Morrin: Harold Morrin Collection, Series 2 Birding Records, 1962-2004

Call Number: MG-358, Series 2 Birding Records, 1962-2004

3 boxes     50 folders, 2 volumes     1.5 cubic ft.

Repository: (Lancaster, Pa.)

Shelving Location: Archives South, Side 9

Description: This collection contains materials collected by or pertaining to Harold B. Morrin of Millersville, Pennsylvania. Series 2 contains personal journals, species checklist, newspaper articles, certificates and correspondence in relation to birding in Lancaster County and all over the world.

Creator: Morrin, Harold (1923-2012)

System of Arrangement:

Series 1 WWII Letters, 1943-1946

Series 2 Birding Records

Conditions for Access: No restrictions.

Conditions Governing Reproductions: Collection may not be photocopied. Please contact Research Staff or Archives Staff with questions.

Language: English

Source of Acquisition: Gift of James Morrin and Peg Pennington, July 2010 and February 2015.

Biographical History:

Harold B. Morrin was born on May 20, 1923 in Bird-in-Hand, Pennsylvania. He was the son of Hugh B. and Hilda M. (Erisman) Morrin. His father, Hugh, passed away at an early age from complications associated with mustard gas in World War I. In his 20s, Harold enlisted in the United States Army from 1943 to 1946 during World War II. During this time he sent letters to his mother Hilda M. Morrin about his life in the army, traveling and social activities (the collection of correspondence can be found in MG-358, Series 1).

Harold graduated with a degree in business from Franklin and Marshall College. During his career, Harold served as president of the Lancaster Chapter of Administrative Management and served on the board of the National Association of Accountants. In 1985, Harold retired as secretary- treasurer of Lancaster Press and Tapsco companies. In addition to his career, Harold was also very active in the community, serving in leadership positions in many organizations. He was a member (since 1947) and past president of the Millersville Lions Club, an international service organization that provides humanitarian and volunteer services to the local community. Other involvements included the Lancaster County Philatelic Society (national stamp collection organization), North Museum Associates (local nature and science museum), the Millersville Borough Council, Lancaster County Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, Lancaster County Elementary Envirothon, Boy Scouts of America (Troop 45), past director of the Tanger Arboretum, member of the Hamilton Park United Church of Christ, Millersville pool committee, zone chairman, steering committee, board member of the Millersville Bicentennial celebration and the Lancaster County Bird Club (LCBC) (LCBC 2012).

Harold was recognized as one of the “101 of the Most Vital People in South Central PA” in the local APPRISE magazine where he was pictured on the cover in 1988. It would seem as though Harold had no time for hobbies or travel with his career and community involvement but that was not the case. Harold was an avid baseball fan, seeing games in 45 major league ballparks throughout the United States. He even witnessed Babe Ruth play!

His other two passions, birding and traveling, went hand in hand. It was not until the age of 31 that Harold began birding. In 1954, he decided to start the journey of a life-list and in that first year he was able to add 70 species to the list. By the time he finished, Harold had over 3,800 species on his life-list. Harold enjoyed traveling and documented his trips with daily journal entries and species checklists of all the bird species seen. He birded in all 50 U.S. states and Canada and traveled to all 7 continents during his lifetime.

Harold’s love for birds, nature and travel continued to grow thus, his participation in the Lancaster County Bird Club grew. Harold served as president from 1972-76 and again from 1984-85, and a member of the bird club’s Board of Directors for over 20 years. He was also an editor for the LCBC newsletter for many years and editor of The Natural Attractions of Lancaster County, published by the LCBC in November 1977 as a supplement to “Call Notes” which included articles about the flora and fauna found in numerous areas of Lancaster County. Harold also edited and wrote portions of the book, A Guide to the Birds of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania (1984) and assisted with the second edition in 1991. He authoredBirding the 49th State: An Alaskan Saga in 1978 about his birding adventures on an Alaskan trip. In his later years, Harold led a weekly adult birding group in collaboration with the Lancaster County Parks Department. On February 9, 2001 the LCBC Board of Directors made Harold an honorary lifetime member of the club, an honor bestowed to only a few since the inception of the club. At this time they also decided to rename the Scholarship Program, “The Harold B. Morrin Scholarship Award” (LCBC 2012).

The Lancaster County Bird Club credits Harold with the development and growth of the club as one of the largest and most active bird clubs in the mid-Atlantic region. He inspired many renowned birders, ornithologists and photographers like Andrew Mack, Eric Witmer, Theodore A. Parker III, Jeffrey Lepore and Kenn Kaufman. On January 7, 2012 Harold passed away at the age of 88. His impact on the community was immeasurable and he is remembered by many as a “humble, selfless man, who devoted so much of his time and effort to others” (Crable 1999).

Works Cited:

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Related Materials: See also MG-358, Series 1 and the Photograph Collection.

Administrative History: Processed and finding aid prepared by RM, February-April 2015.


Box 1

Folder 1 Harold Morrin’s Journal for trip to Europe. Two inserts, one the original copy and the second a photocopy (missing the first 6 days of the trip). Countries visited included Norway, Spain, France, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium. 10 June to 14 July 1962.

Folder 2 Harold Morrin’s Journal for World trip which included visiting four continents (North America, Asia, Africa and Europe). Along with daily journal is summary sheet which includes trips highlights such as most beautiful city, worst place, best view, etc. 29 June to 2 August 1969.

Folder 3 Harold Morrin’s Journal for Birding Trips with Russ Markert and Ted Parker. Life-list additions and complete list of species seen in Ohio, Michigan, South Carolina and North Carolina. 27 May to 31 May 1970 and 4 September to 7 September 1970.

Folder 4 Harold Morrin’s Journal for Birding Trips with Russ Markert and Ted Parker. Life-list additions and complete list of species seen in Delaware, Illinois, Missouri, Florida, New Jersey, Maryland and Pennsylvania. 9 April 1971, 15 April to 18 April 1971, 22 July to 26 July 1971, 8 August 1971, 30 October 1971, 7 November 1971, 13 November to 14 November 1971, 18 December 1971, 19 December 1971 and 23 December 1971.

Folder 5 Harold Morrin’s Journal for Birding Trips with The Lancaster County Bird Club. Life-list additions and complete list of species seen in Delaware, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Texas. 22 January 1972, 23 January 1972, 29 January to 30 January 1972, 1 February to 5 February 1972.

Folder 6 Harold Morrin’s Journal for Birding Trips with The Lancaster County Bird Club, Part 2. Life-list additions and complete list of species seen in Massachusetts, Missouri and North Carolina. 26 January to 29 January 1973, 22 March to 25 March 1973, 31 August to 3 September 1973.

Folder 7 Harold Morrin’s Journal for Trip to Alaska, titled “An Alaska Saga”. 122 page in depth description with many life-list additions and species seen on the Aleutian Islands. Birders on the trip (8 total) included Captain Bill, Paul G. DuMont, Harold B. Morrin, Carroll E. Pinckard and wife, Dr. Robert L. Pyle and wife, and Hugh Willoughby (all member of American Birding Association). 1 June to 16 June 1973.

Folder 8 Harold Morrin’s Journal for Birding Trip to Canada. On the search for the Boreal Owl in Ajax, Ontario with Margery Rutbell, Eric Witmer, Andy Mack, Charlie Mellinger and Maurice Barnhill. 17 January to 19 January 1974.

Folder 9 Harold Morrin’s Journal for Birding Trips in the United States and Canada. Second convention of American Birding Association to Lake Erie. Trip details and list of species seen in Michigan, and Ontario. 21 May to 26 May 1975.

Folder 10 Harold Morrin’s Journal for Birding Trip to Australia and New Zealand with Doug Cook Birdwatcher Expedition, Part 1. Itinerary prepared by Frontiers International Travel, species checklist with date and detailed journal with many life-listers. Journal entries for 30 September to 9 October 1977.

Folder 11 Harold Morrin’s Journal for Birding Trip to Australia and New Zealand with Doug Cook Birdwatcher Expedition, Part 2. Handouts for Australia ornithology, fauna, national parks and reserves and the remaining journal entries for 10 October to 27 October 1977.

Folder 12 Harold Morrin’s Journal for Birding Trip to Amherst Island, Canada. Highlight of the trip was many raptors including Great Gray Owls (Strix nebulosa) and Snowy Owls (Bubo scandiacus) 9 February to 11 February 1979.

Folder 13 Harold Morrin’s Journal for southern California. Trips to Condor Country, Salton Sea State Park, Smith Bay Marine Biological Study Area in Imperial Beach, Tucker Sanctuary, O’Neill Park, Upper Newport Bay, Pelagic trip out to Santa Barbara Island, Yosemite National Park, Los Getos Canyon and Monterey Bay. Bird and mammal list for trip included. Memorable moment when a California Condor (Gymnogyps californianus) and Golden Eagle (Aquila chrysaetos) perched together on a distant dead tree. 9 September to 23 September 1980

Folder 14 Harold Morrin’s Journal for Birding Trip to the Rio Grande River (Texas) with Russ Markert, Larry Coble, and Steve Santner. Life- list additions and complete list of species seen at the Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge, Anzalduas County Park and Santa Margarita. 26 May to 31 May 1983.

Folder 15 Harold Morrin’s Journal for Birding Trips with the Lancaster County Bird Club. Day trip to Pedricktown Marsh in New Jersey in search of Ruffs (Philomachus pugnax). Other locations included Long Beach Island and Brigantine National Wildlife Refuge. Detailed list of species seen (by hour and minutes) on pelagic trip off of Hatteras, North Carolina with Joe Meloney, Steve Rannels, Steve Santner and Jim Morrin. 7 April 1984 and 31 August to 2 September 1984.

Folder 16 Harold Morrin’s Journal for Trip to Africa, Part 1. Life- list additions and complete list of species seen in Windhoek (Namibia), Daan Viljoen Game Park, Okondeka, Kalkheuwel (South Africa), Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Nairobi. Accompanied by many distinguished people such as Dr. Roy Whistler, Dr. Tom Arny, Dr. Gell-Mann and others.19 August to 13 September 1985.

Folder 17 Harold Morrin’s Journal for Trip to Africa, Part 2. Remaining journal entries for 14 September to 7 October 1985.

Folder 18 Harold Morrin’s Journal for Birding Trip in the Maritime Provinces, Canada. Sightseeing and cultural trip with bird species also included. Additional trip to Deschutes National Forest and Lava Butte Geological Area (Oregon) and visit to Seattle, Washington. 7 June to 2 July 1986 and 3 August 1986.

Folder 19 Harold Morrin’s Journal for trip to South America (Brazil). Accompanying Harold Morrin was Ted Parker, trip leader, and the following participants, William Cox, Liscum Diven, Hank and Ruth Hallowell, Lynell Heaps, Norman and Margaret Gutkelch, Clayton J. Pollard, Norman Sherwood, Howard and Helen Wilson. Detailed journal with field checklist of birds and mammal and bird checklist from Vent trip to Southeastern Brazil in November 1986. 9 November to 11 December 1986.

Folder 20 Harold Morrin’s Journal for trip to Northwest United States. Two inserts, one with original journal that is missing the last 7 days of the trip and the second, a photocopy of the entire trips journal. Locations visited include Mount Rainier, Victoria, Mount St. Helens, Columbia River Gorge, Oregon Coast, Redwoods, Crater Lake and Seattle. 7 July to 7 August 1987.

Folder 21 Harold Morrin’s Journal for trip to Montreal. Purpose of the road trip was sightseeing and a baseball game.19 August to 24 August 1987.

Folder 22 Harold Morrin’s Journal for trip to South America (Venezuela). Detailed journal entries with daily itinerary that includes expected bird species to be seen list and the birds of Venezuela checklist. H. Morrin saw 458 species on this trip, 116 of which were life birds. Best birds seen on the trip were Orinoco Goose (Neochen jubata), Chestnut-bellied (Agami) Heron (Agamia agami) and the Black-and-chestnut Eagle (Spizaetus isidori).15 January to 2 February 1988.

Folder 23 Harold Morrin’s Journal for trip to China. Guided tour, “China the Beautiful”, with 35 other people. Destinations included Hong Kong, Guilin, Shanghai, Nanjing, Beijing, Great Wall of China, Zijin Cheng (the Forbidden City), Banpo, the Great Mosque and Chongqing. 2 June to 26 June 1988.

Folder 24 Harold Morrin’s Journal for sightseeing trip to Western United States. Two inserts, one original and the second a photocopy. Road trip west with Dorothy, destinations included Taos, Santa Fe, Petrified Forest National Park, Grand Canyon, San Diego, Los Angeles, Disneyland, and Dallas. 8 August to 6 September 1988.


Box 2

Folder 25 Harold Morrin’s Journal for trip to South America (Argentina). Detailed journal entries, trip itinerary, tour participant list, expected bird species to be seen list and the Argentina field checklist. 9 October to 6 November 1988.

Folder 26 Harold Morrin’s Journal for sightseeing trip Western United States. Road trip west with Dorothy, destinations include Herbert Hoover National Historic site, Oregon Trail, Flaming Gorge Dam, LDS Business College, Park City, Zion National Park, Moab, Colorado National Monuments and the Colorado Mountains. 5 August to 4 September 1989.

Folder 27 Harold Morrin’s Journal for trip to Antarctica. Handwritten, detailed journal entries with two species checklist. 2 January to 26 January 1990.

Folder 28 Harold Morrin’s Journal for trip to Wisconsin and Minnesota. Road trip with Dorothy, destinations include The University of Minnesota- Orchestra Hall Elderhostel, Cathedral of St. Paul, International Crane Foundation, Circus World, Milwaukee Public Museum and the Milwaukee County Zoo. 22 July to 5 August 1990.

Folder 29 Harold Morrin’s Journal for trip to India. Detailed journal entries, trip itinerary and a checklist of the birds of northern India. H. Morrin saw 457 species on this trip, 324 of which were life birds. Best birds seen on the trip were Northern Eagle Owl (Bubo bubo), Asian Emerald Cuckoo (Chrysococcyx maculates), Bengal Florican (Houbaropsis bengalensis) and Fire-tailed Myzornis (Myzornis pyrrhoura). Mammals seen included the Royal Bengal Tiger (Panthera tigris tigris), Fishing Cat (Prionailurus viverrinus) and Red Panda (Ailurus fulgens).February to 21 March 1991.

Folder 30 Harold Morrin’s Journal for birding trips in the United States. North Carolina pelagic trip with list of species (total of 142) and what time seen during the day. Bird species checklist of the Middle Atlantic States and a partial list of the plants (ferns, trees and shrubs, herbaceous plant and vines) noted on the Pine Barrens tour. 23 May to 27 May 1991 and 2 June 1991.

Folder 31 Harold Morrin’s Journal for trip to Kentucky. Road trip with Dorothy, destinations include Hodgenville, My Old Kentucky Home, Danville, Pleasant Hill Shaker Village, Springs Inn (Elderhostel activities), Kentucky Horse Park, Keeneland and Southeastern Regional Final of NCAA tournament between Ohio State and Michigan. 25 March to 5 April 1992.

Folder 32 Harold Morrin’s Journal for trip to Costa Rica. Detailed journal entries and itinerary, complete bird species checklist for Costa Rica. H. Morrin seen 420 birds, highlights include Bare-necked Umbrellabird (Cephalopterus glabricollis), Slaty-tailed Trogon (Trogon Massena) and Snowcap (Microchera albocoronata). 5 July to 22 July 1992.

Folder 33 Book: The Holy Lands and Europe. Harold Morrin presents “The Travels of 13 Little Greenies” published by Bowers & Hoffman, Inc. York County, Pennsylvania, 1968. Trip journal to the Holy Lands with Reverend and Mrs. Ivan Morrin, Reverend and Mrs. Ted Bowers, Mrs. Dorothy Keener, Mrs. Mary Rudisill, Miss Annamary Spangler, Harold B. Morrin, Miss Lois Trout, Kenneth Bowers, Rodger Hoffman and Paul McKinney. 9 June to 30 June 1968.

Folder 34 Special, limited edition, annual tally for American Ornithologists’ Union (A.O.U.) checklist area by Kenn Kaufman, given to Harold B. Morrin with personal note. Checklist includes chronological list of Kenn Kaufman’s big year. 1 January to 17 December 1973.

Folder 35 Personal letters from Kenn Kaufman to Harold Morrin. Outside magazine (October 1981) with the article “A Year in Birdland” by Jerry Sullivan, about Kenn Kaufman’s big year, pages 48-56. 1973 to 1998.

Folder 36 Meritorious Service Award from the Lancaster County Bird Club to Harold B. Morrin. In recognition of his outstanding leadership and contributions during his four terms as President of the Lancaster County Bird Club from June 1972 to May 1976. Presented on 12 November 1976.

Folder 37 Correspondence letters between the American Birding Association (ABA) and participants of the “Alaska Saga”, about the publication Birding the 49th State: An Alaska Saga. Letter to Mr. James A. Tucker from Harold B. Morrin and letter from Hugh Willoughby to Harold B. Morrin. 22 July 1975, 18 August 1975, 8 August 1978 and 13 August 1978.


Folder 38 Miscellaneous: Newspaper articles, letters and journal publications from Andy Mack.

Newspaper articles:

– Watchers out on a day for the birds, Intelligencer Journal, 31 December 1990.

– Harold Morrin: gently, he helps star birdwatchers spread their wings, New Era. 9 July 1999. Original copy with note from Bob and Erma McCauley *Do not use*

– Watching bird watchers watch, [The Sunday News]. No date.

– On a wild goose chase, New Era, 20 March 1990

– Master Birder, Sunday News, 30 December 1990.

– Binoculars, Books and Boots are Birder’s Gear, Intelligencer Journal, 1 September 1978.

– Bird- watchers flock together for Winter Count, The Sunday News, 15 January 1984.

Andy Mack’s journal publications:

– Mitochondrial DNA: A Source of Genetic Markers for Studies of Similar Passerine Bird Species. October 1986.

– Spatial distribution, fruit production and seed removal of a rare, dioecious canopy tree species (Aglaia aff. flavida Merr. et Perr.) in Papua New Guinea. 1997.

Letters from Andy Mack while in Papua New Guinea. 17 September 1990 and 9 February 2001.

Envelope addressed to Harold Morrin from Andy Mack. 7 July 1997.


Folder 39 Harold Morrin’s edits to James M. Vardaman’s Draft of his Big Year Story. J. Vardaman’s story about birding around the world: 1,032 species in ten days. Harold made notes in pencil on the draft. 1979.

Folder 40 APRISE magazine with Harold Morrin on the cover and a short biography (page 41) in the article, 101 of the Most Vital People in South Central Pennsylvania. Article mentions work experience, organizations he was involved with, travel, hobbies and a quote from Harold, “ If you contribute something to your fellow man and involve your life in some worthwhile endeavor, you can be satisfied that you’ve done something valuable”. November 1988.

Folder 41 Bird and mammal species checklist provided by BirdQuest LTD. for Harold Morrin’s trip to Madagascar. Dates and location for each species seen included in checklist. 13 November to 6 December 1989.

Folder 42 Chile field checklist (not marked by Harold Morrin) and Chilean Birds: Waterbirds and Raptors species list with common name, scientific name, short description of bird and code. 1989.


Folder 43 Miscellaneous Letters from:

– Pat, unknown date.

– Sue (Hawk Mountain Sanctuary), 27 February 1998.

– Betty M. Gish, 3 March 1998.

– Hawk Mountain Sanctuary (map to Berkshire Country Club and list of silent auction items for “An Evening with Kenn Kauffman”, 27 February 1998.

– small piece of paper with writing [looks like it could be Harold Morrin’s handwritten notes]


Folder 44 Certificate of Appreciation awarded to Harold Morrin for his years of dedicated service to the environment and to the Lancaster County Elementary Envirothon. 6 May 2004.

Rolled Document Newspaper article. Harold Morrin: gently, he helps star birdwatchers spread their wings, New Era. 9 July 1999. See Folder 38 for photo copied article. Original copy with note from Bob and Erma McCauley *Do not use*


Box 3

Folder 45 ABA Checklist Book, “Birds of the Continental United States and Canada”. Date and location written for each species seen by Harold Morrin. Miscellaneous items included.

Found in between pages 46 and 47:

– Envelope and letter from J. Frank, as well as a postcard from B. Demaree on congratulating Harold on his ABA total reaching his 700th bird

– Small piece of paper with dates and locations

– Photocopy of the AOU supplement from Bird Watcher’s Digest (November/December ’97) with Harold’s notes on it

– Postcard from Les W. from ABA (1996) about adding a gull to the state list

– Postcard from Tom Schulenberg (1989) for a request for an article on the winter home range of the Chimney Swift (Chaetura pelagica)

Postcard from Ned Brinkley (1997) about the acceptance of the Chesapeake Bay Black-tailed Gull by the VA committee

Found in between pages 50 and 51:

-Lancaster County Pa hand written species checklist, one larger and one smaller. Page from Wildbird magazine, March 1999, on the rare sighting of the Le Conte’s Sparrow (Ammodramus leconteii) seen in Cape May, New Jersey in October 1997.

– Typed Christmas letter from Harold, mentions status of his Parkinson’s Disease, involvement with clubs and groups and hobbies at the time. On the back is a note on the sighting of the Yellow-legged Gull (Larus michahellis) on 12/16/2000 at the Delaware River in Easton, PA with a short description of the bird.

– Printed out email from E.S. (Ned) Brinkley with the subject White-chinned Petrel (Procellaria aequinoctialis) off Hatteras, NC

– Piece of paper with writing on the birds awaiting decision by ABA committee

Found in between pages 70 and 71:

– Piece of paper with handwritten count of bird families and tally next to each

– Piece of paper with date and short species list of birds seen in 1993 to 2000

– Piece of paper with a copy of what was written in American Birds in the fall of 1991 (page 433)


Folder 46 Birds of the World checklist (English name index and supplement number 1) by James F. Clements and William L. Principe Jr. If seen, the box next to the bird names are marked with an “x”.

Folder 47 An Annotated Checklist of Peruvian Birds. Birds seen were checked off and marked with a date. On the first page there is a note from Ted Parker written in March 1982.

Folder 48 Magazine: American Birds, summer 1991 issue. In between page 254 and 255 is a piece of paper with Harold Morrin’s writing with page numbers and locations from the summer 1991 issue.

Book 49 Birds of the World Checklist, James F. Clements. Ibis Publishing Company. 1991. Checklist including the date and location of each species seen by Harold Morrin. Miscellaneous items found inside the book, refer to Folder 50 for these items. Note: jacket of book torn


Folder 50 Miscellaneous items found in Book 49: Birds of the World- A Check List (1991).

Found on page ix:

– Piece of paper with note about species seen in 1989.

Found in between page 604 and 605:

– Four pieces of paper with handwritten notes on species seen.

Between the back cover and last page of the book:

– Newspaper article, “Monk parakeets make a home at Rehoboth”. From the New Era, 17 June 1996.

– Non-passerine family list and tally

– Passerine family list and tally

– Newspaper article, “Philadelphia scientist discovers new bird in Ecuador”. From the Intelligencer Journal, 11 June 1998.

– Copy of the Focus on Nature News (1997) by Focus on Nature Tours, Inc.

– Piece of paper with date, location, species for two birds seen in 1995 and 1997.

– Copy of an order form for the California Birds: Their Status and Distribution by Arnold Small.

– Piece of paper with note of species from a book published in 1995

– Newspaper article, “New Bird Found in Brazil Forest Owes Survival to Cocoa”. From the New York Times, 19 November 1996.

– Passerine and Non-Passerine Checklist, families and tally. Also with the Addenda and Errata from the Birds of the World Checklist by J.F. Clements (1991).

– Piece of paper with NETS only species

– Supplements for the Birds of the World: A Check List by J.F. Clements for the years 1993, 1994, 1997 and the Addenda for the 1990 check-list. Checkmarks and notes on these sheets.


Book 51 Birds of the World: A Check List, James F. Clements. The Two Continents Publishing Group, LTD. 1974. Checklist including the date and location of each species seen by Harold Morrin. Miscellaneous items found inside the book, refer to Folder 52 for these items.


Folder 52 Miscellaneous items found in Book 51: Birds of the Word: A Check List (1974).

Found in between page 4 and 5:

-Piece of paper with note on bird seen in 1989.

Found in between 32 and 33:

– Passerine and Non-Passerine family list and tally

Found in between 106 and 107:

– Addenda and Corrigenda for the Birds of the World: A Checklist

– Three attached, blank, postcards from Audubon

Found in between 322 and 323:

– Newspaper article, “Woodpecker, thought extinct, found in Ark”. Unknown Newspaper, 28 April 2005.

– Piece of paper with notes on species seen in 1989.