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The Military Market Basket [Book 6 of “Revolutionary Lancaster” Series]


Book 6 in the “Revolutionary Lancaster” series focuses upon the supplies and supply lines needed during the Revolutionary War, and while no battles were fount on Lancaster soil, the county and its people provided critical material to the war cause.

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Armies must be fed, clothed, and equipped if they are to fight effectively in the cause which they have espoused. The service of supply is seldom glamorized in the annals of war. Nevertheless, success of the cause may rest upon the officers of supply.

Professor John W.W. Loose describes for us the men and women of Lancaster County who kept the transport lines filled with an endless train of packs, barrels, chests, and wagon loads of equipment and herds of animals for meat moving from the local shops, factories, mills, and farms to men in the army camps. Perhaps no other area of equal size and population provided so much to the commissaries of the Revolutionary War as did Lancaster County. 

This book is a soft cover, 52 pages. Copyright 1976. It is the sixth book in the “Revolutionary Lancaster” series. Written by John W.W. Loose.

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Milton Hershey’s first successful candy company got its start in Lancaster and was aptly named the Lancaster Caramel Company.