Brown: Alice E. Brown Family Papers, 1727-1963

Call Number: MG-583

1 box     25 folders     .5 cubic ft.

Repository: (Lancaster, Pa.)

Shelving Location: Archives South, Side 12

Description: The collection of Alice E. Brown Family Papers of Christiana, PA contains genealogy and family records, deeds, land drafts, ads and ephemera for local businesses, bonds, estate papers, wills, and personal papers. Some of the deeds and maps are for property also owned by the Coates and Pownall families. Alice’s father was a race horse breeder and the collection contains certificates from the American Trotting Register for some of his horses.

Creator: Brown, Alice E., 1916-2010.

Conditions for Access: No restrictions.

Conditions Governing Reproductions: Collection may not be photocopied. Please contact Research Staff or Archives Staff with questions.

Language: English

Source of Acquisition: Gift of the estate of Alice E. Brown, 2 July 2010.

Related Materials: See also the Photograph Collections.

Biographical History: Obituary of Alice E. Brown, from the Lancaster Intelligencer Journal, 16 March 2010.

Alice E. Brown, age 93, of Christiana, PA passed away on Monday, March 15, 2010 at Tel Hai Retirement Community. She was born in Salisbury Twp., daughter of the late John H. & Lizzie F. Brown. She was a member of Latta Memorial Presbyterian Church of Christiana. Alice graduated from the Millersville Normal School in 1934. She was a School Teacher for 7 years at the former Simmontown one-room schoolhouse. She also worked for Dr. Beacher of Gap. She was known as a wonderful artist. She was preceded in death by 4 siblings: Norris, Phares, Lela and Leah Brown. She was the last of her immediate family. Funeral service will take place from the Shivery Funeral Home, 111 Elizabeth Street, Christiana, PA on Wednesday, March 17th, at 11 a.m. with Rev. Jane DeFord officiating. Interment will be in the Sadsbury Friends Burial Grounds, Gap, PA.

Administrative History: Processed by RW, February 2010; finding aid typed by SH, July 2013.


Folder 1 Alice E. Brown genealogy. Families of Mary Ann Hipple and William Brown.


Folder 2

Insert 1 Life of Aunt Grace and Uncle Frank, no author given. After 1960.

Insert 2 Family record of Jacob Brown (14 June 1827) and Barbara Brown (7 September 1844) 4 sons. Also death record of James B. Brown, 3rd son of Jacob and Barbara Brown (24 February 1869).

Insert 3 John Henry Brown’s family history as told by Janet L. Knox Wayser.

Insert 4 Four pages extracted from the family bibles with the lines of Samuel Brown and Ann Rhea (m. 21 April 1821), and Jacob (14 June 1888) and Barbara Brown (21 November 1904).

Insert 5 Brown Family History – Clemson Brown, 1932.


Folder 3

Insert 1 Letter from W. F. Beyer (lawyer) to Margaret C. Brown, for Lizzie [Brown] regarding the latter’s $2539.17 dower. 15 June 1893. Lancaster, PA.

Insert 2 Inventory of estate of Margaret C. Brown and papers of administration.

Insert 3 Release of Lizzie F. Brown and letters of administration 1908.1909.


Folder 4

Insert 1 Will of Lizzie F. Brown, widow, 12 December 1949.

Insert 2 Estate of Lizzie Brown, detailed July 1963.

Insert 3 Administrator’s account of Lizzie F. Brown’s estate. Filed 10 October 1963.


Folder 5 Estate of Lindley T. Brown annual payment to Margaret C. Brown $2539.17. (See also folder 1) 5 June 1893.


Folder 6 Personal papers of John H. Brown

Deposit box receipt, 1926

Supervisor’s commission, 1913

Marriage Certificate, 1892


Folder 7 Leah Brown

Deed for plot in Sadsbury Friends Cemetery


Folder 8 Alice E. Brown

Birth Certificate for voter registration, 1961

Voter registration cards 1937, 1961

Registration letter, 1961

Vaccination Certificate, 1922


Folder 9 Jacob Brown

Deed for cemetery plot in Union Cemetery 1874


Folder 10 Personal album of Sarah (Sallie) and Maggie Brown (1852 – 1865)


Folder 11 Miscellaneous Literary Pieces

Boehms Review, 1895

The Millersville Miscellany, 1936-1937


Folder 12 Breeder’s Certificates 1898-1936 (12)


Folder 13 Stud advertisement for “Young Rarus”, 1891 on Lindley Brown’s farm


Folder 14 School Items

Invitation to Central Manual Training School from H. Clinger Kunkel, June 1894.

Report card Phares Brown, son of John H. Brown. 1915-1916.

Simmontown School, Sadsbury Township. Picture 1939, grade book of Mary Louise Jackson, 1936-1937. Alice Brown also taught here.


Folder 15 Map of tract of land (84 acres, 18 Penn Property of Elizabeth Steele deeded to Theo. Pownall, September 1863. Note of map: “This tract is unusually affected with local attraction.” Names of those whose properties adjacent are noted).


Folder 16

Insert 1 Deed. Thomas Moore to John Fleming. 1727.

Insert 2 Land draft. John Fleming’s land as purchased from Thomas Moore. 1727.

Insert 3 Deed and receipt. Thomas Moore to John Fleming. 1727.


Folder 17 Deed. John Fleming to Robert Williams, 1756 also receipt on same sheet. Recorded 1795.


Folder 18 Deed. Robert Williams and Abigail McKneely (McNeely), 1771. Recorded 1771, 1795. Receipt, 1771.


Folder 19 Part of land draft for Jacob Eshleman, 1787. Contains the names and amount of land of settlers of 1702. Recorded 1795.


Folder 20 Deed of David and Hannah Brown and David Brown, Jr. for $750.00. 1808.


Folder 21 Deed. Isaac Taylor and Asahel Walker, executors of Joseph Elliot to John Murry and Susanna. Record land holder of 1702.


Folder 22 Land draft for Philip Howell, 1809, mentions 1702 recording. Indicates amount of land to be set aside for roads, 800 acres. This is a copy of the 1709 original.


Folder 23 Deed of David, Jr. and Lydia Brown to Absalom Dubree $400, 27 December 1813; recorded 3 May 1814.


Folder 24 Deed of Absalom and Ann Dubree to William Jimason for 75 acres. 15 May 1818. $825 recorded 15 May 1818


Folder 25 Deed of William Samson (Margaret) and Levi Pownall 75 acres and forty perches. $400 15 May 1818. (includes buildings, etc.). Recorded 6 September 1833.


Folder 26

1. Estate of John Murray

2. Release from Samuel Wasson to John Murray for legacy paid to the heirs of Ruth Wasson. 1842. Recorded 14 June 1842. Usher Wasson, Ann Wasson, Samuel Beecher, Eleanor Beecher, John Mews, Hanah Mews. 150 acres recorded.

3. Draught of a tract of land late the estate of John Murray (deceased), 69 acres, 2 perches, 12, 13 of August 1846.


Folder 27 Deed. Lindley Coates to Levi Pownall, 169 acres and 2 perches, $10,499.00. 29 March 1847. Recorded 12 March 1852.


Folder 28

1. Levi Pownall Sr. (deceased) to George Pownall. 169 acres, 154 perches. $12,915. Will date 5 February 1862 and proven February 1863; land appraised.

2. Levi Pownall Sr. will. 4 February 1863 (as above). Thomas has right to refuse property.

3. Bond. Geroge H. Pownall to George Whitson, paid $2,000

4. Land draft of 169 acres, 154 perches of George Pownall. Surveyed 1861 and 1862.


Folder 29   Bonds between Lindley T. Brown and the Pownalls (Martha, Ellen, Deborah)

a. Lindley T. Brown and Martha Pownall. $6,000. 1 April 1868.

b. Lindley T. Brown and Ellen Pownall. $3,000. 1 April 1868.

c. Lindley T. Brown and Deborah Pownall. $2,000. 1 April 1868.


Folder 30

Insert 1

a. George Pownall (and Harriet) to Lindley T. Brown. 27 April 1868.

b. 4 December 1873.

Insert 2

a. Lindley T. Brown and Susanna Brinton, loan of $10,000. 31 March 1881, from S. Brinton.

b. Mortgage. Lindley T. Brown to Susanna Brinton. $5,000. 2 April 1881.

c. Mortgage. Margaret C. Brown, administrator of estate of Lindley T. Brown, to Abraham F. Hostetter transferred Margaret C. Brown. $3,000. 1 April 1889.

d. Bond. Lindley T. Brown to Abraham F. Hostetter.


Folder 31 Deed. Hugh E. Steele to J. Norris Brown. 25 October 1939.


Folder 32 Deed to cemetery plot to Margaret Brown from Lutheran and Reformed Church. 26 September 1882. Receipt for $15,000.

Deed to plot adjoining Pikeland Church. 2 October 1882. Includes envelope to Lindley T. Brown.



Folder 33 Road construction, Route 215-6A

Insert 1 Agreement with John H. Swanger and Elizabeth F. Brown to dig a ditch. Envelope included letters to A. J. Bedard, District Engineer.

Highway permit to dig ditch with pipe as cattle pass.

Insert 2 Claim to state for $6,500. 23 November 1954. Deed and release (3 copies). Notice of payment. 15 December 1954. Also purchase order. Envelope from Attorney Benjamin F. Davis.


Folder 34   Auditors’ report of Sadsbury Township. 6 December 1915. (3 copies)


Folder 35 To J. H. Brown: “Good News for Farmers, ” 1904.

House worm powder advertisement.

“Progress in Plowing,” J. H. Brown agent.

Various other advertisements related to farming and likes of sales for local products (until 1963)