McCaa Collection, 1825-1922

Call number:  MG-281

2 boxes     13 folders     1 cubic ft.

Repository: (Lancaster, Pa.)

Shelving Location:  Archives South, Side 8

Description:  This collection contains account and ledger books, physician’s visiting book, legal papers, deeds, certificates for commissions, receipts, letters, and estate papers. These are the papers of and collected by the family of James McCaa in northeastern Lancaster County.

Creator:  McCaa family; McCaa, James.

Conditions for Access:  No restrictions.

Conditions Governing Reproductions:  Collection may not be photocopied. Please contact Research Staff or Archives Staff with questions.

Language:  English

Source of Acquisition:  Gift of Robert McCaa, 7 January 1955.

Custodial History:  The volumes in Folder 11-13 were transferred from MG-266 Daybook and Ledger Collection, Series 3 on 5 March 2009.


Folder 1  Account book. 1859-1868.

Folder 2  Physicians Visiting List record book. 1918.


Folder 3  Commissions and Appointments

Insert 1  Commission from Gov. Francis R. Shurk to James McCaa. 1847.

Insert 2  Commission from Gov. William F. Packer to James McCaa. 1859.

Insert 3  Commission from Gov. Andrew G. Curtin to James McCaa. 1865.

Insert 4  Lancaster County Certificate of Election to W. J. McCaa as School Director. 1913.

Insert 5  Commission from Gov. John K. Tener to William J. McCaa. 1914.

Insert 6  Commission from Gov. Martin G. Brumbaugh to William J. McCaa. 1916.


Folder 4  Land Records

Insert 1  Deed. A. Robeson, et al., trustees for Bangor Church, to James McCaa.  1856.

Insert 2  Land draft for 2 tracts in Brecknock Twp. Sold by Joseph Frantz and wife to Clement R. Patts. 1859.

Insert 3  John W. Nevin and James McCaa, trustees to sell real estate of Robert Jenkins, deceased, to H. W. Robinson and I. McGill. 1860.

Insert 4  Land draft for tract in Caernarvon Twp. owned by James McCaa. 1861.

Insert 5  Deed in trust from George Welsh, et al. to James McCaa. 1862.

Insert 6  Mortgage. James McCaa to Rebecca Mintzer, et al., executors of William Mintzer. 1868.

Insert 7  Deed. Bangor Church to George W. Compton, extinguishment of ground rent. 1869.

Insert 8  Deed. Edwin Konigmacher and wife to Israel M. Groff, MD. Lot in Ephrata Twp. 1872.

Insert 9  Indenture. Daniel Burlingame to William J. McCaa. 1873.

Insert 10  Ore lease. James McCaa to E. G. Brooks for 15 years. 1873.

Insert 11  Mortgage. David J. McCaa, MD, to Lizzie H. Groff and Edwin  Konigmacher, executors of Israel M. Groff. 1876.

Insert 12  Bond. D. J. McCaa to Lizzie H. Groff and Edwin Konigmacher. 1876.

Insert 13  Survey of 743 acres in Salisbury Twp. and East Earl Twp. by A. W.  Snader for William B. Jacobs. 1880.

Insert 14  Mortgage. William J. McCaa to George S. Royer. 1897.

Insert 15  Lease agreement. James McCaa to Amos Witman for 2 lots at Windsor Forge. 1897.

Insert 16  Notes regarding Paul Trout’s property. No date.

Insert 17  Land draft for lot in Strasburg, purchased by Abraham Beichey from Col. Martin Fonts. No date.

Insert 18  Interrogation and deposition of Horace Binney. No date.

Insert 19  Letter from Benjamin Wright regarding plans for dams and locks in Conestoga Creek. No date.


Folder 5  Schools, Cemetery, Prescriptions

Insert 1  Caernarvon Cemetery Association. 1870.

Insert 2  W. G. McCaa’s school work. No date.

Insert 3  New Garden Academy. No date.

Insert 4  Medical prescriptions. No date.

Insert 5  Miscellaneous. 1910, no date.


Folder 6  Legal Papers

Insert 1  Exemplification will of Philip Bechard. 1825.

Insert 2  Release. Catharine Kurtz, widow of Chris. Kurtz, to James McCaa. 1852.

Insert 3  Proof of contract between James McCaa and Christian Kurtz (now deceased).1852.

Insert 4  Confirmation of sale. James J. Robeson, administrator of Andrew Robeson, to James McCaa. 1862-1863.

Insert 5  Bond. James McCaa to Rebecca Mintzer, et al., executors of William Mintzer. 1868.

Insert 6  Agreement between James McCaa and William Kenney regarding Windsor Forge. 1874.

Insert 7  Bond. David J. McCaa to William Wood. 1876.

Insert 8  Account of D. J. McCaa regarding the estate of James McCaa. 1877-1880.

Insert 9  Release. To executors of James M. McCaa, who was guardian of the children of Jacob Spotts. 1878.

Insert 10  Account of the executors of James McCaa, who was trustee for the heirs of George Welsh, Sr. 1878.

Insert 11  Court certificate. William Wood vs. D. J. McCaa. 1896.

Insert 12  Release. D. Galen McCaa to William J. McCaa, guardian. 1901.

Insert 13  Auditors’ approval account of William J. McCaa, executor of Isabella Kreider. 1905.

Insert 14  Release. From Sarah Ann Kieffer to James J. McCaa, executor of Isabella Kreider. 1905.

Insert 15  Affidavit by William Levy regarding error in tobacco weight. 1918.

Insert 16  Deposition. Dr. D. J. McCaa regarding birth of Leona J. Hohn. 1920.

Insert 17  Auditors’ Report for the Harrison B. Jacobs estate by James McCaa. No date.

Insert 18  Petition. Allen Johnson, guardian, and Thomas Cadwalader, administrator. No date.

Insert 19  Account regarding David Stoutzenberger, deceased. No date.

Insert 20  Statement regarding the will of Andrew Hamilton. No date.

Insert 21  Agreement between Henry Y. Slaymaker and Stephen C. Slaymaker regarding Margaretta Furnace. No date.


Folder 7  Letters

Insert 1  To James McCaa from Joseph N. Wilson. 1855.

Insert 2  To James McCaa from Joseph N. Wilson. 1855.

Insert 3  To Dr. D. J. McCaa from A. J. Eberly. 1878.

Insert 4  To D. J. McCaa, MD from J. McGill. 1880.

Insert 5  To Joseph N. Wilson from J. McCaa. 1883.

Insert 6  To D. J. McCaa, MD from John McGill. 1884.

Insert 7  To D. J. McCaa, MD from John McGill. 1886.

Insert 8  To David McCaa from Libbie Johnston. 1890.

Insert 9  To William J. McCaa from John McGill. 1896.

Insert 10  To William J. McCaa from N. Franklin Hall. 1897.

Insert 11  To E. P. Brinton from N. E. House. 1902.

Insert 12  To Doctor J. from J. J. Good. 1904.

Insert 13  To Uncle Billie from Bill Brown. 1918.

Insert 14  To D. J. McCaa, MD from insurance company regarding Martin Kinport’s estate. 1919.

Insert 15  To William J. McCaa from Lessie Smith. 1924.

Insert 16  To Bro. McCaa from John N. Hahl. 1924.

Insert 17  To John from John Cadwalader. No date.

Insert 18  From Cousin Anna J. Stephenson. No date.

Insert 19  To Doctor McCaa from George R. Rohrer. No date.


Folder 8  Miscellaneous Writings

Insert 1  Writing on medicine. No date.

Insert 2  “Change of the Old Guard at Waterloo.” No date.

Insert 3  “The Inquisition.” No date.


Folder 9  Accounts and Receipts

Insert 1  Receipts, 1864-1878. James McCaa was the trustee for the estates of George Welch and Jacob Spotts.

Jacob Z. Plank received payment from James McCaa. 12 March 1864.

W. Carpenter received payment from James McCaa. 7 January 1865.

David Styer received payment from James McCaa. 20 November 1866.

Moses Hollinger received payment from James McCaa. 6 January 1873.

John Hertzler received payment from James McCaa. 7 April 1873.

Stauffer & Russell received payment from James McCaa. 9 April 1873.

Payment received from James McCaa. 14 April 1873.

B. F. [Bunn] received payment from James McCaa. 17 June 1873.

Ruth Ann Welch received payment from James McCaa. 1 April 1874.

Ruth Ann Welch received payment from James McCaa. 16 July 1874.

Ruth Ann Welch received payment from James McCaa. 1 April 1875.

Ruth Ann Welch received payment from James McCaa. 7 August 1875.

Ruth Ann Welch received payment from James McCaa. 1 April 1876.

S. S. Kauffman received payment from James McCaa. 1 May 1878.

Insert 2  Receipts and Invoices, 1869-1922

Payment received from [ ___ ] McCaa. 3 February 1869.

Invoice. D. J. McCaa owes John McGill. 7 June 1886.

John McGill received payment from D. J. McCaa. 16 July 1886.

Invoice for purchase by Miss Richardson. 26 February 1889.

Payment received from Dr. D. J. McCaa. Billhead of Ephrata Water Department. November 1922.

Invoice to D. J. McCaa from Herr & Bowman for fabric and accessories. Reverse: Flier for corsets. No date.

List of money received and money paid. No date.

Order from Jacob Eberman, House of Employment, for Madera. No date.

“Memorandum of Prose Tickets received of Mr. John Gundacker.” No date.

Insert 3  Promissory Notes

Partial promissory note to Frank Winger, written on letterhead of Dr. D. J. McCaa. 1 April 1884.

Promissory note to John McGill from D. J. McCaa. 28 June 1886.

Insert 4  Receipts for Real Estate

D. J. McCaa received payment from William Wood. 30 March 1876.

Paul Lengel received payment from William Sparr. 3 August 1918.

Insert 5  Account prepared by William J. McCaa and sent to his cousin. No date.


Folder 10  Miscellaneous Documents

Invoice to George Leaman for hat not paid for, payment to be credited to vendue papers. No date.

Copy of inventory of [Saby Kinsers] goods. No date.

Promissory note from George Welsh to Philip Dehaven. 1857. George Handwork received payment from James McCaa. 4 April 1873.

Letter from J. Thomas regarding bonds. No date.

Note regarding claims on unknown estate. No date.


Folder 11  Ledger of Dr. D. J. McCaa of Ephrata. 1870-1881. 

Folder 12  Ledger of Dr. D. J. McCaa of Ephrata. 1889-1917.

Folder 13  Ledger of William McCaa, smith shop. Windsor Forge, Churchtown.  1850-1868.