Coulter and Hepler Land Records, 1733-1929

Call number:  MG-426

1 oversized box     7 folders     1 cubic ft.

Repository: (Lancaster, Pa.)

Shelving Location:  Archives South, Side 10

Description:  Collection contains property records for land in southeastern Lancaster County that once belonged to the Reids, Coulters, and Heplers. Types of records include deeds, land drafts, and articles of agreement. There is also a desk blotter for I. P. Hepler.

Creators:  Hepler, Walter R.; Hepler, Esther E.; Coulter, R. M.; Coulter family.

Conditions for Access:  No restrictions.

Conditions Governing Reproductions:  Collection may not be photocopied. Please contact Research Staff or Archives Staff with questions.

Language:  English

Source of Acquisition:  Gift of James P. Hepler, July 2007.

Biographical History:

Walter R. and Esther E. Hepler (parents of donor) purchased a farm from R. M. Coulter in 1929. The farm was located in Bart Twp. and Colerain Twp. with an address of 113 Rosedale Road, Quarryville. In the early 1930s, Walter was injured in a farm accident and the family had to sell the farm in a sheriff’s sale. They subsequently lived with Esther’s parents and helped on their farm, earning 50¢ per week plus meals and shelter. Somehow, Walter was able to keep the family’s truck through these difficult times.

He later was employed as manager at the Capital Theatre in Lancaster where he  earned $14.75 per week. He moved the family into a three-story house in Lancaster with indoor plumbing and electricity, which was an exciting change for the children-James and his sister, Dorothy. As the U.S. emerged from the Depression and entered World War II, Walter used his carpentry skills to obtain a position in the shipyards and earned $2.37½ per day.

James Hepler retired from Trojan Yachts as a boat-builder.


Folder 1

Insert 1  Land draft for Andrew and Sarah Read along the Octoraro Creek in Lancaster County. Originally land of Thomas Read, then of his son, Nathan Read, and then of Nathan’s widow, Sarah, who later married Andrew Read. Adjoined by John and Mary Thompson, John Read, and vacant land. Surveyed by Benjamin Eastburn. 12 April 1733.

Insert 2  Bond between Andrew Reid of Sadsbury Twp., Lancaster County and Nathaniel Coulter and Samuel Coulter of Sadsbury Twp., Lancaster County. 14 August 1741.

Insert 3  Indenture between Andrew and Sarah Reid of West Sadsbury, Lancaster County and Nathaniel Coulter, Samuel Coulter, and Hugh Coulter of West Sadsbury, Lancaster County for land in West Sadsbury Twp. 12 October 1745.


Folder 2

Insert 1  Articles of agreement between Nathaniel Coulter [Senior], Samuel Coulter, Hugh Coulter, Nathaniel Coulter [Junior], and James Coulter. 23 February 1759.

Insert 2  Indenture between Samuel Coulter to Hugh Coulter and Nathaneal Coulter [Junior], all of Lancaster County, for land in Bart Twp. 24 March 1761.

Insert 3  Articles of agreement between Nathaniel Coulter Sr. and Nathaniel Coulter Jr., both of Bart Twp. 31 October 1765.

Insert 4  Indenture between Hugh Coulter of Bart Twp. and John Coulter, his son, for land in Bart Twp. and Colerain Twp. 13 January 1794. Deed of gift witnessed by [   ] Hubley on 31 March 1794.


Folder 3

Insert 1  Land draft for Hugh Coulter. Adjoiners: Nathaniel Coulter, John Caughey, Samuel Downing, John Read, and John and Mary Thomson. No date.

Insert 2  Land draft for “John Coulter’s division of the old patented land.” Drawn from survey of old tract by John Parke. 18 September 1806.

Insert 3  Land draft for John Coulter in Bart Twp. Adjoined by Alexander Hunter and Jackson Armstrong. Surveyed by Isaac S. Eshleman. 1 September 1839.


Folder 4  Land draft showing tracts of John Coulter, Jackson Armstrong, and Alexander Hunter. Adjoined by B. B. Eshleman, Robinson, David Duire, Robert Dip, and Furgenson. Surveyed by William [Eshleman] and Isaac Eshleman. 1 September 1839.

Folder 5

Insert 1  Retrace of plan made by W. G. Eshleman and Isaac Eshleman, 1 September 1839. Made for R. M. Coulter by Frank M. Trout. May 1908.

Insert 2  Plan of farm of R. M. Coulter to Walter R. Hepler in Bart Twp. and Colerain Twp. Adjoined by William Reinhart, Edgar McNiss, Levin H. Jackson Sr., James McCauley, J. Buckley Johnson, John D. Beyer, John Homsher’s estate, J. B. Johnson, and Josephine Wilson. Surveyed by Jerre P. Trout. 12 March 1929.


Folder 6  Abstract of title for property of Rankin M. Coulter in Bart Twp. and Colerain Twp.; chain to 1740, 1743, and 1831. Search made by J. R. B. and G. T. H. on 19 March 1929.

 Folder 7  Two desk blotters of I. P. Hepler, agent for National Fire & Marine Insurance Co. of New Jersey. 315 North Queen Street, Lancaster. No date.