Kirk Family Papers, 1835-1891

Call Number:  MG-279

1 box     14 folders     .5 cubic ft.

Repository: (Lancaster, Pa.)

Shelving Location:  Archives South, Side 8

Description:  This collection contains items from the Kirk family, of Kirk’s Mill, in Little Britain Twp. Ciphering and other school books of Lewis Kirk represent some of his schoolwork. Elisabeth’s scrapbook from 1846 shows her interest in poetry. Legal and financial documents of Levi Kirk pertain to the sale of land, farming, medical expenses and the payment of bounties in 1864. Published works and the Columbian Almanac for 1836 are among the mid-nineteenth century items that the family saved.

Creators:  Kirk family.

Conditions for Access:  No restrictions.

Conditions Governing Reproductions:  Collection may not be photocopied.  Please contact Research Staff or Archives Staff with questions.

Language:  English

Source of Acquisition:  Gift of Ralph F. Miller, 18 November 2000.

Related Materials:  See estate and court records for members of the Kirk family in the Lancaster County Records.


Folder 1  Ciphering Books

Insert 1  Workbook of Lewis Kirk illustrating various math procedures such as the cube root, arithmetic progressions, geometric progressions, annuities at compound interest, discount at compound interest, annuities taken in reversion, perpetuities at compound interest, and multiplication of duodecimals.

Insert 2  The workbook of Lewis Kirk  dealing with 1) algebraic fractions, 2) simple equations and 3) promiscuous examples.


Folder 2  Various School Books

Insert 1  Miscellaneous papers depicting the following: 1) mercury readings January and February 1886, 2) prescription for head dressing, 3) instructions for dyspepsia patients and lastly a penmanship workbook of Lewis Kirk written about serious subjects. 

Insert 2  Penmanship workbook of Lewis Kirk.

Insert 3  Penmanship workbook of Lewis Kirk.

Insert 4  Day book practice exercises of Lewis Kirk.

Insert 5  Copy book and penmanship exercises of Lewis Kirk.


Folder 3  Miscellaneous Papers

Insert 1  Letter included denoted the education of our elected officials in government. Included is a blank form pertaining to the estate of a deceased person in Little Britain Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

Insert 2  Sentences from Blaine speech of 1886 delineating liberty and rights. Document also contains a scathing appraisal of the third party in the campaign of 1886.


Folder 4  Scrapbook of Elisabeth Kirk, 1846. This volume has many poems.


Folder 5  Miscellaneous Papers

Insert 1  Deed received of Levi Kirk from William P. Haines and wife to be recorded. 1835.

Receipt and bill of $3.00 to Levi Kirk from John Lewis for survey of place. 1854.

Report of appraisement of Samuel Wood farm. 1886.

Henry C. Wood sold 126 acre farm for $12,000 to Cyrus Witmer. 1884.

Insert 2  Receipts

Payment of bounty made by H. C. Cunningham to Frank [Hannum] via Levi Kirk. 12 September 1864.

Payment of bounty made by John Miller to William P. Haines via Levi Kirk. 7 September 1864.

Payment of bounty made by William Brown to Edward Reedy via Levi Kirk. 8 September 1864.

Insert 3  Invoices

Invoice from Thomas McCaslin for the boarding of hands. 1889.

Invoice from Thomas McCaslin for the boarding of hands. 1891.

Insert 4  Record of weight shipped by Levi Kirk.

Statement of partnership of the purchase of oxen by Levi Kirk and J. [Branson]. 2 June 1891.

Insert 5  Calculations for deciphering bushels of wheat into making of straw. December 1891.


Folder 6  Miscellaneous Papers

Insert 1  Receipts

Receipt from Levi Kirk to Dr. J. B. Stubbs for medical expenses incurred from 1858-1860.

Receipt from Levi Kirk to Dr. J. A. Peeples for medical attention. 3 July 1873.

Insert 2  Envelope enclosure with intervention for kidney problems from George Wardens.

Insert 3  Remedies proscribed for horses and steers from eating wet grass. 1891-1892.


Folder 7  Lancaster County assessments for 1891

A tabulated rundown of the county using recent county and state taxables, courtesy of W. W. Griest, Commissioners’ Clerk.


Folder 8  

Insert 1  Newspaper article from New York Weekly Tribune of 28 November 1883 depicting British evacuation of New York in 1783.  Among the features of the newspaper account 1) a 1783 map of the Battery, 2) 30,000 Loyalists disembarked leaving a shambles of living conditions, 3) Sir Guy Carleton, Colonel Trumball, General Washington, and Governor Clinton present for send off, 4) regal and orderly procession marched militarily down Broadway, 5) Peace Treaty signed 3 February 1783, 6) Peace Treaty reached U. S. by March 26 via local newspapers, and 7) unveiling of Washington statue on Wall St. on 26 November 1783.

Insert 2  Newspaper article from New York Weekly Tribune, 28 November 1883.  The article depicts John Brown letter to Reverend Dr. Humphrey from Charleston, Jefferson County, Virginia.  He states among the following remarks 1) I am not insane! 2) Going to the gallows is not evidence of guilt. 3) I am cheerful and so do not be sad for me.


Folder 9

Insert 1  A facsimile of the Declaration of Independence courtesy of the Baltimore Sun issue of 4 July 1887.

Insert 2  A booklet titled The Story of the Declaration Independence as written by Horace Mann bound with The History of Our Flag written by John Quincy Adams. Courtesy of The Christian Herald, Bible House, New York.  Booklet Includes a brief history of the document with images of the signers and a reprint of the Webster-Adams speech given 2 August 1826 in memory of Adams and Jefferson.


Folder 10  Miscellaneous papers

Insert 1  A pre-Civil War map of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad showing connections with other carriers.  No date.

Insert 2  An advertisement extolling the features of a monthly periodical published in Philadelphia titled Atkinson’s Casket.

Insert 3  A sales prop for shipping tags as manufactured by Froman Brothers, New York with Dennison’s patent.


Folder 11  Books

Two books which deal with the following:  a book of Poetical Writings of the Late Willis Gaylord Clark from Lizzie Kirk dated 21 January 1854. 

The second book given to Lizzie Kirk from her [Kate] is collection titled The Sybl’s: or Book of Oracles for Ladies and Gentlemen, by Mrs. Anna Bache.


Folder 12  A copy of the Columbian Almanac for 1836 published by Jos. McDowell (Philadelphia) listing monthly court sessions, astronomical facts, weather forecasts, poems, stories and interspersed with gems of wisdom.


Folder 13  Book

Insert 1  Leather cover for book titled Sunshine and Song, very fragile.

Insert 2  A book of verses by James W. Foley titled, Sunshine and Song and autographed by the author.


Folder 14 

Insert 1  Psalms listed for special occasions, also arranged weekly and a list of scripture lessons for funerals.

Insert 2  An ode about Jesus entitled “From a Carpenter Shop” enumerating the ramifications of his teachings and his simplistic life.