Patterson: David W. Patterson Collection, 1818-1879

Call number:  MG-169

1 box     4 folders     .15 cubic ft.

Repository: (Lancaster, Pa.)

Shelving Location:  Archives South, Side 4

Description: The papers in this collection mostly concern the business affairs of attorney David W. Patterson. They are roughly divided between his legal papers and those dealing with his real estate affairs, such as leases, rent receipts, and agreements. Letters relate to law practice; one from a client mentions Thaddeus Stevens as agreeing to collect a note for the client’s brother. Also includes promissory notes.

Creator:  Patterson, David W.

System of Arrangement:  Organized by subject, arranged chronologically.

Conditions for Access:  No restrictions.

Conditions Governing Reproductions:  Collection may not be photocopied. Please contact Research Staff or Archives Staff with questions.

Language:  English

Source of Acquisition:  Unknown.


Folder 1

Insert 1 Account book. 10 pages, 3.75″ x 5.75″, 1851. Eight pages of various transactions. Names include D. W. Patterson, F. Kilburn, C. Yeates, and Mr. Cunningham.

Insert 2 Agreement, 9 June 1847. Henry Rohrer agrees to “feed and fatten” a short purchase by D. W. Patterson. Additional name: Thomas Sterrett.

Insert 3

1. Promissory note, 23 June 1853. Johan Schaffer promises to pay D. W. Patterson $25.00 on order at the Lancaster Savings Institution in 60 days.

2. Promissory note, 27 August 1853. Samuel W. Chapman promises to pay D. W. Patterson $12.00 “one day after sale.”

3. Promissory note, 1 September 1853. Johan Schaffer promises to pay D. W. Patterson $20.00 on order at the Lancaster Savings Institution in 60 days.

4. Promissory note, 6 August 1857. George Oatman promises to pay D. W. Patterson $35.00 on order at the Lancaster Savings Institution in 30 days.

5. Promissory note, 7 September 1857. D. W. Patterson promises to pay $36.00 to the order of D. G. Eshleman at the Banking House of John K. Reed & Co. in 30 days. Also protest by John K. Reed & Co. for non-payment of this note, 10 October 1857. Additional names: John H. Duchman (notary public), George Oatman, J. K. Reed, Frick.

Insert 4

1. Receipt. John Feller asks George Adams to pay D. W. Patterson $2.37 for rent due. No date. Witness: K. Harris.

2. Receipt, 31 October 1815. John Denniston received $10.00 from Andrew Noble to pay taxes on two tracts of land in Indiana County warranted to Samuel Moody and James Noble.

3. Receipt. Describes interest payments on bond from 5 December 1817 through 21 April 1820. No names.

4. Receipt, 14 February 1851. Martin Harnish received $9.15 from Miss C. Yeates for 61 cedar posts purchased from D. W. Patterson.

5. Receipt, 3 October 1855. John Kepner asks D. W. Patterson to pay $25.00 to bearer for rent due. D. W. Patterson paid same to George Kepner. Additional name: Pinkerton.

6. Receipt, 20 November 1855. Charles Fasnacht received $0.37 1/2 from John Feller for fixing front door of Kepner’s house in which Fasnacht lived under D. W. Patterson.

7. Receipt. John Feller asks George Adams to pay $2.37 to D. W. Patterson as 1/2 house rent for December 1855. Witness: Oscar K. Harris.

8. Receipts. John Feller asks George Adams to pay to D. W. Patterson $2.37 as one half month house rent for both January and February 1856. Second receipt adds that house is Kepner’s property. Witness for both receipts: Oscar K. Harris.

9. Receipt, 1 April 1856. John Kepner received one quarter rent due for John Pinkerton. Additional name: Paterson.


Folder 2

Insert 1

1. Release, 8 April 1848. Attorney David W. Patterson of Lancaster is released after settling the estate of Samuel Patterson of Steubensville, Ohio. Represented James P. Scott, Morgant Scott, James W. Patterson, William Patterson, Joseph M. Patterson, and Thomas McCausland as guardians for A. P. McCausland, Rebecca McCausland, William McCausland , James M. McCausland, John McCausland, and Anna McCausland, all of Franklin Co., Pa. Additional name: Robert King (Justice of the Peace).

2. Release, 8 April 1865. Attorney D. W. Patterson was the guardian of Samuel C. Konigmacher (Koningmacher), as a minor child of Joseph Koningmacher, decd., of Ephrata Township, and is released by his ward upon reaching full age and payment to Samuel of $2,020.66 as the balance remaining in his estate. Additional names: Susan Funk, P. Martin Heitler (Justice of the Peace), and Samuel S. Leaman (recorder).

3. Release, 15 March 1879. D. W. Patterson and Robert S. McIlvaine, executor of John M. McCally (McCauly) late of Colerain Twp., are released after distributing the estate balance to William Hawthorne and Robert Hawthorne, both of Pike Co., Indiana, John Hawthorne, Sarah Gleason, and Matilda Hawthorne. Additional names: W. B. Wiley (alderman), and D. G. Eshleman.

Insert 2

1. Errors, no date. Five errors are listed referring to a judgment, deed of assignment, and release. The release error names Samuel White as Assignor.

2. Sale confirmation, 10 December 1839. Report of Daniel L. Gehley, administrator of Magdalena Dosch, to the Orphan’s Court of York County, stating the completion of their order to offer for sale the 50 acre plantation on which Magdalena resided. Buyer was Abraham Bitner, Jr. Additional name: George A. Bainitz (clerk).

3. Letter of attorney. Robert Hawthorn, Matilda Hawthorn, and Sarah Gleason of Pike Co., Indiana appoint their brother, William Hawthorn of Petersburg in Pike Co., Indiana, as their attorney to represent them as heirs to the estate of John McCauly, late of Colerain Twp., Lancaster Co., Pa. Additional names: Robert S. McIlvaine and David W. Patterson (executors of John McCauly), William H. Thompson (notary public), John Crow (Circuit Court clerk), John W. Hammond and Emory G. Hewins, all of Pike Co., Indiana, and D. S. Eshleman (clerk).


Folder 3

1. Letter, 4 July 1846. From O. J. Hamlin, Esq. of Smithport, Pa. to James Patterson, Esq., Counseler-at-Law of Lancaster City, Pa., regarding a subdivision. Additional name: L. B. Seymour of Lake Co., Ohio.

2. Letter, 4 July 1846. From Thomas B. Sutton, Esq. of Clarion to D. W. Patterson, Esq. of Lancaster in reference to a real estate question. Sutton mentions his marriage to Annie D. Mahan.

3. Letter, 16 October 1846. From R. Chadwick, Esq. of Smithport to D. W. Patterson regarding a sub-division. Additional names: J. W. Howe, Esq. of Franklin, A. Patterson of Meadowville, and L. B. Seymour of Lake Co., Ohio.

4. Letter, 30 March 1851. From F. M. Walker of Greensboro, NC to D. W. Patterson regarding the estate of Lancaster’s James Boyer and seeking information as to the rights of the children of Joseph Boyer of North Carolina in the estate.

5. Letter, 2 May 1851. From John Williams of Marietta to David Patterson of Lancaster City asking Patterson to collect on his note due from Henry Haldeman. Says “Brother Jacob” also has note due from Haldeman and has asked Thaddeus Stevens to collect it for him.

6. Letter, dated 16 April 1857. To D. W. Patterson from writer in Pittsburgh regarding Patterson’s telegram to the writer requesting his resignation from the office of Clerk of Quarter Sessions. Writer says he has already resigned in a letter to Mr. Fulton.

7. Letter, 23 June 1858. From J. E. Cassel of Mount Joy to D. W. Patterson regarding notes of E. Night held by Cassel & Brenneman.

8. Letter, 15 August 1866. From W. A. Fisher of Baltimore to D. W. Patterson regarding lots in Marietta, Elizabethtown, and York Co., and the estate of Alexander Boggs. Lists heirs Ann, Samuel, and Jane Boggs. Mentions Ann Boggs as mother of Ann and Jane Boggs. Additional name: H. M. Engle.


Folder 4 Agreement, 4 January 1856. Between Joseph F. Porter of Mount Joy Borough and James A. Patterson of Rapho Twp. Porter agrees to sell house and lot on Main St. in Mount Joy Borough to Patterson for $1,500.00. Additional names: J. H. Brenneman and J. R. Hoffer.

Insert 1

1. Memo. Describes location and ownership of Lot #92. Also mentions Lots 96, 97, and 98 as being sold by A. Hershey. Additional names: John Staum, Mrs. Christ, William Johnson, Benjamin Remig, and Ann Simpson.

2. Memo, 13 July 1850. Notes on search of ownership of Baltimore lots. Additional names: Taylor Pierce, Isaac Penwick, Phineas Ark.

Insert 2

1. Lease, originally dated March 1853. David W. Patterson leased house, formerly a stable, at rear of West King St. lot to M. H. Locher. Some name, dates, and conditions were later changed and the property was then leased on 25 March 1857 to (John) Adams & Baker. Use in both leases was for a currying shop.

2. Lease, 3 August 1855. D. W. Patterson leased property on Water St. in Lancaster to John Feller. Additional names: Kepner, John S. Parker, William N. Hoffman.

3. Lease, 5 September 1857. D. W. Patterson leased house on Dorwart St. in Lancaster to Peter Stoy. A paragraph below the lease commits Joseph Brown to provide bail for Stoy in case of his default and to pay the rent as well. Additional names: Luther Richards, John Kautz, Snyder.