Maine where Alice vacationed for the summer with her daughters.  She wrote of the day’s outing with mentions of friend’s arrival as well as letters she had received after her husband had left.

Letter 5 – (pp.2) dated August 7, 1907, from the Birches, Maine, Alice wrote mainly of the activities the family engaged in and news she had received.

Letter 6 – dated September 10, 1907, from the Birches, Maine, Alice related the news and activities of the family to her husband, specifically their 2nd daughter, Jean’s toe injury.

Letter 7 – (pp.2) dated September 13, 1907, from the Birches, Maine, contained more news of Jean’s injury and detailed recounts of the day’s outing and family news.

Letter 8 – (pp.2), dated September 17, 1907, from the Birches, Maine with Alice recounting how a bolt of lighting struck close to where the cabins and the effects they experienced afterwards.

Letter 9 – dated September 19, 1907, from Fishkill, detailed Alice’s arrival by train.

Letter 10 – dated February 4, 1908, from Atlantic City, Alice made mentions of the day’s activities and her wish to give each daughter a pin for their 35th birthday before she and Hampton dies.


Folder 25 Moses Hampton Todd 7 of 9

Contains 10 letters to M. Hampton Todd from his wife Alice Ferree Todd, written during Alice and/or M. Hampton’s absence from home.

Letter 1 – dated May 13, 1908, from Brinckerhoff, New York, provided details of Alice’s arrival and the household as well as the housing situation of the Brinckerhoff family.

Letter 2 – dated May 20, 1908, from Brinckerhoff, Alice detailed the settling of their eldest daughter, Mary, and her family into their home (Brinckerhoff Manor) along with general news of the family.

Letter 3 – dated May 20, 1908, from Brinckerhoff, was written shortly after the previous letter upon Alice receiving news of M. Hampton being selected as President of the Pennsylvania Bar Association.  The rest of the letter related stories of their grandchildren.

Letter 4 – (pp.3), dated May 19, 1909, from Brinckerhoff, New York, recounted family news and events.   A short note accompanied the letter which Alice wrote of her morning cold bath to start her day.

Letter 5 – dated May 6, 1913 from Brinckerhoff, N.Y., Alice wrote of her safe arrival, house decorating, the general health of the family, reminders to her husbands and the schooling progress of their grandchildren.

Letter 6 – (pp.2), dated June 6, 1926 from Brinckerhoff, N.Y. Alice wrote of the health issues of her son-in-law, Frank, and return of her two grandsons, Hampton and Matthew Brinckerhoff.  Hampton’s intentions were to develop the family farm while it is implied that Matthew seeks his grandfather’s help to secure a position in Philadelphia.  Though exact details were not mentioned it is assumed Matthew wished to go into law.

Letter 7 – (pp.2), dated June 7, 1926 from Brinckerhoff, N.Y. Alice examine at length the placement of M. Hampton’s missing shoe along with updates of Frank’s health and some gossips.

Letter 8 – dated September 8, 1926 from Brinckerhoff, N.Y., related an early morning attempt to recapture pigs that had escaped into the lawn followed by news from the family, particularly their grandson, Matthew’s new job at a law firm in New York.

Letter 9 – dated September 26, 1926, Alice wrote of the weather and her plans before her return home with mention of the postponement of their grandson, Hampton’s marriage until mid-November.


Folder 26 Moses Hampton Todd of 8 of 9

Contains nine letters from Alice Ferree Todd to her husband M. Hampton Todd.  The letters are either undated or only month and day are written and the exact year unknown.  The year, if stated, are estimated based on the contents of the letters.

Letter 1 – dated April 19th (between 1901–1909),  from Alice’s visit to Washington D.C.  The letters details her plan for the day and inquires after the family.

Letter 2 – undated (but possibly around April between 1901–1909), from Washington D.C., Alice excited wrote of her seeing then President Theodore Roosevelt and Mrs. Roosevelt at a D.A.R (Daughters of the American Revolution) reception given by the President and a tour of the White House.  The rest of the letter details more of Alice’s activities and plans in Washington D.C. and explains why she will return home later than anticipated.

Letter 3 – undated, from Allegany during Alice’s stay with her sister-in-law, Annie, who was ill.  Alice wrote of the news that has happened there and her future plans during her trip.  It is uncertain whether it is the same trip Alice made to visit Annie in February 1875 (see Folder 19) as this time her eldest child, Jeanie, was with her.

Letter 4 – dated May 2, tells mostly of family news and the children.

Letter 5 – most probably during winter between 1870-1880, from Marietta where Alice’s visited and she wrote mainly of things she did there and people she visited.

Letter 6 – written in winter between 1882-1889.  Alice and her eldest daughter, Jean, were away on a trip though she did not specify where.  Alice details their sleigh car ride and sent her regards back home.

Letter 7 – written between 1882-1887, from Marietta, Alice wrote with some instructions to her husband to forward and check information for her and inquired after the family.

Letter 8 – dated February 17 possibly between 1882-1887.  From Allegheny where Alice wrote with details of her trip plans, news, and instructions at home for her husband to help with some errands.  Note: Some text have faded because the letter was written in pencil.

Letter 9 – (pp.2) dated June 20, [1889], from Camp Lafayette, Alice described her journey to the camp and slight mishaps with the trunks.  She further detailed the repairs needed for the cottage and dog that stayed with them.


Folder 27 Moses Hampton Todd 9 of 9

Contains four letters from Alice Ferree Todd to her husband M. Hampton Todd.  The exact dates of these letters were not written.  The year of each letter, if stated, are estimated based on the contents of the letters.

Letter 1 –from Brinckerhoff, N.Y. on one of Alice’s visits to her daughter Mary’s family in New York.  Alice started off with a time table for her husband for his visit to Brinckerhoff then mostly related news from the family, especially mentioning their grandson, Hampton.  As there were mentions of a time table Alice gave her husband for his visit to Brinckerhoff, it is possible to place this letter around May 1900 as letters from that time also share similar contents.  (See letters 5 and 6 in Folder 22)  Note: There are slight tears along the folds.

Letter 2 – dated September 21, [191_ ], from Fishkill, New York where Alice stayed with her 3rd daughter, Effie and her family.  The letter chiefly related news from family and friends.

Letter 3 – dated November 3 (accompanied note listed 1915 as the year), from Mount Joy where Alice and 2nd daughter Jean went to stay with Alice’s cousins.  She wrote of her activities the previous days and future plans before her return to Philadelphia.

Letter 4 – dated June 26th (post 1908), from Brinckerhoff, N.Y., relay news from the family, such as the health of her sister Bec, and Alice’s intention for their daughters and grandson, Matthew, to come for a visit.


Folder 28 Map of Lancaster

Contains a hand-drawn map of central Lancaster County, east of the Susquehanna River.  Locations marked on map extends north to Manheim, south to Strasburg, east to Paradise, and west to Marietta with lines (in red) tracing the PA railroad and the Reading & Columbia railroad.  The map is labeled “Map of Portion of Lancaster County of interest to Mrs. M. Hampton Todd.”  Note: Map is fragile with holds along folded crease and one tear in the lower bottom corner.


Folder 29 Bonds and Warrant

Contains a bond agreement from James E. Patterson to James Barr Ferree made on December 30, 1876 for the sum of $35,000 to be paid within three months.  Signed and sealed by James E. Patterson in front of witnesses.


Folder 30 Perkinson Mortgages

Contains two mortgage documents of James Barr Ferree for properties in Philadelphia.

Mortgage (1) – Thomas Perkinson to James B. Ferree made on August 10, 1876, for the payment of $6000 plus interest on the property of Haverford St. to 35th St., to be paid within three years.  Signed and sealed by both parties in front of witnesses.

Mortgage (2) – Thomas Perkinson to James B. Ferree made on August 10, 1876, for the payment of $8000 plus interest on the property of Haverford St. to 35th St., to be paid within three years.  Signed and sealed by in front of witnesses.


Folder 31 Elsasser Mortgage

Contains one mortgage document of Samuel P. Ferree for properties in Philadelphia.

Mortgage (3) – Samuel P. Ferree to Paul M. Elsasser made on April 12, 1872, for the payment of $3000 plus interest on the property from

Bridge St. to 35th St., to be paid within one years.  Signed and sealed in front of witnesses.


Folder 32 Hirst Deed

Contains a deed to James B. Ferree for properties in Philadelphia.

Deed – Anthony A. Hirst to James B. Ferree made on June 11, 1873 for the payment of $186 on the property from Southeast corner of Howard & Cumberland St., 19th ward of Philadelphia.  Signed and sealed in front of witnesses.


Folder 33 Leeds Deed Poll

Contains a deed poll to James B. Farree for properties in Philadelphia.

Deed Poll – William R. Leeds, Esq. to James Barr Ferree made on June 19, 1875 for Ferree’s purchase of the estate of the deceased John McAllister for the amount of $3,000 and properties Northwest of Poplar St. to Elm St in the 24th ward of Philadelphia.  Signed and sealed by High Sheriff of the City and County of Philadelphia, William R. Leeds, Esq.


Folder 34 Deeds

Contains 2 deeds from groups of individuals to James B. Ferree for properties in Philadelphia.

Deed (1) – Peter W. Ziegler, his wife, et al. to James Barr Ferree made March 4, 1873 for the sum of $21,666.67 on the tract of land from Market St. to the east side of 59th St. in 27th ward in Philadelphia.  Signed and sealed.

Deed (2) – Walter E. Brand et. al to James B. Ferree made on November 26, 1873 for the payment of $1,500 for the property at the corner of Howard & Cumberland St. in 19th ward in Philadelphia.