Blueprints and Architectural Drawings: Southern Market, Seropians, Teachers Protective Mutual Life Insurance Co., Paula Severino, Lancaster Graphics, Lancaster General Hospital Parking Lot, Harold’s Warehouse, Pennsylvania School of Arts, 39 E. Orange St.

Repository: (Lancaster, Pa.)

Shelving Location:  Archives West 2, Flat Files

Description:  This collection contains blueprints and architectural drawings for buildings in Lancaster City and throughout the county. Many different structures are represented, such as schools, churches, offices, a restaurant, apartments and condominiums. Most plans are for new buildings, while others are for renovations or additions.

Creators:  The blueprints and drawings were created by the architects listed at the item level. There were collected by: Lancaster Historic Preservation Trust (Pa.); Lancaster County Historical Society (Pa.) and (Lancaster, Pa.).

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Language:  English

Source of Acquisition:   Many of the blueprints and architectural drawings in this collection were transferred from the Historic Preservation Trust. Source of some plans is noted at the item level.

Note:  Some folders contain more than one set of plans, so the folder number may appear more than once in the finding aid.


Folder 23  Renovations to the Southern Market. Lancaster, PA. Gilbert, Bradley, & Ray. 226 N. Arch Street. Lancaster, PA.

Signage. Canopy Sign—Queen St. Scale: 1/2’’=One Foot. Wall-mounted Signs. The Lancaster Chamber, City Council Chambers. Scale: 1 1/2’’=One Foot. Drawn by GF. 19 November 1987.

North Elevation, East Elevation, West Elevation. Scale: 1/8’’=One Foot. Metal Pipe Bollard/Guardrail. Scale: 3/4’’=One Foot. Alteration and Elevation Notes. General Notes.

Preservation and Adaptive Reuse of the City of Lancaster’s Southern Market Building. A Design Concept. Presented by Gilbert, Bradley, & Ray 226 N. Arch St. P.O. Box 1509 Lancaster, PA. 17603. July 1986. Summary Narrative, Program and Space Requirements, Statement of Probable Construction Cost, Time Schedule, Fees, Presentation Drawings.

Presentation Drawings:

Preservation  and Adaptive Reuse of the City of Lancaster’s Southern Market Building

Basement Plan and East Elevation. 1. 16 July 1986.

First Floor Plan. 2. 16 July 1986.

Second Floor Plan. 3. 16 July 1986.

Third Floor Plan. 4. 16 July 1986.

North Elevation. 5. 16 July 1986.


 Folder 23  Seropians 241 N. Prince St., Lancaster, PA. Prince Street Properties. Levengood Hammel Architects. Lancaster, PA. File Number 351. 30 September 1986.

West & East Elevations. West Elevation, East Elevation, Security Gate @ Front Entrance, Section 3/A7 Section/Elevation 4/A7. Scale: 1/4’’=One Foot. Detail 5/A7, Detail 6/A7, Detail 7/A7. Scale: 3’’=One Foot. A7.


 Folder 23  Teachers Protective Mutual Life Insurance Co. 100 N. Water St. Lancaster, PA. Bill Landis. Architect. 524 Buchanan Ave. Lancaster, PA. 17063. Scheme B. Revised Submission 10 March 1987.

Water Street Elevation. Scale: 1/4’’=One Foot.

Existing Bld’g Circa 1952. Section of Window. No Scale.

Existing Building Facing Water St. Building Originally Completed in 1923. Project. Description of Materials and Colors.


 Folder 23  Proposed Renovation for Paula Severino. 106 W. Orange ST. Lancaster, PA. Boyd/Wilson Development Company. 600 Olde Hickory Road. Lancaster, PA. 17061. Job No. 3519. 31 December 1986. Drawn by B.H.

 Orange St. Elevation. Prince St. Elevation. Scale: 1/4’’=One Foot. “A”.


 Folder 23  Lancaster Graphics 31-34 N. Water Street. Lancaster, PA. J. Fleckenstein. R.A. 246 E. Orange St. Lanc., PA. 17062.

 Existing Conditions. Original Building @ 1870 Victorian Res. 1 of 2.

Schematic Design. 2 of 2. 16 July 1986.

Schematic Design. 2 of 2. 16 July 1986. (Copy).


Folder 23  Lancaster General Hospital Parking Lot. Lancaster, PA. High Construction. Lancaster, PA. 8 April 1987.

Proposed Plan. Scale: 1/32’’=One Foot. West Elevation. Scale: 1/16’’=One Foot. Location Plan. No Scale. Schematic.

North Elevation, East Elevation. Scale: 1/16’’=One Foot.


Folder 23  Harold’s Warehouse. 21 N. Mulberry St. Lancaster, PA. Clyde R. Snyder. 106 Race Street Lancaster, PA. 17063.

Proposal for Work Submitted to Mr. Craig Lenhard by Cylde R. Snyder. 7 January 1987.

Present Look. Scale: 1/4’’=One Foot. Drawing 1. 7 January 1987.

Harold’s Furniture Storage Mulberry and Grant St. Scale: 1/4’’=One Foot. Drawing 2. 6 January 1987.


Folder 23  New Facilities for Pennsylvania School of Arts. 202-216 North Prince St. Lancaster, PA. David Lynch and Assoc. A.I.A. Studio One. Space Planning, Interior Design. 500 Golf Course Road, Lancaster, PA. Job No. 8722. Drawn by ACAD/TRR.

Elevations. Prince Street Elevation. Fifth Fl. South Elev. Scale: 1/8’’=One Foot. Ext. Sill Schedule. Ext. Wall Finishes, General Notes. Sht. No. PA-14. 13 July 1987.

Elevations. Water Street Elevation. Fifth Fl. Rear Elevation. Scale: 1/8’’=One Foot. Ext. Sill Schedule. General Notes. Ext. Wall Finishes. Detail M/PA-15. Scale: 1/2’’=One Foot. Detail K/PA-15. Scale: 3/4’’=One Foot. Sht. No. PA-15. 2 June 1987.

Elevations. Prince Street Elevation. Scale: 1/8’’=One Foot. General Notes. 13 July 1987.

Water Street Elevation. Fifth Fl. Rear Elevation. Scale: 1/8’’=One Foot. 2 June 1987.

North Elevation. Scale: 1/8’’=One Foot. 29 May 1987.


Folder 23  Gibbel, Kraybill, and Hess. Attorneys. 39 E. Orange St. Lancaster, PA. David Lynch and Assoc. A.I.A. Studio One. Space Planning, Interior Design. 500 Golf Course Road, Lancaster, PA. Job # 8703. Drawn by Wilt. 29 September 1987.

South Elevation. South Elevation. Scale: 1/4’’=One Foot. Sht. No. A-6.

North Elevation. North Elevation. Scale: 1/4’’=One Foot. Sht. No. A-7.

Entry Level Plan. Entry Level. Scale: 1/4’’=One Foot.