Items transferred from the Heritage Center in 2012, 1743-1925

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Scope and Content Note:  This collection contains items belonging to Lancaster businesses, including Martin Brick Mfg. Co.; G.W. Hull, druggist; organizations like the Friendship Fire Company; and prominent community figures including B. F. Davis, Esq. and J.T. Weber, Justice of the Peace. Also included are the papers of George Ross, John Sink, and Jasper Yeates, as well as genealogy records of the Steigelman and Lutz families. In addition, the collection contains two account books belonging to Michael Wisler and [D.] M. Hess, advertisement booklets for Lancaster businesses, a page from the Lancaster Gazette, ordinances passed by the Common Council, envelopes, and postal cards.

Creator: The Heritage Center of Lancaster County (Pa.)

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Biographical and Historical Note:

The Friendship Fire Company began its operation in 1763, and fell inactive from 1765-1791. In 1791, the company was reorganized and served the community until it dissolved in 1882, after the Lancaster City Fire Department was organized. (see MG-523)

The Henry Martin Brick Manufacturing Company located in Lancaster City was directed by business partners William R. Martin and William McDevitt, who ran the company together until 1903, when they mutually dissolved their professional partnership. The company produced and sold manufacturing machinery for customers in United States and Canada.

George Ross was born in 1730 in New Castle, DE. In adulthood he served as a Colonel in the army, and his signature is found on the Declaration of Independence. He resided in Lancaster County for some time with his wife Anne, and their four children, Catherine Clairbone, George Ross, James Ross, and Mary Byrd-Scott. He died in 1779 and is buried on Christ Church Burial Grounds, Philadelphia, Pa.

Benjamin F. Davis was born in 1869 and worked in Lancaster County as a lawyer, serving businesses like the Henry Martin Brick Manufacturing Company. He passed away in 1956 and is buried in Greenwood Cemetery, Lancaster, Pa.

John T. Weber was born on 15 September 1859 in Pennsylvania. In adulthood he worked as an educator, owned and operated two general stores, and oversaw the function of a chewing tobacco production operation. Weber also served as Justice of the Peace for 52 years in Lancaster County. Together he and his wife Oliva Biemsderfer had nine children; Vera, Mary, Benjamin, Narvey, Edgar, Ruth, Bessie, Flora, and Walter. Two of his children, Flora and Walter, died during childhood.

John and Mary Ann (Frey) Steigelman resided in Lancaster from the 1830s to the 1880s, raising their children Anna Mary, Eliza, John Jacob, Alice, Benjamin, Bertha, and Steven. Census records from 1870 and 1880 indicate that John Steigelman worked as carpenter and tobacco packer, and draft records show that he was registered in the draft during the Civil War. John Steigelman died in 1885.

Clarence E. Lutz was born 19 August 1903 in Lancaster County. In 1925 he married Ruth Luella Herr, and had four children; Mary Elizabeth, Martha Jane, Esther, and John. The family lived in Elizabethtown where Clarence worked as a salesman and gasoline mechanic. The family belonged to Elizabethtown Mennonite Church, where in 1932 Clarence was ordained a deacon, and in 1950 was ordained a bishop. Records indicate that Clarence owned a registered draft card during WWII. Clarence passed away on 5 March 1993 and is buried the Salunga Mennonite Cemetery.

Source of Acquisition:  Items were collected by The Heritage Center of Lancaster County or were gifted to The Heritage Center as indicated at the item level.

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United States – History — Civil War (LHo-LOC sh 85140205)

Draft Registration (LHo-LOC sh 85039266)

Ordinances, Municipal (LHo-LOC sh 85095381)

Account books (LHo-LOC sh 85000413)

Billheads (LHo-LOC sh 85014045)

Genealogy (LHo-LOC sh 85053742)

Appellate procedure (LHo-LOC sh 85006085)

Breweries (LHo-LOC sh 85016771)

Town Criers (LHo-LOC sh 97005258)

Gazettes (LHo-LOC sh 85053597)

Justice of Peace (LHo-LOC n 85216328)

Scire Facias (LHo-LOC sh 85118716)

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Civil War


Ordinances, Municipal

Common Council of Lancaster

Friendship Fire Co.

Henry Martin Brick Manufacturing Co.

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Account books



Scire Facias

Court of Common Pleas

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Town criers

Lancaster Gazette

Drumore Twp.

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Folder 1   Notice form the Office of the United States Deputy Marshal for the County of Lancaster for John Sink, notifying him that he is liable for military service signed by deputy Marshal, Benjamin D. [Daumer]. 26 August 1862.

Draft card addressed to John Sink from Lancaster County Commissioner James L. Reynolds, requesting him to serve for nine months after completing training at “Camp Curtin” in Harrisburg. 25 October 1862. (2 items, 4 pages)

Folder 2 Invoice sent to town crier written by Andrew Lewars listing amounts payable to the city for proclamations made. Signed by members of the Committee of Finance John F. Steinman, Albert F. Osterloh, and Philip Metzger. 1838. (1 item, 2 pages) Gift of Clark E. Hess, 9 July 2004.

Folder 3 Handwritten ordinance concerning goats passed by the Common Council, signed by clerks William B. Fordney and Reah Frazer. 2 September 1834. (1 item, 2 pages) Gift of Clark E. Hess, 26 March 2003.

Folder 4 Handwritten ordinance establishing dog ownership regulations in Lancaster City with series of amendments decided by the Common Council singed by W. Whitesdie, clerk. 27 February 1839. (1 item, 2 pages) Gift of Clark E. Hess, 9 July 2004.

Folder 5 Matthias Barton’s financial assessment precept signed by commissioners Henry Ca[ssember], M[rs] Gibbons, and Sam [G.] Heller addressed to [W.] George Morrison requesting that he record and return a list of Drumore Township inhabitants, their land, equipment, slaves, and cattle. 29 April 1824. (1 item, 2 pages). Purchased from dealer, 29 October 1998.

Folder 6 G.W. Hull, Druggist, 15 West King St., Lancaster, Pa, advert booklet printed by Frank J. Faesig, National Job Printer, 54th North Queen St. Booklet includes ads for household medicines and cleaning products. 1870. (1 item, 22 pages) Anonymous gift, 23 January 2003.

Folder 7 Studio of Fred. Ernst, No. 24 East King Street, Lancaster, Pa., coupon for photograph sets. 10 December 1896. (1 item, 2 pages).

Premium check for Geo. F. K. Eisman, Dolls, Toys, and Novelties, 50 N. Queen St., Lancaster, Pa to be used in place of cash in exchange for products. N.d. (1 item, 2 pages)

Folder 8 Henry Martin Brick Machine Mfg. Co., Lancaster, Pa., illustrated catalog containing diagrams and information about brick-making equipment. 1891. (1 item, 42 pages). Purchased from dealer, 3 August 2001.


Folder 9 Paul H. Fry, Brownstown, Pa. illustrated advertisement card 283 A Cozy Home promoting stucco and plaster repair services. N.d. (1 item, 2 pages). Gift of Robert Bomberger, 3 July 2008.

Samuel Hocking & Son Machinists and Engineers, 35 ½-37 N Prince Street, Lancaster, Pa illustrated advertisement card printed by Copr. K. Co. Inc., BAR 336 Contentment. No date. (1 item, 2 pages).

The Manheim National Bank, Manheim, Pa., Christmas Club invitation card. No date. (1 item, 2 pages).

Suwall’s Body & Paint Shop, 725 S. Duke St., Lancaster, Pa., advertisement card printed by The G.B. Co., Joliet, USA, promoting repairs to car frames, fenders, bodies, and axles. N.d. (1 item, 2 pages).

Keener No-Scratch Folding Pin Tickets produced by Keener Manufacturing Co., Tag Makers, Lancaster, Pa., illustrated advertisement card printed by T.D.M. Co., USA. N.d. (1 item, 2 pages).


Folder 10 Friendship Fire Company forms. Gifts of Donald L. Collins, 1 August 1988.

Insert 1 Letter addressed to John [T.] Mc[In]lley Esq., Vice President of the Friendship Fire Company, from [Isra] W. [Liecher], Chair Committee of the City Council of Lancaster, inquiring about renting fire engine and engine house on behalf of the City Council. 19 October 1881. (1 item, 2 pages)

Insert 2 Friendship Steam Fire Company, No. 2 printed membership certificate with blank lines to fill in name, date, and signature. Handwritten note on the back pertaining to fire company dues signed by David Trevitx, Jacob Reese, and Geo. S. Landis. 18[  ]. (1 item, 2 pages).

Insert 3 Letter signed by [Herbert] Johnston reporting at the request of the Special Committee of the Reorganization of the Fire Department requesting that other companies remain in service until the new system is in working operation. 30 January 1882. (1 item, 2 pages)


Folder 11 Fire Company Minutes, Lancaster Pennsylvania, containing the transcribed minutes of borough meetings, city meetings, Union Fire Company meetings, Sun Fire Company meetings, Friendship Fire Company meetings, and Historical Society of Pennsylvania meetings. 1743. (1 item)

Folder 12 [D.] M. Hess account book containing names of debtors, items purchased by those persons, the total owed, and indication of completed payment. 1884. (1 item, 147 pages)

Folder 13 Account book belonging to Michael Wisler documenting the accounts of the Columbia Brewery. Book records name and corresponding monetary sum. Collection of papers from Wisler’s “Beer Book” in plastic pouch. 9 April 1838. (1 item). Purchased from dealer, 29 September 2004

Folder 14 Handwritten entry from professional journal of George Ross recording names of debtors, amount owed, and debtors’ status in the payment process. No date. (1 item, 2 pages) Gift of Mrs. John (Sara G.) M. Hoober Jr., 9 September 1978.


Folder 15 Papers of J.T. Weber. Purchased from dealer, 12 November 2002.

Insert 1 A complaint filed by F.Y. Keath against William D. Sei[v]erling before J.T. Weber. Sei[v]erling is accused of convincing Keath’s clerk, Cyrus Boyer, to drink underage, stealing money from said clerk, and preventing the clerk from purchasing and delivering cigars as instructed by Keath. 26 March 1904. (1 item, 2 pages)

An Amicable Scire Facias in the Court of Common Pleas for the County of Lancaster. 1894. (1 item, 2 pages)

A commitment order addressed to Constable Jeff Kieffer instructing him to deliver Aaron S. Holman, who is to be held in the jail for animal cruelty charges, signed by H. A. Nehr. 9 July 1896.

An Appeal From Judgement of J.T. Weber in favor of the Plaintiff filed by defendant [C. D.]. 16 April 1884. (1 item, 2 pages)

Insert 2 Handwritten letter from the office of J.T. Weber, Justice of the Peace and Scrivner, notifying a neighbor of Emmanuel Diehm that he is not allowed to prevent Emmanuel or Emmanuel’s son from tending their cattle on the public road, and that he must repair damages made to a watering place along the road or face immediate suit. 8 July 1899. (1 item, 2 pages)

Insert 3 Letter addressed to J. T. Weber from Harnish & Harnish Attorneys at Law, No. 42 North Duke St., Lancaster, Pa., responding to a question Weber asked regarding public watering troughs. The letter informs Weber that troughs must be maintained at intervals greater than five miles on the same road, and that one may be paid for under the law. 2 May 1910. (1 item, 2 pages)

Letter addressed to J.T. Weber, Esq., from Owen P. Bricker, Attorney at Law. 42 North Duke Street, Second Floor, informing Weber that despite forms provided in the Fifth Edition of the Articles of Separation, a married woman can make a contract without the intervention of a Trustee. 18 March 1904. (1 item, 2 pages)

Letter addressed to Mr. John T. Weber, Justice of the Peace from Frank B. Brown, Attorney at Law, Alderman and Justice of the Peace, 43 East Market Street, Wilkes-Barre, Pa. offering to sell him defendants’ notices. 4 February 1911. (1 item, 2 pages)


Folder 16 Billheads, letter heads, and receipts belonging to B. F. Davis

Insert 1 Receipt of Mr. B. F. Davis for items purchased at M.T. Garvin & Co., Dealers in Foreign and Domestic Dry Goods and Carpets, 35 and 37 East King St., Lancaster, Pa. 1 July 1900. (1 item, 2 pages). Purchased from dealer 2 July 2007.

Receipt for Workingman’s Brewers Assoc. from Lancaster Freie Presse, published by the Lancaster Printing and Publishing Co., 27 Penn Square, Lancaster, Pa., and attached German newspaper article signed by Benjamin F. Davis. 29 October 1903. (1 item, 4 pages). Purchased from dealer 2 July 2007.

Receipt for Mr. B. F. Davis from WM. Z. Roy, Dr., Book Binder and Blank Book Manufacturer, 16th South Queen Street, second, third, and fourth floors, Lancaster, Pa., indicating payment for the biding of four law books signed by W.Z. Roy. 17 February 1908. (1 item, 2 pages). Purchased from dealer 2 July 2007.

Receipt for Mr. B. F. Davis Esq., for liquors purchased from H.E. Slaymaker, Agent for Reigarts Olde Wine Store, Importer in Fine Wines, Brandy, Gin, Whiskey, & c., 29 East King Street, Lancaster, Pa., est. 1885. 19[ ]. (1 item, 2 pages). Purchased from dealer 2 July 2007.

Receipt for Mr. B. Davis for pictures purchased at E. Grant Eichholtz, Dr., Art Rooms, No. 43 North Queen Street signed by E. [J]. Eichholtz. 4 September 1907. (1 item, 2 pages). Purchased from dealer 2 July 2007.

Insert 2 Letter from the Duetcher Militac-Derein, Stadt and County Lancaster from [Gustav] Schmidt. 17 March 1903. (1 item, 2 pages)

Insert 3 Letter addressed to Benj. F. Davis, Esq., 5 South Duke Street, Lancaster, Pa.,  from The Henry Martin Brick Machine Mfg. Co., Inc., Clay Working Engineers, 628-630 N. Charlotte Street, Lancaster, Penna., USA, regarding the dissolved business partnership between Dict. Wm. R. Martin. K. and Mr. McDevitt, and a money claim paid by McDevitt to Martin. 11 August 1904. (1 item, 2 pages).

Letter addressed to Benj. F. Davis, 5 South duke Street, Lancaster, Pa., from the Henry Martin Brick Machine Mfg. Co. Inc., Clay Working Engineers, 628-630 N. Charlotte Street, Lancaster, Pa., USA, informing Davis that the co-partnership agreement existing between Wm. McDevitt and Dict. Wm. R. Martin. K. was mutually dissolved on 8 September 1903. 9 August 1904. (1 item, 2 pages).

Insert 4 Letter addressed to B.F. Davis Esq., Lancaster, Pa., from Ed F. Fager of The Keeley Stove Co., Manufacturers of Famous Columbian Stoves, Rangegs, and Furnaces, Columbia, Pa., giving Davis a letter he received from A.C. Burner and informing Davis that Mr. G. Herry Fager would call to discuss the matter. 12 December 1904. (1 item, 2 pages).

Letter addressed to B.F. Davis, Esq, Lancaster, Pa., from J.E. [Sho]mier, Secretary and Treasurer of the Keeley Stove Co., Manufacturers of Famous Columbian Stoves, Ranges, and Furnaces, Columbia, Pa., asking to be excused as witness in Bergey-Cemetery Case, in which Davis represents Mrs. Bergey. 14 September 1906. (1 item, 2 pages).

Insert 5 Letter addressed to B.F. Davis from S.R. Slaymaker of S.R. Slaymaker manufacturer of Padlocks, Night Latches, and Hardware Specialties, 808-870 Fist Street, 100-122 West End Ave., Lancaster., inquiring about purchasing the Nelson Scott estate on an adjoining property to be used as a tenant house. 17 September 1906. (1 item, 2 pages)

Insert 6 Handwritten note addressed to Benj. F. Davis Esq., from J.J. Missemer, Publisher of The Landisville Vigil, Landisville Pa., informing Davis that his business card will appear in the Vigil as it does in other newspapers for $1.25. 8 [October] 1907. (1 item, 2 pages).

Insert 7 Handwritten note addressed to Mr. Davis from Leonard Waller of the Accomac on the Susquehanna and Steam Ferry Summer Resort, Opp. P.R.R. Station, Marietta, Pa., P.O. Box 117, Marietta, Penna., asking Davis to promptly respond regarding an estimate for damage done to Waller’s shed and fishery. 13 August 1908. (1 item, 2 pages).

Insert 8 Letter addressed to Mr. B.F. Davis from M.F. Hartman of Lancaster County House, I.B Johns, Prop., informing Davis that the Trolley removed the Pale the day prior after receiving a notice from Davis. 6 October 1909. (1 item, 2 pages).

Insert 9 Letter addressed to Mr. B. F. Davis from Frank A. Rieker, Lancaster, Pa., informing him that there will be a meeting of the Executive Committee on Grand Army Day, 13 October, at the Democratic Headquarter, 421/2 E. King St., Lancaster, Pa. 10 October 1904. (1 item, 2 pages).

Insert 10 Letter addressed to Mr. B. F. Davis, Esq., from Paul Heine, Secretary and Manager of Sprenger Brewing Company, 210-219 Locust St., Lancaster, Pa., informing Davis that he will ready for immediate settlement with Mr. James Ferguson for the sum of $200. 22 October 1906. (1 item, 2 pages).


Folder 17 Gift of Mrs. Jane M. Goodell, 16 September 1994.

Envelopes addressed to H.M North, Esq., Columbia, Pa., Samuel Shoch, Columbia National Bank, Columbia, Pa., E.W. Logenecker, Marietta, Pa., George S. Resch, Marietta, Pa., Jonas L. Knoll, Lebanon, Pa., E.W. Eshleman, Leaman Place, Pa., Geo N. Lefever, Strasburg, Pa., P.G. Breneman, Columbia, Pa., E.D. North Esq., Lancaster, Pa., B. F. Davis, Lancaster, Pa., M, W. H. Fredeker Jr., Bradford Co., [Fredekerrville], Pa., S.E. Bailey & Co., Wholesale Manufacturers and Dealers in Carriages, Lancaster, Pa., J. Park Eaby, Intercourse, Pa., Harris L. Sproat, Esq., West Chester, Pa., Leo H[eei]ns, N. Mulberry St., The Home, Strasburg, Pa., The Gettysburg Brick Co., Gettysburg, Pa., Rider & Heisey, Elizabethtown, Lanc. Co., Pa., A. N. Cassel Esq., Marietta, Pa. 1898-1910. (20 items, 40 pages).

Folder 18 Handwritten letter addressed to Miss Betsey Yeates from J. Yeates addressed to his children, instructing them to return home immediately because Gen. Hand is ill and in danger, but that his disease is unknown. 3 [September] 1802. (1 item, 2 pages) Gift of Dean Canter, 15 January 2003.

Folder 19 Genealogy Records recording the marriage of Clarence E. Lutz, East Donegal Twp., Lancaster, Pa., and Ruth Luella Herr, Rapho. Twp. Lanc. Co., Pa., signed by Rev. Isaac Brubaker. Births of Mary Elizabeth Lutz, James Clayton Lutz, Martha Jane Lutz, Esther Lois Lutz, John Abram Lutz. 26 March 1925. (1 item, 4 pages). Purchased from dealer 4 June 2002.

Folder 20 Bible Record pages – Steigelman. Gift of Peter Seibert, 26 May 1998.

Insert 1 Written record of family lineage beginning with Frey grandparents, including birthdates and death dates of each family member. N.d. (1 item, 2 pages).

Insert 2 Family record bible pages recording the birth of Bertha, Steven, Benjamin, Elmira, Eliza Jane, John Jacob, and Alice Steigelman and recording the deaths of Emmanuel, Elmira, Anna Mary, John Sr., Alice, John Jacob, Benjamin and Mary Ann Steigelman. 1856-1919. (1 item, 2 pages)


Box 2

Folder 23 Framed Condensed Report of the Condition of the Lancaster Trust Company, 36-38 N. Queen St., Lancaster, Pa., gifted by Owen Kugel. Report lists the company’s resources and liabilities as well as company Officers John Hertzler, John A. Ruth, H.W. Hartman, Fred L. Homsher, Herbert C. Miller, Ira K. Herr, A. F. Witmer, W.E. Alexander, C. Frank Summy, H. F. Myers Jr., I.H. Seitz, Ralph E. Stine, and company Directors John Hertzler, H.W. Hartman, John B. Miller, J.T. Breneman, John L. Atlee, M.D., John L. Ruth, Ralph B. Hull, and Fred L. Homsher. No date. (1 item, 1 page)

Folder 24 Framed signs for Office of Liquidating Trustees, 62 N. Duke St., second floor, Lancaster, Pa., gifted by Owen Kugel. No date. (1 item, 1 page).

Folder 25 Framed family record documenting the birth of Anna Mary Steigelman to John Steigelman (father) and Mary Ann Steigelman (mother) on 15 October in Manor Township. Record also lists the parents of Mary Ann Steigelman as Emmanuel Frey and Mary Frey with their birthdates, as well as the marriage date of Mary Ann and John Steigelman. 11 December 1851. (1 item, 1 page) Gift of Peter Seibert, 26 May 1998.

Folder 26 Framed pages from the Lancaster Gazette and Farmer’s Register listing advertisements for local businesses including H. Maxwell Book Binding, Court House Sqaure, Lancaster, Pa., William Levis Silk, Cotton, and Woolen Dyer, Hot Presser and Scourer, East King Street, Lancaster, Pa., Cyrus S. Jacobs, Attorney at Law, Bancker & Myers, Tailors, as well as updates on community expansions and relocations. 7 November 1825. (1 item, xx pages)

Folder 27 Framed German [F]irr Insurance Company of Pittsburgh insurance agreement for Mrs. Mary Ann Paules insuring her in case of damage to her home caused by fire or lightning. Agreement lists terms and conditions of the policy, signed by Secretary F. L. [G]rosy, President C. Bardifeld, and Agent [Geo]. H. E[pp]la in Marietta, Pa. 1 April 1885. (1 item, xx pages)