History Harvest

Vietnam protesters in Lancaster City.
Vietnam protesters in Lancaster City.

Throughout the month of October 2018, LancasterHistory will conduct a History Harvest for 1960s-era donations of photographs, ephemera (or memorabilia), manuscripts, documents, and objects that depict various aspects of life in Lancaster County during the 1960s.

LancasterHistory will accept original artifacts or digital images of items if the donor wishes to keep the originals.


Artifacts Sought/Not Sought

Local singing group, The Trannells.
The Trannells, a local singing group.

LancasterHistory is seeking the following items that have a direct connection to Lancaster County, are well identified, and of significance to Lancaster County’s history:

  • Social activities and social organizations
  • Local rock and roll bands and music venues (the Village, the Coronet, the Old Colony, etc…)
  • School and sporting event
  • African American and Latino communities
  • The Vietnam War (both on the homefront and abroad, protesting or serving)

LancasterHistory is NOT seeking the following items:

  • Newspapers
  • Scrapbooks of newspaper clippings

How to Donate/Participate

In Person Donations

We encourage donors to bring in their original artifacts on Thursdays during the month of October (4th, 11th, 18th, and 25th) from 1 – 4pm. LancasterHistory staff will review the donation and determine if they should be considered to be added to the collection. Donors will be asked to provide biographical and historical information for the items, as well as identifying information about each item, on forms provided by LancasterHistory. Staff will scan and return items upon request, but are also happy to accept original artifacts.

Digital Donations

Lancastrian Tom Heckles in Vietnam.
Lancastrian Tom Heckles in Vietnam.

LancasterHistory highly encourages individuals to donate digital images of their artifacts to share with researchers.

Digital images should be submitted after meeting the following requirements:

  • Images should be scanned at actual size or larger.
  • Image resolution should a minimum of 600 dpi
  • In TIFF file format
  • Should be submitted along with a Biographical & Historical Data Form
    • Please Note: In the form, photo data starts on page three (3).

Digital images may be submitted with completed forms to Marianne Heckles (marianne.heckles@lancasterhistory.org) via email, an electronic transfer service like DropBox, or by CD.

Donation By Appointment

Donors may also make an appointment with LancasterHistory staff for a different day if unable to come in on Thursday in October.

For photograph donations: Marianne Heckles, (717) 392-4633, Ext. 116, or EMAIL
For object and textile donations: Tori Pyle, (717) 392-4633, Ext. 112, or EMAIL
For document, manuscripts, or paper ephemera/memorabilia donations: Heather Tennies, (717) 392-4633, Ext. 115, or EMAIL

Additional Questions

If you have any additional questions about the 1960s History Harvest OR would like to inquire if LancasterHistory would be interested in a specific item, please contact Heather Tennies at (717) 392-4633, Ext. 115, or by email.