Fulton Opera House Collection

Call number:  MG-103

1 box     24 folders     .5 cubic ft.

Repository:  LancasterHistory (Organization); PV7

Shelving Location:  Archives South, Side 3

Scope and Content Note:   This collection contains programs, tickets and schedules connected to the Fulton Opera House in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. These mainly show what was presented to the public and include lists of acting casts, foreign celebrities, and special performances. The programs also show the businesses and sponsoring organizations of the Lancaster area.

Creator:  LancasterHistory (Organization), Lancaster, Pa.

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Folder 1  Advertisements: Broadsides

Advertisement of “A Daughter of the Gods” with Annette Kellerman for the week of February 19th. No year.

Advertisement of “Grand Tableaux Vivants in aid of the Soldiers and Sailors’ Monument Fund” featuring Keffer’s Orchestra. 29 and 30 May 1867.

Folder 2  Advertisements: Mailings

Advertisement for “Emily Sticksenstones” supported in part by the Pennsylvania Council of the Arts. 23 September through 4 October. No year.

Advertisement insert for Summer 1982 season. Includes “The Odd Couple,” “Blithe Spirit,” and “The Happy Hunter.” 24 June through 22 July 1982.

Advertisement mailing for “Lancaster Speaks, Stories from Home.” By Jo Carson. Commissioned by the Fulton Opera House and sponsored by Millersville University. 4-14 June 1998.

Folder 3  The Cecilian Society

Insert 1 Program “Cantata of Saint Caecelia’s Day” by J.B. van Bree. First Concert of the Caecelian Society. Note in pencil on back of program “I was a member of this Society-Bertha Cochran (Landis)”. No advertisements. 2 pages. Tuesday 23 February 1887.

Insert 2 Program “Recital of the Cecilian Society.” Conductor Mr. William B. Hall. Associate Conductor Mr. Walter Bausmann. Pianist and leader of the Orchestra Mr. F. W. Haas. No advertisements. 1 page. Tuesday 17 May 1887.

Insert 3 Program “Concert of the Caecilian Society.” Assisted by Miss Sara A. Shearer of Reading, Pennsylvania: Soprano, and Mrs. A. H. Darling of Philadelphia: Contralto. Conductor Mr. William B. Hall. Associate Conductor Mr. Walter Bausmann. Pianist and leader of the Orchestra Mr. F. W. Haas. No advertisements 3×5 card. Thursday 13 October 1887.

Insert 4 Program “Concert by the Cecilian Society and Orchestra, in Costume.” In honor of George Washington’s Birthday. Conductor Mr. William B. Hall. Associate Conductor Mr. Walter Bausmann. Pianist and leader of the Orchestra Mr. F. W. Haas. Back page sponsor note: The Conover Bros. Co. Upright Piano is kindly furnished by Messrs. Kirk Johnson & Co. 24 West King Street. 2 pages. Wednesday 22 February 1888.

Folder 4  The Centenary

Booklet from the Fulton Opera House Centenary Celebration. 14 October 1952.

Folder 5  Donors/Fundraising

Insert 1 Handwritten list of subscribers/donors for one season. No date.

Insert 2 Honor rolls of donors 1995-1998.

Insert 3 Subscriber Honor Roll. Mini-booklet listing subscribers to the 1995-96 theatre season. 1995.

Insert 4 The Landmark Campaign

Booklet about the campaign. 1994

Leaflet listing donors to the campaign as of 30 September 1995.

Folder 6  Newsletters

The Fulton Focus. October 1980

Folder 7  Programs: Musicals
Insert 1
Program for the musical “Tip-Top” starring Fred Stone. Written by Anna Caldwell and R.H. Burnside. Music by Irwin Caryll. Managers Butzer and Guerrine. 2 advertisements for Donovan’s Department Store. 21 September. No year.

Insert 2 Program for the musical “My Maryland.” Written by Dorothy Donnelly. Music by Sigmund Romberg. Manager Al Smith. Advertisement for New China Restaurant 156 North Queen Street. No date.

Insert 3 Program for the musical “Greenwich Village Follies.” Devised and staged by John Murray Anderson. Dances staged by Larry Caballos. Managers A. L. Jones and Morris Green. Advertisements for local businesses on the back page. Wednesday 21 June 1925.

Folder 8  Programs: Musicals (cont.)

Program and score of the Musical “Raw Material: a Musical version of Cork, Linseed Oil, and Burlap.” Presented by the Armstrong Cork Company, Floor Division. “This Production Commemorates the 50th anniversary of Charles D. Armstrong in the active service of his company.” Written by Arthur K. Barnes and James L. Knipe. Music and Lyrics by James L. Knipe. Saturday 10 November 1928.

Folder 9  Programs: Musicals (cont.)

Program of musical “Fulton A Go-Go.” Presented by the Junior League of Lancaster. Staged and directed by William Letters. Produced by the Jerome H. Cargill Producing Organization. Music Accompaniment by Don Trostle. Several advertisements for local businesses and organizations. 3 through 5 February 1966.

Folder 10  Programs: Musicals (cont.)

Program of musical “My Fair Lady.” Presented by the Lancaster Kiwanis Club. Music and lyrics by Lerner and Loewe. Several advertisements for local businesses. 20 through 24 May 1969.

Program of musical “Big River: the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.” Written by William Hauptman. Music and lyrics by Roger Miller. Adapted from the novel by Mark Twain. Advertisement on the back cover for Mellon Bank. 26 September through 6 October 1996.

Folder 11  Programs: Plays

Insert 1 Program for the play “The Old Soak.” Starring Raymond Hitchcock. Written by Don Marquis. No advertisements. No date.

Insert 2 Program for the play “The Old Homestead.” Presented by the Lancaster Stock Co. Written by Denman Thompson. Several advertisements. The week of 31 March. No year.

Insert 3 Program for the play “The Old Homestead.” Starring Denman Thompson. Written by Denman Thompson. Several advertisements. 4 February 1901.

Insert 4 Program for the play “The Bat.” Written by Avery Hopwood and Mary Roberts Reinhart. Several advertisements. For the week of 4 January 1926.

Folder 12  Programs: Plays (cont.)

Insert 1 Program for the play “Say Darling.” Starring Karen Chandler, Lester Rawlins, and Byrne Piven. Written by Richard Bissell, Abe Burrows, and Marian Bissell. Based on a novel by Richard Bissell. Advertisements throughout the program. Summer season 1959.

Insert 2 Program for Oberammergau’s “Passion Play: American Version.” Starring Val Balfour. Sponsored by the Lancaster Junior Chamber of Commerce. Includes insert describing passions plays-1 sided. Back page printed the Junior Chamber of Commerce seal and the Jaycee creed. 23 through 28 September 1959.

Insert 3 Program for the play “A Christmas Carol.” Starring Walter Abel. Presented by the Lancaster Theatre Arts Association. New Adaptation by Miriam Ryan. Some advertisements. 7 through 12 December 1959.

Insert 4 Program for the play “Madame Butterfly.” Transferred to MG-678, OperaLancaster Collection, May 2012.

Folder 13  Programs: Plays (cont.)

Program for the play “Our Town.” Written by Thorton Wilder. Sponsored by Acorn Press, Inc. Back page advertisement for Mellon Bank. 24 April through 4 May 1997.

Program for the play “Sherlock’s Secret Life.” Written by Ed. Lange. Sponsored by Fulton Bank. Back page advertisement for Mellon Bank. 17 through 27 September 1998.

Program for the play “The Little Foxes.” Written by Lillian Hellman. Sponsored by D&E Communications and Yellow Book. Back page advertisement for Mellon Bank. 29 October through 8 November 1998.

Folder 14  Programs: Vocals, Dance and Instrumentals

Insert 1 Program for Pianist Miss Clara Louise Kellogg, the Farewell Grand Concert Tour. Proprietors Pond and Bachert. Director J. B. Pond. No advertisements. 1 page. Wednesday evening 1 February 1882.

Insert 2 Program for the “Greate Concerte of Goode olde Hyms and Tunes and likewise worldlye Songes, to be sunge by many faire ladyes and goodlie menne,. . .” Proceeds benefit the Yonge Menne’s Chrystian Association of Lancaster. No advertisements. 2 pages. Thursday 25 February 1886.

Insert 3 Program for “Ye Seconde Tyme. Greate Concerte of Goode olde Hymes and Tunes and likewise worldlye Songes, . . .” Proceeds benefit the Ladyes’ Ayde Socyety of ye Yonge Menne’s Chrystian Association of Lancaster. No advertisements. 2 pages Saturday 27 February 1886.

Insert 4 Program for “Entertainment and Reception to John P. Rea, Commander-in-Chief of the Grand Army of the Republic by George H. Thomas Post, 84.” President James A. Beaver, Governor of Pennsylvania. The Piano used on this occasion was kindly furnished by Kirk Johnson & Co., dealers in Musical instruments, 24 West King Street. 1 page. Tuesday 17 January 1888.

Insert 5 Program for the Second Entertainment of the YMCA Star Course. Song recital by Marie Decca. Multiple advertisements. 2 pages. Thursday 27 December 1894.

Insert 6 Program for “Miss Bob White.” Willard Speser’s Comedy Opera, in Three Acts. Presented by Messrs Nixon and Zimmerman. Multiple advertisements. 24 October 1901.


Folder 15  Programs: Vocals, Dances and Instrumentals (cont.)

Insert 1 Program “Metropolitan Musical Bureau, presents Mischa Elman, violin genius.” Annual Benefit for St. Joseph’s Hospital in Lancaster. No advertisements. 1 page. Monday 1 October 1917.

Insert 2 Program “The Keystone Concert Course.” No advertisements. 2 pages. A series of Four Subscription Concerts featuring five world famous musical celebrities: MME. Schumann-Heink, Contralto-Monday 29 October 1917; Flonzaley Quartette-Thursday 29 November 1917; Efram Zimbalist, violinist and Wynne Pyle, pianist-Wednesday 9 January 1918; Frieda Hempel, Soprano-Friday 22 February 1918

Insert 3 Program “Andreas Pavley and members of the Pavley-Oukrainsky Ballet.” Part of the World Famous Artist Series of 1925-1926. Directed by Mary S. Warfel. Conductor Adolf Schmid. Back page advertisement for Grove Studio of Dancing, Dorothy Mary grove Danseuse. 522 East King Street. Phone Number 414W. 2 pages. Monday 26 October 1925.

Insert 4 Program “Mademoiselle Jenny Lind as Sung by miss Frieda Hempel.” Part of the World famous Artist Series of 1925-1926. Directed by Mary S. Warfel. Assisted by Mr. Erno Balogh-piano and Mr. Louis P. Fritze-flute. Back page advertisement for J. H. Troup Music House. Troup Building, 38-40 West King Street. 2 pages. Monday 4 January 1926.

Insert 5 Program “Paderewski: The Eminent Pianist.” Back page advertisements for Kirk Johnson & Co., “the Steinway House”; Houser & Coho (clean coal) 22 West Chestnut Street; J.H. Troup Music House. 2 pages. Tuesday 17 January 1928.

Insert 6 Program “The French Opera Company in Carmen.” By George Bizet. Presented by Mary S. Warfel. Back page advertisement for J. H. Troup Music House 38 West King Street. 2 pages. Wednesday 20 November 1929.

Folder 16  Programs: Unique Performances

Insert 1 Program for “Prestidigitation by Professor Lippott.” Back side has color print of flowers with a printed note: “Compliments of E.M. Bruce & Co., General Managers for the Estey Organ, 18 North 7th Street, Philadelphia.” Back side has handwritten note in pencil: “from George F. K. Erisman.” Friday 16 January 1880.

Insert 2 Program for “Thurston the Magician.” Multiple advertisements. 2 pages. 24 through 26 November 1924.

Folder 17  Schedules

Insert 1 Tri-fold brochure with 1960 schedule. 1960.

Insert 2 Brochure with 1976 Summer Schedule. 1976

Insert 3 Brochure with 1977 Summer Schedule. 1977


Folder 18  Schedules (cont.)

Booklet of 1996-1997 season. 1996

Booklet of 1998- 1999 season. 1998

Folder 19  Schedules (cont.)

Insert 1 Brochure of 1997-1998 season. 1997.

Insert 2 Tri-fold brochure of 1998-1999 season. 1998.

Insert 3 Brochure of 1998-1999 season. 1998.

Folder 20  Sketch

Printed sketch of the appearance of the Fulton Opera House in 1899. Signed in bottom right corner. Exact date of work not given.

Folder 21  Tickets

Ticket for the Fulton Hall. For the Luther Memorial Tableaux. Wednesday evening 7 November. No year.

A scholar’s ticket. This ticket and fifteen cents will admit a scholar to the Grand Matinee of the World Renowned “Strohl Family.” Saturday 8 December. No year.

Century Mass Meeting ticket. Address by Hezekiah Butterworth, Esq. Subject “The Pattern on the Mount.” Also a message from Vice President Theodore Roosevelt will be read. Sunday 30 December 1900.

Ticket. General free admission. 24 may 1912.

Folder 22  1995 Reopening Celebration

Insert 1 Subscription flier for season tickets. 1995.

Insert 2 Program “Company.” Director Kathleen Collins. Music director John O’Neill. Back page advertisement for Mellon Bank. 14 through 29 October 1995.

Insert 3 Booklet of 1995-1996 season. 1995.

Folder 23  1995 Reopening Celebration (cont.)

Gala book commemorating the 1995 reopening celebration. 14 October 1995.