Diffenderffer: Frank R. Diffenderffer Collection, 1738-1920

Call number:  MG-166

1 box      27 folders     1 cubic ft.

Repository:  LancasterHistory.org (Lancaster, Pa.)

Shelving Location:  Archives South, Side 4

Description: This collection contains documents collected by Mr. Diffenderffer. The documents include letters, court papers, indentures, receipts, land drafts, and minutes. Most involve prominent Lancastrians such as George Ross and Jasper Yeates, and businesses such as Mount Hope Furnace and the Lancaster, Elizabethtown & Middletown Turnpike Road Company.

Creator:  Diffenderffer, Frank R.

Conditions for Access:  No restrictions.

Conditions Governing Reproductions:  Collection may not be photocopied. Please contact Research Staff or Archives Staff with questions.

Language:  English

Source of Acquisition:  Gift of Frank R. Diffenderffer.

Note:   Collection retains original organization.

Folder 1
Insert 1  Indenture of Solomon M. Creasy, signed by Solomon Creasy (father). Other names: Peter Shware, F. A. Bickham. 1770.
Insert 2  Declaration concerning Frank, a Negro slave, signed by John Wilkes Kittera and Witnessed by John Hubley. 1789.
Insert 3  Announcement of insolvency, signed by William Skiles. Other names: William Sheef, John Trissler. 1789.
Insert 4  Indictment for assault and battery, The King vs. Tobias Stoneman, Andrew Fehl. Other names: Mary Faghterin, John Hubley. 1769.
Insert 5  Approval of James Anderson and James Anderson, Jr. as sheriff. Proposed by William Kelly, Esq. 1778.
Insert 6  Extract from minutes, signed by James Trimble for T. Matlack. Call of militia to service. 1781.
Insert 7  Extract from minutes, signed by James Trimble for T. Matlack. Call of militia to service.Other name:  Col. Adam Hubley. 1781.
Insert 8  Receipt for 2 kegs powder from John Hubley, signed by Erasmus Gill. 1779.

Folder 2         Orders by Jacob W. Andrews, Justice of the Peace for townships of Donegal, Mount Joy and Rapho to Constables.
Insert 1  Court Order to Leonard Bender. Other names: George Reedly, Charles Odonel. 1840.
Insert 2  Order to John Myers, Constable, to summon Michael Fissel and Bernhard Foltz of Elizabethtown. Other names: George Reedly and Christian Steinert. 1840.
Insert 3  Order to John Myers, Constable, to summon William McGown and David Kline of Mount Joy. Other names: George Reedly.
Insert 4  Orders to John Reedly, Elizabethtown. Other name: William McGown. 1840.
Insert 5
1.  Order to John Fultz, Constable, to summon Charles Odonell of West Donegal. Other names: George Reedly, Jacob Andrews. 1840.
2.  Note to Jacob Andrews regarding being appointed Referee along with John Hatz and Daniel Elliot for case before Jacob Redsecker. 1840.
Insert 6  Orders to the constables of Elizabethtown and Mount Joy to summon Christian Steinert and Jacob Shaffer. Other names: George Reedly, John G. Swan, Christian Steinert. 1840.
Insert 7  Orders to the constables of Elizabethtown and Mount Joy to summon David Sharer and Joseph Kauffman. Other names: George Reedy, Christian Flowers.
Insert 8  Court Order to George Ross and William Berry. Other names: George Reedly, Charles Odonell. 1840.

Folder 3
Insert 1  Copy of a bond, certified by Henry Hibshman, Recorder. Witnessed by Henry Hibshman and Nathaniel Lightner. 8 names listed. 1829.
Insert 2  Judgment to John Lechler, Constable regarding Peter Mauer vs. John Hubley, Sr. Signed by George Mattes. 1815.
Insert 3  Agreement between John Hubley of Lancaster and John Macgregor of Philadelphia. Witnessed by Samuel J. Bradford and Peter Macgregor. 1803.
Insert 4  Letter from William West to Stephen Chambers. Other name: Samuel Purviance. 1787.
Insert 5  Subscription list of Washington Clark, teacher in Lampeter Twp. at H. S. Road School. 9 names listed. 1849.
Insert 6  Bond, Abraham Kauffman to George Zeigler. Other names: Henry Dederick, Michael Pine, Sheriff. 1802.
Insert 7  Notice from Orphans Court signed by John Passmore, Clerk regarding estate of Henry Bowman, Lampeter Twp. 1809.
Insert 8  Expenses of administrator, estate of Dr. John Kenedy. Witnessed by John Willson, David Watson. 1779.
Insert 9  Constable’s notice from Jacob Myers, West Hempfield Twp. Other names: James Haton, Jacob Bletz, A. Metzger. 1849.
Insert 10  Attachment signed by Prothonotary, J. Bowman. Other names: James C. Evans, Samuel Evans, John Clark, Amos Slaymaker, Frances Evans, Ellis Lewis, J. Huber, Jr. 1849.
Insert 11  Appraisement of Evan Evans Estate signed by John Barr, Sheriff. Other names: George Kline, Henry Myers, G. Breuner, Jacob Huber, Jasper Yeates. No date.

Folder 4         Letters
Insert 1  Samuel P. Wetherill, Philadelphia to John F. Steinman. 1811.
Insert 2  Thomas Wistar of Philadelphia to Joseph Hubley. Other name: William Nelson. 1792.
Insert 3  Thomas Wistar, Philadelphia to Joseph Hubley. 1795.
Insert 4  William West Jr., Lancaster to Jasper Yeates. Other names: George Stevenson, Thomas Charlton, Daniel Wildred, Joseph Galloway. 1774.
Insert 5  John Myers, Lancaster to his brother. 1856.
Insert 6  William H. Howell, Philadelphia to Sidney Myers, his cousin, regarding family genealogy. Other names: William Wilson Howell. 1862.
Insert 7  Edward Krug, Philadelphia to his cousin. 1856.
Insert 8  H. V. Krug, Philadelphia to his brother. Other name: George White. 1848.
Insert 9  S. H. Myer, Lancaster to Miss Josephine Myer. Other names: Charles Steinman, George Reed, Ron Jenkins. No date.
Insert 10  James Cameron, Sunbury on letterhead of The Northern Central Railway Company. 1859.
Insert 11  John Meyer, Washington City to his wife. Written at desk of John Quincy Adams. 1841.
Insert 12  Norman Metzger, Philadelphia to Joseph Hubley via J. Frey. Other names: George Bickham. 1795.

Folder 5         Letters
Insert 1  Lizzie Minnich, Washington City to Miss Eliza Smith. Other names: Hon. A. Herr Smith, Joseph P. Kelley. 1863.
Insert 2  Wager Habacker, Philadelphia to Joseph Hubley. Other names: Adam Reigart, Henry Witmer, Mary Wegman, John Witman. 1788.
Insert 3  Samuel Atlee, Pequea to John Nicholson. Other names: Capt. Henry, Mr. Hopkins. Part of the letter is missing. 1785.
Insert 4  Copy, from Moravian leaders, Bethlehem to Brethren and Sisters. Other names: Br. Schweinhaupt, Br. G. Neisser, Nathanael Hubner, Paul Munster, Matthew Hehl, Johannes Eftwein. 1780.
Insert 5  Eli K. Price, Philadelphia to John Myer, Esq. Other names: Sarah Ashbridge, Elizabeth Ashbridge. 1856.
Insert 6  David Ramsay, Hot Springs, VA to James P. Andrews. Other names: Dr. James Ramsay, Jane Montgomery, William Ramsay, Nathaniel Ramsay, Ramsay McHenry, David Ramsay, Mrs. Bellinger, John C. Calhoun, Catharine Ramsay, Paul T. Jones, Esq. 1859.
Insert 7  Adam Zantzinger, Philadelphia to Joseph Hubley. Other names: Stephen Chambers Esq., David Witmer, David Brown. 1789.
Insert 8  M. Warden, Philadelphia to Miss S. Ashbridge. 1807.
Insert 9  Samuel P. Bower, Mine Hill, Lancaster County, to Hon. Samuel Randall. 1886.
Insert 10  A. Herr Smith, Berlin to U. S. Minister. Other names: Frank L. Sprecher, George H. Pendleton. 1886.
Insert 11  Jonathan N. Gildersleve, Canterbury to Aunt Sarah Ashbridge. Other name: Sarah Campbell. 1821.

Folder 6
Insert 1  Promissory note to Henry Sell, signed Thomas Kittera. Witnessed by David McClure, Jas. Konigmaker. 1789.
Insert 2  Terms for sale of Black Horse Farm, Strasburg, signed by John Hubley. 1797.
Insert 3  Henry Slaymaker and Jasper Yeates, lease of property to John Walker. Other names: John Ewing, John Shafer. 1779.
Insert 4  Inventory of Jacob Johns, Leacock Township. Other names: George Weitzel, Isaac Evans, Benjamin Witmer, Abraham Grove, John Rohrer, Casper Fordney, Daniel Carpenter, Jacob Johns, G. Ross, John Johns, Paul Johns, Elizabeth Johns. 1809.
Insert 5  Statement regarding slaves of James Jacks of Manor Township. Other names: John Hubley, Esq., Negro girl named Sue. 1780.
Insert 6  Timothy Matlack, extract from Pennsylvania Council Minutes. Other names: Randle McClure, William Kelly, John Hubley, Esq. 1781.
Insert 7  Mordecai McKinney, statement regarding bank note. Other names: Abraham Witmer, Jasper Yeates, George Fisher, M. Hubley. 1796.
Insert 8  George Ross, Registrar. Receipt in estate of James Gill, deceased. Other name: James Moore. 1796.
Insert 9  Bond of Jacob Shireman, Donegal Township to Brice Clark. Other names: Thomas Eagan, James Eagan. 1795.
Insert 10  Daniel Benezet, receipt to Joseph Hubley. Other names: Jos. Henry Esq., Thomas Barlow. 1795.
Insert 11  Letter. John Wallace, Carlisle to Jasper Yeates concerning money due him. Other names: William Wallace, James Patton, John Neal. 1782.
Insert 12  Robert Wallace and Thomas Kittera, Earl Township, bond to John Krebil. Other names: Samuel Rank, Zaccheus Davis, John Hubley. 1774.

Folder 7
Insert 1  Matthias Slough, invoice to Trinity Lutheran congregation for shingles. 1784.
Insert 2  Interest Coupons, Christ Lutheran Church, Lancaster. Signed E. L. Reed, Pres. 1893-1895.
Insert 3  Lottery Tickets, Protestant Episcopal Church, signed David R. Barton, treasurer. No date.
Insert 4
1.  Receipt from Rev. Henry Muhlenberg to Treasurer Lauman, Trinity Church, for salary. 1785.
2.  Receipt from Muhlenberg to Leonard Eichholtz (in German). 1802.
3.  Receipt from Rev. Henry Muhlenberg to Ludwig Lauman (in German). 1785.
4.  Printed receipt from Trinity Lutheran, signed by H. Y. Swentzel, Secretary. 1812.

Folder 8
Insert 1  Receipt from Jacob Kuhn to John Musser for merchandise, Lancaster, 1790.
Insert 2  Order from William Dougherty, Oley Forge to William Sheldron, Mount Hope Furnace to haul “three ton pigs.” Other name: Adam Autstch. 1787.
Insert 3  Receipt from Hugh Cunningham to James Caldwell. Other names: Oliver Caldwell, John Stones, Jasper Yeates. 1783.
Reverse: Receipt from Henry Miller to George Douglass. Other names: Harry Miller, James Douglass, Jasper Yeates. 1783.
Insert 4  Bill from William Feltman to Joseph Hubley for taking inventory and clerking. 1796.
Insert 5  Bill from Matthew Gill to Jacob Dickert for rental of meadow land. Other names: James Gill, Deborah Gill. 1803.
Insert 6  Receipt from Sam Johnston to Jasper Yeates. Other names: James Old, Abraham Lewis, Francis Parvin, Jacob Dieterick. 1782.
Insert 7  Receipt from Henry Stauffer, Cryer to Joseph Hubley for crying a vendue. Other name:  Jacob Riegart. 1793.
Insert 8  Receipt from Owen Jones to Joseph Hubley. Other names: Frederick Doerss, J. Jordan. 1787.
Insert 9  Receipt from Henry Grubb to Jasper Yeates. Other name: Baird Grubb. 1794.
Insert 10  Invoice from Philip Eberman to Frederick Steinman for “sundri tin weir.” Other names: John Eberman, Bill Broud. 1804.
Insert 11  Receipt from Ann Rieger to Henry Dering for rent. Other names: Doctor Rieger, widow of Curtis Grubb. 1794-1795.
Insert 12  Letter from Samuel Attlee to John Nicholson, Esq. No date.

Folder 9
Insert 1  Two notes regarding Street Lottery and General Edward Hand.Other name: Jos. Simon. 1797.
Insert 2  Invoice from John Bomberger to J. F. Steinman. No date.
Insert 3  Receipt from Daniel Benezet to Joseph Hubley. Other names: John Moore, Thomas Barton. 1795.
Insert 4  Receipted invoice, Amos Slaymaker to Jasper Yeates. 1781.
Insert 5  Receipt from Valentine Krug to Jasper Yeates. 1790.
Insert 6  Receipt (in German) from Lewis Frederic Machold. 1794.
Insert 7  Letter from Robert Caldwell, Salisbury to P. Hoofnagle concerning debt. Other names: George Ross, Robert Beard. 1783.
Insert 8  Receipted invoice, Jacob Graff to Frederick Steinman. Other names: W. Albright, W. Graeff. 1798.
Insert 9  Receipt from Joseph Simon to Alexander Lowry. Other names: Hyman Gratz. 1795.
Insert 10  Receipt from Lewis Machold (in German). 1797.
Insert 11  Receipt from William Hamilton to Lazarus Lowry. Other names: Alexander Lowry. 1805.
Insert 12  Receipt from Fred. Damisch to Jacob Deckert. 1799.
Insert 13  Receipt from William Hamilton to Henry Bowman. Other name: John Hubley, Esq. 1808.
Insert 14  Receipted invoice, George Messersmith to John Hubley. 1813.

Folder 10      Letters
Insert 1  James Hamilton, Philadelphia to Jacob Long regarding sale of land. Other name: Jonas Derward. 1818.
Insert 2  Polly Ferree to Joseph Hubley regarding suit to recover money. 1789.
Insert 3  Thomas Franklin, Philadelphia to Joseph Hubley regarding debt due from Joseph Titball. 1790.
Insert 4  John Hubley to his father, John Hubley Sr., request to pay James McKim twelve dollars. 1814.
Insert 5  Joseph Hubley to Jasper Yeates regarding a financial transaction. 1794.
Insert 6  Martin Fouts to Joseph Hubley regarding money due him from John Miller. Other names: Martin Bare, David Brown. 1789.
Insert 7  J. Hubley to “Gentlemen” regarding financial matter. Other names: William Simon, W. Chambers, Mr. Levy. 1785.
Insert 8  Lewis Mayer, York to his sister regarding his call as a professor in Theological Seminary at Carlisle. 1825.
Insert 9  John Mease to Jasper Yeates with request that bonds of James Mease be returned. 1766.
Insert 10  James Hamilton, Carlisle to S. Chambers regarding financial matters.  Other names: A. Cochran, William Cochran. 1789.
Insert 11  Joseph Clemson, Philadelphia to John Hubley regarding rent of lot. 1816.

Folder 11
Insert 1  Receipt. Conrad Ferree received payment of John Hubley. 1779.
Insert 2  Receipt. Myer Solomon received payment of Christopher Henry, Lancaster. [177_].
Insert 3  Receipt. Edmund Physick received payment of James Wright. 1776.
Insert 4  Receipt. Henrich Benner received payment of Christopher Hayn, Lancaster. 1775.
Insert 5  Receipt. Edward Shippen received payment of Mrs. Esther Bollinger, Lancaster. Other names: James Hamilton, Esq. 1771.
Insert 6  Receipt. Matthias Graeff received payment of John Hubley. 1776.
Insert 7  Letter, invoice from Henry Young to John Hubley and receipt for payment from John Hubley to Ambrose Turner. 1771.
Insert 8  Receipted invoice, Thomas Riche, Philadelphia to Thomas Cunningham. 1764.
Insert 9  Letter from Benjamin Graff to “Friend Esquire Hubley.” 1805.
Insert 10  Letter from Benjamin Graff to John Hubley. 1805.
Insert 11  Receipt from Casper Singer to Joseph Hubley. Other names: Emanuel Singer, Michael Gross. 1787.
Insert 12  Receipt. Mary Henderson received payment from estate of John Stone for funeral. 1785.
Insert 13  Receipt. John Mayer received payment of Mrs. Steinman.
Insert 14  Receipt. Charles and Alex Stedman received payment of Ludwick Lauman. 1752.
Reverse: William Coleman, William West, and Alex Huston received payment of Ludwig Lowman.
Insert 15  Receipt. Robert Stuart received payment of John Miller. 1752.
Insert 16  Receipt. Thomas Cookson received payment of Martin Bombarger. 1751.
Insert 17  Receipt. James Webb received payment of John Miller. Other names: Joseph Swift, John Cameron. 1770.
Insert 18  Letter, invoice. S. W. Wright to State of Maryland at Annapolis. 1784.
Insert 19  Receipt. James Likens received payment of Christian Herr. Witnessed by John Emanuel. 1786.

Folder 12
Insert 1  Recognizance, Joseph Work. Other names: Catharine Host, Michael Host, Lang, a Negro man. 1779-1781.
Insert 2  Legal paper, William Brown and Joseph Hubley. Other names: Robert Crone, Samuel Geddis, Henry Berntheisel, Jasper Yeates, Robert Ralston, Jacob Lanck. 1790.
Insert 3  Account Book, Lancaster County. Contains many names. 1819-1821.
Insert 4  Marriage certificate. Frederick Hartmyer and Elizabeth Hart. 1847.
Insert 5  Subscription list, Philadelphia and Reading Railroad. Includes many names. 1862. Insert 6  Land draft, of Eckert Myers, West Earl Township. Surveyor, E. Burkholder. Other names: Roland Wenger, Mary Givler, John Scheaffer, Isaac Groff, Hiram Slaugher. 1853.
Insert 7  Receipted invoice, Sam Wetherill & Sons to Fred Steinman. 1801.
Insert 8  Memorandum signed by Henry Stauffer. Other names: Kitty Connor, Samuel Boyd, George Bickham. 1783-1797.
Insert 9  Court Summons to Martin Bare and Jacob Myers signed by Edward Burd, Prothonotary. Other names: Philip Wagen, George Habacher, George Bryan. 1789.
Insert 10  Court Summons to George Messersmith, Andrew Dryer, Jacob Shearer, Michael Kline Jr., John Eberman. Signed by John Passmore, Prothonotary. Other names: Emanuel Reigart, Adam Weber, Jacob and Elizabeth Hake, Jacob Nagle. 1809.
Insert 11  Notice of Sheriff’s Sale of property of Peter Lutz, deceased, in Martic Township. Signed by W. Barton, Clerk. Other names: Jacob Hoover, John Hartand, Frederick Kuhn. 1808.
Insert 12  Power of Attorney to S. V. Sindersmith for David R. Tanger. Other names: P. Detrick, Samuel Snapp. 1874.

Folder 13
Insert 1  Honorable Discharge of Capt. John Q. Mercer. 1865.
Insert 2  Letter. W. B. Franklin, Washington to Thomas E. Franklin regarding his entry into the Army. 1861.
Insert 3  Letter. W. B. Franklin to Thomas Franklin regarding presentation of battle flags. 1866.
Insert 4  Military appointment of John Q. Mercer as 2nd Lieutenant, Company E, 147 Reg. 1863.
Insert 5  Letter from Provost Marshal General’s Office to Samuel Breck regarding John Q. Mercer. 1865.
Insert 6  Discharge. John Q. Mercer at expiration of term of enlistment. 1861.
Insert 7  Honorable Discharge, John Q. Mercer. 1873.
Insert 8  Mustering in, 1st Lieutenant John Q. Mercer. 1863.
Insert 9  Military appointment, John Q. Mercer. 1864.
Insert 10  Military Appointment, John Q. Mercer. 1863.

Folder 14
Insert 1  Receipted invoice from John Hoff to Jonas Metzger. Other names: William Cooper, George May. 1816.
Insert 2  Court order to George Messersmith, signed John Passmore, Prothonotary. Other names: Andrew Dryer, Jacob Shearer, Michael Kline Jr., John Eberman Esq., Emanuel Reigart, Adam Weber, Andrew Kehler, John Jos. Henry. 1809.
Insert 3  Court order to John Lind, Casper Eberman, Henry Swentzel, Adam Weber. Signed by John Passmore, Prothonotary. Other names: Emanuel Reigart, Adam Weber, Andrew Kehler, Jacob Nagle, John Jos. Henry. 1809.
Insert 4  Receipt to John Hubley signed by Godfrey Zahm, Collector. Other names: Joseph Hubley. No date.
Insert 5  Receipt in German. 1816.
Insert 6  Receipt from David Longenecker, Conestoga Steam Mills to William Carpenter for stock. 1846.
Insert 7  Receipt to Henry Hambright from Indian Queen Hotel, Philadelphia signed by David Miller. 1839.
Insert 8  Receipt from George M. Steinman to Catharine Turner. Other names: John Humphrey. 1858.
Insert 9  Receipt from Dr. F. A. Muhlenberg to Catharine Turner. 1859.
Insert 10  Receipt from Thomas Lynch, Tax Collector, Philadelphia to James Moore. Other names: John Hubley, T. White. 1816.
Insert 11  Weigher’s slip, Farmer’s Hay and Straw Market Assoc. Signed by Hugh Whitlow for Bodine & Bader. 1849.
Insert 12  Receipt from E. Reigart for Hamilton Estate to Catharine Turner for 2 years rent, lot numbers 90 and 92. 1841.

Folder 15
Insert 1  Marriage Certificate. Samuel Washington to Eliza Liews. Signed by Jeffery Golden (his mark) Minister of the African Methodist Episcopal Church, Carlisle. Witnessed by Ben Willis Nager. Envelope, return address Armor’s Old Book Store, Harrisburg. 1840.
Insert 2  Tavern License to Joseph Barnitz signed by H. Eicholtz, Clerk of Mayor’s Office, City of Lancaster. 1834.
Insert 3  Certificate for lot in town of Salisbury. Signed by James Hamilton and James Boyd. 1814.
Insert 4  Receipt from Sidney Ashbridge for certificate for 3 shares stock, Farmers Bank of Lancaster to John Myer, executor of estate of Elizabeth Ashbridge. Witnessed by R. Swain, Jr. 1859.
Insert 5  Receipted invoice from James Damant to John Myer for tuition of Miss J. Myer at Lancaster Seminary. 1843.
Insert 6  Letter, order from L. W. Gibble, Manheim Borough to Zahm and Jackson, Jewelers. 1850.
Insert 7  Letter from Sarah Gildersleve, Philadelphia to Sidney Myer, Lancaster regarding family matters. 1836.
Insert 8  Letter from Henry A. Muhlenberg, Reading to his brother, Dr. F. A. Muhlenberg, Lancaster. 1843.
Insert 9  Letter from E. Hutchinson, Philadelphia to Mrs. Sidney Myer, Lancaster. 1822.
Insert 10  Letter from Henry A. Muhlenberg, Reading to his uncle Dr. F. A. Muhlenberg, Lancaster with reference to will of Rev. G. H. E. Muhlenberg. 1846.
Insert 11  Statement of John Warfel, Recorder of Deeds, regarding mortgage against James Cameron. 1837.

Folder 16      Letters, Receipt
Insert 1  Letter. Thomas Doyle, Cincinnati to Adam Reigart, Lancaster regarding General Wayne’s departure for Greenville. Other names: Jacob Krug, Judge Lymer, Mr. Wilkinson, Capt. Slough. 1796.
Insert 2  Letter. Paul Beck Jr., Philadelphia to Joseph Hubley, Lancaster regarding money due him from Col. Ross. 1793.
Insert 3  Letter. Daniel Benezet, Philadelphia to Joseph Hubley, Lancaster regarding account of Daniel Duncan. 1795.
Insert 4  Letter. Ester Zantzinger to John Hubley ordering wood. Reverse lists accounts. 1818.
Insert 5  Letter. Henry Graff, Philadelphia to Joseph Hubley, Lancaster asking for settlement in case of Mr. Ferree and others. 1795.
Insert 6  Letter. H. Norgrave, Philadelphia to John Hubley, Lancaster concerning rent of lot corner Market and Public Square, and an answer. 1812.
Insert 7  Letter. James Moore, Philadelphia to John Hubley, Lancaster regarding notice of payment of debt. 1812.
Insert 8  Letter. Robert Cather to Jasper Yeates regarding McDowell’s Mill on Octorara Creek. Other name: Hugh Sewell. 1770.
Insert 9  Letter. Henry Berentz, Waterford to John Hubley, Lancaster regarding declaration of settlement of differences with John Schaeffer. 1808.
Insert 10  Receipt. Christopher Marshall to John Hubley. 1778.

Folder 17      Letters
Insert 1  Martha and Samuel Beck, Lititz to Miss Sidney J. Myer, Lancaster. 1846.
Insert 2  Clement Penrose, Philadelphia to Thomas E. Franklin. 1857.
Insert 3  R. S. Stevens, Lecompton to H. E. Leman, Lancaster, order for two guns. 1860.
Insert 4  Treasurer of U. S., Washington to Henry E. Leman. 1863.
Insert 5  Josephine and John Myer, Saratoga Springs to Mrs. Sidney Myer, Lancaster. 1857.
Insert 6  John Myer, Saratoga Springs to John P. Myer (son), Lancaster. 1851.
Insert 7  J. H. Ashbridge, New Orleans to John Myer (uncle), Lancaster. 1857.
Insert 8  John Myer to daughter Josephine. Includes list of 26 names. Lancaster. 1855.
Insert 9  A. M. Ashbridge, Natchez to cousin. 1857.
Insert 10  S. H. Montgomery for George R. Espy, Auditor General, Harrisburg to Henry E. Leman. 1841.

Folder 18
Insert 1  Description of tract of land near Beaver Creek. Names: Thomas Smith, Joseph Simon, Jacob Graass, Jacob Beams, William Smith, Joanna Smith, Josiah Henry, John Eckman, Matthew Brown, George Wood. No date.
Insert 2  Memo regarding survey of land in Paxton Township, signed Bartram Galbraith. Other names: John Henry, Jacob Yaner, Peter Maus. 1763.
Insert 3  Draft of parcel of land along Cocalico Creek. Names: Ludwig Wolford, Phil Frantz, Jacob Enck, John Hartz, Henry Wertsburger, Christian Myers. No date.
Insert 4  Memo regarding survey of land in Upper Paxton Township for John Henry, signed by Bartram Galbraith. Other names: Richard Petersby, Jacob Yaner. 1761.
Insert 5  Account of cost of paving East King Street, Lancaster. Includes numerous names of people and companies. 1802.
Insert 6  Bill of lading for 9 barrels sugar on sloop Defiance, from Barbados to Philadelphia. Names: Joseph Myers, William Gibbons Esq., John Yeates. 1738.
Insert 7  Receipted bill for purchases from W. Kirkpatrick & Co. by Mrs. E. Henry. 1823.
Insert 8  Receipt for road tax paid by Elizabeth Henry to Borough of Lancaster, signed by [     ] Lechler, Supervisor. 1801-1802.
Insert 9  Receipted bill from George Messersmith, Tailor, to John Hubley. 1812.
Insert 10  Receipted invoice from Dr. Samuel Fahnestock to Mrs. [     ] Evans. 1820.
Insert 11  Receipted invoice from James Damant of Lancaster Seminary to Dr. Muhlenberg, for tuition. 1836.
Insert 12  Account of expenses in settling estate of Ludwig Lauman, signed by Joseph Hubley. Other name: John Hubley, Esq. 1821.

Folder 19      Receipted Invoices
Insert 1  Grosh & Levering, Lititz to Mrs. John Schnierer. 1821.
Insert 2  Steinman and Son to Philip Schaum. 1838.
Insert 3  Dr. Abraham Carpenter to John F. Steinman. 1820-1822.
Insert 4  George I. Bryan to Mrs. Steinman. 1822.
Insert 5  In German. Names: John Miller, Jacob Roth. 1766.
Insert 6  James Ross, late Sheriff, to John Williams. Other names: James Hamilton, James Miller, John Miller. 1793.
Insert 7  Dr. F. A. Muhlenberg to Miss Catharine Turner. 1851.
Insert 8  George Whitaker, St. James Church to Miss Elizabeth Henry for digging grave for Miss Mary Henry. 1828.
Insert 9  Charles E. Wentz & Bros. to Miss M. Kling.

Folder 20
Insert 1  Letter from David Ramsay to cousin in Charlestown, SC in which he writes of his native county and asks for information on old friends. 1805.
Copy is accessible for research. This is the only Ramsay letter owned by the Lancaster County Historical Society. Use of original letter requires supervision.
Insert 2  Certificate of lawful birth of Joseph David Trissler and permission to move to English Province of Pennsylvania from Canstatt in Wurthemburg-used as passport on ship Charming Nancy. 1738.
Copy is accessible for research. Original is in German, typed translation is included. Use of original document requires supervision.
Insert 3  Resolution from inhabitants of the lower part of Lancaster County to the representatives in the General Assembly, asking for more schools. Many signatures. No date. Copy is accessible for research. Use of original document requires supervision.

Folder 21
Insert 1  One share in Lancaster County Agricultural Park; issued to George M. Steinman. Signed by S. S. Spencer, President and Jonathan T. MacGonigle, Secretary. 1869.
Insert 2  Payroll for Delaware and Schuylkill Canal, includes many names. 1793.
Insert 3  Constitution of The Franklin Savings and Building Association, Lancaster City. Recorded and signed by T. H. Miller. Granted Charter signed by W. Bowman. 1856.
Insert 4  Order for combs from Shaffner & Ziegler, Philadelphia to Zahm and Jackson, Lancaster. 1844.
Insert 5  Letter from Shaffner & Ziegler, Philadelphia to Zahm and Jackson, Lancaster. 1846.
Insert 6  Letter from Nathaniel Burt, Philadelphia to Thomas E. Franklin, Esq., Lancaster. 1863.

Folder 22
Insert 1  Letter of regret for inability to attend dinner for George Steinman from Jos. H. Dubbs to W. U. Hensel, Lancaster. 1902.
Insert 2  Letter Jos. H. Dubbs to Mr. Steinman. Names include Rev. Abraham Blumer, Dr. Mesick. 1906.
Insert 3  Letter W. U. Hensel to George M. Steinman, Lancaster. 1902.
Insert 4  Statement by Samuel W. Pennypacker concerning campaign in which he will be a candidate for governor of Pennsylvania. 1902.

Folder 23
Insert 1  Blank stock certificates for Lancaster, Elizabethtown & Middletown Turnpike Company. No date.
Insert 2
Twenty-two $100. stock certificates for Lancaster, Elizabethtown & Middletown Turnpike Company, each to a different person. 1827.
Certificate entitled “Evidence of Stock”, Lancaster, Elizabethtown & Middletown Turnpike Company. 1809.
Certificate for Lancaster, Elizabethtown & Middletown Turnpike Company headed Evans P. Williams, No. 564, and indicating first, second, and third distributions.
Many names are included on all issued certificates.

Folder 24
Insert 1  Indenture. Fred. Kuhn, John Hubley, Michael Diffenderfer of Cocalico Township to Adam Bowers, Lancaster Borough, 1782.
Insert 2  Indenture. Fred. Kuhn, John Hubley, Michael Diffenderfer of Cocalico Township to Adam Bowers, Lancaster Borough. 1782.
Insert 3  Michael Diffenderfer, Lancaster Borough to Adam Nees, Cocalico Township. 1783.
Insert 4  Articles of Agreement. John Hubley and Michael Diffenderfer, Lancaster with John Wright, Cocalico Township. 1786.
Insert 5  Bond between Adam Bowers and [     ] Caffroth of Cocalico Township and Frederick Kuhn, John Hubley and Michael Diffenderfer of Lancaster Borough. 1782.
Insert 6  Indenture. Michael Diffenderfer, Frederick Kuhn and John Hubley of Lancaster Borough and Deetrick Walk of Cocalico Township. 1781.
Insert 7  Indenture. Michael Diffenderfer, Frederick Kuhn and John Hubley of Lancaster Borough and Deetrick Walk of Cocalico Township. 1781.
Insert 8  Indenture. John Hubley and Michael Diffenderfer, Lancaster Borough and Philip Krieg of Cocalico Township. 1785.
Insert 9  Bond between Philip Krieg and David Groff, and Michael Diffenderfer and John Hubley. 1785.

Folder 25
Insert 1  Statement. Names: Michael Witman, Charles Hale, Michael Diffenderfer. No date.
Insert 2  Notice from Philip Krieg to Michael Diffenderfer and John Hubley. Witnessed by Philip Diffenderfer, Cocalico. No date.
Insert 3  Agreement with Adam Bauer. No signature. No date.
Insert 4  Receipt for sale of Plantation to Michael Witman from John Hubley. 1786.
Insert 5  Receipt from [     ] to Michael Diffenderfer and John Hubley. 1787.
Insert 6  Invoice to Abraham Pohlman from Michael Diffenderfer, Fred Kuhn and John Hubley. Other names: Mr. Zanzinger, John Jones. No date.
Insert 7  Statement of profit on Witman Estate divided between Hubley, Diffenderfer, and Kuhn. Other name: Jacob Carpenter. No date.
Insert 8  Invoice from George Eckert, Sr. to Henry Zimmerman, and statement signed by Peter Diller, M. Norand, David Diffenderfer. Other names: John Bearn, Chester County, and A. Slaymaker. 1805.
Insert 9  Statement of account between Diffenderfer and Hubley, includes many surnames. 1785.
Insert 10  Receipt from Diffenderfer and Matthias Young to John Hubley for Abraham Groff. 1789.
Insert 11  Account of monies paid by Agnes Adreas to Hubley and Diffenderfer. Many other names listed. 1782.

Folder 26
Insert 1  Statement of expenses. Names: Michael Diffenderfer, Philip Breidenstein, John Hubley, Peter Shol, et al. 1783-1785.
Insert 2  Land draft, Cocalico Township. Names: Henry Mohler, John Landes, Samuel Bowman, Jacob Werner. No date.
Insert 3  Agreement between John Hubley and George Duck for possession of Witman Tavern. Other name:  Peter Shol. 1782.
Insert 4  Statement of profits of William Diffenderfer and F. Kuhn. 1782.
Insert 5  Statement of accounts of Dr. Kuhn, John Hubley, William Diffenderfer. No date.

Folder 27
Insert 1  Handwritten note regarding materials from Lancaster, Elizabethtown & Middletown Turnpike Road Co., from Charles E. Long, Secretary.
1. Minute Book, 1884-1920. Located in MG-266, Series 7, Box 2, Folder 7.
2. Stock Ledger, 1823-1917. Located in MG-266, Series 7, Box 1, Folder 6.
3. Copper Plate for printing stock certificates. Located in museum collection.
4. Blank certificates. MG-166 (this collection), Folder 23, Insert 1.
5. Seal. Located in museum collection.