Haines: Jeremiah B. Haines Collection, 1736-1902

Call number:  MG-119

1 box     13 folders     .8 cubic ft.

Repository:  LancasterHistory (Organization); PV7

Shelving Location:  Archives South, Side 3

Scope and Content Note: Collection contains papers pertaining to the establishment of a post office in Little Britain, and regulation and certification of the postmaster. There is also personal and legal correspondence, a photograph, original stock certificates, bonds, receipts, and a statement. Various legal papers include surveys and warrants, indentures and deeds, land drafts and a plan of land, and other land agreements. There is a trespass notification, a power of attorney, and a resolution passed by the Conowingo Bridge Company.

Creator:  Haines, Jeremiah B.

Conditions for Access:  No restrictions.

Conditions Governing Reproductions:  Collection may not be photocopied. Please contact Research Staff or Archives Staff with questions.

Language:  English

Source of Acquisition:  Unknown.

Accruals:  No further accruals are expected.

Preferred Citation:  Jeremiah B. Haines Collection (MG-119), Folder #, LancasterHistory, Lancaster, Pa.

Processing History:  Processed and finding aid prepared 1998-1999. This collection has been documented, preserved and managed according to professional museum and archives standards. The finding aid was updated using DACS conventions.


Folder 1 Photograph of a man, by Charles W. Eberman. Photograph transferred to the Photograph Collection, 23 October 2017.


Folder 2 Post Office Papers

Insert 1 Establishment of Post Office, Little Britain, 1825. Post Office Regulations, 1825.

Insert 2 Certificates of Appointment to Postmaster. Jeremiah B. Haines. 1826, 1841.


Folder 3 Correspondence

Insert 1 Letter to Jeremiah B. Haines, re Joseph Frazier’s tract of land, 1856.

Insert 2 Letter to Roger Shirk from Timothy Shirk, 1776.

Insert 3 Letter to Rachael Kirk from Roger Kirk, 1795.

Insert 4 Letter to Governor Thomas Mifflin from Roger Kirk requesting Order of the Executive, re horse theft, 1798.

Insert 5 Letter to Atha Scott, 1856.

Insert 6 2 letters to Jeremiah B. Haines from the Land Office, Maryland, 1843.

Insert 7 Letter to Jeremiah B. Haines from the Land Office of Pennsylvania, 1844.

Insert 8 Letter to Jeremiah B. Haines from Columbia Bank & Bridge Co., 1847.


Folder 4 Stock Certificates

1. Susquehanna Canal Company, 1854.

2. Peach Bottom Rail Way Co., 1873.


Folder 5 Bond, Nathan Brown to Joshua Webster, 1831.


Folder 6 Receipts, Statements

Insert 1 Receipt for land purchase by Joseph Frasier, 1753.

Insert 2 Receipt for military exemption for Charles Heinitsh, Lancaster Fencibles, 1846.

Insert 3 Statement for wheat purchased, 1793, 1794. Job Richards, Roger Kirk.


Folder 7 Legal Papers

Insert 1 Trespass notification to William P. Haines, re John G. Reaney, 1894.

Insert 2 Power of Attorney, 1825.

Insert 3 Resolution passed by Conowingo Bridge Co., re Jeremiah B. Haines, 1872.

Insert 4 Article of Agreement between Jeremiah B. Haines and Levi Green, 1870.

Insert 5 Land agreement between John Campbell, and Thomas Grubb and James Porter, 18??.


Folder 8 Surveys and Warrants

Insert 1 Certificates for permission to survey. Joseph Frasier, 1753, 1755. Timothy Haines, 1827.

Insert 2 Certificate of re-survey of “Milford” for Stephen Dorsey, 1864.

Insert 3 Warrant to Joseph Frasier, 1825.

Insert 4 Layout for land for Jeremiah B. Haines, 1835.

Insert 5 Handwritten survey of land.


Folder 9 Indentures

Insert 1 Mortgage paper, Stephen Dorsey to Levi Brown. 1824, 1846.

Insert 2 Deed, Charles W. Dorsey to Joseph F. Byrne, 1894.

Insert 3 Indenture between William Teague and Joseph Frazer for “Teague’s Forrest,” 1736.

Insert 4 Indenture, Edwin Haines to Jeremiah B. Haines, 1854.

Insert 5 Indenture, James Clark and Joseph Clark to Robert Maxwell, 1810.

Insert 6 Indenture, William Cooke to Jeremiah B. Haines, 1847.

Insert 7 Indenture, Robert Maxwell to James Maxwell, re Joseph Frazier, 1816.

Insert 8 Indenture between William Teague and Joseph Frazier, 1736.

Insert 9 Indenture between Joseph Arbuckle and Robert Maxwell, 1810.


Folder 10 Land Drafts

Insert 1 Copy of land draft correction. Certificate and plate. “Mountmatick,” Patrick Boyle, 1800, 1802.

Insert 2 Land draft from William Cooke to Jeremiah B. Haines, 1843.

Insert 3 Copy of land draft for Timothy Haines, 1827, 1844.

Insert 4 Land draft for Frazier Farm for Eugene M. Haines, 1902.

Insert 5 Land draft, Jeremiah B. Haines, 1873.

Insert 6 Land draft, Porter’s and Grubb’s Folly, 1805.

Insert 7 Copy of land draft for Robert Maxwell, 1826.

Insert 8 Land draft, William Cooke.

Insert 9 Copy of land draft for David Breading, 1791. Copy of land draft of David Breading land for Robert Maxwell, 1873.

Insert 10 Copy of land draft for John Churchman, 1837.

Insert 11 Copy of land draft, Joseph Frazier, 1753, 1803.

Insert 12 Copy of land draft for Jesse Cutter, 1811.

Insert 13 Land draft of Thomas Jacob, 1740.

Insert 14 Copy of land draft for Joseph West, “Rock Spring,” 1766, 1800.


Folder 12 Miscellaneous: Paper refers to deed transfers, and Phebia and Joseph Frazier’s wills. Envelope.


Folder 13 Brief lineage of M. Adaline Haines.