Broadsides Collection

Call number:  MG-357

2 boxes     19 folders     1 cubic ft. 

Repository: (Lancaster, Pa.)

Shelving Location:  Archives South, Side 9

Description:  Collection contains broadsides for lectures, stores, businesses, and organizations.

Creators: (Lancaster, Pa.); Lancaster County Historical Society (Pa.)

Conditions for Access:  No restrictions.

Conditions Governing Reproductions:  Collection may not be photocopied. Please contact Research Staff or Archives Staff with questions.

Language:  English, German, and Pennsylvania German

Source of Acquisition:  Source unknown unless noted at the item level.


Box 1

Folder 1     Printed flier for Paradise Lyceum. Date, time, and subject are not filled in. Printed at The Job Printing Office by J. H. Bryson. Lancaster. ca.1840; Photocopy of wood backing from frame notes Elam Witmer Eshleman was secretary about 1860. Gift of Gary Hawbaker, February 2002.

Folder 2     “Principals of the K. K. K.” Lists seven principles. Lancaster. No date. Purchased at Conestoga Auction Company, Inc., October 2004.

Folder 3     Prospectus of Lancaster Adler. Statement  of Friedrich List and letter from petitioners to establish a German newspaper in Lancaster. In German and English. 1826. Gift of Christian E. Metzler, 1 November 1912.

Folder 4     “A Short and Sincere Declaration, to Our Honorable Assembly, and all Others in High or Low Station of Administration, and to all Friends and Inhabitants of this Country, to whose Sight this may Come, be they English or Germans.” Written by Rev. Benjamin Hershey. 1775; Flier for the Philadelphia Mourning Store, Jones & Fisher. No date. Gift of Homer F. Lehman, November 1959. 

Folder 5     Toll chart for Manor Turnpike Road Co. Rates from Lancaster (city limits) to Millersville (Slackwater Turnpike or Frantz’s Mill), from West End Ave. to various locations, and for the Blue Rock Branch. No date. Purchased at auction.

Folder 6     Two fliers from the Sheriff’s Office giving notice of real property being levied. Printed fliers with blanks for name, date, and time. Lancaster. 185_, 186_. Transferred from the Objects Collection, Guild Vault, Drawer 11.

Folder 7     “The Faculty Scavengers.” Program for a burlesque. No date. Transferred from MG-94.

Folder 8     Flier advertising Theodore Roosevelt’s visits to Lancaster and Columbia.  28 October [1908].

Folder 9  Broadside for S. B. Cox Carriages. Sold by J. Q. Mercer and Jacob Gable, administrators of S. B. Cox. Church Street, Lancaster. No date. (poor condition) Gift of Gary Hawbaker.

Folder 10 Advertisement by Michael Bowman stating that he will not pay the debts incurred by his estranged wife. Printed by Francis Bailey, King Street, Lancaster. In German and English. 2 January 1775. (pasted onto backing) Transferred from the Objects Collection.

Folder 11 “Workers of Lancaster,” Lancaster Unemployed Council flier for a meeting Tuesday, 11 April [1933]. Gift of Kinsey Baker, 30 June 2006.


Folder 12 Transferred from List of Taxables for East Cocalico Twp., 1865, RG 08-02 [0302] Folder 16 on 5 February 2003.

“Gold! Gold!” Circular is addressed to potential stockholders. J. P. M. Kennedy.

Special notice to stockholders and agents from J. P. M. Kennedy, Mount Vista Gold and Silver Mining Company, New York, New York. 1865.

Notice advertising stock shares for the New York and Pennsylvania Oil and Coal Mining Co. John J. Lindsay, secretary and treasurer. [1864]



Folder 13  “For Sale 1 Lancaster Co. Farm (Top half washed down the Conestoga … minerals gone with top soil)” Broadside promoting The Lancaster County Soil Conservation District. Amos H. Funk, chairman, Millersville. Printed by Review Print, Ephrata. No date. Gift of James Chryst, in memory of Drue Young Chryst, May 2011.




Oversized Box

Folder 1    Circa 1952 Items transferred from MG-376 Optimist Club Collection.

Red, White & Blue colored broadside for Youth Appreciation Week. November 10-16. (2 copies)

3rd Annual Hobby Show to benefit the Boys Work Fund. April 16-18. Red lettering on white background.


Folder 2         1811, 1851

Posting of the List of the Members and Officers of the House of Representatives of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania for the Session of 1810-1811. Gives names of the districts, names of the Representatives, and places of residence. Mounted onto cardboard.

Broadside announcement. Mr. Samuel B. Haines, inventor of the Horse Power has authorized Jesse Landis, Esq. Of East King Street to collect back fees from people purchasing or making the horse power without paying the patent fee. Printed by S. A. Wylie, Cheap Job Printer, Lancaster Inquirer Steam Book and Job Printing Office, No. 30 North Queen Street. 1851.


Folder 3         No date, 1842

Handwritten listing of toll rates from Lititz to Lancaster. Has Listings for horse-drawn vehicles, automobiles, livestock. Small notes in red ink help the toll operator clarify rates (i.e., a horse-drawn sleigh = a carriage rate).

A printed petition from the citizens of Lancaster regarding the route of the railroad between Columbia and Philadelphia. Citizens want the railroad to go through Lancaster; worried about town economy if railroad passes by on another route. Petition committee:  Thomas Jefferies, Martin Shreiner, Jos. Scott, Hugh Maxwell.

A printed address from John Mathiot, Mayor of Lancaster, to the State House of Representatives and Senate. Discusses the progress of preparing Lancaster for the railroad. Mentions unexpected costs. Talks about loss of personal property along the chosen route. Discusses who should pay for some of the work and who should get the revenue.

A printed report of the committee to investigate the mysteries of animal magnetism read at Paradise Lyceum, 20 September 1842. Experiments conducted by Dr. William B. Fahnestock. Committee:  John Leaman, Henry Witmer, A. K. Witmer, F. Brinton, Enos Stevens, John C. Lefever, Redmond Conyngham, John F. Steele.

A printed election poster. A call “To the Jackson Men of Lancaster County.” Talks about other broadsides with different opinions and about the good Buchanan has done in his career.


Folder 4         [1850], 1957, 1958

An example of printing on an iron handpress. Red and black ink on white paper. A poem by Dr. Henry Harbaugh, “Die alte Feierheerd (the old hearth-fire).” Printed in both English and Pennsylvania German. Printed by Harry F. Stauffer, Printer & Tinker in the Village of Farmersville, Lancaster County. 1957.

An example of printing on an iron handpress. A poem by Dr. Henry Harbaugh, “Die alte Heemed (the old homestead).” Red and black ink. English and Pennsylvania German. H.F.S. 1958.

“The Proposed New Prison,” questioning the need for a new jail and the right of the commissioners to make the decision without first obtaining approval from two grand juries and the Court of Quarter Sessions. ca.1850. Transferred from museum flat files, Drawer 9.


Folder 5     Circa 1840

“Arithmetical Processes, Price $10.00” Advertisement for P. M. Deshong showing simple addition, simple division, simple subtraction, simple multiplication, and interest. Printed at the Union and Tribune Office, Lancaster. Circa 1840. Gift of the Evangelical and Reformed Historical Society, Lancaster, August 2000.


Folder 6     Cromwell & Bomberger, tailors. Mr. M. Bomberger and Mr. J. Cromwell. Notice that they have opened a business on North Queen Street, four doors from the courthouse and across from Mr. J. Michael’s tavern. “Coats made in the most fashionable Philadelphia and New York style.” Printed by Russel & Myers, East King Street, Lancaster. 12 April 1833. (water-damaged and a piece missing) Gift of Judith and Pedro Lopez, 4 June 2011.