Lefever Genealogy (Descendants of Philip Lefever)

Call Number:  MG-573

1 box     21 folders, 1 binder     .75 cubic ft.

Repository:  LancasterHistory (Organization); PV7

Shelving Location:  Archives South, Side 12

Scope and Content Note:  This collection contains genealogy for some of the descendants of Philip Lefever. Family history includes family sheets for several descendants, the family crest and a family tree. Copies of the will and estate inventory of Martin K. Lefever are among the documents. Minutes are preserved from the Adam Lefever Descendants Reunions, 1945-1979. There are also legal papers and information for the Philip Lefever Cemetery and Philip Lefever Burial Ground Association, including the rededication of the cemetery in 2001.

Creator:  Lefevre family; Lefever family.

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Source of Acquisition:  Gift of Jacob Dagen, 2010.

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Folder 1  The Lefever Wills and Heirs 

Contains 4 documents pertaining to the last will and testament of Martin K. Lefever (1854-1938), brother and heir of Henry K. Lefever (1852-1923).

Document 1  lists the heirs of Henry K. Lefever at the time of his death (March 12, 1923) to be his seven surviving brothers and sisters and their heirs: Martin K. Lefever, Frank Lefever, Elizabeth Huber, Catherine Mellinger, Enos Lefever, Adam K. Lefever, and Emma K. Houser. (pp.1)

Document 2  copy of the last will and testament of Martin K. Lefever made May 15, 1935 in front of witnesses (M.E. Musser and Dorothy L. Good) including two codicils. (pp.5)

Document 3  copy of the inventory of the Martin K. Lefever estate in April 1938 to the sum of $60,397.27. (pp.6)

Document 4  short handwritten note (presumably) by one of Marin K. Lefever’s grandchildren, making note of his grandfather’s use of the trolley to make up for the unpaid stock dividends from the Lancaster Traction Co. (pp.1)


Folder 2  Adam Lefever Descendants Reunion 1945-1947

Contains 1 notebook of handwritten minutes and list of attendees to the first three Lefever family reunions from 1945-1947, as recorded by secretary Glady Lefevre.  Note: front cover is completely separated, age and discoloration, and the first several pages of the notebook have been ripped out.


Folder 3  Adam Lefever Descendants Reunion 1947-1960

Contains 1 notebook of handwritten minutes of the 3rd to 16th Lefever family reunion (1947-1960) with by-laws created in 1953 on the last page.  Note: water damage and discoloration on pages, frayed spine, and a large portion of the back cover has been ripped off.


Folder 4  Adam Lefever Descendants Reunion 1961-1979

Contains 1 notebook of handwritten minutes of the 17th to 35th Lefever family reunion (1961-1979), including a newspaper clipping of the birth of Mrs. Katherine Lefever Bundt’s 8th daughter (1/31/1962).  Note: the 31st to 33rd reunion minutes are typed and inserted into notebook.


Folder 5  Lefevre Coat of Arms

Contains reconstructed image of the Lefevre coat of arms (its colors and symbols) granted to Mengen Lefevre and registered in 1543.


Folder 6  George R. Lefevre Family Data Sheets

Contains genealogy data sheets from the children and descendants of Charles R. Lefever and Mary C. Lefever, daughter of Martin K. Lefever.  The children of Mr. and Mrs. Lefever include:

Marjorie E. (Lefever) Stoltzfus and her 3 sons (Elmer L. Stoltzfus, Amos L. Stoltzfus, and Clarence L. Stoltzfus) and a photocopy of Mrs. Stoltzfus’s obituary (3/18/1982).

Charles J. Lefever, Sr. and his two daughters (Anna G. Lefever Martin and Mary L. Lefever Metzler.).

Park Mylin Lefever’s daughter and son (Betty P. Lefever Rohrer and Parke M. Lefever, respectively).  Note: Mrs. Rohrer’s record has an additional page on her children.

Ruth M. Lefever including partially-filled information sheet for Lefever family reunion.

Ann Mary Lefever Brubaker (completed data sheet twice) and her son John H. Brubaker.

Edna Lefever, wife of Clarence G. Lefever.

Note: Each family member’s data sheet are 2-pages, unless otherwise noted.


Folder 7  Frank K. Lefever Family Data Sheets

Contains genealogy data sheets from the daughter (Mary Buckwalter Lefever) and son (Walter F. Lefever) of Frank K. Lefever and Naomi Buckwalter.


Folder 8  Emma K. Lefever Family Data Sheets

Contains a genealogy data sheet from Emma Lefever Houser, daughter of Adam Lefever and Catharine Kendig.


Folder 9  Adam K. Lefever Family Data Sheets

Contains a information sheet for the Lefever reunion from Gertrude M. Lefever, daughter of Adam K. Lefever and Ada Mellinger.  Also included is a photocopy of Miss. Lefever’s obituary (2/18/1981).


Folder 10  Enos K. Lefever Family Data Sheets

Contains genealogy data sheets from Gladys Brenneman Lefever, daughter of Enos K. Lefever and Frances A. Brenneman.  Also included are notes on the Carlisle branch of the family (pp.2) and letter to Nancy Buckwalter (pp.2), both written by Gladys Lefever.


Folder 11  Elizabeth Lefever Huber Family Data Sheets

Contains several documents (typed and handwritten) on the genealogy of the Huber and Herr family tracing back to Han Herr (1639-1725), given Elizabeth Lefever (daughter of Adam Lefever) married Christian Huber, a descendent of Hans Herr.


Folder 12  Martin K. Lefever Family Data Sheets

Contains genealogy data sheets from the children and descendants of Martin K. Lefever and Amanda C. Mylin.  The documents in this folder include:

Insert 1  13 records from the children and descendants of Martha Lefever Mylin and Frank H. Mylin.

Insert 2  1 record from the daughter of Harry M. Lefever, Emilie A. Lefever.

Insert 3  2 records from the son (Benjamin M. Lefever) and daughter (Ethel Kirk) of John A. Lefever and Mary Lefever Knight.

Insert 4  11 records from Martin M. Lefever and his children (Ernest Lefever, Leon Lefever, Arlene Eshleman and her husband Chester L. Eshleman Jr.,  Kathleen Brandt, John M. Lefever, Edith A. Lefever Hess, Gladys Sensenig, Clair Lefever, Grace Morrow).  Included are also Martin M. Lefever and his wife, Elizabeth M. Gerlach Lefever’s, obituaries.

Insert 5  3 records from the sons (Jacob Dagen Jr. and Lester L. Dagen) and daughter (Reba Mae Martin) of Florence Lefever Dagen and Jacob L. Dagen.  Include is also the obituary of Florence Lefever Dagen.

Insert 6  2 records of Verna Lefever Shimp and her daughter Mabel Brenneman.


Folder 13  Lefever Newspaper Articles

Contains various photocopies of newspaper clippings and articles on members of the Lefever family, including obituaries, wedding and anniversary announcements, and otherwise related news, including an article “Marty Lefever: Hard-working, Dependable at 82” on Martin Lefever in the Millersville College Exchange.


Folder 14  Lefever Family History and Lineage

Contains notes, correspondences, records, and other manuscripts and documents related to the early history of the Lefever family, specifically with Isaac Lefever and his connection to the Ferree family through marriage.


Folder 15  Lefever Family Reunion Invitations

Contains 7 invitations to the Lefever family reunion from 1977-1999.


Folder 16  Philip Lefever Cemetery Correspondence

Contains 10 correspondence concerning the restoration, maintenance, and re-dedication ceremony of the Philip Lefever Cemetery in West Lampeter, PA.  The majority of these letters are written by Paul S. Lefever and have accompanying materials.


Folder 17  Philip Lefever Cemetery Funds

Contains documents on the formation of a committee to oversee the preservation and maintenance of the Philip Lefever Cemetery, including mailing lists and records of contributions to the cemetery from Lefever descendants via “Grave Concerns.”


Folder 18  Philip Lefever Cemetery Re-dedication

Contains documents pertaining to the 2001 re-dedication of the Philip Lefever Cemetery, including letter requesting contribute from the Philip Lefever Burying Ground Association, handwritten opening remarks, program packet with information and history on the burying ground.


Folder 19  Lefever Family Crest Lapel Pin

Contains order forms for the Lefever Crest Pin, styled after the Lefever Coat of Arms.


Folder 20  Miscellaneous


A letter, dated June 30, 2003, sent to Dottie Smith with information on the Philip Lefever Cemetery.  (enclosed information mentioned in letter such as wills and deeds of the cemetery can  be found the grey binder in the collection)

“The Cousins form Carlisle,” a poem by Charles Shimp (donated to Lefever archives 10/18/1983).

Legal Notice from the Intelligencer Journal (09/01/2003) on application of the Harvest Presbyterian Church to build church near the Philip Lefever Cemetery at intersection of Beaver Valley Pike and Gypsy Hill Road in West Lampeter Township.

Fencing proposal of cost from Millcreek Fence and Farm Systems for new fence surrounding the Philip Lefever Cemetery, including brochures from company.


Grey Binder


Meeting minutes from the Philip Lefever Burial Ground Association and accompanying materials presented and discussed at each meeting including treasure’s reports, officer list, re-dedication and maintenance updates, etc.

History of the cemetery and tombstone inscriptions

Laws and rights concerning the preservation of historical burial places

List of owners of the Philip Lefever land at the Big Spring

Copies of will and deeds as they pertain to the land of the Lefever cemetery including the will of Henry Lefever, the will of Christian Lefever, the will of Lizzie Gontner (Christian Lefever’s daughter), the deed of sale from Lizzie Gontner to Furry H. Frey, and the deed from Robert A. Meck to Steven A. Williams for the tract of land with brick house.

Correspondences from Christian Earl Eaby (attorney representing the Philip Lefever Burial Ground Association) to property owners and tenants around the local area where the cemetery was to be restored.  Also included are letters to Charles Lefever on Mr. Eaby’s fees and services.

Trust agreements between the Philip Lefever Burial Ground Association and Grave Concerns, Inc.


Folder 21  Lefever Family Tree

Contains two copies of the Lefever linage tree beginning with Mengen Lefever (no.1) in 1510 to Nancy and Nathan Buckwalter (no.14), the great-grandchildren of Elizabeth Lefever Huber.