LeFevre: Papers of George N. LeFevre, 1863-1937

Call Number: MG-592

1 box     3 folders      .25 cubic ft.

Repository: LancasterHistory.org (Lancaster, Pa.)

Shelving Location: Archives South, Side 12

Description: This collection contains letters to, and associated with, publisher, prohibitionist, and family genealogist George Newton LeFevre of Strasburg, PA.

Creator: LeFevre, George Newton (1850-1943)

Conditions for Access: No restrictions.

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Language: English

Source of Acquisition: Gift of Douglas H. Haeuber, 29 November 2010.

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Folder 1 Letters 1863-1883

Insert 1 Petition to Gov. Henry M. Hoyt from J. B. Livingston, A. Herr Smith, D.W. Patterson and D. Hartman regarding the appointment of G.N. Lefevre as Notary Public for Lancaster City. [c. 1880].

Insert 2 Letter to Mr. H. H. Witmer from A. B. Livingston accepting Mr. Witmer as a student in his law office. Lancaster, September 15, 1863.

Insert 3 A transmittal from Mr. C. S. Wolfe instructing Newton to use a table drawer key to retrieve a petition for pardon for Mr. D. and have Mr. Cornelius execute an affidavit. Harrisburg, March 22, 1876.

Insert 4 A letter from G. D. Slaymaker, Kinzers, PA, to C. H. Lefevre informing Mr. Lefevre he will need no more wood until next Fall because of the production of land purchased from James M. Conelly’s estate. Kinzers, March 17, 1877.

Insert 5 A letter from John P. St. John to L. Ellen Wright, Lancaster, planning his arrival to speak in Lancaster. Atlantic City, New Jersey, June 5, 1883.


Folder 2 Letters to George Lefevre 1884-1915

Insert 1 A letter from Barr Spangler advising G. N. Lefevre to secure the services of Mr. [C____ ] to canvas for “the cause” for two weeks, including three days in the Marietta area. October 9, 1884.

Insert 2 A letter from H. Burt Cassel denying Geo. N. LeFevre the address of the Secretaries of the Lancaster County Christian Endeavor Societies except for Christian Endeavor work. January 9, 1895.

Insert 3 Congressman Marriott Brosius, Committee on Reform in the Civil Service, expresses his opposition to the Loud bill and promising careful consideration. March 18, 1896.

Insert 4 Talcott Williams informs LeFevre that will not be able to send an abstract of his speech. May 26, 1899.

Insert 5 David J. Hill, Assistant Secretary of State, assures G. N. LeFevre that the Post Office Department will accommodate his request of December 16 to the extent that postal regulations will allow. December 19, 1901.

Insert 6 Congressman H. Burd Cassel transmits a document from the Committee on Accounts (“Records of Dairy Cows in the United States”) at the suggestion of Representative Lefean, president of the American Caramel Company. March 21, 1906.

Insert 7 George Guthrie, Chairman of the Democratic Party in Pennsylvania, informs LeFevre that Stations in Pennsylvania has approved a discounted round trip train fare to the Democratic National Convention in Baltimore. June 5, 1912.

Insert 8 Alvin V. Sellers, City Court Judge Baxley, Georgia, is compiling a book of pose and poetry showing the evils of the liquor traffic and requests that the editor of The Home ask its readers to submit selections. October 14, 1915.


Folder 3 Letters to George N. Lefevre 1917-1937

Insert 1 A letter from Morris Sheppard, Chairman of the Senate Committee on the Census, assuring George LeFevre that prohibition forces were not delaying the food bill. July 5, 1917.

Insert 2 A letter from Wesley L. Jones, Chairman, Senate Committee on Disposition of Useless Papers in the Executive Departments, congratulating LeFevre for endorsing the prohibition of manufacturing foodstuffs into alcohol during the war and expressing that popular opinion in Pennsylvania will eventually persuade its Senators to agree. July 5, 1917.

Insert 3 Henry H. Apple, President of the National War Work Council of Lancaster County and of Franklin and Marshall College, asks for the support of Lefevre’s newspaper in the campaign to raise $35,000,000 in Lancaster County for the welfare of the soldiers and sailors in the trenches. Includes a newspaper photo of Apple.

Insert 4 Congressman W.W. Griest asks LeFevre, editor of The Home, for his opinion on a Senate Joint Resolution Number 101 on print paper price controls. U.S. November 19, 1917.

Insert 5 A note from A.Z. Conrad, Boston, MA thanking Rev. Dr. George LeFevre for his comments on Comrades of the Carpenter. February 19, 1927.

Insert 6 Richard H. Koch, President Judge Common Pleas, Pottsville, PA, asks George LeFevre to send the lineage of Koch’s late wife, Annie Phillips, back to Isaac LeFevre, born 1669. December 29, 1928.

Insert 7 Dr. E. [Everett] LeFever, state Senator from Ohio, informs cousin George M. LeFever that Samuel LeFever, Representative from Holmes County, OH, had died and left no issue. January 23, 1933.

Insert 8 A thank you note from Representative J. Roland Kinzer, 10th Congressional District, thanking George N. LeFevre for his approval of Rep. Kinzer’s vote against the repeal of the Eighteenth Amendment. February 24, 1933.

Insert 9 A postcard from H. Frank Eshleman, Lancaster, PA, asking Mr. LeFevre to drop in to discuss an undisclosed matter. August 24, 1937.