Atlee Family Collection, 1572-1964

Call Number:  MG-22

3 boxes     22 folders, 8 books     1.5 cubic ft.

Repository: (Lancaster, Pa.)

Shelving Location:  Archives South, Side 1

Description:  Consists of material related to the Atlee family, many of whom were physicians. Includes correspondence, receipts, articles, and books.

Creator:  Atlee family. 

Conditions for Access:  No restrictions.

Conditions Governing Reproductions:  Collection may not be photocopied. Please contact Research Staff or Archives Staff with questions.

Language:  English

Source of Acquisition:  Source unknown, unless specified at the item level.

Box 1

Folder 1         List of Artifacts in Museum Collection. Please make an appointment with the Stauffer Curator at least two weeks before your arrival to view these items. 

Folder 2         Hon. William Augustus Atlee (1745-1793), son of William Atlee and Jane Alcock. 1759-1781.

Picture of Hon. William Augustus Atlee.

Indenture of Samuel Heyneman and Jane Page, “Bound unto” Lt. Governor William Denny, and permission for them to marry. Signed by William White, Joseph Bonde, William A. Atlee, Joseph Pugh and Samuel Hineman. May 5, 1759.

Letter regarding above manuscript, Dr. Ellice McDonald, April 4, 1913.

Letters from President Joseph Reed to Atlee regarding the separating of prisoners, (8 copies), July 16, 1781.


Folder 3         Col. William Pitt Atlee, (born September 24, 1772), the son of Hon.  Augustus Atlee and Esther Sayre. 1791-1817.

Mortgage held jointly by Atlee and Wilson families. 1791-1792. (1/4 part of document missing).

Mortgage receipt of John Hopkins and Sarah Atlee, Administrators of Samuel Atlee’s estate, 1796.

Receipt for part of mortgage payment by Miller to White renewed for Mrs. Atlee Aug. 16, 1797. One signature of Amelia Boude.

Indenture, Susana Mowrer to William Pitt Atlee for one year.  June 18, 1798.

Order for wine, December 27, 1809, to Mr. Reigart.

Proxy, Sarah Atlee (wife of Wm. Pitt Atlee) and George Boude to James Wright to vote shares in Company for erecting bridge at Columbia.  July 1817.


Folder 4         John Light Atlee, MD (1799-1885), son William Pitt Atlee and Sarah Light. 1830-1899

Picture of John Light Atlee

Photostat biographical study of John Light Atlee.

“The Practitioner”, January 1883, Vol. 1, No. 1.

“The Practitioner”, April 1883, Vol. 1, No. 4.

Sanitary Committee Report, 1855.

Case Study, Dr. John L. Atlee, MD, 1858 (1 book).

Three case studies, John L. Atlee, MD; Walter F. Atlee, MD; Louis W. Atlee, MD; 1883. (1 book)

Annual President’s Address, American Medical Assn., 1883.

Medical Journal, ca. 1821-1867. Gives names of hundreds of patients.

Receipt for payment from John McCartney, 1830. Receipt for payment from Joseph Shiok, 1859.

Letter, Atlee to Samuel Shock Esq., (proxy).

Letter, Atlee to Hon. Benjamin Champneys, July 14, 1856.

Check, Atlee to Ely Parry, April 2, 1860.

Memorials to John Light Atlee, 1885.

Release, from trust under the will of John Light Atlee, April 5, 1899.


Folder 5         Washington Lemule Atlee, MD, son of William Pitt Atlee and Sarah Light. 1875.

Program, Medical Society of PA, June 9, 1875.

Banquet Ticket, June 10, 1875.

Railroad Pass, June 7, 1875.

Biographical material, Washington Lemule Atlee, MD.


Folder 6         William Augustus Atlee III, Esq., son of John Light Atlee I, and Sarah Franklin.  Mayor of Lancaster, 1872. 1854-1888.

Letter, Atlee to Benjamin Bear, July 22, 1854.

Passport, April 27, 1855.

Passport, Mary & L. to Atlee, Jan. 4, 1859

William Thomas to Atlee re: recruitment escrow acc’t., ca. 1864.

Dinner invitation, Atlee to Walter Franklin Atlee, May 5,?.

Sympathy letter, Matthew Griswold Jr. to Atlee, Apr. 17, 1872.

Sympathy letter, Anne E. Henderson to Atlee, Apr. 15, 1872.

Sympathy letter, Walter Franklin Atlee to Atlee, April 11, 1872.

Sympathy letter, Thos. B. Barker to Atlee, Apr. 17, 1872.

Speech given to citizens of Lancaster upon becoming Mayor of Town, Jan. 18, 1872.

Address, “Louis XIV”, to Cliosophic Society, Nov. 23, 1888.

Book of epitaphs.

Letter, Cousin to Atlee, no date.

Canceled Checks, receipts warehouse list relating to estate settlement of Wm. Aug. Atlee.


Folder 7

Legal Notes, no name or date.

“Insanity of the Active and Moral Power”.


Folder 8         Benjamin Champneys Atlee, son of William Augustus Atlee III and Elizabeth Champneys. 1900-1932.


Letter, no date, no name.

Booklet, “Some Comments on Colonial Times in PA”, Address to the Society of Colonial Wars in the Commonwealth of PA, March 10, 1932, Benjamin C. Atlee.


Folder 9         Walter Franklin Atlee, son of John Light Atlee and Sarah Howell Franklin. 1845-1891.

Letter, W.A. Atlee and mother to Walter F. Atlee, Feb. 9, 1845.

Walter F. Atlee to James Mc___, June ?, 1891.


Folder 10      John Light Atlee III, MD, son of William Augustus Atlee III and Elizabeth  Champneys.  1896-1918.

F&M College Journal “Nevonian”, Class of 1896.

Receipt, John Hartman, ice, Jan. 1, 1900.

Receipt, John Hartman, ice, Feb. 14, 1900.

Receipt, Oct. 30, 1900, Mary E. Gruel, confectioner.

Letter, Atlee to Benjamin c. Atlee, March l4, 1901.

Chairman’s Address, PA Medical Society, 1912.

Personal letter from patient.


Folder 11      John Light Atlee, Jr. MD, son of John Light Atlee III and Frances Rine Baer. 1903-1964.

Wedding invitation John Light and Frances Rine, June 17, 1903.

Children’ letters to Atlee.

Letter, Theodore Diller, MD to Atlee, “Recollections and Contacts with the Atlee Family”, October 1937.

Letter, Mrs. Clarkson Hunt to Atlee, February 2, 1754. Also several medical reports.

Christmas post card, John Baer’s Sons’s, N. Queen St.

H.M. Klein to Atlee, ticket for PA Medical Society Excursion,” November 17, 1958.

Letter, Edna J. Carmean, June 12, 1964.

First Day Issue, Mayo Brothers.


Folder 12      Estate of John S. Atlee, 1872-1895.

Trust change, from William Augustus Atlee, Esq. to Charles H. Locker. July 8, 1892.


Folder 13      John Light Atlee, MD, 1912, son of Edwin Augustus Atlee, MD and Delilah Gilbert.

Obituary, Chattanooga, TN. July 24, 1912.


Folder 14      Benjamin Champneys, Esq., family of Elizabeth Champneys, wife of William A. Atlee III, Esq. 1816-1865.

Description of Eichholtz painting of Dr. Benjamin Champneys.

Description of Eichholtz painting of Hon. Benjamin Champneys.

Description of Eichholtz painting of Mrs. Benjamin Champneys.

Letter, Champneys to G.B. Porter, Esq. February 26, 1816.

Letter, John Light Atlee to Champneys. July 29, 1819.

Letter, John Light Atlee to Champneys. March 10, 1820.

Letter, no date, (difficult to read).

Letter, Champneys to Miss Marie Bachman. July 19, 1822.

Letter, Champneys to Miss Marie Bachman. July 19, 1822.               

Letter, to Reigart. January 28, 1826.

Letter, Champneys to R.J. Fisher. May 13, 1842.

Champneys to C. Murdock, Esq. March 17, 1859.

Letter, Annie to ?. May 26, 1862.

Letter, Jas. Champneys to Champneys, May 26, ?

Letter, Jas. Champneys to B. Champneys, January 14, 1861.

Letter, H. Feran to B. Champneys.

Letter, Miss Boyd to Mr. & Mrs. Champneys. December 28, ?.

Letter, Ebenezer Elmer to Dr. Benj. Champneys, no date.

Letter, Brother Champneys to Jane Champneys, April 17, 1865.

Death notice, Jane Champneys, no date.

Letter, J.M. Lossing to B. Champneys, September 25, 1866.

Letter, Anne Champneys to Mary N. Robinson, no date.


Box 2

Folder 15      Samuel J. Atlee, Jr., 1809-1810.

Six wine orders to Adam Reigart Jr.

John Pedin and Samuel J. Atlee petition for membership in the Masons.  November 1810.


Folder 16      Hon. Walter Franklin, Attorney of Pa., 1816-1822.

Picture of Hon. Walter Franklin.

Receipts for 1812.

Receipts, households goods and delivery costs from Philadelphia to Lancaster. 1822.

Franklin Family Tree on oilcloth.

Emelen Family Tree on oilcloth.


Folder 17      Dr. Benjamin Champneys, surgeon on the frigate of Stephen Decatur at Battle of Tripoli.

Medical notes on various diseases made while a student. 1794-1805.


Folder 18      Biographical information

“Medical Heritage”, 1961.

“Medical Dynasty As Old As Nation”, Sunday News, May 14, 1961.

Sun Fire Company, booklet of bylaws and membership lists, 1833.


Folder 19      Sun Fire Company

Booklet, bylaws and membership list, 1833.


Folders 20-21  Photographs were moved to the Photograph Collection. 


Folder 22      Katherine Atlee of Nelson County, Va. (May be wife of Dr. John Atlee II.)

Quit Claim, Estate of Edward B. Atlee.


Box 3                         7 books                      .5 cu.ft.

Book 1           Ioannis Bachinelli, De Consen. Medic, 1572.

Book 2           The Whole Art of Surgery, J.H., 1705.

Book 3           Mathematics, Samuel Webber, 1808.

Book 4           Homeriilias, Samuel Clarke, 1826.

Book 5           Fractures & Dislocations, Sir Astley Cooper, 1842.

Book 6           The Thomasonian Practice of Medicine, Reuben Chambers, 1842.

Book 7           Lectures on the Blood, Walter F. Atlee, MD, 1854.



Book 8           Ledger of William Penn Atlee with customer accounts for [tavern] purchases and expenses. Lancaster. 1807-1813. (on shelf next to boxes) Gift of John L. Atlee, Jr., January 1974.