Andreadis: George and Rhonda Andreadis Collection of Lancaster City Records, Series 2 Fire Department, 1856-1897

Call Number:  MG-545, Series 2 Fire Department

2 boxes     72 folders     .5 cubic ft.

Repository: (Lancaster, Pa.)

Shelving Location:  Archives South, Side 11

Description:  The documents in this series represent the business of the City of Lancaster related to the fire department, which was established in 1881 by consolidating the private fire companies in the city. These nineteenth century documents are primarily invoices for engine and hose parts and repairs; horse tack, feed and stables; alarm boxes; salary payments; supplies; and engine house maintenance. A few invoices are for the earlier volunteer fire companies.

Creator:  Lancaster (Pa.)

System of Arrangement:  This collection is organized by series of subjects.

Series 1  Market Houses

Series 2  Fire Department

Series 3  Bridges

Series 4  Railroads

Series 5  Lamps and Lighting

Series 6  Relief Fund

Series 7 Administrative Records

Conditions for Access:  No restrictions.

Conditions Governing Reproductions:  Collection may not be photocopied. Please contact Research Staff or Archives Staff with questions.

Language:  English

Source of Acquisition:  Purchased from George and Rhonda Andreadis, 2009-2014.

Note:  These documents are mostly administrative records, not permanent records, and were likely purged by the city offices when they were no longer needed. We are fortunate that they survived as they contain details about Lancaster’s past.

Historical Information:  “A radical change in the method of providing protection against fire was brought about in 1882, a paid city fire department being substituted for the volunteer fire companies. The old system had to some extent fallen into disrepute and become inefficient. The ordinance creating the new system was approved Dec. 21, 1881, and actual organization was commenced in February 1882 by the appointment of Henry N. Howell as chief engineer. The engine-houses, engines, and hose-carts of the American and Washington Fire Companies were purchased,and also the engines of the Union and Sun Companies and the house of the Humane. The department was in working order in April 1882 and has since then been constantly undergoing improvement.”

Ellis, Franklin and Samuel Evans. History of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, with Biographical Sketches of Many of Its Pioneers and Prominent Men. Philadelphia: Everts & Peck. 1883.

Administrative History:  Organized and preserved by PH, Summer 2011; finding aid typed by HST, April 2012.


Box 1, Series 2

Folder 1  Invoice for tablets for the mayor and stationery for the fire department. Charles H. Barr, bookseller and stationer, 31 Centre Square, Lancaster. 31 December 1894.

Folder 2  Two invoices for painting engine house and alarm tower, and wallpapering. William H. Bateman, house painting, glazing, kalsomining and graining, 40 E. King Street, Lancaster. 29 June 1897, 11 [August] 1897.

Folder 3  Invoice for coal. Baumgardner Company, 564 N. Prince Street and 129 N. Queen Street, Lancaster. 11 March 1897.

Folder 4  Five invoices for lumber and hauling. Baumgardner, Eberman & Co., 325 N. Prince Street, Lancaster. 1884, no date.

Folder 5  Eleven invoices for coal. Baumgardners & Jefferies, 564 N. Prince Street and 23 N. Queen Street, Lancaster. 1882-1887.

Folder 6  Two invoices for brooms. John Beidle, Lancaster. 30 August 1879, 10 September 1880.

Folder 7  Fifteen invoices and an agreement for payment. John Best & Son, manufacturers of agricultural or portable engines, stationary engines, boilers, saw mills, stacks, 333 E. Fulton Street, Lancaster. 1873-1896.

Folder 8  Invoice for hose coupling and washers, and repairs for hose and spigot. A. F. Bihl, sanitary plumber, gas and steam fitting, 349 S. Queen Street, Lancaster. 26 May 1894.

Folder 9  Three invoices for pipe and valve repairs. R. Blickenderfer, variety iron foundry and machine works, 128 N. Water Street, Lancaster.1 June 1882, 10 July 1883, 11 June 1883.

Folder 10  Two invoices for renting omnibus and wagon. Fred. Brimmer, new livery stables, 153 N. Queen Street, Lancaster. 4 June 1873, 25 August 1885.

Folder 10a  Invoice for paint and labor. George W. Brown, Lancaster. 16 November 1883.

Folder 11  Invoice for painting and repairing fire trucks. Chambers & Palmer, carriages, buggies, market wagons, etc. 616-620 E. King Street. 27 October 1894.

Folder 12  Two invoices for labor. The Citizens’ Electric Light, Heat and Power Co., 241½ N. Queen Street, Lancaster. 1 August 1894, 1 September 1894.

Folder 13  Invoice for dinner. Ridenour & Schaum, City Hotel, N. Queen Street, Lancaster. 22 June 1887.

Folder 14  Three invoices for horses and Union Fire Co. No. 1. C. H. Colvin, livery and sale stables, rear of the Grape Hotel, Market Street, Lancaster. April 1882.

Folder 15  Invoice for masonry work. John R. Jeffries, Lancaster. 28 July 1887.

Two attached invoices for repairs to Engine House No. 2. Charles G. Shenk, Lancaster. 4 and 10 June 1897.

Folder 16  Invoice for boiler repair and pipe. W. P. Cummings, light machine work, Grant and Christian Streets, Lancaster. 28 March 1888.

Folder 17  Seven invoices for horse feed. Jonas F. Eby, grain, flour and feed, rear of 212 & 216 N. Queen Street, Lancaster. 1887-1888.

Folder 18  Two invoices for repairs to [engines]. Edward Edgerley, carriage builder, 40-42 N. Market Street and 33-37 W. Grant Street, Lancaster. 25 August 1885, 27 January 1897.

Folder 19  Two invoices for carpentry work. H. M. Erisman, Lancaster. 23 February 1897, 28 April 1897.

Folder 20  Five invoices for horse feed. J. W. Eshelman, flour, feed, grain, etc., Lancaster. June-December 1896.

Folder 21  Two invoices for labor and supplies. Everts & Overdeer, tinware and house-furnishing goods, plumbing, gas and steam fitting, roofing and spouting, E. King and Middle Streets, Lancaster. 26 March 1888, 2 March 1896.

Folder 22  Invoice for 16 pounds [waste]. George Calder, Jr., Fulton Cotton Mill, Lancaster. 13 September 1882.

Folder 23  Nine invoices for repairs and parts for alarms. The Gamewell Fire Alarm Telegraph Company, 115 Congress Street, Boston, then 1½ Barclay Street, New York and 19 Barclay Street, New York. 1882-1896.

Folder 24  Invoice for hay. Nathaniel Groff. 10 February 1897.

Folder 25  Invoice for lettering gum coats. G. W. [Roote], Lancaster. 20 October 1883.

Three invoices for lettering gum coats. J. P. Shindle, Lancaster. 15 November 1894, 30 October 1895, 30 December 1896.


Box 2, Series 2

Folder 26  Invoice for ice. Army Hartman, pure spring water ice, 210 N. Queen Street, Lancaster. 29 November 1894.

Folder 27  Three invoices for installing and moving fire alarm boxes. Jacob Hatz, Lancaster. 22 September 1887, 25 February 1896.

Folder 28  Invoice for ironwork repairs on engines. John A. Hawthorn, Lancaster. 14 September 1894.

Folder 29  Invoices for hay. Jacob K. Zook, Binkley’s Bridge P.O.; M. B. Herr, New Danville; [ _ ] Eshleman, Lancaster; J. L. Herr, Lancaster; Jacob S. Kreider, Rohrerstown, with three attached papers; B. M. Shenk, Lancaster; Abraham Herr, Lancaster; Nathaniel Groff, one with two attached papers; Abraham S. Groff, Lancaster. 1884-1897.

Folder 30  Invoice for [oil]. John F. Heinitsh, paints, oils, varnishes and glass, 145 N. Queen Street, Lancaster. 13 November 1896.

Folder 31  Two invoices for crossarm pins. The Henwood Co., wooden boxes, turned specialties and electric goods, 423-429 W. Grant Street, Lancaster. 25 June 1895, 19 July 1895.

Folder 32  Invoice for “our team.” B. W. Hirsh, livery, sale and exchange stables, rear of City Hotel, Lancaster. 28 June 1887.

Folder 33  Invoice for insect powder, sulphuric acid, flax seed, ammonia and blue ointment. W. T. Hoch, druggist, 137-139 N. Queen Street, Lancaster. 6 February 1895.

Folder 34  Invoice for the repair of hose couplings. Joseph H. Huber, iron and brass works, Grant and Christian Streets, Lancaster. 22 February 1887.

Folder 35  Four invoices for ice. Daniel Brown, Lancaster; Henry Glazier, Lancaster; [Wilfing] & Sawyer; Crystal Ice Co., Lancaster. 1887, 1895, 1896.


Folder 36  Two invoices to rent [b___ ]. W. B. Finney, Lancaster. 4 June 1878, 5 May 1879.

Invoice for a grey horse. H. C. Miller, Lancaster. 17 May 1882.

Invoice for surveying East King Street property, [Stamm] lot. Surveyors: Allan A. Herr, Robert Albright, Fred Miller. City Regulators, Lancaster. 29 September 1884.

Invoice for harnesses. Drivers of Engine Companies No. 2 (Davis Kitch, Edward Plitt) and No. 3 (Jacob Faust), Lancaster. 29 July 1884.


Folder 37  Lancaster Gas Light and Fuel Co.

Insert 1  Six invoices from Lancaster Gas Light and Fuel Co. 1882-1886.

Insert 2  Fifteen invoices from Lancaster Gas Light and Fuel Co. 1887.

Insert 3  Eleven invoices from Lancaster Gas Light and Fuel Co. 1888, 1894-1895.

Insert 4  Seventeen invoices from Lancaster Gas Light and Fuel Co. 1896-1897.


Folder 38  Invoice for oak truck blocks. The Lancaster Planing Mill Co., 638-646 S. Prince Street, Lancaster. 1 January 1896.


Folder 39  D. B. Landis & Son

Insert 1  Fourteen invoices for horse feed. D. B. Landis & Son, grain, flour, feed, hay and straw, Lemon Street, Lancaster. May 1894-September 1895.

Insert 2  Thirteen invoices for horse feed. D. B. Landis & Son, grain, flour, feed, hay and straw, Lemon Street, Lancaster. November 1895-July 1897.


Folder 40  Invoice for wood. Philip Lebzelter and Company, Eagle Spoke and Bending Works, 241 N. Queen Street, Lancaster. 22 August 1882.

Folder 41  Invoice for saddle, brush, comb and repairs. The Lowell Harness and Collar Co., Lancaster, 16 May 1894.


Folder 42  Seven invoices for maintenance:

Putting lights in Engine No. 3. George H. Brimmer, Lancaster. 30 March 1882.

Alterations to No. 1 Hose Truck. Samuel B. Cox, Lancaster. 13 June 1882.

Fixing door at Engine House No. 1. Burger & Anderson, Lancaster. 22 October 1884.

One reducer. H. J. Steigerwalt, Lancaster. 30 October 1886.

Repairing pavement at Engine House No. 4. Marion & Stoy, Lancaster. 9 July 1887.

Shoeing horses. Edward Walker, Lancaster. 26 July 1887, 27 September 1887.

Painting signs for boxes. H. B. Vondersmith. 27 September [1887].

[Wallpapering] fire department. J. L. Sutton. June [1897].


Folder 43  Five invoices for parts, fire engine inspection and repairs. Manchester Locomotive Works, Manchester, New Hampshire. 1886, 1894, 1896.

Folder 44  Invoice for planks for Engine House No. 1. B. B. Martin, Lancaster. March 1887.

Folder 45  Three invoices for labor and repairs to horse stall. McLaughlin & Gesell, 220 East Walnut Street, Lancaster. 1887.

Folder 46  Invoice for soap. Mrs. L. Miller, Lancaster Steam Soap & Candle Works, King Street and S. Water Street. 25 August 1882.

Folder 47  Four invoices for salt, castile [soap], matches and brooms. Miller & Hartman, wholesale grocers, Chestnut Street and Market Street, Lancaster. 1886-1888.

Folder 48  Nine invoices for battery zincs and coppers, glass jars, bluestone. Patrick & Carter, electrical supplies, Philadelphia. 1887, 1895-1897.

Letter to Hon. Edmond S. Smeltz, Mayor regarding a discrepancy between payment and the company’s records. Patrick & Carter Co., Philadelphia. 9 July 1895.

Folder 49  Repairing testing machine. F. W. Pfeiffer, plumber, gas fitter & steam engineer, 230 W. King Street, Lancaster. 19 May 1896.

Folder 50  Invoice from Phoenix Cork Works, manufacturers of all kinds of corks, Duke Street and Chestnut Street, Lancaster. 17 December 1886. (bills are no longer attached)

Folder 51  Invoice for bricks for the Engine House on E. King Street. Adam Pontz, brick manufacturer, 768 E. Chestnut Street, Lancaster. 28 March 1887.

Folder 52  Invoice for rent of house for Engine Company No. 3. H. E. Groff, Lancaster. 28 May 1887.

Folder 53  Invoice from Reilly Bros. & Raub, 40-42 N. Queen Street, Lancaster. 1 January 1897.

Folder 54  Invoice for repairs to horse tack and truck. Amos Ringwalt, Lancaster. 25 September 1882.

Folder 55  Invoice for grates. C. V. Rote & Co., 117 E. Chestnut Street, Lancaster. 27 June 1887.

Folder 56  Invoice for service as clerk of the Fire Committee. Frank H. Rudy, Lancaster. 25 September 1896.

Folder 57  Eight invoices for horse tack and repairs. Philip Rudy, manufacturer and dealer in saddles, harness, collars, whips, fly-nets, trunks, traveling satchels, 239 N. Queen Street, later 243-245 N. Queen Street, Lancaster. 1882, 1887, 1894-1895.


Folder 58  Invoice for payment to Union Engine Company, Sun Engine Company, American Engine Company, Washington Engine Company, Friendship Hose Company, Humane Hose Company and Shiffler Hose Company. Lancaster. 31 July 1856.

Invoice for salary of Zeb Wise. Lancaster. 22 February 1887.

Two invoices for the salary of H. B. Vondersmith, chief. Lancaster. 31 August 1887, 31 October 1887.


Folder 59  Three invoices for the cutting and hauling of firewood. Philip Schum, Son & Co., coal, 150 S. Water Street, Lancaster. 1882-1884.

Folder 60  Two invoices for engine repairs. H. Shaub, Lancaster. 25 October 1882, 24 July 1884.

Folder 61  Four invoices for veterinary services. Dr. J. C. Shaub, veterinary surgeon, Willow Street and Lancaster. 1882, 1895, 1896.

Folder 62  Invoice for coal, lime and lye. Reuben Shirk, choice groceries, liquors, Queensware and notions, E. King and Plum Streets, Lancaster. 21 March 1887.

Folder 63  Seven invoices for stable rental. William T. Wylie, Lancaster. 1883.

Folder 64  Five invoices for hardware items and oil. George M. Steinman & Co., hardware merchants, 26-28 W. King Street. 1882-1883, 1886, 1888.

Folder 65  Two invoices for hardware items. Stoner, Shreiner & Co., hardware and house furnishing goods, N. Queen Street and Walnut Street, later 258 N. Queen Street, Lancaster. 31 May 1887, 26 January 1888.

Folder 66  Invoice for moulding for Engine House No. 4 and firewood. J. P. Stormfeltz & Sons, sash, doors, etc. and coal, 222-224 N. Water Street, Lancaster. 22 February 1887.

Folder 67  Two invoices for engine repairs. A. C. Welchans, Lancaster. 25 August 1885, 4 October 1887.

Folder 68  Three invoices for moulding, doors, sashes and woodworking. William Wohlsen, sash, doors, blinds, shutters, mouldings and counters, and manufacturers of the Centennial Pastry Board, 407-417 N. Mulberry Street, Lancaster. 1886-1887.


Folder 69  Nine invoices from New York City businesses, unless otherwise noted:

Invoice for fire hat for the chief. William H. Wilson, saddle, harness, trunk, whip and fire-cap maker, 135 Bowery, New York. 10 December 1872.

Invoice for hose couplings. The Gutta Percha & Rubber Mfg. Co., 23 Park Place, New York. 2 September 1879.

Invoice for nozzles and [play pipes]. Eureka Fire Hose Company, 13 Barclay Street, New York. 11 August 1882.

Invoice for vitriol. L. G. Tillotson & Co., railway, telegraph and telephone supplies, 5-7 Dey Street, New York. 18 August 1883.

Invoice for advertising. Fire and Water, 14 Cortlandt Street, New York.(trade periodical, 1877-1902) 23 June 1894.

Invoice for [play pipes], repairs and Babcock charges. Gleason & Bailey Mfg. Co., fire department rolling stock, grate bars and steam fittings, 187-189 Mercer Street, New York. 24 July 1895, 28 April 1897.

Invoice for ladder. The La France Fire Engine Co., Elmira, New York. 20 February 1896.


Folder 70  Nine invoices from Philadelphia businesses:

Invoice for pipe, hose and nozzle for American Fire Company. Dialogue & Serrill, fire and garden hose manufacturers, 24 N. Street, Philadelphia. 3 December 1856.

Four invoices for gum coats, hats, belts and badges. J. M. Migeod & Son, military, firemen’s, theatrical, regalia and church goods, 27 S. Eighth Street, later 510 Race Street, Philadelphia. 1871, 1872, 1874, 1876.

Invoice for German silver fire [ ___ ___ ]. Francis Jahn, fire gilder and electroplater in gold and silver, 506 Race Street, Philadelphia. September 1872.]

Two invoices for zincs and coppers. Patrick & Carter, electrical supplies, 114 S. Second Street, Philadelphia. 11 October 1886, 16 January 1888.

Two invoices for Samson jacks. J. B. Shannon & Sons, hardware, contractors’ supplies and electrical supplies, 1020 Market Street, Philadelphia. 3 May 1894, 19 December 1894.


Folder 71  Six invoices from other locations:

Invoice for oak leather hose. Samuel Eastman & Co., fire engine hose, etc., East Concord, New Hampshire. 21 September 1878.

Invoice for truck repairs. The Spawn & Dennison Mfg. Co., Dennisson steam fire engines, hook and ladder trucks, hose carriages, carts and firemen’s supplies, Reading, Pennsylvania. 6 April 1882.

Invoice for zincs and posts. Southern Electric Co., telegraph engineers, 7 South Street, Baltimore. 19 August 1884.

Invoice for repairs to a signal box. The Gamewell Fire Alarm Telegraph Company, 27 Federal Street, Boston. 9 October 1886.

Invoice for hose, nozzle and pocket spanners. Boston Woven Hose and Rubber Co., 5 Winthrop Square and 275 Devonshire Street, Boston. 9 August 1892.

Invoice for zincs. J. B. Prescott & Son, metal founders and machinery manufacturers, Webster, Massachusetts. 2 August 1894.