Wheatland Roof Fund

About Wheatland

President James Buchanan's Wheatland.
President James Buchanan’s Wheatland.

Wheatland, the Federal-style home of Pennsylvania’s only United States President, was beloved by James Buchanan during his residency there from 1848 until his death there in 1868.  Moreover, it has been cherished by the Lancaster community ever since.  Wheatland has served as the setting for a Presidential campaign, family weddings, political maneuvering, as well as personal joys.  Since opening to the public in 1935, Wheatland has been the centerpiece of hundreds of thousands of tours, family picnics, community events, weddings, concerts, and historical reenactments.  This treasure has been the backdrop to some of the most significant events in America’s history, as well as the ordinary moments of everyday life. And, not surprisingly, like most things that have stood for nearly 200 years, it is in need of a little bit of love.

Preservation Plans

A cracked and partially missing slate on Wheatland's roof.
A cracked and partially missing slate on Wheatland’s roof.

Based on the results of an extensive Preservation Assessment for the Mansion and its outbuildings, we have a twenty-year plan for meeting Wheatland’s long-term maintenance needs.  At the top of the list (and the top of the building!) is a project to replace the failing slate roof and shore up the rafters in the attic that bear its weight.  To accomplish this costly task, we have contracted with Heritage Design Collaborative, an architecture firm specializing in historic buildings.

We Need Your Help

With the support of the Lancaster community and those who hold memories of Wheatland close to their hearts, we will protect and preserve Wheatland—and the stories it holds—for future generations.  With a project goal just shy of $500,000, we are happy to report we have raised $330,000 to date. With your help, we are confident of reaching our goal.

Will you help us continue to preserve Wheatland for generations to come?

How To Give

We’re thrilled to have you on board as we begin the next significant preservation phase of Wheatland’s life. Here are the various options you have to make a gift to the Wheatland Roof Fund. Please choose the one that works best for you.

Give By Mail


Please remit with payment to: LancasterHistory, Attn: Wheatland Roof, 230 North President  Avenue, Lancaster, PA 17603. Please make checks out to LancasterHistory.

Give Over The Phone

Please call (717) 392-4633, ext. 122 to reach Cindy Madara.

Project Updates

The Wheatland Roof project is well underway. View the YouTube video above to watch aerial footage of the progress so far. (Thank you to Colton White of WGAL for the footage!)

Thank You!

Your support helps us preserve President James Buchanan’s Wheatland against the elements and for future generations! If you have any questions about this fund, the project, or your donation, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Robin Sarratt, Vice President, at (717) 392-4633, ext. 117 or robin.sarratt@lancasterhistory.org.