Bunn: William H. Bunn (South Hermitage, Lancaster County) Records, 1853-1932


Call Number: MG-560

35 volumes     6.25 cubic ft.

Repository: LancasterHistory.org (Lancaster, Pa.)

Shelving Location: Archives South, Side 12

Description: This collection contains daybooks and ledgers for William H. Bunn’s drygoods store in South Hermitage, Salisbury Twp., Lancaster County. The daybooks record the names of customers and items purchased; the ledgers record the names of customers and their debits and credits.

Creator: Bunn, William H.

Conditions for Access: No restrictions.

Conditions Governing Reproductions: Collection may not be photocopied. Please contact Research Staff or Archives Staff with questions.

Language: English

Source of Acquisition: Source unknown.



Book 1 Daybook. Wm. H. Bunn. 1853-1855.

Book 2 Ledger. Wm. H. Bunn. Pequea P. O., Salisbury Twp. 1853-1858. (binding is in fair condition)

Book 3 Daybook. Wm. H. Bunn. 1855-1860.

Book 4 Daybook. Bunn & Wallace. 1860-1861.

Book 5 Ledger. Bunn & Wallace. 1860-1865.

Book 6 Daybook. Wm. H. Bunn. 1862-1863.

Book 7 Daybook. Bunn & Ranck. 1863-1864.

Book 8 Daybook. Bunn & Ranck. 1864-1865.

Book 9 Ledger. Wm. H. Bunn. 1865-1869. (binding is in poor condition, cover and pages loose)

Book 10 Daybook. Wm. H. Bunn. 1865-1866.

Book 11 Daybook. Wm. H. Bunn. 1866-1867.

Book 12 Daybook. Wm. H. Bunn. 1867.

Book 13 Daybook. Wm. H. Bunn. 1867-1868.

Book 14 Daybook. Wm. H. Bunn. 1868-1869.

Book 15 Ledger. Wm. H. Bunn. Mt. Nebo/South Hermitage, Lancaster County. 1869-1873.

Book 16 Daybook. Wm. H. Bunn. 1869-1870.

Book 17 Daybook. Bunn & Weaver. 1870-1871.

Book 18 Daybook. Wm. H. Bunn and J. H. Weaver. 1871-1872.

Book 19 Daybook. Wm. H. Bunn. 1873-1875.

Book 20 Ledger. Wm. H. Bunn. 1873-1880.

Book 21 Daybook. Wm. H. Bunn. 1875-1876.

Book 22 Daybook. Wm. H. Bunn. 1876-1877.

Book 23 Ledger. Wm. H. Bunn. 1880-1884.

Book 24 Daybook. Wm. H. Bunn. With list of subscribers to the Stock Journal. 1882-1884.

Book 25 Ledger. Wm. H. Bunn. 1884-1890.

Book 26 Daybook. Wm. H. Bunn. 1886-1888.

Book 27 Daybook. Wm. H. Bunn. 1888-1890.

Book 28 Daybook. Wm. H. Bunn. 1890-1893.

Book 29 Ledger. Wm. H. Bunn. 1890-1897.

Book 30 Daybook. Wm. H. Bunn & Son. 1893-1894.

Book 31 Daybook. Wm. H. Bunn & Son. 1894-1898.

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Book 32 Daybook. Wm. H. Bunn & Son. 1898-1902.

Book 33 Daybook. Wm. H. Bunn & Son. 1902-1907.

Book 34 Daybook. Wm. H. Bunn & Sons. 1907-1926.

Book 35 Ledger. David Bunn. 1910-1932.