Kerfoot: Dr. George B. Kerfoot Collection, 1828-1839

Call number:  MG-128

1 box     12 folders     .25 cubic ft.

 Repository: (Lancaster, Pa.)

Shelving Location:  Archives South, Side 4

Description: Collection of medical lectures, mostly given by Dr. Kerfoot. Topics include surgery, epilepsy, colds, injuries of the head, digestion, the senses, phrenology, morality and science, and two Masonic lectures. Doctors also mentioned are Dr. George McClelland, Dr. Gibson, Dr. Spurcheim, and Dr. Gall.

Creator:  Kerfoot, George B.

Conditions for Access:  No restrictions.

Conditions Governing Reproductions:  Collection may not be photocopied. Please contact Research Staff or Archives Staff with questions.

Language:  English

Source of Acquisition:  Unknown.

Folder 1 2 medical lecture booklets, 1828. Galvanism, Electricity. Human Utero Gestation.
Folder 2 3 medical lecture booklets, 1828. Topics: Surgery; Hare Lip; Laryngotomy; Hard and Encysted Tumors; Hernia; Medical Botany; Surgery; Inflammation; Burns & Scalds; Gangrene and Mortification; “Serophula”.

Folder 3 2 booklets of medical lectures, 1828-1829. Topics: Practice of Physics; Colds; Contagion; Diagnosis; Puke; Prognosis; Collapse; Tetanus; Mode of Dressing Wounds.

Folder 4 2 booklets of medical lectures, 1829. Topics: Epilepsy; Dropsy; Neurosis, Apoplexy; Palsy; Hemophilia.

Folder 5 2 booklets of medical lectures, 1829. Topics: (By Dr. Kerfoot) Wounds of the Abdomen; Gunshot Wounds; Injuries of the Head; Depression and Apoplexy; Injuries of the spine; (by Dr. Gibson) Diseases of the Joints; Diseases of the Spine; Diseases of the Nerves; Diseases of the Eye; Diseases of the Nose; Enlarged Tonsils; Jaundice.

Folder 6 2 booklets of medical lectures. Topics: Magnetism; Digestion; Chyle; Lymph; Venous Circulation; Air and Breathing; Arterial Blood.

Folder 7 Medical lectures. Topics: Brain; Senses: Smell, Taste, Touch, General Senses.

Folder 8 2 booklets on Phrenology and Mental Science.


Folder 9 2 Introductory Lectures to Medical Students, no date, 1839.

Introductory Lectures on Anatomy, Physiology & Philosophy to Medical Students by Geo. B. Kerfoot at Lyceum. Published in 1839 by Carry, Donnelly, Kennedy, Bahnson & Moore.

1 card announcing Medical Lectures by Dr. Kerfoot, 1851.


Folder 10 A Lecture at the Lyceum, not medical. A Lecture Advocates a Social Lyceum to Advance Morality & Science.

Folder 11 2 Masonic lectures.

Folder 12 Minute Book of the Lancaster Society of Literature & Science. 1841-1842.