Landis: David B. Landis Collection, 1812-1954

Call number:  MG-158

1 box     26 folders     .5 cubic ft.

Repository: (Lancaster, Pa.)

Shelving Location:  Archives South, Side 4

Description:   David Bachman Landis was a prominent printer and the collection consists primarily of his personal and business letters and postcards. There are a number of Mr. Landis’ poems and writings. Of special interest are a booklet with a synopsis autobiography of his life and his picture. There are also genealogy, family papers, membership cards, and obituaries.

Creator:  Landis, David Bachman (1862-1940)

Conditions for Access:  Please use photocopies when available.

Conditions Governing Reproductions:  Collection may not be photocopied. Please contact Research Staff or Archives Staff with questions.

Language:  English

Source of Acquisition:  Gift of David B. Landis and Bertha Cochran Landis.

Biographical History:

David Bachman Landis was born in Landisville, Pennsylvania on 12 February 1862, the son of Israel C. and Mary M. Landis. As a school boy, he worked in his father’s dry goods store and published a paper for boys titled Keystone Amateur. He began his printing career by apprenticing at the Inquirer Printing and Publishing Company in Lancaster in 1878, and in 1883 he opened his own job printing office in Landisville where he published the Village Vigil.

Mr. Landis moved to Lancaster in 1888 and started Pluck Art Printery. He started out in Lancaster by publishing Pluck, a magazine dedicated to the fields of printing and photography, but soon devoted his business to commercial and society printing. The name was changed in 1914 to Landis Art Print.

Printing, however, was not his only passion. He was an avid bicyclist and belonged to the Lancaster Cycling Club and the League of American Wheelmen. Through these organizations, he helped to improve the condition of roads in Pennsylvania. He was active in the Lancaster County Historical Society, the Pennsylvania German Society, the Ben Franklin Club, and Grace Lutheran Church. He wrote poetry and essays, and dedicated many pieces to friends and family.

David B. Landis married Nora K. Baker of Landisville in 1885. They had four children. Nora passed away in 1910. David married his second wife, Bertha L. Cochran, in 1914.


 Folder 1     50th Birthday Celebration

Insert 1  Birthday souvenir. Fifty Years in the Life of David B. Landis, Printer,  Feb. 12, 1862-Feb. 12 1912. Includes chronology of Abraham Lincoln, dinner menu, and list of guests and poems. Held at Hotel Lancaster. (2 copies)

Insert 2  Responses to the Invitation

From [D. Y. Wager]. On postcard. 12 January 1912.

From A. K. Hostetter. Letterhead of Conestoga National Bank. 12 January 1912.

From J. Harold Wickersham. Letterhead of Wickersham Printing Company. 12 January 1912.

From [R. I. Schieds]. Letterhead of B. Wolff, Jr. Biological Laboratory, Franklin and Marshall College. 13 January 1912.

From George H. Halbach. 13 January 1912.

From J. W. Grout. 18 January 1912.

From F. R. Diffenderffer. 22 January 1912.

From J. R. Missemer. Letterhead of Mount Joy Star and News. 22 January 1912.

From Harvey S. Hershey. 24 January 1912.

From A. B. Kreider. Letterhead of A. B. Kreider, Justice of the Peace, Salunga. 24 January 1912.

From George Steinman. Letterhead of the Hamilton Club. 27 January 1912.

From A. V. Heister. 29 January 1912.

From Redmond Conyngham. Letterhead of Redmond Conyngham, Attorney-at-Law. 12 February 1912.

From Albert K. Hostetter. Letterhead of Albert K. Hostetter. 13 February 1912.

From Howard Reynolds. Letterhead of The Quarryville Sun. 24 February 1912.


Folder 2     Membership Cards

Draft list of organizations to which D. B. Landis belonged.

Ben Franklin Club. Shows dues paid 1915-1916. With ticket to the Franklin Institute, 24 June 1916.

Lancaster Board of Trade. 1910.

Lancaster Chamber of Commerce. 1911, 1914, 1922.

Society for Pennsylvania Archaeology. 1936.

Unitarian Laymen’s League. 1930.

Young Men’s Christian Association. No date.


Folder 3     Personal Correspondence to D. B. Landis

Insert 1  Postcards from G. W. Brown, Jr.

Regarding a meeting and his schedule. 10 September 1877.

Asking him to bring best exchanges. Lancaster. 12 September 1877.

Regarding an essay for Landis’ paper. Lancaster. 20 October 1877.

Regarding recent election. 11 November 1880.

Regarding weather, wooden sidewalks, and state of streets. Kansas City, Missouri. 28December 1880.

Insert 2  Letter from Victor M. Haldeman soliciting members for the League of American Wheelmen. Letterhead of Pa. Division, League of American Wheelmen. With envelope. 22 June 1883.

Insert 3  Letter from M. Walsh regarding attending Jefferson Medical College and Landis’ health. Letterhead of Thomas Walsh, Dry Goods. With envelope. 6 January 1881.

Insert 4  Postcards

Invitation to the [L. L.] Society picnic. 1881.

From uncle, S. Rial. Postmarked Marietta, September 27.

From a friend in Mount Joy. August 31.

From C. G. apologizing for not writing. Mount Joy. 1 November 1880.

From J. A. regarding extra copies. Mount Joy. 3 January 1885.


Folder 4     Letters to D. B. Landis from Barnes

Insert 1  Letter regarding not receiving The Vigil and sharing social news. Letterhead of Martin & Hintzle, Dry Goods and Notions, Sterling, Illinois. With envelope. 20 July 1884.

Insert 2  Scrap of paper with note from E. B. S. (aka Barnes). With pre-printed envelope addressed to The Village Vigil, Landisville. Postmarked Dixon, Illinois, December 10.


Folder 5     Letters to D. B. Landis from Jesse A. Hood

Insert 1  Letter regarding Christmas, the weather, and newspapers. Letterhead “Je n’oublierai jamais” J. H. (“I will never forget”). With pre-printed envelope addressed to The Village Vigil, Landisville. Mount Joy. 26 December 1883.

Insert 2  Letter regarding an item that appeared in The Express. With pre-printed envelope addressed to The Village Vigil, Landisville. Mount Joy. 17 December 1883.

Insert 3  Letter regarding ink he won’t use and gives advice on love. Letterhead “Je n’oublierai jamais” J. H. (“I will never forget”). With envelope. Mount Joy. 24 February 1884.

Insert 4  Letter regarding a poor choice of bicycling shoes. 13 April 1884.

Insert 5  Letter regarding Hood’s recent marriage and the character of a local newspaper editor. With envelope. 16 January 1885.


Folder 6     Letters to D. B. Landis from H. L. Nissley

Insert 1  Letter regarding recent exchange of correspondence and improvement of The Vigil. Letterhead of Pioneer Office of Brown & Robbins, Real Estate & Tax Paying Agt’s. Emmetsburg, Iowa. With envelope. 13 June 1885.

Insert 2  Letter regarding ordering letterhead and business cards. Includes example of what he wants. Billhead of Brown & Robbins. Map on back shows Emmetsburg and surrounding municipalities. With envelope. 23 July 1885.


Folder 7     Business-related Postcards

Insert 1  Postcards from Frank Baer, Ligonier

Inquiry for cost of classified ad. October 11.

Note asking for a boys and girls’ directory of Landisville. November 15.

Note asking for Landis’ opinion of paper and estimate for printing. 23 January 1878.

Insert 2  Postcards from Cook Bros., Job Printers

Response regarding printing of two stories. Otterville, Iowa. 24 May 1876.

Inquiry regarding advertisements for their books. Otterville, Iowa. February 1877.

Note with instructions for manuscript. Otterville, Iowa. 11 February 1877.

Response regarding manuscript. Otterville, Iowa. 19 February 1877.

Note regarding printing of paper and April manuscript. Otterville, Iowa. 3 March 1877.

Response regarding having the paper printed, size of book, and printing letterhead. Otterville, Iowa. 5 March 1877.

Note with mailing instructions. Otterville, Iowa. 11 February 1877.

Note regarding printing and advertisements. Otterville, Iowa. April 1877.

Offer to print extra copies in exchange for running advertisement. Otterville, Iowa. 25 April 1877.

Note regarding estimated time for job. Otterville, Iowa. 30 April 1877.

Note asking for instructions before printing. Otterville, Iowa.  4 July 1877.

Note announcing fifth place in contest. Otterville, Iowa. 14 July 1877.

Inquiry about August paper and giving price quote. Otterville, Iowa. 8 September 1877.

Note acknowledging Landis’ card. Rockford, Iowa. 22 October 1877.

Note regarding delay in work and responding to Landis’ wish to end correspondence. Waterloo, Iowa. 29 October 1878.

Note regarding printing jobs. September 19.

Insert 3  Postcards from Donald Kramer, Mount Joy

Note regarding payment. 24 May 1881.

Note regarding payment for cards. 27 May 1881.


Folder 8     Correspondence to D. B. Landis

Insert 1  Order from Edw. N. Camp for sample copy of The Village Vigil. Letterhead of Story & Camp, manufacturers and dealers in pianos and organs. Chicago. With envelope. 20 December 1885.

Insert 2  Letter from T. H. Davis & Co. responding to Landis’ inquiry about being an agent for Martial Deeds of Pennsylvania. Letterhead of T. H. Davis & Co., publishers. Philadelphia. With envelope. 23 August 1875.

Insert 3  Letter from Alfred Ely expressing thanks for list of non-league wheelmen and the first issue of Cycling. Letterhead of Cycling. Cleveland. With envelope. 3 April 1885.

Insert 4  Invoice for order of cards and envelopes. Billhead of Johnston & Co. Harrisburg. With envelope. 2 May 1882.

Flier announcing the new partnership of R. A. Johnston and W. M. Donaldson, and their new address. 1 April 1882.

Insert 5  Invoice for billheads and envelopes. 18 March 1884.

Invoice for billheads and envelopes. 29 March 1884. Billheads of Johnston & Co. Harrisburg. With envelope.

Insert 6  Note regarding payment. Letterhead of Dr. Swayne & Son. Philadelphia. With envelope. 22 August 1884.

Insert 7  Payment for advertising remitted by Dr. Swayne & Son. With envelope. 27 August 1884.

Insert 8  Invoice for advertising. Billhead of Joel Weidman, job printer and jeweler. Womelsdorf. Mailed in envelope of The Village Vigil. 7 January 1884.


Folder 9     Correspondence to D. B. Landis

Insert 1  Postcards addressed to The Village Vigil

From J. H. Trout with mailing address for the newspaper. Philadelphia. 5 November 1883.

From Albert Moyer requesting to be an agent for the paper. Ephrata. 26 November 1883.

From P. W. Baker with instructions for mailing. Millersville. April 1884.

From Henry Benner with new mailing address. Millersville. 2 July 1884.

From J. K. Shirk, M.D. regarding advertising. Lancaster. 14 April 1885.

From [J. H.] about removing advertisement. Postmarked Mount Joy, 17 June 1885.

Insert 2  Postcards addressed to The Keystone Amateur

From Daniel B. Simon requesting sample copy and rates. Paducah, Kentucky. No date.

From E. W. Hardy regarding printing circulars. Whiteland, Maryland. 7 February 1877.

From W. L. Wenaugh regarding publishing a story and continuing correspondence. Ripley, Ohio. 23 January 1878.

From William H. Dunbar requesting sample copy. Portsmouth, New Hampshire. January 27.

From William Dunbar requesting sample copy. Portsmouth, New Hampshire. March 8.

From E. L. Forshey about getting subscribers in New Orleans. Carrollton, Louisiana. October 29.

From Fred Holoran requesting sample copy. Millburg, Massachusetts. December 8.

Insert 3  Postcards addressed to D. B. Landis

From H. Diehl regarding payment for paper. Little Britain. May 5.

From John C. Neale regarding printing costs. Charleston, West Virginia. July 23.

From Myrtle regarding Landis inserting his own writings, etc. and instructions for correspondence. Providence, Rhode Island. September 13.

From W. J. Merrill regarding printing schedule for Landis’ book. Easton, Pennsylvania. September 19.

Note regarding publication of S. Diller. Lancaster. November.

From [Will T. Cole] soliciting a publication for his puzzles. Paterson, New Jersey. 22 May 1877.

From M. Myrtle regarding printing. Providence, Rhode Island. 19 November 1878.

From C. Thompson with name of printer for tickets. Mt. Clair, Pennsylvania. 9 July 1880.

From Emma W. Baker with address change for The Village Vigil. Millersville. 15 December 1884.

Insert 4  Postcards addressed to D. B. Landis

From Ed. C. Gay requesting samples of engraving and soliciting advertising or subscription. Farmer City, Illinois. 5 August 1876.

From A. C. Jackson, Jr. soliciting business. Angelica, New York. 21 March 1877.

From John C. Neale regarding the mailing of an order. Charleston, West Virginia. 27 August 1877.

From C. A. Moxley requesting to exchange engraving type. Rosemond, Illinois. 3 December 1877.

From Wilson R. [Hains] regretting that he is not able to business at that time. Charles City, Iowa. 7 January 1878.

From George M. Carr regarding Landis as agent for N. C. Amateur and exchanging copies of books. Rose Hill, North Carolina. 10 April 1878.

From R. M. C. regarding printing job. Mount Joy. 7 December 1881.

From J. B. Hershey with change of address. Waverly, Iowa. 4 June 1884.

From Hershey with change of address. Kansas City, Missouri. 29 July 1884.

Insert 5  Postcards addressed to D. B. Landis

From Neale Morrison regarding advertising in The American Eagle and The Amateur. Charleston, West Virginia. No date.

Note regarding estimate for printing. Providence, Rhode Island. November 5.

From Samuel Stephen regarding postage for mailing book. Boston. 25 July 1876.

From George W. Frederick requesting exchange due to lack of money. 1 August 1876.

From Artusi & Co. with price quote for printing press. Houston, Texas. 27 August 1876.

From W. W. Barrett regarding advertising. Pittsfield, Illinois. 18 October 1877.

From Frank N. Chamberlain regarding advertising. Marietta, [Ohio]. 31 August 1877.

From W. Laramy requesting sample of blank receipts. Reading, Pennsylvania. 12 July 1881.

From D. Denlinger regarding press size for his paper. Manchester, [Maryland]. 8 December 1885.


Folder 10     Correspondence to and from D. B. Landis

Insert 1  Form letter from President William H. Taft to D. B. Landis, soliciting his vote at the upcoming election. Letterhead of the White House. 28 October 1912. Gift of Mrs. Landis.

Insert 2  Letter from A. K. Hostetter, treasurer of the Lancaster County Historical Society, to D. B. Landis regarding payment of a bill. Note added at the bottom by B. C. Landis. Letterhead of the Lancaster County Historical Society. 16 September 1929.

Response of D. B. Landis to A. K. Hostetter. 17 September 1929.

Insert 3  Letter from Edwin Hadley Smith to D. B. Landis regarding membership. Letterhead of the Alumni Association of Amateur Journalism. 16 November 1930.

Letter from Edwin Hadley Smith to D. B. Landis regarding an upcoming issue of The National Amateur. Letterhead of the Alumni Association of Amateur Journalism. 9 October 1933.

Insert 4  Extract of letter from D. B. Landis to Henry G. Landis regarding growing a banana tree in Landisville. 28 June 1938.

Insert 5  Letter from Gertrude Hensel Haldy, secretary of the Lancaster County Historical Society, to D. B. Landis with birthday wishes. Letterhead of the Lancaster County Historical Society. 27 signatures. With envelope. 11 February 1939.

Insert 6  Letter to Mr. Stitzel from D. B. Landis regarding the shipment of labels. Letterhead of David B. Landis, Landis Art Press with an advertisement for Lancaster Lyrics. 16 June 1928.

Insert 7  Letter to J. J. Gould from D. B. Landis requesting a catalog. 13 March 1876.


Folder 11     Landis Family Genealogy

Insert 1  The Landis Genealogy, compiled by Norman A. Landis and Dr. H. K. Stoner, historical outline by James B. Landis. Berlin Publishing Company, Berlin, Pennsylvania. 1935. (photocopy)

Insert 2  Genealogy notes-Landis, Swar, Bard, Coldren, Sherich, Metzler, Pennepacker, Neesly, Heyl, Frankhauser, Ensminger. No date.

Insert 3  Genealogy notes-David B. Landis

Insert 4  Genealogy notes-David Landis, Benjamin Landis, et al. No date.

Insert 5  Genealogy notes-David Musselman, Susan Riale, Benjamin Musselman, Melba Landis Weidel, Emma B. Lehman, Johannes Landis, Felix Landis, Michael Bachman Landis. No date.

Insert 6  Hand-drawn maps showing the location of the graves of his grandparents (Musselman) on the Trout Farm in Landisville. No date.

Insert 7  Hand-drawn maps of the Landis farms. 1934, 1939.

Insert 8  Handwritten excerpts from the will of John Landis of Lampeter Twp., 1835. No date. On reverse: Genealogy notes. No date.

Insert 9  Marriage announcement for Sarah C. McBride and Elvin G. Landis, 8 October 1927. With envelope addressed to Miss Ada Cochran. Thank you card to Ada Cochran from Mr. and Mrs. Elvin G. Landis. With envelope.


Folder 12     Landis Family Reunion

Insert 1  Letter to Dr. D. M. Landis, president of the Landis Family Reunion, from D. B. Landis regarding various branches and members of the Landis family and advising Dr. Landis to record the names and addresses of those attending the reunion in Bucks County. 17 August 1911.

Insert 2  Tags. Landis Family Reunion. 1912, 1923, 1936.

Insert 3  Programs. 1912, 1915, 1927.

Insert 4  Advertisement for Landis Coat-of-Arms. (2 copies) No date.


Folder 13     Estate-related Papers

Insert 1  Letters of administration granted to Frances Landis for John C. Landis of East Hempfield Twp. 30 March 1854.

Insert 2  Letters of administration granted to D. B. Landis for Nora K. Landis of Lancaster. 24 June 1911.

Insert 3  Copy of the account of Barbara K. Hess, executrix of Catharine Baker. 1912-1913.

Insert 4  Will of Catharine Baker of Landisville. 9 October 1908.


Folder 14     Printed Works

Insert 1  Poems for Landis Family Reunions

“From Out the Past.” An anniversary poem read at the seventh reunion in Lititz.  4 August 1917.

“Familiar Names.” Eleventh reunion in Perkasie, Pennsylvania. 5 September 1925.

“‘Red-Rose’ Greetings.” 1 September 1928.

“We Meet Again.” 10 August 1929.

Insert 2  “Hip! Here’s to Him! (F. B. McC.).” A St. Patrick’s Day poem to honor Frank B. McClain of Lancaster, 17 March 1925. A letter from Mr. McClain printed on the same card, 18 March 1925. (2 copies)

“The Perfect End of a Day at ‘Oak Hill’, Pa.” No date.

“The Belles of Lancaster.” Dedicated to the ladies of Lancaster and their friends. Printed at Pluck Art Print. 26 April 1902.

Insert 3  Printed Cards with Poems

“To My Friends.” Holiday greetings. 7 December 1911.

“A. L.” and “D. L.” Two birthday sonnets “to recall the natal day of Abraham Lincoln, February twelve, in connection with the poet’s coming on the same day.” 26 January 1913.

“Our Starry Emblem of the Free.” Which was “written after witnessing a flag raising at Donegal Springs.” 21 June 1917.

“In Freedom’s Cause.” 12 August 1918.

Insert 4  “Davy Derby’s Amateur Articles.” Half Dime Series. D. B. Landis, printer, Landisville. 1880.

Insert 5  “America’s Great Hero.” A composition about George Washington read before the Independence School, at Bamford, East Hempfield Twp., 22 February 1878 and printed in the Village Vigil in Landisville, 20 February 1884.


Folder 15     Poetry. The poems in this folder are all drafts by the author, handwritten with corrections.

Insert 1  “To J. D. L. (after reading ‘Dreams o’Home’)” 17 February 1901.

Insert 2  “To H. E. H. (after studying his ‘Conception of God’)” 5 March 1902.

Insert 3  “To C___ E. L___ (on his seventeenth birthday)” 23 October 1911.

Insert 4  “Going Years and Coming Seasons” 29 December 1911.

Insert 5  “Laughing and Weeping” 1 January 1912.

Insert 6  “Shorter Steeples” 18 February 1912.

Insert 7  “The Broad-minded Man” 16 June 1912.

Insert 8  “Death’s Sleep” 11 May 1912.

Insert 9  “To B. F. W. U. (after perusal of ‘[Dreaming] on the Conestoga’)” 14 July 1912.

Insert 10  “My Hope” 23 August 1912.

Insert 11  “All’s Well” 26 August 1912; “Bluish-Green” 26 August 1912.

Insert 12  “Self-Denial” 27 August 1912.

Insert 13  “Crossing Bridges” 1 September 1912.


Folder 16      Poetry. The poems in this folder are all drafts by the author, handwritten with corrections.

Insert 1  “New In You” 4 September 1912.

Insert 2  “Let’s Laugh To-day” 21 September 1912.

Insert 3  “Awake, Asleep-Agone!” 29 September 1912.

Insert 4  “The Pleasant Paths of Peace” 18 October 1912.

Insert 5  “Extempore, To Mrs. [M.O.R.]” 26 December 1912.

Insert 6  “Thy Triumph” 4 January 1913.

Insert 7  “To F. R. D. at Eighty” 30 April 1913.

Insert 8  “A Triolet for Rev. Dr. C. E. H.” 30 August 1913.

Insert 9  “A Retiring Prayer” 24 November 1913.

Insert 10  “Lest We Forget” 20 December 1913.

Insert 11  “Four Rare Men of Our Town.” Shand, Garvin, Williamson, Schiedt. 20 February 1914.

Insert 12  “Repose” 5 March 1914.

Insert 13  “The Author’s Leaf” 9 March 1914.


Folder 17     Writings

Insert 1  Notes from “Lyrical Vision” and “To Absent Friends.” (Please use photocopy.) No date.

Insert 2  “To Bertha” Notepaper of Landis Art Press. 18 August 1914.


Folder 18     Engraving of D. B. Landis. Photograph by Otto E. Weber, Lancaster. October 1897. Plate by International Engraving Co., Philadelphia, no date.


Folder 19     Pluck Art Printery

Insert 1  “All About Pluck for 1889.” A sample book of advertisements and the printing capabilities of Pluck. Includes biographical information about D. B. Landis.

Insert 2  Advertisement that Pluck Art Printery is still operational and was not affected by the fire at a nearby tobacco warehouse. Briefly describes the activity and damage of the fire. No date.

Insert 3  Notepaper of Pluck Art Printery with handwritten note. 1901.


Folder 20

Insert 1  Street Sprinkling Ordinance. Submitted by the Street and Road Committee of the Lancaster Cycling Club. No date.

Insert 2  Receipt for garden seeds from G. R. Garretson. Signed by John C. Landis, Landisville. 18 March 1812.

Insert 3  Holiday greetings from W. W. Griest, House of Representatives, Washington, DC. with calendar for October-December 1920.

Insert 4  Postcard to Mrs. D. B. Landis (Nora K. Baker Landis) from S. D. H. Picture of the Cumberland Valley, looking west from Pen-Mar, Pennsylvania. Printed in Germany. Postmarked 27 July 1910, Pen Mar.

Insert 5  Certificate of membership in the Pennsylvania German Society, David Bachman Landis. With notes “November 1, 1906 Originally” and “Recertified November 1, 1932.”

Insert 6  Complimentary season ticket for the joint exhibition of the Pennsylvania State Agricultural Society and the Lancaster County Agricultural Society. October 9-14.

Ticket for the Pennsylvania-German Society banquet, Lancaster. 13 November 1914.

Ticket for the mobilization meeting for the Pageant of Liberty. 25 May 1926.

Insert 7  Campaign card for D. B. Landis, League of American Wheelmen, candidate for Representative from the 5th election district. No date.


Folder 21     Correspondence to Bertha Cochran Landis

Insert 1  Postcard of the McGinnis Hotel, Williamsburg, Virginia, from J. McGinnis.18 July 1913.

Postcard from the Vermont Marble Co., Proctor, Vermont with the image of Abraham Lincoln. Sent by Sarah. 16 June 1950.

Insert 2  Letter from Edna Kempton Wolf of Philadelphia regarding a coat of arms of the Landis family. With envelope. 13 January 1954. Business card of Mrs. D. Dorsey Wolf.


Folder 22     Store of Israel C. Landis

Insert 1  Catalog of items available at the dry goods store of Israel C. Landis, Landisville. 1881.

Insert 2  “Storing.” A composition “most likely written by David B. Landis about the store of his father.” No date.


Folder 23     Photocopies of Newspaper Clippings

“Post Cards Distributed to Men on Troop Train”

“Souvenirs for Soldiers”

“Post Cards for Soldiers”

“Shelley Reunion”

Announcement of Samuel B. Musselman’s 81st birthday. New Era, 8 February 1907.

Marriage announcement for Florence D. Landis and Scott R. Weidler.

Marriage announcement for Irene Janet Landis and Paul Harding Marrow. 1918.

Engagement announcement of Mary Carolyn Greider to Robert H. Keen. 1941.

Obituaries for Israel Christian Landis, father of David. 1904.

Obituaries for Mary M. Musselman Landis, mother of David. 1909.

Obituary of Eliza Ann Lehman. 18 March 1888.

Obituary of Emma B. Lehman. [1925].

Obituary of Abram S. Riale. Morning News, 5 March 1907.

Obituary of Joseph Landis Greider, cousin of David. 12 November 1930.

“Retired Man of 75 Goes Back to Work,” Edward M. Musselman. 1937

Obituary of Edward M. Musselman. June 1948.

Obituary of Sarah Musselman. 13 February [1930].

Obituaries of David B. Landis. Lancaster New Era and Lancaster Daily Intelligencer Journal, 19 January 1940.

Administrators’ notices for the estates of Priscilla R. Landis, Manheim Twp. and David B. Landis, Lancaster. Executrix’s notice for the estate of William T. Krick, Lancaster.

Letters of administration granted to Bertha C. Landis and Elvin G. Landis. 8 February 1940.


Folder 24     Lancaster County Historical Society

Officers of the historical society for 1927.

Invitation to the new home of the historical society at 307 North Duke Street.

Program for the unveiling of the historical marker for The Site of Conestoga Indian Town of the Historic Conestoga Indians. 13 September 1924.


Folder 25     Biographical information for David Bachman Landis from History of Lancaster County.


The following items are housed in Oversized Box 17:

Certificate of membership for the Pennsylvania German Society, David Bachman Landis. 1 December 1931.

Certificate of membership for the Pennsylvania German Society, Bertha Cochran Landis. 1 December 1931.

Certificate of membership for The Keystone Committee of the League of American Wheelmen, Pennsylvania Division, D. B. Landis. 10 May 1897.


Folder 26  Program for the Exchange Club of Lancaster’s Ladies’ Night which honored Bertha Cochran Landis in “The Book of Golden Deeds.” 10 December 1953.

Bertha’s prepared acceptance speech. [December 1953]