Bricker: Dr. Elizabeth Bricker Collection, 1733-1954

Call number:  MG-36

2 boxes          29 folders       1 cubic ft.

Repository:  LancasterHistory (Organization); PV7

Shelving Location:  Archives South, Side 1

Description:  Contains records of the Bricker family of Cocalico Twp., Brickerville, and Lititz. Included are genealogical charts, correspondence, family histories, wills, photographs, land surveys, legal papers, and Bricker Store account books. There are also advertising fliers, merchant catalogs, political papers and pamphlet, and two almanacs. Original documents and copies.

Creators:  Bricker, Elizabeth; Bricker family.

Conditions for Access:  No restrictions.

Conditions Governing Reproductions:  Collection may not be photocopied. Please contact Research Staff or Archives Staff with questions.

Language:  English

Source of Acquisition:  Gift of Dr. Elizabeth Bricker, 1 November 1969.

Related Material:  MG-18 B.2 Civil War Family Collections for more information on the Civil War career of John R. Bricker.


Box 1

Folder 1     Bricker Genealogy and Correspondence

Insert 1  Letter to Nina Bricker and Opal Bricker answering inquiry of 20 October 1962. Gives history of the Bricker family.

Insert 2  Article from Biographical Annals of Cumberland County, Penna. 1905.

Insert 3  Pedigree chart for John R. Bricker, Lititz, 14 July 1841.

Insert 4  Long genealogy chart. Jacob Bricker and Catharine Mylin. Envelope addressed to Miss Sophie L. Bricker from B. Mabel Dunham.

Insert 5  Randolph and Hughes. The Family Tree of the Bricker Family Descended from  Peter Bricker and Eva Magdalena Holstine Bricker.

Insert 6  Pedigree chart of Peter Bricker, d. 1760.

Insert 7  Letter about the Holstine family.

Insert 8  List of births in the Bricker family, 1742-1777.

Insert 9  Letter from Maria McCombs, Havre de Grace, regarding samplers.

Insert 10  “Data supplied by Cousin Edward Regennas to Owen F. Bricker, Sr.”

Insert 11  Data on the Peterson family compiled from the Diocese of the Lititz Moravian Congregation. Mary A. Hylbrener.

Insert 12  “Register and Memorial of Ourselves and of Our Children.” Peter Bruecker and Eva Magdalena Holstein.

Insert 13  Miscellaneous notes and notes from Bible of 1719.

Insert 14  From Ezra Eby’s Biographical History of Waterloo Bricker.

Insert 15  List of names and hometowns.

Insert 16  Note titled “Recollection.” George Bricker.


Folder 2     Genealogy and Correspondence (cont.)

Insert 1  Genealogy chart for Peter Bricker, 21 [January] 1807.

Insert 2  Notes and questions on the Holstein family.

List of correspondence.

Insert 3  Letters from Maria McCombs to Miss Bricker and Friend Sophia. 13 February 1913.

Insert 4  Letter from John R. Bricker to Dr. Henry Mosser. 19 August 1893.

Insert 5  Letter from Isaac Bricker to J. R. Bricker. 19 June 1906.

Insert 6  Letters from Isaac Bricker to Sophie L. Bricker, with genealogy lists and envelope. 8 June 1914.

Insert 7  “History of the Bricker Family.”

Insert 8  Letter from B. Mabel Dunham, Librarian at Kitchener Public Library, Kitchener, Ontario, to Miss Bricker. 15 July 1926.

Insert 9  Letter from Mary E. Lewis to Miss Sophie Bricker. 23 January 1927.

Newspaper article “John Bricker, 99 Years Old,” The Sunday Review, Decatur, IL. 9 January 1927.

Insert 10  Letter to Mr. Elmer Holstein from John R. Bricker. With envelope. 31 August 1949.

Insert 11  Pedigree chart of William Robert Bricker.

Letters from Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Bricker. With envelope. 1 August 1951, 28 November 1951.

Insert 12  Letter from Mary Little Dice to Mr. John Randolph Bricker. 11 September 1951. Reply. 11 October 1951.

Letter from Mary Little Dice to Miss Bricker. 5 December 1951.

Insert 13  Letters from Dorothy G. (Bricker) Catto. With envelope. 10 July 1961.

Insert 14  Letter from Nina Bricker and Opal Bricker. 20 October 1962.

Insert 15  Copy of letter sent to Mrs. Andrew Lewis. 30 September 1964.

Insert 16  Family genealogy prepared by Peter Dock Bricker of Jersey Shore, PA.

Insert 17  Notes from Pennsylvania German Pioneers.

Notes from J. L. Hertz, MD.

Insert 18  Notes by David Bricker. 7 August 1884.

Insert 19  Will of Peter Bricker. 29 December 1760. Translation of will.

Notes of military records of John Bricker and Christian Bricker.

Insert 20  Copy of newspaper article. “Death Bullet on Way to Texas.” Killed John Bricker, soldier, 1836.


Folder 3     Biographies of George Bricker,  Peter Bricker, and Hans Peterson

Insert 1  Reminiscence and Recollections.

Genealogy of the Bricker Family. Written by David Bricker. 1884.

Insert 2  Biography of Hans Peterson. Handwritten.

Insert 3  Biography of Hans Peterson. Including verses written in Father Peterson’s album in 1802, prior to leaving Denmark for America.


Folder 4     Wills

Insert 1  Peter Bricker. 29 December 1760. (typed copy)

Insert 2  Christian Bricker. 23 May 1782. (typed copy)

Insert 3  History and will of Col. Michael Haberstick. Will dated 28 March 1793. (typed copy)

Insert 4  Matthias Bricker. Proved 8 March 1803. (handwritten copy)

Insert 5  Peter Bricker. 15 January 1837. (3 typed copies)


Folder 5     Bricker Homestead (The Spotted House)

Insert 1 3 photographs of marker on brick wall. Photographs transferred to the Photograph Collection, 6 October 2017.

“God bless this house and all that enters or goes out. God bless all the people and also all the land. To God alone be the honor and to no one else. A.D. 1759. Peter Bricker. Elizabeth Bricker.”

Insert 2 11 photographs of house and marker. Photographs transferred to the Photograph Collection, 6 October 2017.

Photograph of Warrena Bricker, age 12. 16 October 1950.

Envelope of McElroy Pharmacy, Lititz.

Insert 3  Description and translation of marker.

Letter to Mr. C. S. Bricker from Donald H. Kent, Associate State Historian, Pennsylvania Historical Commission. 10 July 1942.

Insert 4  Photocopy of article. “Ancient Lancaster Family Name in National Spotlight,” The Sunday News. Lancaster. 25 June 1944.


Folder 6     Land Surveys

Insert 1  Return of survey. 10 January 1733.

Warrant. 10 February 1733.

Patent. 21 March 1734. (typed copies)

Insert 2  Tracts of land on a branch of the Cocalico Creek, starting 1733.

Insert 3  Investigation into the early history of the Bricker family by M. A. Gruber.

Insert 4  Early history of the Bricker family and a letter from M. A. Gruber. Washington, DC. 22 May 1911.


Folder 7     Deed, Condition of Sale, and Agreements

Insert 1  Deed. Peter Bricker to Michael Miller and George Meiser. 1762.

Insert 2  Condition of sale. George Weidman to Jacob [Shwitz]. 25 November 1831.

Insert 3  Agreement between Daniel Hartford and Moses Habecker. 13 March 1846.

Insert 4  Agreement between Daniel Hartford and Jacob Hess, with a note regarding a fence. 28 January 1846.

Insert 5  Agreement between Daniel Hartford, David Bricker, and Jacob Hess. December 1847.

Insert 6  Agreement between John Whitcraft Sr. and John Whitcraft Jr. 28 July 1828.

Insert 7  Agreement between David Bricker and Henry Zug. 4 January 1833.

Insert 8  Conditions and agreement. Henry Lutz to Jacob Kurtz. 20 October 1832.

Insert 9  Agreement between Jacob Reist and Samuel Gsell. 27 August 1835.

Insert 10  Agreement between John Stinemetz and George Bolmer. 9 February 1841.

Insert 11  Agreement for the lease of a house and lot between William Treible and David Rile. 1837.

Insert 12  Agreement for sale of a farm between Michael Martin and Jacob Erb. 19 August 1851.

Insert 13  Agreement between Jacob Kemper and John Whitcraft. 4 September 1856.

Insert 14  List of deeds, Dauphin County, up to 1820, Bricker.


Folder 8     Correspondence, 1827-1954

Insert 1  To Peter Bricker from John Bricker, Texas, Austin’s Colony. Started a mill in Texas. 17 July 1827. (typed copy)

Insert 2  To John Bricker, Austin’s Colony, Province of Texas, from David Bricker in Warwick, Lancaster County. News of family, family businesses, navigation on the Schuylkill and Conestoga Rivers, and the completion of the Union Canal near Lebanon. 23 April 1831. (typed copy)

Insert 3  To John Bricker, San Felipe de Austin, Texas, from David Bricker in Warwick. News of births, deaths, and illness in family; local weather and its affect on crops; request for description of Texas to include climate, production, and trade; request for newspaper subscription and offer to subscribe to local paper to have sent to John in Texas. 30 July 1834. (typed copy)

Insert 4  Agreement between John R. Bricker and David Bricker. 1 January 1883. (typed copy)

Insert 5  To John R. Bricker from Daniel Trigg. Envelope has seal of The North American Mercantile Agency Co. 26 September 1893.

Insert 6  To Elizabeth Bricker from Mary Little Dice. With envelope. 16 August 1926.

Insert 7  To Mrs. S. D. Dice regarding genealogy. 22 October 1926.

Insert 8  To Charles G. Bricker from J. V. Hare. Letterhead of Reading Company, Philadelphia. 5 March 1945.

Stock certificate for Reading & Columbia Rail Road Company issued to David Bricker. 1862.

List of railroad companies and approximate market values for 1943-1945. 15 January 1945.

Envelope with return address of Louis Huebener, Insurance, Lititz.

Insert 9  Letter to Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Bricker regarding genealogy.

Insert 10  Letters to David Bricker from Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Bricker. With 2 envelopes. 23 July 1951, 11 September 1951, 17 October 1951.

Insert 11  Letter to Mrs. David Bricker from Mrs. Clyde Bricker with sympathy on the loss of her husband. With envelope. 11 February 1954.

Insert 12  Letter to Elizabeth Bricker and Eva Bricker from Maud F. Wilson. Genealogy notes. With envelope. 4 November 1953.

Insert 13  Genealogy note on the Holstein family.


Folder 9     Six egg account books. 1845-1864.


Folder 10     Account Books-Accounts with David Bricker

Maria Ohme, Lydia Mearling. [1842]-1847.

A. E. [Fetter], Lydia Mearling, and Mary Oehme. 1842-1852.

[H. Deppen]. 1842-1843.

Miss C. Peterson. 1842-1843.

Josephus Seller. 1841.

Levi Bentz, Joseph F. Fahs. 1844.


Folder 11     Account books of Andrew P. Grosh, account with David Bricker. 1842-1845.


Box 2

Folder 12     Account book of David Bricker. 1837.

Daybook of David Bricker. 1857-1863.


Folder 13     Bank Books of David Bricker

Lancaster Bank. 1838-1839, 1845-1847.

Farmers Bank. 1850-1864.


Folder 14     Receipt books of Peter Bricker. 1800-1812 (loose pages). 1812-1837.

Folder 15     Receipt book of Peter Bricker. 1825-1839.


Folder 16     Accounts and Invoices

Insert 1  Account book of David Bricker. 1842-1851.

Insert 2  Alphabetical lists of names, most are followed by an amount-[accounts with David Bricker]. No date.

Insert 3  Invoice and receipt to Mr. Bricker from Weems, Rawling & Co, Philadelphia. 9 October 1815.

Invoice to William Leininger, in account with David Bricker. 1863-1865.

Invoice to David Bricker. Billhead of Bomberger & Reed, dealers in coal, lumber, grain, hay, and salt. 21 February 1870.


Folder 17     Advertising

Insert 1  “A Balance Chart, exhibiting a complete and final balance of the accounts in a merchant’s leger, kept by double or single entry,” by James Bennett, accountant. New York, 1820.

Insert 2  Flier for Krauser’s portable cider and wine mill, and agricultural implements. F. S. Boas, Reading. J. Lawrence Getz, printer, Reading. No date.

Insert 3  Catalog for Lalance & Grosjean, importers of hardware, house furnishing goods, etc. New York. 1 March 1860.

Insert 4  Flier for Clement Planing Mill, Sunbury. 1872.

Advertisement for Wm. N. Needles’ Ammoniated Fertilizer, Philadelphia.


Folder 18     Catalogs

Faust & Winebrener. Hardware, cutlery, guns, etc. Philadelphia. 1851.

Faust, Winebrener & Co. 1858.


Folder 19     Catalogs

Marple, McClure & Co. Notions and fancy dry goods. Philadelphia. No date.

Martins, Peddle & Hamrick. Hosiery, gloves, buttons, fancy goods. Philadelphia. No date.


Folder 20     Catalogs

Frederick L. Kline’s Comb & Variety Store. Staple and fancy goods. Philadelphia. 1840.

William H. Brown & Co. Dry goods. Philadelphia. 1843.

Schroyer’s, central floral depot. Lancaster. Pearsol & Geist, Express Printing Office. 1873.


Folder 21     Supply Purchase Lists

Insert 1  Lucinda A. Bricker. No date.

Insert 2  Diehm & Bricker. No date.


Folder 22     Five supply purchase lists of David Bricker. One is for purchases at Livingston & Co. No dates.


Folder 23     Supply Purchase Lists of David Bricker, No date

Purchases at Reynolds, McFarland & Co. and two others.

Purchases from Samuel L. Witmer, in the care of Longenecker & Baker.

Purchases at G. Miller Son & Co. and Wise, Pusey & Wise.

Purchases at Acheson & Co., in the care of J. R. Bitner & Bros.


Folder 24     Six supply purchase lists of David Bricker. No dates.

Folder 25     Six supply purchase lists of David Bricker. No dates.


Folder 26     Political Papers

Insert 1  Election return for Senator. Berks County and Dauphin County. Christian Lower and John Christ. October 1800.

Insert 2  American Party (printed items)

Minutes of meeting held at the Lancaster Mechanics’ Hall. 14 August 1854.

Letter to members of the American Party. May 1855.

Call for the election of three delegates to go to convention. 1856.

Insert 3  Speech to promote a resolution to elect delegates to the county convention of the American Party. [1856].

Insert 4  Pamphlet. Political Running, or An Account of a Celebrated Race over the Pennsylvania Course, in the year 1823, for the Governor’s Purse. 1823.

Insert 5  Speech on the President’s message concerning Texas and New Mexico. Thaddeus Stevens. (printed) 14 August 1850.


Folder 27

Insert 1  Summons for David Bricker to serve as a petit juror. 1 June 1857.

Insert 2  Lottery ticket list. Shows ticket number, name of purchaser with place of residence, and lots. Type of lottery is not indicated. No date.


Folder 28     Printed Items and Church History

Insert 1  Prospectus for Father Abraham with terms of subscription. No date.

Insert 2  Song sheet from the Teachers’ Institute. 8 November 1869.

Insert 3  Newspaper article. “Leading Citizens in 1820 Endorse Outstanding Snuff Maker.” No date. (photocopy)

Insert 4  History of the Moravian Church. 6 pages, typed and taped together. No date.


Folder 29     Almanacs

Insert 1  New-Jersey Calendar. Calculated by Joshua Sharp. Printed by Jordon Downing, Philadelphia. Contains cures for common ailments, farming advice, stories, rates of postage, American Standard of Money, and dates of court sessions. 1814.

Insert 2  The Tribune Almanac and Political Register. The Tribune Association, New York. Contains members of Senate and House, Acts of Congress, a continuation of “The Slaveholders Rebellion,” “Native States of the American Born Free Population of the Union in 1860,” election returns for all states, and advertisements. 1865.