Ladies’ Auxiliary of St. Joseph Hospital (Lancaster) Records, 1881-2002

Call Number:  MG-473

2 boxes     22 folders     1 cubic ft.

Repository: (Lancaster, Pa.)

Shelving Location:  Archives South, Side 11

Description:  This collection contains records for the Ladies’ Auxiliary and Junior Auxiliary of St. Joseph Hospital in Lancaster, PA from 1881-2002. One volume contains the names of volunteers and the hours they logged from 1967-1992. Newsletters, programs, and newspaper articles provide information about the many community activities and fundraising events of the organization.

Creators:  Ladies’ Auxiliary of St. Joseph Hospital (Lancaster, Pa.); Junior Auxiliary of St. Joseph Hospital (Lancaster, Pa.)

Conditions for Access:  No restrictions.

Conditions Governing Reproductions:  Collection may not be photocopied. Please contact Research Staff or Archives Staff with questions.

Language:  English

Source of Acquisition:  Ladies’ Auxiliary of St. Joseph Hospital, 20 November 2008.

Administrative/Biographical History:  St. Joseph Hospital (1883-2000) started in a moderate-sized building on College Avenue that was purchased by the Sisters of the Third Order of St. Francis, Philadelphia Foundation. The Ladies’ Auxiliary began in 1903 to promote the community’s health and welfare, engage in fundraising activities, and promote good relations between the hospital and community. The Junior Auxiliary was made up of volunteers who had limited time available, participated in fundraising activities, and met in the evening at five general meetings per year.


Box 1

Folder 1  Records and By-laws, 1883-1968

Insert 1  “The Record of Our Stewardship.” (photocopy)  1881-1948.

Insert 2  By-laws for “Christmas Around the Tree.”  1968.


Folder 2  Brochures, 1968

Insert 1  Brochure to join the Auxiliary.   No date.

Invitation/brochure to join the Duke and Duchess of Bedford for an evening at the Fulton Opera House.  4 October 1968.

Insert 2  Children’s handout book on what a hospital is like and what to expect.  No date.

Brochure with information on joining the St. Joseph Hospital Junior Auxiliary.  1972.


Folder 3   The Tree of Lights Book. 2002.

Folder 4  Journal of volunteer hours. 1967-1992.


Folder 5  Membership Lists, Miscellaneous, 1950-2000

Insert 1  List of Auxiliary Presidents from 1950 through 2000.

Insert 2  Excerpt from Auxiliary Meeting minutes.  1950-2004.

Insert 3  List of Junior Auxiliary Presidents.  List of items donated to the hospital by the Junior Auxiliary.  1952-2000.

Insert 4  List of Rohrerstown and Paradise Auxiliary Presidents.  1961-1980.

Insert 5  Letter to Mrs. John Polcyn from Sister Rita Mary regarding the Easter issue of the Intercom.  6 April 1967.

Article in the Intercom regarding the Auxiliary’s purchase of a new ambulance.  November 1975.


Folder 6  Fundraising Reports and Information, 1957-1958

Insert 1  Ways and Means Committee Report.  1957-1958.

Insert 2  Letter from Dorothy M. Lane to Mr. W. Hensel Brown regarding the landscaping project of the convent garden.  Landscape blueprint included.  20 January 1959.

Insert 3  Brochure with written comments from the Fall Fashion Festival.  14 October 1959.

Insert 4  Financial Report for the 1963 Lancaster Horse Show.  15 January 1964.

Insert 5  Report on the cocktail buffet at Mrs. Robert Langsett’s home.  6 November 1965.

Insert 6  Meeting minutes on the Dessert Fashion Show.  10 November 1967.

Insert 7  Meeting notes on fundraising projects.  1967-1968.

Insert 8  Notes on the committee formed for the purpose of organizing a cookbook to be sold.  1969.

Insert 9  Invitation sample for the membership tea.  1973

Insert 10  Announcement for the Vienna Boys Choir Concert benefiting the Intensive Care Ambulance Fund.  21 March 1975.

Insert 11  Announcement for the Flea Market.  1 February 1977.

Insert 12  History of the Old Lancaster Antiques Show.  Income and expenditure statements.  1976-1978.

Insert 13  Announcements for the Second Annual Fair.  22-23 September 1978.


Folder 7  The Bulletin, 1974-1987

Insert 1  Copies of The Bulletin.  September – December 1974.

Insert 2  Copies of The Bulletin.  March 1984.

Insert 3  Copies of The Bulletin.  February, October 1986.

Insert 4  Copies of The Bulletin.  March 1987.


Folder 8  Jr. Auxiliary Scrapbook, 1979-1983

Insert 1  Newspaper Article “International Foods to Highlight St. Joe Jr. Auxiliary Blossoms in Spring” event.  March 1979.

Insert 2  Newspaper articles.  Various small announcements and invitations for events hosted by the Junior Auxiliary.  November 1979.

Insert 3  Local newspaper article, “Blossoms In Spring to Highlight Fashion Scene.”

Invitation for the 28th Annual “Blossoms for Spring” card party.  March 1980.

Insert 4  Local newspaper articles.  “Another Lively Line-up of Local Holiday Bazaars.”  6 November 1980.

“Bazaars Open this Weekend.”  no date.

Insert 5  Newspaper article “St. Joseph’s Auxiliaries Work Hand in Hand to Support Hospital.”  12 October 1980.

Newspaper article “Area Bazaars.”  9 November 1980.

Insert 6  Newspaper article “Jr. Auxiliary Card Party Will be a Sweet Event.”  22 March 1981.

Local newspaper advertisement.  23 March 1981.

Insert 7  Poster and note on the Jr. Auxiliary’s Christmas Bazaar.  November, no year.

Insert 8  Announcements from Update regarding the “Dream of a Dollhouse” exhibit.  1982.

Insert 9  Lancaster New Era newspaper article “Dollhouse to Highlight Auxiliary’s Bazaar.”  1982.

Insert 10  Various newspaper announcements for Jr. Auxiliary events.  January-March 1982

Insert 11  Announcement to be read as often as possible at St. Joseph Hospital pertaining to the awards presentation.  May 1982.

Intelligencer Journal newspaper article “Honored for 2,000 Hours of Service Pair.”  26 May 1980

Various small newspaper articles.  1982.

Insert 12  Copy of The Bulletin.  October 1982.

Newspaper article “Sidelines.”  no date.


Folder 9  Jr. Auxiliary Scrapbook, 1983-1984

Insert 1  Lancaster New Era, “Community Happenings” newspaper articles.  1 September 1983.

Sunday News article announcing Kathy Witbeck as the new President of the SJH Junior Auxiliary.  16 October 1983.

Insert 2  Sunday News article, “Good Cooks, Good Recipes and Good Work Save Money.”  Article on the upcoming Junior Auxiliary card party and fashion show including recipes to be served.  26 February 1984.

Insert 3  Lancaster New Era article from “Bits & Pieces” regarding St. Joseph Fashion Show/Card Party.  13 March 1984.


Folder 10  Jr. Auxiliary Scrapbook, 1984-1985

Insert 1  Invitation to the Membership Reception on 13 September 1984.

Newspaper article announcing Susan Ostrander as the President for 1984-1985.  Various small announcements for Jr. Auxiliary events.  No date.

Schedule of events for 1984-1985.  No date.

Insert 2  Announcements from Update regarding upcoming Jr. Auxiliary events.  2 November 1984.

Lancaster New Era article, “St. Joe’s Baskets Give Twice” regarding the Cookie Festival being held 30 November 1984.  No date.

Announcement from Update regarding the Cookie Festival.  30 November 1984.

Insert 3  Announcement from Update regarding bake sale on March 29.  15 March 1985.

Announcement from Update thanking all for their support of the “Swing Into Spring” golf tournament.  3 May 1985.

Insert 4  Various newspaper articles related to Junior Auxiliary announcements and events.  No date.

Intelligencer Journal “Who & What” article on volunteers with 1,000 hours.  No date.

Magazine article (no name) on St. Joseph Hospital Health Care Center Auxiliaries.  1984-1985.


Folder 11  Jr. Auxiliary Scrapbook, 1985-1986

Insert 1  Newspaper announcement on Jr. Auxiliary upcoming meeting.  No date.

Newspaper article announcing Presidents of the Auxiliary and Jr. Auxiliary for the 1985-1986 year.  No date.

New Era newspaper article, “St. Joseph Plans Maternity Ward That Keeps Mother, Baby Together.”  No date.

Newspaper article on donation of $35,000 from the Auxiliary for the hospital mobile unit.  No date.

Insert 2  News Bulletin announcing the 1985 Christmas Bazaar.  October 1985.

News Bulletin announcing the 1985 Christmas Bazaar.  25 October 1985.

Announcement regarding the Jr. Auxiliary covered dish dinner.  October 1985.

Insert 3  Various newspaper announcements for upcoming St. Joseph events.  1985.

Update announcement of Christmas Bazaar being held that day.  8 November 1985.

Update article thanking everyone for their participation in the Christmas Bazaar.  15 November 1985.

Insert 4  Press Release for photographer regarding new officers and volunteer awards.  22 May 1985.

Insert 5  Invitation to the Conestoga Country Club golf and dinner sponsored by the Jr. Auxiliary.  28 April 1986.

Insert 6  Newspaper articles announcing upcoming golf tournament.  30 March 1986.

Newspaper article honoring volunteers with 1,000 hours.  24 May 1986.


Folder 12  Jr. Auxiliary Scrapbook, 1986-1987

Insert 1  Sunday News article regarding the Auxiliary and Jr. Auxiliary officers for the 1986-1987 year.  28 September 1986.

Various news articles regarding upcoming St. Joe events.  24 September 1986.

Insert 2  Two Update articles regarding the upcoming 1986 Christmas Bazaar.  14 November 1986.

Newspaper advertisement for Holiday Bazaar on November 14, 1986.  No date.

Insert 3  Three announcements regarding the St. Joseph Jr. Auxiliary event, “Choose Your Heart’s Desire” held at the Ethan Allen Gallery.  1987.

Announcement congratulating Don Hostetter on winning the Heart’s Desire contest.  No date.

Announcement regarding bi-monthly meetings of the SJH Jr. Auxiliary.  No date.

Intelligencer Journal announcement on “Choose Your Heart’s Desire.”  24 January 1987.

Insert 4  General announcement inviting everyone to the Bake Sale.  27 March 1987.

Insert 5  New Era news article regarding the Third Annual Swing Into Spring Golf Tournament.  12 April 1987.

Update article announcing golf tournament.12 April 1987.

New Era/Intelligencer Journal article announcing Golf Tournament.  No date.

Intelligencer Journal article announcing Golf Tournament.  4 March 1987.

Announcement for Golf Tournament.  No date.

Announcement for winners of Golf Tournament.  No date.

Insert 6  Various newspaper announcements regarding the covered dish supper on May 28.  1987.

New Era newspaper article honoring hospital volunteers for service.  1 June 1987.


Folder 13  Jr. Auxiliary Scrapbook, 1987-1988

Insert 1  Newspaper article, “St. Joseph Hospital auxiliaries announce new officers,” for the year 1987-1988. 

Insert 2  Junior Auxiliary Happenings.  1987.

SJH Annual Fair announcement.  1987.

Insert 3  Merchandiser announcements of upcoming meetings.  23 September 1987.

Insert 4  Announcement for Jr. Auxiliary meeting on November 12, 1987.

St. Joseph Hospital and Health Care Center News press release.  3 November 1987.

Insert 5  Holiday Bazaar poster.  November 1987.

Update announcement of upcoming bake sale.  13 November 1987.

Announcement of Annual Holiday Bazaar.  13 November 1987.

Insert 6  Announcement  for upcoming meeting on January 28, 1988.

Announcement for bake sale on March 25, 1988.

Announcement for National Volunteer Recognition week.  April 1988.

Insert 7  New Era newspaper article, “Volunteers are not a Luxury.”  11 April 1988.

Various news articles on upcoming events.  1988.

Announcement recognizing volunteers.  17-23 April 1988.

Insert 8  Merchandiser article on Golf Tourney.  4 May 1988.

News release from George Delp regarding the Fourth Annual Swing into Swing Golf Tournament.  1988.

SJH News release regarding the golf tournament.  27 April 1988.

Poster regarding the 1988 Golf Tournament.  11 May 1988.

Insert 9  Two announcements regarding the golf tournament in May 1988.

Announcement of winners of 1988 golf tournament.

Announcement regarding last meeting of the year.  19 May 1988.

Article on seven volunteers honored for 1,000 hours of service.  No date.

Newspaper articles on upcoming events: golf tournament and public relations specialist hired.


Folder 14  Jr. Auxiliary St. Joseph Hospital Market Basket Tours, 1981-1991

Insert 1  1981 Market Basket Tour invitation and ticket.  May 1981.

Newspaper article with recipes.  No date.

New Era article on Market Basket Tour.   1981.

Article, “Gourmet Basket Lunch a Highlight.”  1981.

Sunday News article on personality decorating with Patricia Guinan.  1981.

Insert 2  Ticket for the 2 May 1983 Market Basket Tour of Kitchens.  1983.

Invitation and ticket form for 2 May 1983 Market Basket Tour.

Invitation and ticket form for 7 May 1984 Market Basket Tour.

Newspaper article, “Kitchen and Chefs to be Spotlighted.”  No date.

Newspaper article, “Gingrich Floral Designs to Highlight Market Basket Tour.”  1984.

Insert 3  Initiation and ticket form for 1 May 1985 Market Basket Tour.

Sunday News article, 12th Market Basket Tour.  1985.

Susquehanna Magazine announcement for May events.  1985.

Intelligencer Journal article, “Mustard:  It’ll Make Your Summer Spicey!”  No date.

The Advertiser article on Market Basket Tour of Kitchens.  24 April 1985.

New Era article, “Hot Dogs Go Gourmet for Market Basket.”  1985.

Insert 4  Invitation and ticket form for 5 May 1986 Market Basket Tour.

Sunday News article, “Market Basket: A Tour de Taste.”  1986.

Insert 5  Invitation ticket and Tour Schedule for 5 May 1987 Market Basket Tour.

Newspaper picture of Kling House Lancaster County specialties.  1987.

Insert 6  Banner advertising the 16th Annual Market Basket Tour of Kitchens.  3 May 1988.

Sunday News article, “Wetherburn Houses Highlight Tour.”  17 April 1988.

New Era article, “Chefs, Kitchens, Food and Flowers.”  1988.

Insert 7  Intelligencer Journal article on Market Basket Tour.  27 April 1989.

New Era article, 17th Annual Market Basket Tour of Kitchens.  1989.

New article, “DeGreen’s Victorian features Kitchen area with lots of living space.”  1989.

Newspaper picture regarding 1989 Market Basket Tour.  1989.

Partial newspaper article on hot sauce.  No date.

Sunday News article, “Tour Schedule.”  No date.

Insert 8  Sunday News article, “May Day is Flowers and Kitchens.”  1990.

Insert 9  Invitation and ticket form for 19th Annual Market Basket Tour of Kitchens.  7 May 1991.

New Era article in Home Magazine, “Market Basket Tour.”  1990


Folder 15  Jr. Auxiliary St. Joseph Hospital Market Basket Tours, 1992-2000; Remodelers Showcase, 1998-2000

Insert 1  Invitation and form for the 20th Annual Market Basket Tour of Kitchens.  5 May 1992.

Sunday News article, “This Is It – 20 Years Later.”  19 April 1992.

Intelligencer Journal article, “Kitchens On Parade.”  1 May 1992.

Insert 2  Invitation and form for the 21st Annual Market Basket Tour of Kitchens.  4 May 1993.

New Era article in Home Magazine, “Kitchens & More.”  16 April 1993.

Newspaper article, “Red-brick Road Leads to Kitchen Tour House.”  23 April 1993.

Magazine article, “Market Basket Kitchen Tour is Tastiest House Tour in Town.”  April 1993.

Insert 3  Brochure, invitation, and form for the 22nd Annual Market Basket Tour.  3 May 1994.

Newspaper article, “Two Teas are Highlights of Market Basket Tour.”  20 April 1994.

New Era article, “Tea for Two.”  27 April 1994.

Insert 4  Brochure from 23rd Annual Market Basket Tour.  2 May 1995.

Newspaper article, “Market Basket Tour Highlights History.”  No date.

Newspaper article, “Tour Marks Holidays.”  1995.

New Era article, “Patriotic Party.”  No date.

Insert 5  Brochure, invitation and form for 24th Annual Market Basket Tour.  7 May 1996.

Article, “Kitchens to be Focus of Upcoming Fundraisers.”  No date.

Sunday News article, “Sample Lifestyle Trends on Market Basket Tour.”  21 April 1996.

New Era article, “A Taste of History.”  24 April 1996.

New Era article, “Chef James Brisson will Demonstrate Culinary Talents During Tour of Kitchens.”  No date.

Insert 6  Brochure and form for the 25th Annual Market Basket Tour.  6 May 1997.

Small magazine article on Market Basket Tour of Kitchens.  1997.

Newspaper article, “St. Joseph Auxiliary hosts Market Basket Tour May 6.”  6 April 1997.

Newspaper article, “Caterer Designs”  no date.

Magazine article, “One Last Hurrah for the Market Basket Tour.”  April 1997.

New Era article, “The 15th and last Market Basket Tour to be May 6.”  No date.

New Era article, “Period Potpourri.” no date.

Insert 7  Brochure for Remodelers Showcase.  2 May 1998.

Magazine article, “Day Homestead.”  April 1998.

Article in Wheatland Custom Homes, Inc. brochure on Remodelers Showcase.  March-April 1998.

Building Industry Association article, “1998 Remodelers Showcase.”  No date.

Newspaper ad for Remodelers Showcase, 2 May 1998.

Newspaper article, “Family Room Flair.”  No date.

New Era article, on Remodelers Showcase.  No date.

Insert 8  Magazine ad for Remodelers Showcase, 1 May 1999.

Picture and blurb from Around the Diocese.  No date.

Schedule for Remodelers Showcase.  1 May 1999. (2 copies)

Ticket for Remodelers Showcase.  1 May 1999.

Small poster for 1999 Remodelers Showcase raffle. 

Advertisements for Remodelers Showcase.  No date.

Newspaper pictures of a farmhouse.  No date.

Sunday News article, “Warehouse boasts Collection.”  No date

Insert 9  Brochures for Remodelers Showcase 2000.  29 April 2000. (2 copies)

Insert 10  Brochure and order form for the Remodelers Showcase.  29 April 2000.

Raffle ticket.

Printed advertisement for Remodelers Showcase.  29 April 2000.

Brochures for Remodelers Showcase. 29 April 2000. (2 copies)


Folder 16  Auxiliary Scrapbook, 1976

Insert 1  Newspaper articles on living with antiques.  March 1976.

Brochure, Living With Antiques tour.  25-28 March 1976.

Insert 2  Newspaper articles on antique show planned by St. Joseph’s Auxiliary.  no dates.

Sunday News article, “City House Being Transformed into Antique Lovers’ Haven.”  14 March 1976.

Intelligencer Journal Lifebeat article, “Benefit Includes Lectures, Displays.”  16 March 1976.

Intelligencer Journal article, “Living with Antiques.”  25 March 1976.

Insert 3   New Era article, “Use Them Now or Save for Future?”  26 March 1976.

The Merchandiser article, “Antiques Display, Lectures to Aid St. Joseph Hospital.”  24 March 1976.

Intelligencer Journal article, “Antiques Galore.”  26 March 1976.

The Columbia article, “Area Woman is a Quilt Collector.”  25 March 1976.

Insert 4  Brochure with recipes, 18th Century English Recipes from The Old Lancaster Antiques Show.  20-22 November 1981.

Catalog from The Old Lancaster Antiques Show.  1976.


Folder 17  Ladies’ Auxiliary Scrapbook, October-December 2000

Insert 1  The Catholic Witness, “Ministry Set to Lead Programs Begun by St. Joseph Hospital.”  6 October 2000.

Insert 2  Brochure with information on the Life Enhancement Center.  No date.

Insert 3  Newspaper article, “MTHS Student Council Earns Funds for Life Enhancement Center.  No date.

Insert 4  Auxiliary News article, “As Always, Auxiliary Delivers Top-Notch Performance.”  No date.

Insert 5  Newspaper article, “Tree of Lights celebration Set.”  No date.

Insert 6  Article, “St. Joseph Health Ministries Auxiliary:  New Name, Same Good Works.”  No date.

Insert 7  Invitation to the Silver Tea and New Member Recognition.  10 October 2000.

Playbill, “A Night on Broadway.”  4 November 2000.

Insert 8  Newspaper article, “Auxiliary to Host Tree of Lights.”  November 2000.

Poster for the Christmas Luncheon at Bent Creek Country Club.  7 December 2000.


Folder 18  Ladies’ Auxiliary Scrapbook, March 2001-June 2004

Insert 1  Invitation to the General Membership Meeting.  22 March 2001.

Brochure for the Fashion Show.  7 April 2001.

Insert 2  Article from St. Joseph Health Ministries on grant received.  2001.

Poster for the 2001 Fantasy Ball.  10 November 2001.

Insert 3  Brochure for the Tree of Lights ceremony.  4 December 2001.

Newspaper article for the Tree of Light ceremony.  No date.

Insert 4  invitation to the Home of Marilyn Berger for the general meeting.  21 March 2002.

Mission statement from the St. Joseph Health Ministry.  No date.

Insert 5  Poster and volunteer handbook for volunteers for the Seasons Gift Shop.  No date.

Insert 6  Brochure for the 100th Anniversary of the Auxiliary.30 April 2004.

Insert 7  Calendar from Motoring Around announcing the 18th annual golf tournament. 

Newspaper article, “St. Joseph Volunteers Recognized.”  4 May 2002.

Insert 8  Invitation to Speakeasies, Flappers, and All That Jazz.  9 November 2002.

Invitation to Tree of Lights ceremony.  3 December 2002.

Brochure for Tree of Lights.  3 December 2002.

Article on Tree of Lights.  7 December 2003.

Insert 9  Invitation to the Recognition Dinner and Program.  17 April 2002.

Newspaper article, “Auxiliary Hosts 100th Anniversary.”  No date.


Box 2

Folder 19  Ladies’ Auxiliary St. Joseph Hospital Scrapbook  1976.

Folder 20  Ladies Auxiliary St. Joseph Hospital Scrapbook individual pages.  1976.

Folder 21  The Old Lancaster Antiques Show magazine and catalog.  1979.

Folder 22  The Old Lancaster Antiques Show scrapbook.  1981.