Daybook, Ledger and Minute Book Collection, Series 4 Individuals

Call Number: MG-266, Series 4 Individuals

7 boxes     58 folders      3.5 cubic ft.

Repository: (Organization); PV7

Shelving Location: Archives South, Side 7

Description: This series contains records for individuals who resided in Lancaster County. The records include account books, daybooks, ledgers, and personal records.

Creators: (Lancaster, Pa.); Lancaster County Historical Society (Pa.)

Conditions for Access: No restrictions.

Conditions Governing Reproductions: Collection may not be photocopied.Please contact Research Staff or Archives Staff with questions.

Language: English

Source of Acquisition: Source unknown unless otherwise specified at the item level.

Custodial History: Folders 1-45 were formerly in Series 5 Individuals. Series 4 contained the records of Lancaster fire companies which were moved to MG-518 through MG-525. Folders 46-49 were formerly in Series 10 Estate Records.


Box 1 

Folder 1 William Billman, Justice of the Peace for Lebanon. His travels. 1850.

Folder 2 Account book of Jacob Brubaker and wife. Goods sold at Monterey since 2 April 1856. 1856.

Folder 3 Personal accounts of Benjamin Champney, lawyer. 16 E. King Street, Lancaster. 1865-1871.

Folder 4 R. E. Dickey’s List of Birds and Reptiles Stuffed. 1860-1865.

Folder 5 Receipt book. Ann Margaret Fick. Lancaster. 1838-1840.

Folder 6 Account book of Christian Frick, Mrs. Margaret Frick and Mrs. Rebecca Frick. Lancaster. 1824-1835.

Folder 7 James (Jacob) Good’s account book, for the estate of John Thompson. 1819-1822.

Folder 8 Daniel Hamacher, farmer. Journal and bank notes. Hempfield Twp. 1819-1861.

Folder 9 Daybook of Peter Hershey. [1873-1878]. Gift of Carol Kloss, February 2003.


Box 2  

Folder 10 Ledger of Jacob Hartman. 1758-1765.

Folder 11 George Hensel, carpenter. Personal accounts and payments. Lancaster. 1875-1890.

Folder 12 Nature Notes and Bird Observations by Philena Jackson. 1911-1913.

Folder 13 Samuel Miller Receipt Book. Philadelphia. 1861-1866.

Folder 14 Samuel and Eliza Sener Miller account book. Philadelphia. 1866-1896.

Folder 15 Account of money expended for personal expenses by John Seldomridge. 1852.

Folder 16 Account book. J. F. Weaver. 55 West King Street, Lancaster. 1873.

Folder 17 Account book of Celia R. S. Goodell for expenses of Eliza S. Miller. 1896-1897.

Folder 18 Account book. Unknown origin. 1868-1869.

Box 3 

Folder 19 Account book. Unknown origin. September-December 1845

Folder 20 Ledger book. Unknown origin. 1870-1876.

Folder 21 Account book. Unknown origin. 1812-1823.

Folder 22 Farm ledger of Samuel M. Gockley. 1876-1910.

Folder 23 Copies of unrecorded deeds that came into the possession of Allan A. Herr (1849-1937), realtor. Deeds are eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. No date.

Folder 24 Account book of Allen A. Herr, realtor. 1868-1872.

Folder 25 Daybook, possibly from the northeastern part of the county. (Covers are missing.) 1849-1860. Gift of Elaine Ewing Holden.

Folder 26 Account book for farm work. 1843-1854.

Folder 27 Account book of J. Heyberger. 1863-1872.

Folder 28 Receipt book of William Bausman,1786-1832; Elizabeth Bausman, 1833-1853; and Mary Bausman and Catherine Bausman. 1854-1865.

Folder 29 Pocket diary of [John Smith]. Some accounting and various, random, personal notations. Contains instructions for dances: Polka Quadrille, Mazourka Quadrille, Volacca Quadrille, Robinson Schottische, Varieties Quadrille, Durang Schottische, and Lancers. 1873. Transferred from the Library, Fall 2002.


Box 4

Folder 30 Account book of [Bertha Cochran Landis]. 1944-1947.

Folder 31 Account book with vendue list, accounts, and election returns. Unknown origin. 1858-1863.

Folder 32 Receipt book of Kitty Connor and Elizabeth Connor. 1779-1808.

Folder 33 Receipt book of Alfred M. Brown. 1862-1876.

Folder 34 Lists of names by municipality collected by J. S. Shirk. Purpose is unknown. Contains list of teachers. No date.

Folder 35 Bank book of John Holl. First National Bank of Strasburg. 1882-1898. Account book of Milton C. Holl. Strasburg. Blank book purchased from B. F. Spiehlman, Strasburg. 1894-1898.

Folder 36 Receipt book of John A. Erben for materials purchased to build his house at the corner of Orange Street and Lime Street in Lancaster. 1864-1867. John A. Erben (1827-1898) married Anna E. Musselman in 1855. He retired from his career as a tailor in his forties and began a new career as a store clerk. The volume contains receipts for stone, lumber, grading the property, brick, removing trees, gas and water pipes, tin work, paving, plastering, fencing, slate, painting, and furniture. The receipts were signed by the vendors, but do not give details of the items purchased, such as the types of furniture. Gift of Richard Erben Thomas, October 2008.

Folder 37 “Private memorandum book” of John Steele, Jr. Receipts, accounts, stocks. 1816-1842. Insert contains loose papers from memorandum book. 1829-1853.

Folder 38 Account book of Adam Sheaffer. Earl Twp. 1796-1800.

Box 5

Folder 39 Account book of Adam Sheaffer. Earl Twp. 1830-1842.

Folder 40 Personal records of Christian Newcomer, farmer. Salunga. 1875.

Folder 41 Account book, James S. Paxson, farmer. Oak Hill, Little Britain Twp. 1855-1881.

Folder 42 Account book. Unknown origin. 1863-1921.

Folder 43 Account book of George Bender and Kinzer Bender. 1811-1859. Loose papers from account book are in envelope. 1839-1886.

Folder 44 Account book. Benjamin Brandt, farmer in Manheim. 1848-1878.

Folder 45 Receipt book of Philip Metzger, Jr. and for his estate. 1818-1890.

Box 6

Folder 46 Daily record of grain purchased, Philip Beckard Estate. 1872.

Folder 47 Account book. Estate of John S. Stager and wife. 1854.

Folder 48 Enoch Passmore’s estate account book, executed by James Smith. 1859-1863.

Folder 49 Receipt book for the estate of Gen. John Steele. 1827-1846. Loose papers from receipt book. 1832-1846.

Folder 50 Daybook of Isaac Grube, 1860-1883. Isaac was a farmer in Warwick Twp. The farm was likely located on Rudy Dam Road. He and his wife, Susanna Sheaffer, are buried at Rothsville Lutheran Cemetery. Gift of Weidler Grube, 2 July 2009. Given in memory of Isaac Grube’s sons, George S. Grube and Wayne S. Grube. Weidler is Isaac’s great-grandson.

Folder 51 Gift of Weidler Grube, 2 July 2009.

Insert 1 Loose papers from inside the front cover of the daybook

Mr. Hollinger received payment from I. Grube for tuition. New Haven. 18 June 1869.

List of [payments to or from] Isaac Grube. 1876-1881.

Receipt for annual payment from Isaac Grube for stall rental at the Eastern Market House in Lancaster. Stall no. 41, Avenue C. 5 April 1890.

Invoice and receipt for purchases of groceries from H. C. Seldomridge in Rothsville. 27 September 1900. Billhead of H. C. Seldomridge, groceries and general merchandise.

T. M. Storb & Sons received payment from Isaac Grube for a gravestone for Douglas S. Grube. 31 October 1906.

Invoice and receipt for purchase of shingles from Bear & Long in Lititz. 20 June 1907. Billhead of Bear & Long, dealers in lumber, coal, salt, plastering hair and fertilizers.

Invoice and receipt for purchase of lead, ochre, zinc, putty, sandpaper, varnish, wallpaper and paper hanging from Tobias Daniel in Akron. 18 October 1907. Billhead of Tobias Daniel, practical painter and grainer.

Receipt for school and building tax in Warwick Twp. Signed by S. G. Weachter, tax collector. 7 November 1907.

Blotter from The Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Co. of Milwaukee. [1916]

Insert 2 Loose pages from another daybook. Disston, Pa. 1898-1900. (in fragile condition)

Folder 52 Account book of Martin Eckman in account with Roth & Bomberger in Rothsville for dry goods. 1855-1856. Gift of Carmen D. Valentino, 3 July 2009.

Folder 53 Daybook of Martin Weaver showing farming and names of laborers. Possibly Earl Twp. 1845-1894. Gift of Jay M. Eberly, 13 April 2009.

Folder 54 Ledger for labor and related farming expenses. [Southern Lancaster County]. 1854-1907.

Box 7

Folder 55 Copy of account book of executors prepared for Orphans’ Court Case, February Term 1878: Henry M. Watts vs. B. I. Hiestand and Amos Bowman, executors of Henry Musselman, deceased. 1855-1881. Filed 1882.

Folder 56 Daybook of George Morry. Lancaster. 1828-1835.

Folder 57  Daybook of Thomas Robinson showing expenses, receipts and payments. 1871-1892.

Folder 58  Daybook. Kept by a laborer or a farmer who employed day laborers. The owner of the daybook is unidentified, but could be Abraham Metzger (1863-1943). Many of the names recorded are from the East Lampeter Twp. or West Lampeter Twp. 1902-1921. Gift of Barry David and Nina Shapiro, in memory of Mr. Spencer Downing, 15 August 2018.