Lancaster County Bird Club Records, Series 11 Crow Problem, 1986, 2005-2006

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Scope and Content Note: Series 11 is about the crow problem in Lancaster County in 2005-2006 and includes correspondence and newspaper articles. This collection contains the business records of the Lancaster County Bird Club in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Records include the constitution and by-laws, meeting minutes, bulletins, newsletters, programs, correspondence, and newspaper articles about birds, bird watching, and club members.

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Biographical and Historical Note: The Lancaster County Bird Club had its beginnings in December 1937 and has been active ever since in pursuit of its goals: to record the observation of bird life in the county, to disseminate in a popular manner the result of such observations, to provide education concerning the habits and identification of birds and to secure the cultivation of public sentiment in the preservation of our native bird life. Articles of Incorporation were filed and approved by the Department of State on December 12, 1983, under the Pennsylvania Nonprofit Corporation Law of 1972.

Lancaster County’s location in southcentral Pennsylvania makes it home to many diverse habitats that are attractive, not only to breeding birds, but also to migratory species. The Susquehanna River, the Furnace Hills, the Lancaster County Parks System, Octoraro Lake, Muddy Run Reservoir, Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area, sites owned by the Lancaster County Conservancy, and the vast agricultural areas all provide excellent birding opportunities.

Lancaster County Bird Club. “About Us.” Accessed May 12, 2015.

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Box 9

Series 11 Lancaster County Bird Club Crow Problem

 Series 11, Box 9, Folder 1 Lancaster County Bird Club Crow Background

Crow behavior/background information written by Kevin McGowan. Includes general information, websites, Lancaster County problems, possible solutions, methodologies, researcher names, discussion and debate questions, and answers.


Series 11, Box 9, Folder 2 Lancaster County Bird Club Crow Problem Meeting Minutes

Notice to Jan and Pat Witmer, Lancaster County Bird Club, from Sally Lownsbery, School Psychologist IU 13, about 2 board motions regarding the board not being in favor of materials going on a freebie table without prior approval, and the Club will not allow petitions to be circulated at club sponsored meetings or functions. 14 September 2006.

Handwritten explanation of the problem with using poison to take care of the crow problem.

Handwritten meeting minutes, 11 September 2006. Includes meeting time and location, whom was and wasn’t present, comments on previous meeting, notes were sent to townships involved, past activities of the Game Commission, possible partnerships, possible public meeting, and a notice to send copies of motions to Jim.

Lancaster County Bird Club Board of Directors minutes 11 September 2006. Includes meeting date, time, and location, whom was and wasn’t present, the purpose of the meeting, discussion on what the role of the LCBC should be, and other business. 2 copies.

Email sent to Ann from Sally indicating that minutes are ready and if any corrections are needed to let her know. 9 October 2006.


Series 11, Box 9, Folder 3 Lancaster County Bird Club Crow Problem Correspondence 1998 – 2006

List of names and contact information to contact concerning the crow problem.

Email to Jane Abbot, et al., from Gina Brillhart informing the recipients that in anticipation of a large amount of crows at the Enterprise Road Office precautions were going to be taken. These precautions included an electronic noise generator at the parking lot that emitted both electronic and natural sounds that can, at times, sound very realistic. These noises were to begin at 3:00pm and end at 8:00pm each day and they were advised to inform any possible visitors of what was occurring. 3 November 1998.

Email from Ann Mease Bodling concerning the possibility of Manheim Township following through with a massive crow poisoning effort in the coming weeks. Suggestion was made that there may be a need for an advocacy role for the club to fill concerning controversial affairs and how they pertain to birds found locally. It was proposed that in addition to the general meeting, a board meeting be held to discuss the crow problem and research/answers be ready for any questions that are brought up during the general meeting. 13 January 2005.

Email to Sally from Ann. Contained within is a notice of an attachment that contains posts made by community members. Ann asks that if Sally has any new information to please inform her. 14 January 2005.

Email to Sally Lownsbery from Ann Mease Bodling contain contact information for the different municipalities and the suggestion to start with the Lancaster County Commissioners. 14 January 2005.

Email to Sally Lownsbery from Ann Mease Bodling, notice that a phone call was made to the USDA Wildlife Services Easter District out of Harrisburg at which point it was pointed out that no such plan of poisoning the crows was going to be taking place over the winter because there was still a lot of assessments and approval to be had. Should that change in the future, a public meeting would be held to inform and address any concerns that public had. Despite this, it was suggested that continued research be done regarding avicide so that if the topic comes up again they will be prepared. 14 January 2005.

Email to Sally Lownsbery from J. Eric & Robin Witmer concerning two actions that had been brought up at the recent Board Meeting. The first action was a draft of a letter to Municipalities regarding the crow problem and the request that, in future, humane actions be taken and not the use of poison as the results of such an action is unknown to the surrounding environment and wildlife. Anyone that should be affected by the crows should call conservation organizations or other experts to find a way to handle the problem. The second action was in regards to the donation of Audubon’s Baby Elephant Profile that was to be auctioned off. 16 January 2005.

Multiple letters and responses between Ann Mease Bodling, Sally Lownsbery Scott Weidensaul, Ann Pettigrew and Dave. The topic continues to concern the crow problem and the possible use of DRC-1339 and although tests were completed using DRC-1339 there are still many questions and concerns in the birding and conservancy community. There is a lot of disbelief with what is being told to the press via the USDA and shows of concern for any potential harm done to crows and other unintended victims. 18 January 2005.

Emails between Ann Mease Bodling and Sally Lownsbery concerning the continued crow problem. It is suggested that a petition be put on hold until more information be gathered, to do otherwise may make things more confusing and cause unnecessary mayhem. In addition, more names were brought up for possible contact on information regarding previous poisoning methods and the results. 21 January 2005.

Email from Jan A. Witmer, President stating the Club’s position on the crow problem and the proposed actions resulting. Attached is a list of individuals that this email went out to with contact information.

Email containing a message sent out by Audubon Pennsylvania regarding the speculation that they were not doing enough to protest the proposed methods of the crow problem solution. However, it would seem that they were doing quite a bit behind the scenes and helped to stop the use of DRC-1339 from being used. They are attempting to put a halt to the use of Compound 1080 but are having more difficulty doing so. With both types of poison though, Audubon Pennsylvania was working to challenge the federal registration of both DRC-1339 and Compound 1080 on the grounds that the chemical wasn’t compliant with the 1996 federal Food Quality Protection Act. 26 January 2005.

Handwritten note listing the date, time and location for a crow meeting. 27 July.

Handwritten note includes information about a Manheim township Commissioner meeting that is to be held concerning the crow problem. 30 July 2006.

Handwritten note about the next Manheim township supervisor’s meeting. Also includes information regarding Jay George and some of what he stated at the July 31st meeting. 14 August 2006.

Handwritten information about an update on the crow situation. Includes when and where a public information meeting is to be held, some of whom will be in attendance what to anticipate, and who has already been contacted and who could be contacted for additional information. 27 August 2006.

Email from Ann Mease Bodling regarding the Bird Club’s role in the Crow Problem which was to be one of education and advocacy. It was recommended that the Club sponsor a separate public information meeting that would provide information about winter crow roosts and the known effects of the poison that is being proposed. Also, notice that she has been busy gathering supporters for their cause and finding ways that they can help. Lastly, informing the readers that the Mayor of Lancaster City stated they wouldn’t participate in the crow poisoning. 27 August 2006.

Email to Ann and the Members of the Board of Directors regarding the proposal for a joint meeting; at the time it was denied for reasons listed in the email mostly pertaining to the costs associated with such a joint meeting. 28 August 2006.

Email to Pat, Jan, et al. about the concerns raised in having a joint meeting. Much of the points made deal directly with the concerns listed as well as a second appeal to have a meeting about the possibility of participating in the joint meeting due to the urgency and short time-frame in which to participate and be proactive. 28 August 2006.

Email to Ann Mease Bodling, et al indicating that there is a need for another meeting to discuss the crow problem and that although there isn’t a consensus on a solution to deal with the crows, there is most likely consensus that poison is not viable. 28 August 2006.

Email to Bechandcall, from Jane indicating that having a speaker at the next September meeting wouldn’t be a problem and that a special meeting to deal with the crow situation is needed. 28 August 2006.

Handwritten note indicating that another surprise meeting was held at Manheim Township was held. Stated that Jim Martin was rather evasive about the crow situation and the proposed ‘solutions’. Also questions regarding why the Club wasn’t getting more involved in the Crow Coalition and a revision for the next meeting.   Attached is another note questioning the motives of Jim Martin. 29 August 2006.


Series 11, Box 9, Folder 4 Lancaster County Bird Club Crow Problem Correspondence 2006

Email from Ann reiterating the need for a special board meeting to discuss the crow problem and the Board’s possible response as well as proposing two dates in which to hold the meeting. 29 August 2006.

Email to Ann from Sally and a response to Sally from Ann regarding the email sent out by Jan and Pat Witmer about the proposed joint meeting. 29 August 2006.

Email response by Sally in regards to the email sent out by Ann Bodling for potential dates that a special board meeting can be held; she reiterates her thoughts that the Club Board Members need to do something about the proposed poisoning of the crows. 29 August 2006.

Email response by Kelly to the email sent out by Ann Bodling for potential dates that a special board meeting can be held. Kelly includes that should the Club fail to state a position either way that they will not be taken seriously as group of concerned Pennsylvanians but instead as a ‘group of people that gather together’. 29 August 2006.

Email response by Jonathan Heller to the email sent out by Kelly; stating that he agrees the Club needs to state their position he doesn’t feel that a public forum would be the way to go because of the short time frame in which to prepare for it and the possible liability issues. 30 August 2006.

Email to Sally from Ann seeking her opinion on the responses received so far about a special board meeting. The special board meeting was to go forward with a date and time chosen but no location due to no one living centrally in Lancaster County. Input was requested about how to begin the meeting and how to prepare for possible concerns about the Club take a position on the crow problem. Included as well was a notice that a news team was invited and possibly seeking information about falconing. In a second email response possible locations for the special board meeting was suggested. 31 August 2006.

Email sent out to members that would be attending the special board meeting from Ann indicating that a date and time was set but a location was still in question. If anyone had a problem with a possible drive they were to get back to Ann and it would help to influence where the meeting was to be held. 31 August 2006. 2 copies.

Email noting that invitations had been sent to various township supervisors and managers as well as Chris Croson from Wildlife Services in Harrisburg. In addition, notice that a dinner reservation had been made in anticipating of the meeting that would include Kevin McGowan and his request that the business meeting portion be held first to be followed by questions. Request that if any changes should be made to let her know as soon as possible. 5 September 2006.

Email containing information about the meeting location that had been chose as well as directions on how to get there. Also, it was asked that members—both those to be in attendance as well as those that won’t be—to have questions ready in advance of the meeting. 6 September 2006.

Email response to Ann’s request from Darryl and Sally containing concerns that they have regarding the poisoning of the crows to be raised at the special board meeting as well as a suggestion that Ron Harper get involved and his website in which to contact him. 7 September 2006.

Email sent to Sally from Ann noting that verification was had that East Hempfield Supervisors had voted to deny MT’s request for funding for the poisoning and to establish a task force that would work on the crow situation. Also, questioning whether it would be possible to not read minutes from the last meeting or past bird sightings due to time as well as not including past events. 8 September 2006.

Email from Ann Mease Bodling about a location, date and time for a public forum meeting that addressed the previous concerns raised by the Board as well as an indication that Kevin McGowan would be willing to come back for it. Included also was suggestions on how to run the public forum meeting, which included panelists, and a request from anyone receiving the email that if they could think of anyone else to include on the panel to forward the name. Also, notice that Ann and Kelly would be meeting with Jim Martin to hear about his perspective on the crow problem. 30 September 2006.

Email from James Smith applauding the work and effort that Ann has put into the Club’s presence in the crow problem and solution as well as input regarding panelists and possibly indicating at another club (Lancaster Butterfly Club) that the Lancaster County Bird Club is not an activist group but also indicating that some of those members could be a help. 2 October 2006.

Emailabout a potential dilemma regarding where Kevin McGowan can stay while he is here to attend the public forum meeting; former plans fell through. In addition is information whom the panelists will be at the public forum meeting, the desire to get additional press as well as an invitation to everyone to get together and discuss the upcoming meeting. 5 October 2006.

Email sent by Ann indicating that no one has offered to host Kevin McGowan for the evening he will be in the area so a decision will need to be made about whether or not to pay for a motel, and discussion about other potential costs including gas money and supper costs. Also in the email is the press release that was sent to F&M regarding the public forum meeting. 11 October 2006. 2 copies.

Email from Ann noting that the board voted that monies would be provided for a room and dinner for Kevin McGowan as well as other miscellaneous costs and the approved decision to move the December meeting to the second Friday permanently. 14 October 2006.

Email from Ann noting that the Intelligencer Journal would be having an article and would be covering the meeting, that WITF would be running a piece on the radio, and The Merchandisers had a post the past week all concerning the upcoming public forum meeting. Also included is discussion about mikes and sound systems and the desire to have three and that if anyone should know of where to get on to let Ann know. 20 October 2006.

Email from Ann to Sally indicating that the headline pertained to the Crow Forum publicity alert. 24 October 2006.


Series 11, Box 9, Folder 5 Lancaster County Bird Club Crow Problem Correspondence, No Date

Handwritten note containing meeting date, time and location about the crow problem.

Handwritten note containing meeting date, time and location that will deal with the Club and the crow problem.

Handwritten note indicating that Ann will be going to a meeting and noting specially that the PA Game Commissions backs the poisoning.

Handwritten note containing individuals names and whether they have confirmed to help or not.

Handwritten note indicating that an application for a permit to use the avicide was made using dog food and that it was highly toxic and meant farmers couldn’t use their fields for 1-2 years. Attached is another handwritten note stating that they will kill off more than just crows and that the avicide company is looking for business.

Handwritten note stating that the writer didn’t make it to the first meeting; there is to be a different meeting the following evening but that Ann is concerned the crow problem won’t be up for discussion because it isn’t on the agenda.

Handwritten note questioning when Barley poisoned all the Starlings.

Handwritten note containing meeting time and location for a meeting with League of Humane Voters.

Email to Ann in regards to previous concerns raised about crows and the spread of West Nile Virus (WNV). It addresses concerns that had been raised about crows spreading WNV and that poisoning could help to prevent his; however, this email indicates that to stop WNV attention needs to be paid more to mosquitoes that infect both humans birds.

Email to PABirds subscribers and PA birders from Kim Van Fleet IBA biologist, Audubon Pennsylvania stating that Audubon PA is gathering information on different options that can be used on the crow problem and that once they have all the information they feel they need they will then make a statement.


Series 11, Box 9, Folder 6 Lancaster County Bird Club Crow Problem Studies

Email sent to Sally from Ann indicating that included are studies done on DRC-1339 and other research completed. Also contains handwritten notes. 2 October 2006.

Message sent by Carolee Caffrey, PhD. that contains information regarding the possible effectiveness and unacceptable consequences of DRC-1339. 4 copies; 1 is highlighted.

“Starlicide”. Article written containing use, history, properties, pharmacology, toxicity, toxicity tables regarding DRC-1339, and references.

“Acute and Chronic Toxicity of Compound DRC-1339 (3-Chloro-4-Methylaniline Hydrochloride) to Birds” by: John D. Eisemann, Patricia A. Pipas, and John L. Cummings.

”Blackbird Pesticide Registrations and Registration Requirements” by: William W. Jacobs.

“Dietary Toxicity Test for 2% DRC-1339-Treated Brown Rice on Nontarget Avian Species” by: John L. Cummings, Darryl L. York, Kirk J. Shively, Patricia A. Pipas, Randal S. Stahl, and James E. Davis, Jr.

“Effects of DRC-1339 (3-Chloro-4-Methylaniline Hydrochloride) Avicide on Pheasant Reproduction” by: Daniel E. Hubbard and Regg D. Neiger.

“Positive and Negative Values of Blackbirds” by: Michael R. Conover and Nicole H. McCoy.

“Nontarget Bird Exposure to DRC-1339 During Fall in North Dakota and Spring in South Dakota” by: Thomas W. Custer, Christine M. Custer, Paul M. Dummer, George M. Linz, Louis Sileo, Randal S. Stahl and John J. Johnson.

“Nontarket Bird use of DRC-1339 Bait Sites During Operational Baiting Programs in Louisiana and Texas” by: Patricia A. Pipas, John L. Cummings, John D. Eisemann, and Richard M. Engeman.

“The Migratory Bird Treaty Act and Concerns for Nontarget Birds Relative to Spring Baiting with DRC-1339” by: Lawrence R. Gamble, Kevin M. Johnson, Greg Linder, and Elisabeth A. Harrahy.

“The League of Humane Voters – Central PA”. Information regarding crows. 3 copies.

“National Wildlife Research Center”.


Series 11, Box 9, Folder 7 Lancaster County Bird Club Crow Problem Articles 1986, 2005 – 2006

“Firm Fined for Large Bird Kill” by: Ad Crable. New Era. 15 February 1986.

“Toxic Relations County’s crow task force petitions USDA to poison birds; approval pending” by: Carla Di Fonzo. Intelligencer Journal. Lancaster, PA. Thursday, 13 January 2005.

“As protests mount, crow poisoning delayed” by: Ad Crable. New Era. 14 January 2005.

“Crow-killing plan postponed for at least a year” by: Earle Cornelius. Intelligencer Journal. Lancaster, PA. Saturday, 15 January 2005.

“Answer to roosting crows proves elusive”. Lancaster New Era. Saturday, 15 January 2005.

“’Caws’ for concern”. Intelligencer Journal. 15 January 2005.

“Nothing to crow about”. 16 January 2005.

“The big squawk” by; Maria Coole. Sunday News. Lancaster, PA. 16 January 2005.

“Couple of crows horrified by the plans” by: Heckle and Jeckle. 16 January 2005.

“Not the way to eliminate crows” by: Amanda L. Barnett. Intelligencer Journal. 17 January 2005.

“Crows fascinate, amuse” by: Paula Hagan. New Era. 18 January 2005.

“Hunters solve crow problem?” by: Ron Rinier. New Era. 18 January 2005.

“Concerned about crow proposal” by: Cheryl Esbenshade. 18 January 2005.

“Crows a nuisance, but not a danger” by: Elinore Wackernagel. 18 January 2005.

“Objects to crow plan” by: Louise Crowe. 18 January 2005.

“’Silent majority’ urged to speak out against crows” by: Russell Bubernak. New Era. 21 January 2005.

“’Nevermore’ Nothing to crow about” by: Christine Pointek. Sunday News. 23 January 2005.

“No respect for crows” by: Mary Miller. 23 January 2005.

“Quid pro crow” by: Susan Jurgelski. New Era. Lancaster, PA. Tuesday, 8 February 2005.

“Thrilled by crows” by: Clyde McMillan-Gamber. 27 February 2005.

“Carcasses, death cries rousting pesky crows” by: Ad Crable. New Era. 27 December 2005.

“Sly crows outfox would-be assassins” by: Ad Crable. New Era. Friday, 20 January 2006.

“Crows chow down on killer kibble at two county sites” by: Paula Holzman. Intelligencer Journal. Saturday, 28 January 2006.

“Poisoning crows is a disgraceful solution” by: Keith Jenkins and Kate Cavanaugh. Thursday, 2 February 2006.

“Where are birds to go?” by: Colleen Maile. Friday, 3 February 2006. 2 copies, 1 with an attachment of a handwritten note.

Comic; “Yeah it’s pretty in Lancaster County, but we’ve found it deadly to try to hold a convention here!” by: C. Beyl. Sunday News. Lancaster, PA. 5 February 2006.

“Shame on us” by: Adriene Harris. Sunday News. 5 February 2006.

“Deserved to die?” by: Judy Eaton. Sunday News. 5 February 2006.

“Crows adapt to us” by: Shelby Chunko. Sunday News. 5 February 2006.

“Poor response” by: Dan Watt. Monday, 6 February 2006.

“Killing of crows evokes feelings of sorrow” by: Christopher Carroll Barton. Intelligencer Journal. 8 February 2006.

“Poison affects more than crows” by: Linda Frank. Intelligencer Journal. 8 February 2006.

“Crows harm no one” by: Emily Mason. New Era. 9 February 2006.

“Crow-poisoning rapped” by: Sallie Prokay. New Era. 9 February 2006.

“Crows the latest PA. Dutch Country tourist attract?” by: Judith K. Canepa. New Era. 10 February 2006.

“Crows were here first” by: Miriam Gross. New Era. 11 February 2006.

“Foreign affair” by: Catherine McCarthy. New Era. 12 February 2006.

“Not same as people” by: Julia Horst. New Era. 12 February 2006.

“Share with the birds” by: Mary Weston. New Era. 12 February 2006.

“More bad press for county” by: Carole V. Herr. New Era. 12 February 2006.

“Stewards of death?” by: Shannon M. Zimmerman. New Era. 12 February 2006.

“Outraged by plan to poison crows” by: Rebecca Cavanaugh. Thursday, 16 February 2006.

“Disgusted by bird kill” by: Gwyn McVay. Intelligencer Journal. Lancaster, PA. 17 February 2006.

“To disperse pesky crows, long-term, non-lethal solution best” by: Carolee Caffrey. New Era. Lancaster, PA. Monday, 20 February 2006.

“Destroying habitats and inhabitants” by: Mary Catherine Edelman. Intelligencer Journal. 20 February 2006.

“Get rid of the crows” by: Paul H. Ripple. Intelligencer Journal. 20 February 2006.

“The way the crow problem was handled gives people plenty to squawk about”. Sunday News. 26 February 2006.

“Quid pro crow” by: Maria Coole. Sunday News. 26 February 2006.

“Callous attitude towards birds” by: Beth H. Bonner. Intelligencer Journal. Lancaster, PA. 28 February 2006.

“War on crows ends – for now” by: Ad Crable. New Era. 3 March 2006.

“Distressed by killings” by: Tim Kauffman. Sunday News. 5 March 2006.

“Share with animals” by: Lorri Rhinier. Sunday News. 5 March 2006.

“There is still hope” by: Michele Calabretta Nicarry. Sunday News. 5 March 2006.

“Column was for the birds” by: Mary Ann Keller. Sunday News. 5 March 2006.

“Invites crows to her area” by: Linda Spickler. Sunday News. 5 March 2006.

“Short and sweet” by: Patsy Lavinia. Sunday News. 5 March 2006.

“Be a friend to nature” by: Mary Miller. New Era. 9 March 2006.

“Stop beating a dead…crow” by: Shirley R. Witmyer. New Era. 9 March 2006.

“’Stupid policy’” by: Ellen Roth. Sunday News. 12 March 2006.

“Soulless creatures” by: Shirley Cramer. Sunday News. 12 March 2006.

“Natural imbalance” by: Darren Huegel. Sunday News. 12 March 2006.

“The mass of crows departs, but many questions remain” by: Ad Crable. New Era. Lancaster, PA. Saturday, 1 April 2006.

“Birds aren’t only pollution problem” by: Brad Stroman. Intelligencer Journal. Lancaster, PA. Monday, 3 April 2006.

“Rumspringa on the wing?” by: Maria Coole. Sunday News. Lancaster, PA. 3 September 2006. 2 copies.

“Crows meeting”. Sunday News. 3 September 2006. 2 copies, 1 copy attached to website information for The League of Humane Voters – Central PA.

“Group wants to give crows safe passage” by: Lisa Grimaud. Intelligencer Journal. 13 September 2006. Photocopy.

“’Crow whisperer’ chases off unwanted birds”. Foxnews. Monday, 26 December 2005. Attached is a note indicating this article was found on a listserv.


Series 11, Box 9, Folder 8 Lancaster County Bird Club Crow Problem Articles No Date

“Crow problem”. Announcement


Series 11, Box 9, Folder 9 Lancaster County Bird Club Crow Problem Program

Program announcement on yellow paper, front, includes order of events. Lancaster’s Winter Crows: A Community Response, back, includes date, time and location of meeting.

Lancaster’s Wintering Crows: A Community Response. Includes date, time, and location of meeting, on orange paper.

Program announcement on white printer paper, one-sided, includes order of events.

Lancaster’s Wintering Crows: A Community Response. Includes date, time, and location of meeting, on white printer paper, one-sided.

Program announcement on white printer paper, includes or of events on front. Lancaster’s Winter Crows: A Community Response, includes date, time, and location of meeting on back, on white printer paper. 3 copies.