Buyers: John Buyers Family Collection, 1735-1985

Call Number:  MG-195

1 box     31 folders     .5  cubic ft.

Repository: (Lancaster, Pa.)

Shelving Location:  Archives South, Side 5

Description:  This collection contains an eight-generation genealogy of the family, 1735-1985; a narrative of a Galt-Buyers family moving from Pennsylvania to Illinois in 1844; many related land transactions; tax receipts and list; and correspondence, 1735-1892.

Creators:  Buyers, John; Buyers family

Conditions for Access:  No restrictions.

Conditions Governing Reproductions:  Collection may not be photocopied. Please contact Research Staff or Archives Staff with questions.

Language:  English

Source of Acquisition:  Gift of Charlotte B. Farr, 1990. 

Folder 1  The Buyers Family History & Genealogy. Charlotte Buyers Farr, 1985, gives an overview of much of the material in this collection and an eight-generation genealogy. 1985.

Folder 2  The Buyers Family History & Genealogy. This is a partial draft manuscript of Folder 1. 1985.

Folder 3  “A Galt family moves westward in 1844.” A pamphlet narrates the journey of Sarah Maria Buyers Galt and her husband, John Galt, from Lancaster County, Pennsylvania to Whiteside County, Illinois in 1844, as told by their daughter, Elizabeth M. Galt, to her niece, Mary Buyers in 1925-1926.

Folder 4  Deed. Thomas Green of Caln Twp., Chester County to David Shearer of Chester County for 200 acres in Caln Twp. Warranted 20 September 1734 and surveyed 20 October 1734. 29 December 1735.

Folder 5  Copy of Patent 258, 22 October 1741 for 335 acres in Lancaster County with a description of 150 acres returned on 25 May 1743 to Jacob Meidel and 236 acres to John Byers on 5 May 1748.

Folder 6  Conveyance from Samuel Williamson of Salisbury Twp., Lancaster County to John McCally and John Buyers for 100 acres in Salisbury Twp. Land warranted to Williamson 3 June 1743. 17 April 1750.


Folder 7  Pennsylvania Proprietor’s Receipts to John Byers

Insert 1  Receipt for quit rent on land in Salisbury Twp., Lancaster County. 25 May 1748.

Insert 2  Receipt. 27 March 1751.

Insert 3  Receipt. Original with copy. 26 March 1752.


Folder 8  Deed from William Byers to John Sharp, both of Salisbury Twp., Lancaster County, for his two shares of the estate of William Byers’ father, John, deceased. In exchange, Byers, who intended to travel to Europe, received from Sharp, his brother-in-law, a house and lot in Carlisle, 200 acres in York or Cumberland County and £125. 6 November 1761.

Folder 9  Release of John Byers and James and Catharine Morehead to Robert Byers in Salisbury Twp., Lancaster County for £215, 13 shillings and 4 pence, their shares of the John Byers estate. 20 February 1774. Recorded in Lancaster County, 11 December 1804.

Folder 10  Deed from Robert Byers to Lettitia Sharp, a sister, both of Salisbury Twp., Lancaster County, for one year’s occupancy of a house, garden, barn, etc. under penalty of £500 if not turned over in one year. 12 November 1782.

Folder 11  Letter from Thomas Duff to cousin, Captain Robert Byers, describing the death of his son, Henry, and mentioning other family connections. 17 February 1785.

Folder 12  Receipt in full for 61 acres in Salisbury Twp., Lancaster County to Robert Byers. 17 November 1787.

Folder 13  Tax receipt to Thomas Wason for 1788. 4 January 1790.

Folder 14  Order by Court of Quarter Sessions to layout a road from Meeting House Road in Salisbury Twp., Lancaster County to the Chester County line. The referenced map is not with the order. May 1799.

Folder 15  Handscribed pamphlet which appears to be a record of names and amounts paid by users of the Gap & Newport Turnpike to Robert A. Byers in Salisbury Twp. 1810-1811.

Folder 16  List of freeholders and tenants of an unidentified place and time. [Annotated in pencil as between 1801-1816 and presumed to be an assessment or tax list of residents in Salisbury Twp., Lancaster County since it is known that the listed Byers persons lived there.] [1801]-1816.

Folder 17  Map of Buyers’ land in Salisbury Twp., Lancaster County depicting the survey of 171 acres and 7 perches belonging to John M. Buyers and James A. Buyers. 23 April 1832.

Folder 18  Deed, Susanna Heneks. In German. 14 April 1839.

Folder 19  Deed from Joseph Franklin and Susan Paxson in Sadsbury Twp., Chester County to James Buyers in Salisbury Twp., Lancaster County for 10 acres and 55 perches. 20 March 1841. Recorded in Chester County, Deed X4-95-495, 23 May 1843.

Folder 20  Copy of the account of William P. Caldwell for Robert P. Buyers’ estate, Salisbury Twp. 24 April 1848.

Folder 21  Deed from Abel Griffith and Abner Griffith of Honey Brook Twp., Chester County and Nathan Griffith of Philadelphia to Amos Griffith of Honey Brook Twp. for 7,920 square feet of land in Waynesburg, Honey Book Twp. which was inherited from Benjamin Griffith by his four brothers named above. 11 December 1858. Recorded in Chester County, I6-131-523, 22 April 1859.


Folder 22  Letter and Bequest of John McCally (see also The Buyers Family History & Genealogy, Part II, page 13.)

Insert 1  Letter from Nathaniel Slaymaker on behalf of James McCally to his brother, John, recommending that the latter change his will. 26 November 1870.

Insert 2  Bequest initialed “J. B. L.” and attributed to John McCally per the above cited reference. No date.


Folder 23  Statement in Court of Common Pleas regarding the suit of D. W. Patterson and Robert McIlvain vs. John M. Buyers and James A. Buyers and certifying fees to be paid. January 1873.

Folder 24  Vendue list. List of items sold for James McCally, deceased, including the names of buyers and amounts. James A. Buyers, administrator. 30 December 1873.

Folder 25  Administrator’s account for James McCally’s estate, listing heirs and the amounts they received. 29 September 1874. Recorded 15 April 1875.

Folder 26  Executors’ account for the John McCally estate by Patterson and McIlvain. 19 August 1876.

Folder 27  Distribution of the John McCally estate listing organizations and persons and the amounts they received from the estate. 24 February 1879.


Folder 28  Will of William Buchanon in Honey Brook Twp., Chester County. 4 December 1885.

Certificate naming James Buyers an executor. 23 July 1887.


Folder 29  Orphans’ Court testimony regarding the estate of Martha Buchanon. Chester County. 25 September 1889.

Folder 30  Deed from Samuel and Sarah Lemmon of Honey Brook, Chester County to James Buyers for 305 acres and 87 perches in West Brandywine Twp., Chester County. 3 February 1892. Recorded in Chester County, Z10-247-43, 18 February 1892.


Folder 31  Miscellaneous, Undated Papers

Insert 1  Bequest of [Mrs. James Buyers] naming items and persons.

Insert 2  Poem of unknown origin.

Insert 3  List of mortgages and judgments.