Getz: Lulu Marie Getz Poetry, 1938

Call Number:   MG-441

1 box     6 folders     .5 cubic ft.

Repository: (Lancaster, Pa.)

Shelving Location: Archives South, Side 11

Description: This collection contains poetry written by Lulu Marie Getz.

Creator: Getz, Lulu Marie.

Conditions for Access: No restrictions.

Conditions Governing Reproductions: Collection may not be photocopied. Please contact Research or Archives Staff with questions.

Language: English

Source of Acquisition: Unknown.

Administrative/Biographical History: Lulu Marie Getz lived at 53 N. West End Avenue, Lancaster according to the Lancaster City Directory, 1939-1940.

Custodial History: Transferred from the library, September 2003.


Folder 1

Book of poetry: “Love Stories in Poetical Prose by L. M. G.” No date.

“Love’s Young Dream Come True or He and She”

“An Honest Knight, Sir Humphrey”

“To have and to hold or Rachel & John”

“Ruth, Herbert and Aunt Nellie”

“The Two Dogs or Prince and Rover”

“The Prisoner of Mademoiselle”

Insert 1 Poem titled “Moonlight by the Sea”. 10 October 1938.


Folder 2 Book of poetry: “Love Stories in Poetical Prose by L. M. G.” No date.

“Love’s Young Dream Come True or He and She”

“My Honest Knight Sir Humphrey”

“To Have and to Hold or Rachael & John”

“Ruth, Herbert and Aunt Millie”

“The Two Dogs or Prince & Rover”

“The Prisoner of Mademoiselle”

“The Sea Princess of Eloise de Launey”

“Druscilla von Alden”

“Spring and Dame Flora”

“Lotus and Malo”

“Cornelia van Spies”

“Rosita the Dancer”

“The Wedding of the Birds”

“Dora the Fair”

“The Belle of Flower-land or Miss Stapelia”

“Josepha the Violinist”

“Elenor the Painter”

“Fido, the seeing eyes for her Master”

“Camaraderie or Lonella & Beulah”

“Love a la Antique or Mildred and Mary Ann”


Folder 3 Book of poetry:”Love Stories in Practical Proseby L. M. G.” No date.

“Springtime in Dear old Virginia”

“An Apple Blossom Festival a la Canada”

“Down on Long Island”

“Summer in the Poconos”

“Winter in the Poconos”

“May down South”

“The Shenandoah Valley”

“The Cave of Luray”

“En route to Maine”

“New England’s Playground, Connecticut”

“Miss California”

“The Riviera”

“Highways Byways & Waterways”

“The Garden of Allah”

“The Niagara Falls”

“The Yellowstone National Park”

“The Wonderland of America”

“The land is the Sky”

“The Indians in Penn’s Woods”

“Down in Bermuda”


Folder 4

Book of poetry: “Stories in Poetical Prose, by L. M. G.” No date.

“A Water Lily Party”

“Rosalie the Skier”

“Mme. Hagar The Dreamer”

“The Modern Indian – Golden Dawn”

“A Southern Christmas Time”

“A Midsummer Eve”

“To the Bow-wows”

“Impressions of Nassau”

“Natalie the Girl Scout”

“Carmella the full Throated Songstress”

Insert 1 Envelope addressed to Miss Shirk with five poems enclosed. No date.

“Ye dear Flowers”

“The Trees”


“Poem to honor Galli-Curi”

“Carmella, the full throated Songstress”

Insert 2 Poetry program listing poem titles and readers. Also a handwritten list of attendees. No date.


Folder 5

Book of poetry: “Love Stories in Poetical Prose by L. M. G.” Rewrite of the 20 poems found in Folder 2. No date.

Insert 1 Handwritten note. Letterhead of 1219 Fifth Avenue, Asbury Park, New Jersey. No date.


Folder 6

Book of poems; “Stories in Poetical Proseby L. M. G.” No date.

“Make Believe Land”

“Music hath Charms”

“Kirsten the Great’

“The Lady Rosamonde & the Knight Alfred”

“Love finds a Way”

“The Wedding of Roberta and Theodora”

“Seeing is Believing”

“When East meets West”

“The Belle of Dogdom”

“Big News in Flowerland”

“His Highness the Dog”

“A Convalescent Card”                                 

Insert 1 Get well card. Hand written address on back: 333 East Princess Street, York, Pennsylvania. No date.