Daybook, Ledger, and Minute Book Collection, Series 3 Businesses

Call Number:  MG-266,  Series 3  Businesses

14 boxes     100 folders     9.5 cubic ft.

Repository: (Lancaster, Pa.) 

Shelving Location:  Archives South, Side 7

Description:  This series contains records for businesses throughout Lancaster County. The records include account books, daybooks, ledger, a hotel register, cash books, and sales records.

Creator: (Lancaster, Pa.); Lancaster County Historical Society (Pa.)

Conditions for Access:  No restrictions.

Conditions Governing Reproductions:  Collection may not be photocopied. Please contact Research Staff or Archives Staff with questions.

Language:  English

Source of Acquisition:  Source unknown unless otherwise specified at the item level.


 Box 1

Folder 1  Account Book of H. B. Bowman, Neffsville. General store. 1863-1866.

Folder 2  Ledger of Bull and Davies, journalists. 1842-1845.

Folder 3  Carpentry Ledger, contractors. 1836-1842.

Folder 4  Carpentry Ledger, contractors. 1858-1863.

Folder 5  Carpentry Ledger, contractors. 1864.

Folder 6  Account Book, Churchtown to New Holland. 1828-1854.


Box 2

Folder 7  Daybook of Thomas Whitson at Nobleville Mills. Nobleville, Sadsbury Twp. 1859-1860.

Folder 8  Daybook of Gordon Mitchel, Philadelphia. Record of merchandise sold and expenses. 1872-1873.

Folder 9  Daybook for F. Pierce Bard’s General Store in Oregon (Catfish), Lancaster County. 1882-1885. Gift of Stacy B. C. Wood Jr., 18 July 1980.


 Box 3 

Folder 10  Account book of Laura L. Sherts, [seamstress]. Broad Street, Lancaster. 1922-1926.

Folder 11  Account and memorandum book, possibly for a salesman. Owner and residence unknown. 1864.

Folder 12  Dental records. 1897-1901.

Folder 13  Credit ratings of area citizens used in connection with Diffenderfer Bros. Banking House. 1872-1893. Organized in 1872, the firm occupied two locations on North Queen Street before it closed in 1875. (Ellis & Evans, 516)

Folder 14  Ledger of Jacob Flick, boot- and shoemaker. 1857-1880.

Folder 15  Caernarvon Township Account of General Store.  1845-1846.

Folder 16  Good and Johns National House Boarding House in Lancaster. List of boarders. 1845-1850.

Folder 17  Charles Herbst Personal Account Book. 1862-1868. Dr. Charles Herbst studied medicine with Dr. William Fahnestock and commenced practice in Lancaster in 1804. In 1805 he was a prison physician. (Ellis & Evans, 253)


Box 4 

Folder 18  Hensel’s Store in Quarryville. Records and sales. 1856.

Folder 19  Daybook of George W. Hull, druggist. 22 West King Street, Lancaster. 1851-1857.

Folder 20  Account Book of George W. Hull, druggist. 1858-1864.

Folder 21  Cash Book. Independent Whig Inland Daily and Weekly. 1854-1857. (See Ellis & Evans,  503, 510)

Folder 22  Sales records of John K. Messner. Planing mill. Denver, Pa. 1912-1924 .


Box 5 

Folder 23  Book of Thomas McMullen, cattle dealer and auctioneer. 1867-1872.

Folder 24  Accounting Book of Sam Moore’s Smith Shop. 1830-1834.

Folder 25  Mount Hope Furnace, Rapho Twp. and Penn Twp. Account book. 1795-1797. Mount Hope Furnace was built by Peter Grubb in 1785. It was located near the head of Big Chickies Creek, at the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains, east of Cornwall. (Ellis & Evans, 305)

Folder 26  William L. Rineer. Jeweler’s account book. 1916.

Folder 27  Account book of Robert Scott and William Scott. Little Britain Twp. 1852-1856.

Folder 28  Business ledgers. Robert Scott and William Scott. Little Britain Twp. 1852-1856.

Folder 29  Post Office cash book. Hensel, Pennsylvania. 1893-1895.


Box 6 

Folder 30  Daybook. A. H. Summy. 1866-1881.

Folder 31  Account book of A. H. Summy. 1891-1901.

Folder 32  Record book of the Trenton Mutual Life Insurance Co. listing the policies issued. 1849. Records of Jesse Landis in account with the Chestnut Street Tract showing names of lot holders. 1854-1884. Loose papers from record book, with map of Chestnut Street Tract showing lot holders.

Folder 33  Account book for furniture store showing sales of furniture and bedding to customers in Lancaster City and Lancaster County. 1894-1898.

Folder 34  Daybook for general store in Bainbridge. (water damaged) October 1892-July 1893.

Folder 35  Daybook of [Samuel Weaver] for cattle sales. Loose papers from daybook. 1860-1861.

Folder 36  [Auction account book]. Lists names and amount owed, some marked paid. Receipt for H. C. Gingrich from Jesse McMullen for auctioneer services. 13 October [1866].

Folder 37  C. S. Mills’ Ledger Index. No date.


Box 7

Folder 38  Blacksmith Account Book of Jacob Usner. 1861-1888.

Folder 39  Daybook. Sales records of John Ziemer, proprietor of general store. Strasburg. 1822-1833.

Folder 40  Daybook. Unknown origin. 1886-1887.

Folder 41  Daybook of William Elliott. 1877-1893.

Folder 42  Daybook. Unknown origin. 1858-1860.

Folder 43  Daybook. Unknown origin. 1860-1861.


Box 8 

Folder 44  Daybook of Daniel S. Geist, blacksmith. Blue Ball, Earl Twp. 1841-1846.

Folder 45  Daybook of Daniel S. Geist, blacksmith. Blue Ball. 1846-1856. Loose papers from daybook. 1848-1850.

Folder 46  Hotel register. H. M. Shaub, proprietor. Possibly southern Lancaster County. 1913-1914.

Folder 47  Daybook of S. R. Bear. Mount Joy. 1864-1865.


 Box 9 

Folder 48  Daybook of Isaac Whitelock. 1 page used in 1867. 1753-1776.

Folder 49  Photocopy of account book of Daniel O’Neal (1796-1826), shoemaker, 1816-1824, and account book for a tavern, 1817-1826. [Falmouth]. Gift of Marion O’Neal, 7 April 2006.

Folder 50  Waste book of David Jenkins. Windsor Forge.  1786-1787.

Folder 51  Daybook of Worst & Shertz, dry goods and groceries. Henry Worst Jr. and C. M. Shertz, proprietors. Springville, Salisbury Twp., Lancaster County. 1882-1883. Purchased from Rosamond L. duPont Books, Kennett Square, January 2005.


Box 10

Folder 52  Daybook R for a plumbing supply company which served Lancaster County and Lebanon County. 1887-1900. Gift of Thomas R. Ryan in memory of Alice Gray Freund, February 2005.


Folder 53  Account book of Henry Kelso, wheelwright. Transactions of a farm implement business, including the sale and barter of replacement parts and their installation. Little Britain Twp. 1866-1885. Purchased from Carmen D. Valentino, dealer, Philadelphia, Fall 2003.

Insert 1  Loose papers from the account book including invoices, receipts, and specifications for a house for Eliza Gibson.


Folder 54  Ledger book for the Bowman Store. Millersville. 1855-1878.

Folder 55  Account book of Marks Groff. In German. 1822-1826.

Folder 56  Account, ledger, and letter book of Robert Jenkins for a steel company. 1830-1841.

Folder 57 John Hoff’s book of clocks made and sold in Lancaster. 1800-1816. Transferred to MG-572 on 3 March 2013.


Box 11

Folder 58  Minutes of the Board of Directors of the Lancaster County Farm Bureau. 1962-1965.

Folder 59  Account book of Zachariah T. Hayes, carriage body maker. Lancaster. 1884-1892. (volume is in poor condition) Transferred from the Museum, August 2004.

Folder 60  Stockholders list and meeting minutes for the Scales Company at Green Tree. By-laws, 1847. Minutes, 1847-1854. Gift of Miss Abigail Jackson.

Folder 61  Account book of William Enston, electrical contractor. Lancaster. 1894-1900. Book was later used as a recipe book with newspaper clippings pasted to many pages. (volume is in extremely poor condition—use photocopy) Gift of Burnell and Beverly Wagaman, March 2006.

Folder 62  Ledger book of G. G. Lorah, livestock dealer and merchant. Union Stock Yards, 1971-1981. Lancaster Stock Yards, 1981-1984. Gift of George and Doris Hough, 29 July 2004.


Box 12

Folder 63  Daybook of Martin Rohrer. Osceola Mills, Paradise Twp. 1846-1878. Gift of Carol Kloss, February 2003.

Folder 64  Daybook of Martin Rohrer. Osceola Mills, Paradise Twp. 1876-1879. Gift of Carol Kloss, February 2003.

Folder 65  Ledger book of Ira P. Hambleton, laborer, of Drumore Twp. 1906-1922. Gift of Gary Hawbaker, 19 December 2007.


Books 66 to 79 appear to be associated with the same person or family. The daybooks are for businesses which include a general store, blacksmithing, and the sale of liquor. “W. S. Smith is written inside the cover of Book 99; “W. S. S.” is written on the cover of Book 104. Manor and Bainbridge are also noted in the volumes.

Book 66  Daybook. 14 September 1878 to 5 December 1879.

Book 67  Daybook. 3 January 1879 to 8 February 1879.

Book 68  Daybook. 10 July 1879 to 6 September 1879.

Book 69  Daybook. 6 September 1879 to 28 October 1879.

Book 70  Daybook. 5 March 1880 to 1 July 1880.

Book 71  Daybook. 27 September 1880 to 6 November 1880.

Book 72  Daybook. 9 February 1883 to 30 March 1883.

Book 73  Daybook. 19 May 1883 to 2 July 1883.

Book 74  Daybook. 25 September 1883 to 3 November 1883.

Book 75  Daybook. 5 November 1883 to 15 December 1883.

Book 76  Daybook. 26 August 1884 to 20 October 1884.

Book 77  Daybook. 21 October 1884 to 26 December 1884.

Book 78  Daybook. 16 January 1886 to 5 May 1886.

Book 79  Daybook. 24 September 1887 to 8 December 1887.


On shelf

Book 80  Schneebeli, Julius. Bindungslehre & Dekomposition der Schaft-Gewebe. Zurich: Zurcherische Seidenwebschule, I. Kurs. 1899-1900. Pattern book of the Stehli Silk Company, Lancaster. Transferred from the Library, 2007.

Book 81  Register No. 8 of the Lancaster County Mutual Insurance Co. Shows policy number, name(s) of insured, municipality of property, types of structures, value of structures, and insurance premium. 1869-1875. Gift of Gary Hawbaker, February 2007.


Box 12

Folder 82  Record of telegrams sent. 1847-1849.


Box 13


Folder 83  Ledger of Joseph Workman (1776-1848), tavern keeper and wagoner. Near East Petersburg, East Hempfield Twp. 1806-1831. Purchased from dealer, August 2008.


Folder 84  Ledger of Joseph Stubbs [1760-1856], Quaker farmer and wagoner. Records include farm records; hauling pottery from Wilmington, Delaware, sugar from Newport, Delaware, lumber, flour and wheat from Carlisle, rockfish to Wilmington, Delaware; accounts of his hired laborers and buying them clothes; buying a beaver hat in Baltimore; dealing with free African Americans, Negro Frank and Negro Philips; and a 1795 account for building a log house for Daniel Stubbs and repairs to the Little Britain Meeting House. Little Britain Twp. 1787-1812. Second record keeper is James B. Long. Little Britain Twp. 1858-1868. Purchased from dealer, August 2008.


Folder 85  Daybook of [John Leaman] for coal, dry goods and produce. Lehman Place. 1864-1867.


Folder 86  Ledger of Philip Brehm, carpenter, for making and repairing furniture, coffins, tool maintenance and supplies. Petersburg, Hempfield Twp. 1827-1854. List of attendees to a public sale. 1867.


Folder 87  Account book of Philip Brehm, carpenter, for carpentry work and tool maintenance. Petersburg, Hempfield Twp. 1832-1840.


Book 88  Account book, “Provision Book A,” of Alexander & King, dry goods store. Includes White Rock Forge, September-November 1846. [Little Britain Twp.] 1846-1856. (on shelf next to box)


Book 89  Account book of Vincent King & Co. with accounts for Deer Creek Forge and White Rock Forge. [Little Britain Twp.] 1849-1858, 1886-1908. Family tree of James Embree. Handwritten story, based on actual events, “John and Mary, the Fugitive Slaves,” pages 162-169. Part of the volume was used as a scrapbook and the loose newspaper clippings are in Folder 90. (on shelf next to box)


Folder 90  Newspaper clippings from the Vincent King & Co. account book, Book 89. 1886-1900.


Book 91  Ledger of Harry M. Musser, silverplater and umbrella handle maker. 19-23 New Street, Lancaster. 1902-1906. Gift of R. Chandler Heagey. (on shelf next to box)


Book 92  Account book of Miller Hardware Co., proprietor Isaiah Miller, Marietta. Isaiah Miller and S. R. Stibgen opened the store on 24 March 1871. The partnership was dissolved 19 April 1871. The store was in the Miller family until May 1950, when it was sold to S. G. Longenecker of Manheim. 1871-1875. Gift of Mrs. Benjamin Finfrock and Mrs. James H. Ramsey, granddaughters of Isaiah Miller, 16 December 1981. (on shelf next to box)


Folder 93  Daybook, perhaps for purchases from a company store. Safe Harbor. September 1868-November 1871.


Book 94  Ledger and account book for a [music or piano] store, showing pianos sold and charges for tuning. 1895-1904. (on shelf next to box)

Book 95  Journal of the Rhinehart/Reiner/Reynard Gun Mill. Photocopy of Michael Reiner’s daybook for the mill with an index to clients; deed for land in [Conestoga Twp.] from Samuel Boyer to Jacob Boyer and Michael Reiner, 5 January 1770; and genealogical information. [1772-1821] Note: Michael Reiner made rifle barrels. Some of the entries at the back of the volume were made by Michael’s son, Jacob, after Jacob moved to Erie County in 1834. Gift of Kathy Reynard.

Book 96  Ledger No. 2 for John H. High’s store in Spring Grove, East Earl Twp., for the sixth year of business. 1871-1872. Note: John H. High bought the store from M. Sensenig & Son in 1865. High was elected Sheriff of Lancaster County for 1882-1884. He lived on Duke St. when he moved to Lancaster City. He is the donor’s maternal great-grandfather. Gift of George J. Willauer, 21 June 2010.


Box 14

Folder 97 Ledger for Howard F. Rollman’s Harness Shop at 28 North Main Street, Manheim. All entries are recorded as “merchandise.” 1900-1938.

Insert 1 “Rollman’s Harness Shop,” Our Heritage, newsletter of the Historic Manheim Preservation Foundation, July 2006. Information was compiled from the Manheim Sentinel, 28 September 1939.


Folder 98  Daybook of cobbler’s accounts and labor. Shows names of clients and laborers. [Springville.] 1854-1855. (poor condition—water damage)


Folder 99 Minute and dividend book of Safe Padlock and Hardware Co., Lancaster. Contains by-laws, minutes for the annual meetings of stockholders and the Board of Directors, and dividend disclosures and payments. The company had its first annual meeting of stockholders on 12 May 1904 and was dissolved on 20 December 1919. Transferred from the Research Library.



Folder 100 Account book for Springwell Forge. The accounts mostly show payment to workers and for supplies, but also show connections with the Slaymaker family, Robert Coleman and the Grubbs. Contains information about the workers and the property. African American laborers are among the employees. In 1835, Sarah Grubb wrote a few diary entries in the book. 1805-1807. Purchased from dealer, March 2014.

Brief history of the property: Springwell Forge began as a plaster mill and was located in Paradise Twp., along Pequea Creek. According to historian Jim Miller, “William Young was granted water rights in the late 1600s and erected a small mill with which to grind limestone. The next mill was built and operated by Samuel Patterson in 1756; who three years later died, and the mill was sold from the estate to Jacob Ludwick. Ludwick ran the mill from 1759 to 1783, when it was sold to George Eckert. George built the new mill, 40’X 53’limestone/frame in 1800 and operated it as Springwell Forge until his death in 1807. George Eckert Jr. inherited the mill from his father and operated the grist mill and a saw mill from 1807 thru 1829.” Directions: From the junction of Pa 340/Old Philadelphia Pike and Pa 772/E. Newport Road in the town of Intercourse, go about 2 miles SE on Pa 772, turn right on Osceola Mill Road, go another mile to the Pequea Creek with the mill and Osceola Mill House B&B on the opposite side. The name was changed to Osceola Mill in 1868 when Martin Rohrer purchased the property.