Military Collection, 1764-

Call number:  MG-78

2 boxes     25 folders     1 cubic ft.

Repository:  LancasterHistory (Organization); PV7

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Description:  This collection contains documents beginning with the American Revolution and continuing through the War of 1812, Mexican  War, Civil War, World War I, World War II, and the Korean War. There are account books, notes and written letters, vouchers, inspections of camps, receipts of payments, honorable discharge certificates, lists of absentees, envelopes used during the Civil War, and lists of unpaid fines during the service of the Pennsylvania Militia soldiers. There are also newsletters and articles relating to World Wars I and II and the Korean War for advertisement and description of items including the history of the Philadelphia Naval Base.

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Folder 1         Monthly Return

Insert 1 Monthly Return of Captain J. Piper Troop of Light Horse in camp near Fort Bedford.  16 September 1764.


Folder 2         Notes and Letters

Insert 1  Application for certificate of Revolutionary Services, made by the widow of the party who rendered the service.  Edward Johnson of Sterling, Massachusetts.  Enlisted 1775.  Submitted by Relief Johnson, widow 1844.

Insert 2  Thomas Johnson received payment for four head of cattle from Colonel Adam Hubley. 9 July 1779.

Insert 3  “A Narrative Respective Lugger Surpize & Cutter Revenge,” by G. Conyngham.  Chronological history of the ships and their activities.  From 1777 to 1779.

Insert 4  Promissory note from Adam Keller to Barnet Jacobs for two months pay.  Adam Hubley signed to pay this order.  Payment was received by Barnet Jacobs.  3 January 1782.

Insert 5  Voucher to pay Jacob Keller for service in the Lancaster Militia.  Signed by Captain William Skiles.  8 December 1781.


Folder 3a      Vouchers and Promissory Notes

Insert 1  A court record of payment owed to Colonel Jacob Cooke for his services in the Lancaster County Militia.  Payment received by Joseph Work, administrator of the estate of Jacob Cooke.  26 April 1793.

Insert 2  Voucher to pay John Brant.  Signed by General James Ross.  30 August 1797.

Insert 3  Promotion of Edward Hand to Major General.  From Thomas Mifflin, Governor of Pennsylvania to Edward Hand.  Signed by Secretary A. L. Dallas.  11 April 1793.

Insert 4  Receipt of payment.  Received by Captain Edward Hand from Mr. Dallas.  27 September 1794. Payment received from Philip Wager by George Biddle.  20 January 1797. 

Insert 5  Letter from Lieutenant James Ross to John Nicholson on reasons for stopping the suits against officers being charged for neglect of duty.  20 January 1797.

Insert 6  Delinquent return of fines owed and unpaid of Captain Joseph Wolf’s Company 70 for the years of 1793-1796.  List of soldiers, the dates, and amounts owed.

Insert 7  Letter from J. Elmer to Brother Soldiers on Camp on the Wabash.  Experiences include Miami River, Miami Shawnee, and Delaware River.  6 November 1797.

Insert 8  Copy of the payroll of Captain Robert Coleman’s Troop Light Dragoons from 28th October to 8th of December 1794.  Payment to Captain Robert Coleman from Major General William Irvine.  Copy is addressed to A. L. Dallas.

Insert 9  Receipt of payment.  Peter Paster was paid by Adam Reigart.  24 February 1795.

Insert 10  Receipt for payment.  David Crider paid by William Kirkpatrick for five days service as trumpeter in Lancaster Troop.  26 September 1794.

Moore and Kirkpatrick received payment from Adam Reigart. 26 May 1795.


Folder 3b      Receipts of Payments

Insert 1  Receipt of payment.  Peter Paster received payment from Adam Reigart for twenty-five times as trumpeter and once in Strasburg.  22 December 1798.

Insert 2  Payroll receipt for one month pay of the Lancaster Troop at Pittsburgh.  Plus bounty for thirty-six troops.  No date.

Insert 3  Receipt of payment.  [Robert] Hamilton received payment  from Adam Reigart for the Lancaster Troop.  21 June 1798.

Insert 4  Receipt of payment.  George Bevins received payment from Adam Reigart for the Lancaster Troop.  14 July 1795.

Insert 5  Receipt of payment for supplies for Lancaster Light Horse. Payment received to Christopher Reigart from Adam Reigart.  29 December 1794.

Insert 6  Receipt of payment.  David R. Barton received payment from Adam Reigart for supplies for the Lancaster Light Dragoons.  13 July 1793.

Insert 7  Receipt to Adam Reigart from men in Lancaster Troop acknowledging pay.  Signatures of men from 1793-1796.

Insert 8  Receipt of payment.  Moore & Kirkpatrick received payment from Adam Reigart for supplies for the Lancaster Troop. 30 December 1794.


Folder 4         Inspections and Aide-de-camp

Insert 1  Brigade Inspection. Return of the Exempts of the 1st Brigade Lancaster County 1802.  List of troops that are inspected by Brigade Inspector John Light.  2 June 1802.

Insert 2  Commission to Aid-de-camp of Samuel Bethel.  From Governor Thomas McKean to Samuel Bethel on his service to General Thomas Boude.  Signed by Secretary Thompson.  20 September 1807.

Insert 3  Return of the Exempts in the 2nd Brigade, 4th Division Lancaster County Militia delivered 8 April 1808.  List of troops inspected by Brigade Inspector James Patterson.  11 April 1808.

Insert 4  The class list and inspection roll of all persons subject to militia duty residing within the bounds of Captain Frederick Kissel. 2nd Company, 7th Regiment, 4th Division Lancaster County Militia. Inspected and signed by John Sight and Captain Frederick Kissel. 11 May 1809.


Folder 5         Discharges and Rolls of Companies

Insert 1  Muster roll of a company of volunteer infantry in the actual service of the United States, commanded by Captain Jacob Snyder in the 2nd Brigade, 2nd Regiment of Pennsylvania Militia under the command of Colonel John Lutz.  22 September 1814. (Photocopy must be used.  Restricted access of original.)

Insert 2  Honorable discharge of Private Samuel Jameson in his service for the United States performed under Captain Thomas Neal.  14 January 1815.

Insert 3  Honorable discharge of Matthias Graeff for his duty performed with the Pennsylvania Riflemen under the orders of Major General Watson and Brigadier General Adams.  Signed by William Hamilton.  10 December 1814.

Insert 4  Application for Bounty Land. Declaration by Minor Children for Bounty Land for Sarah Witmer and Jacob Diffenderfer, minor children of Jacob Diffenderfer.  19 January 1880.

Insert 5  Card stating: “Portion of the Flag Carried by Captain John Steele’s Company Late of Leacock Township Lancaster County during the War of 1812.”  No date.

Insert 6  List of officers and privates of the Lancaster Rifle Company who marched from there to Baltimore on 3 September 1814 and returned to Lancaster on the 8 December 1814 under the command of Captain William Hamilton.  (Written on the reverse of billheads from D. B. Oaks, Whole Ale and Retail Dealer. Chambersburg 186__.)

Insert 7  Corporation accounts for sundries furnished to the volunteer companies of Captains Hamilton and Hambright.  28 October 1814.

Insert 8  Roll of a company in 2nd Regiment, 2nd Brigade under Captain Adam Diller.  Certified by Brigade Major Gabriel Hiester.  5 September 1814.  (part of document missing)


Folder 6         Letters of Thomas Lloyd

Insert 1  Letter book. The letters of Thomas Lloyd of Columbia, Pennsylvania, soldier in the War of 1812.  With record from his family Bible.  Letters dated 1828 to 1858.  “Collected by his great-great grandson, T. C. Lloyd.”  Typed copies.


Folder 7         65th Regiment (Pennsylvania Militia)

Insert 1  List of names and amounts where fines were not remitted by a court of appeal.  Signed by Lieutenant Colonel Robert King Jr. Sent to Brigade Inspector Nathaniel W. Sample.  12 June 1826. 

Insert 2  A list of absentees on the days of training in the 2nd Company, 1st Battalion, 65th  Regiment.  Signed by Robert King Jr.  From Captain John White to Brigade Inspector Nathaniel W. Sample.  12 June 1826.

Insert 3  A list of absentees residing within the bounds of the 3rd Company, 65th Regiment, with the amount of fine and name listed. Signed by Robert King Jr.  From Captain George Baughman to Brigade Inspector Nathaniel W. Sample.  12 June 1826.

Insert 4  An account of items bought by Captain H. Darby.  Cash receipt.  No date.

Insert 5  Return of absentees for Sadsbury Township 4th Company, 1st Battalion, 65th Regiment.  From Captain Christian Kearns to Brigade Inspector Nathaniel W. Sample.  12 June 1826.

Insert 6  A list of absentees of the 1st Company, 1st Battalion, 65th Regiment commanded by Captain William Ewing.  To Brigade Inspector Nathaniel W. Sample.  12 June 1826.

Insert 7  A list of absentees of the 5th Company, 1st Battalion, 65th Regiment by Captain Abraham McConnel.  To Brigade Inspector Nathaniel W. Sample.  12 June 1826.

Insert 8  Letter to Brigade Inspector Nathaniel W. Sample on an election held at the House of Abraham Bitner for the purpose of electing one Captain and one 2nd Lieutenant.  Letter from George [Bietz] and George Brush, Judges.  John Cassidy, Clerk.  2 copies.  7 January 1827.

Insert 9  Certification for Jacob Auxer on his service of seven years as a member of the Elizabethtown Union Guards, Volunteer Infantry in Pennsylvania.  Signed by Captain Daniel Gardner.  1828.

Insert 10  Account of monies to several classes for performing militia service as will appear by the muster and payrolls.  No date.


Folder 8         Military Ball Invitations

Insert 1  “Buchanan Rifles” Second Annual Military and Citizens’ Dress Ball at Fulton Hall.  Requesting the company of Miss Estlack.  23 November 1853.

Insert 2  Oread Guards Washington Gift Ball at the Free State Hotel.  22 February 1858.


Folder 9         Pennsylvania Militia

Insert 1  Return of the 2nd Brigade, 4th Division Pennsylvania Militia commanded by Brigadier General James Calwell in the county of Lancaster.  4 December 1826.

Insert 2         

1.  Account of names and fines for the 3rd Company, 35th Regiment Pennsylvania Militia signed by Brigade Inspector  Nathaniel W. Sample.  14 November 1827.

 2.  Account of names and fines for the 2nd Company, 35th Regiment Pennsylvania Militia signed by Brigade Inspector Nathaniel W. Sample.  14 November 1827.

Insert 3  Troop return by Captain Alexander McElhattan, 35th Regiment, 6th Company to Brigade Inspector Nathaniel W. Sample. 19 May 1827.

Insert 4  Settlement with Isaiah McCarty for militia fines signed by Nathaniel W. Sample.  9 December 1829.

Insert 5  Return of the Militia Election held on the first Monday of June 1828 in the 1st Brigade, 4th Division signed by Brigade Inspector Nathaniel W. Sample.  June 1828.

Insert 6  Letter to Captain John Longenecker, Lieutenant Henry Brenner, Lieutenant John H. Duchman from G. B. Porter on the informing of the proceedings of a late meeting.  18 July 1829.


Folder 10      Discharges and Certifications

Insert 1  Minutes of the proceedings of the Jackson Riflemen with notes signed by Secretary E. Jefferies.  1836-1843.

Insert 2  The commission to Second Lieutenant of William D. Demuth of the Jackson Riflemen.  “A company attached to the city Battalion of volunteers.”  22 December 1830.

Insert 3  Private John Bradd’s discharge from the United States Corp of Marines signed by Lieutenant Colonel Commandant Marine Corps Arch. Henderson.  Acknowledges the payment of fees from commencement of enlisting to the day of discharge.  6 August 1830. 

Insert 4  Articles and Rules of the Lancaster Grays Militia Volunteer Corps signed by the members of the militia.  9 September 1831.

Insert 5  Letter regarding Our Country to Richard R. Heitler in Ephrata from Thomas Morgan.  13 June 1835.

Insert 6  Certification for Frederick Bausman for serving successfully seven years in the Jackson Riflemen.  Signed by Captain George Haughman.  2 April 1822.

Insert 7  Commission to Captain of E. D. Roath of the Jackson Infantry in the 2nd Brigade of the 3rd Division composed of the uniformed militia of the counties of Chester and Lancaster.  Signed by A. L. Russell Deputy Secretary of the Commonwealth.  20 August 1849.


Folder 11      Record Ledger

Insert 1  Return of militia fines by F. L. ___.  Returned to the Commissioners’ Office.  21 July 1845.


Folder 12      Book of Record

Insert 1  Many of Dane Haerrs troop returns of the Lancaster County Militia.  1847.


Folder 13      Letter Book

Insert 1  Book of letters sent by or received by General Thomas Jefferson Sutherland, Counselor at Law, New York during the Mexican War.  Includes letter written to James Buchanan and other officials in Harrisburg.  1847-1848.


Folder 14      Record Book

Insert 1  “H. A. Hambright—Military of record of Mexican War.  Record delivered to Lancaster and Harrisburg.”  Ledger of the National Guard of Mexico City with entries of captured French troops. Accounts and rolls.  “Captured in Mexico in 1847 by Colonel Hambright.”  1847-1853.  Gift of W. U. Hensel, 23 May 1897.

Insert 2  Receipt.  John Eshleman received payment from Patrick Megrady.  17 March 1854.  (Loose paper in record book.)


Folder 15      Ledger

Insert 1  Ledger of Alexander King.  Army of the United States morning reports and daily accounts of proceeds and expenditures with remarks. 1865. Gift of John Walton.

Insert 2  State and military tax notices to Alexander W. Morrison and Samuel W. Morrison of Little Britain.  1866-1867.  (Loose paper in ledger.)


Folder 16      Certificates and Receipts

Insert 1  Payment to Richard Smith of $21 . . . being the amount of the Second Auditor’s certificate payable to “Adam Kendig, father or his order” for three months extra pay due Benjamin F. Kendig, a late Private in Captain Dolan’s Company Maryland and D. C. Volunteers.  1 July 1851.

Insert 2  Commission to First Lieutenant of the Pleasant Valley Artillery of William L. Billman of the 1st Brigade, 5th Division composed of the uniformed militia of the counties of Dauphin, Lebanon, and Berks.  Signed by Secretary A. L. Russell.  24 May 1851.

Insert 3         

1.  Draft notice to Robert C. Price from United States Deputy Marshall Wm. Kirkpatrick, Northeast Ward, Lancaster City.  26 August 1862.

2.  Certification of exemption for a drafted person on account of disability to Robert Price of Northeast Ward.  11 August 1863.

Insert 4  Article called “What Does the Bronze Button Mean?” on United States Inspector of Customs, Charles W. Skillings of Portland, who spoke of the meaning of the Bronze Button worn by the members of the G. A. R.  No date.

Insert 5  John Weller received from A. L. Russell, Governor of Pennsylvania, a package containing empty purse and letter and effects of John Ohlen.  11 April 1867.

Insert 6

1.  Bounty of land certificate for Cyrus E. Jackson of Moniteau County, Missouri for “An act making further provision for the sale of the public lands.”  Signed by President James Buchanan.  1 June 1859.

2.  Bounty of land certificate for 120 acres to Private John M. Smith, signed over to David Cockley, serving under Captain Dubose’s Company of the South Carolina Militia.  Signed by President James Buchanan.  1 July 1859.

3.  Bounty of land certificate for 160 acres for Lerina Bowers, widow of George Bowers, Private Captain Rider’s Company, signed over to Royal Baldwin, North Carolina Militia, War of 1812. 1 October 1860.

Insert 7  Discharge certificate for Peter Alexander, a Private of Captain John A. Martin’s Company 1, 1st Regiment of the Pennsylvania Mounted Volunteers.  Signed by Mustering Officer J. M. Kennedy.  10 July 1865.

Insert 8  Discharge certificate for disability for David M. Witmer, a Private of Captain Fritz’s Company B, 99th Regiment of Pennsylvania Volunteers.  23 May 1864.

Authorization from Headquarters Department of Washington for Witmer to be discharged by command of Major General C. C. Augur.  13 May 1861.

Insert 9  Received payment of excise tax on carriage on May 1866. Two dollars paid in full by A. K. Morrison to collector M. M. Strickler at the collector’s office, Centre Square, Lancaster.  7 July 1867.

Insert 10  Naturalization paper for Philip Eugstler, Private of Company E, 205th Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteers, native of Switzerland. Permitted by Prothonotary Adolphus [Reinoehl] to become a citizen of the United States.  3 October 1872.  Gift of S. M. Sener.


Folder 17      Commission of First Lieutenant and Inspection Roll

Insert 1  Commission of William F. Zeilin to First Lieutenant in the  Marine Corps from the 6th day of December 1879.  Signed by the Secretary of the Navy R. W. Thompson and President of the United States Rutherford B. Hayes.  22 May 1880.

Insert 2  Inspection roll of the Reynolds Rifles Company C, 8th Regiment, 3rd Brigade, National Guard of Pennsylvania commanded by Captain M. F. Bowers.  Organized at Lancaster, Lancaster County, 22 May 1883.  Signed by County of Lebanon resident Captain M. F. Bowers.  10 July 1886-17 July 1886.


Folder 18      Envelopes of the Civil War

Insert 1  Envelopes used during the Civil War.  Were in frame.  “From Miss Mary Zahm”  on backing.  No date.

Insert 2

1.  Envelope “presented to Willard Comstock by an Army Nurse of the Civil War from 1861-1865.”  Signed by Rebecca L. Price.         1917.

2.  Envelope “presented to Elmo Comstock, September, 1917, by an Army Nurse during the War of 61-65.”  Signed by Rebecca    L. Price. 1917.

3.  Envelope from National Headquarters Association of Army Nurses of the Civil War.  To Masters Williard and Elmo Comstock of South Prince Street, Lancaster City.  1917.

4.  Letter from National Headquarters Association of Army Nurses of the Civil War 1861-1865 to William and Elmo Comstock. Signed by Rebecca L. Price.  September 1917.


Folder 19      Letters to and from Mr. Eugene Snyder regarding Eberhart Michael Snyder

Insert 1  Envelope from the War Department.  The Military Secretary’s Office to Mr. Eugene Snyder of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.  6 April 1905.

Insert 2  Letter from Eugene Snyder to Alexander R. Speel for obtaining a certificate showing the service of Snyder’s great grandfather Eberhart Michael of the Continental Army.  3 April 1905.

Letter returned from the War Department.  The Military Secretary’s Office to Eugene Snyder on his great-grandfather Eberhart Michael.  6 April 1905.

Insert 3  Letter from Eugene Snyder to Secretary of War Honorable Lindley M. Garrison, Washington D. C. for the request of information of the date and place of the first capture of Major John Andre.  29 January 1914.  And reply from George Andrews, Adj. General.  31 January 1914.

Insert 4  Envelope insert identified as containing a letter from Major John Andre to Eberhart Michael.  Letter no longer in  envelope.  Signed by Eugene Snyder.  12 May 1914. The letter may be the letter in the Correspondence Collection, MG-402, Folder 33.

Insert 5  Letter from Eugene Snyder to Honorable Charles Landis of Lancaster, Pennsylvania requesting information on the Eberhart Michael family.  26 May 1914.

Insert 6  Handwritten copy of Eberhart Michael/Snyder family record.  No date.

Insert 7  Hand-copied record of Eberhard Michael/Snyder family record by Eugene Snyder.  26 May 1914.

Insert 8  Snyder family history by Eugene Snyder.  12 May 1914.


Folder 20      Articles, Programs, Newsletters

Insert 1  Greetings for New Year’s Day 1919.  General orders thanking American troops for their service in World War I including orders from General Pershing.  1 January 1919.

Insert 2  Newspaper article “Local Korean War casualties total 145 in two years.”  Daily Intelligence Journal, Lancaster.  30 September 1952.

Insert 3         

1.  Description of the 1986 commemorative medal for the 100th Anniversary Lancaster County Historical Society. Issued by the Red Rose Coin Club, Inc. 1986. (Coin is in the Red Rose Coin Club Collection)

2.  Description of the 1990 commemorative medal issued of the 1890 Electric Trolley Centennial in Lancaster City. Issued by the Red Rose Coin Club, Inc. 1990. (Coin is in the Red Rose Coin Club Collection)

3.  Soldiers and Sailors Monument erected in 1874 and dedicated July 4th that same year.  16th commemorative medal issued by the Red Rose Coin Club, Inc.  No date. (Coin is in the Red Rose Coin Club Collection)

Insert 4         

1.  Program for the 11-11-11 Club Annual Banquet and Memorial service at the Red Rose Memorial Post, No. 2435 Veterans of Foreign Wars.  11 November 1996.

2.  16th Annual Yearbook United Veterans Council of Columbia Memorial Day Observance.  26 May 1996.

Insert 5  Article on history of the Philadelphia Naval Base by Hugh Scott of the Inquirer Staff.  Includes eight illustrations with description.  No date.

Insert 6  “Soldiers of the War of 1812 and those who gave service from 1784 to 1815 who are buried in the Leacock Presbyterian churchyard,” by (Mrs. D. B.) Bertha Cochran Landis and Eleanore J. Fulton.  Photocopied and undated.

Insert 7  Newsletter for the Independent Battery I Civil War Re-enactment under the command of Captain J. L. McSherry III near Marticville Tavern, Pennsylvania.  19 February 1990. Gift of P. McSherry.


Box 2

Folder 21  Account book of Joseph Shippen of the soldiers belonging to his company at Fort Augusta, etc. 1757-1758. Transferred from MG-266 Daybook, ledger and Minute Book Collection, Series 14, 16 February 2010.

Folder 22  Orderly Book. Orders recorded from Headquarters, 4th Military Recruiting District, Philadelphia and Lancaster; Headquarters, 4th Rifle Regiment, Lancaster. 1813-1814. Transferred from the Library, February 2003; from MG-266 Daybook, ledger and Minute Book Collection, Series 14, 16 February 2010.

Folder 23  Return of instruments, books, maps, charts and plans in the charge of Capt. [Jeremiah] M. Scarritt for the quarter ending 30 June 1854. Fort Taylor, Key West, Florida. Submitted by 1Lt. [Horatio] G. Wright, 6 September 1854. (Capt. Scarritt died of Yellow Fever 22 June 1854 at Key West during the construction of Fort Taylor.)

Folder 24  Militia trial testimony of Peter [Gidy] and court decision. May 1798. With transcription prepared by donor. Gift of Eugene L. DiOrio.