Penmanship and School Workbook Collection

Call Number:  MG-163

2 boxes     35 folders    1 cubic ft.

Repository:  LancasterHistory (Organization); PV7

Shelving Location:  Archives South, Side 4

Scope and Content Note:  This collection contains published works and manuscript examples of penmanship, writing, ciphering and drawing. Instructional books on penmanship and composition, and the instructional book, “Deutsche und Englische Vorschriften fur Jugend” (trans. “German and English Handwriting for Young People”). Manuscript examples of penmanship exercises include a particularly fine early example by C. S. Shaffner Jr., well known Lancaster scrivener and county office holder.  The ciphering book of George Shober is accompanied by the original pen and several papers that were interleaved, a woodcut titled “A Living Elephant,” and an advertisement in Dutch by Klaas de Koning Tilly for medicine. Also, the drawing books of Ada M. Cochran.

Creator:  LancasterHistory (Organization)

Conditions for Access:  Restrictions noted at the item level.

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Language:  English; German

Source of Acquisition:  Items were collected by LancasterHistory unless otherwise noted at the item level.

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Preferred Citation:  Penmanship and School Workbook Collection (MG-163), Box #, Folder #, LancasterHistory, Lancaster, Pa.

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Box 1

Folder 1 Instructional book, “Deutsche und Englische Vorschriften fur Jugend,” illustrated. (“German and English Writing for Youth”). 1821.

Folder 2 Autograph album, “Penwork Album,” illustrated. No date.

Folder 3 Exercise book, “Penmanship, C. Schaffner, scripsit. MDCCCIX” The flyleaf is inscribed “John J. Rothermel, Lancaster, Pa., Oct. 28th 1897.” Restricted Access—Please make an appointment with the Director of Archival Services to view this item.


Folder 4 Two exercise books, penmanship exercises by Fiona (Fanny) Funck. c.1836.

Folder 5 Exercise book, penmanship exercises by Elizabeth Eby. 1842.

Folder 6 Penmanship example, on form from The Peoples Business College, Reading (Berks County). No date.

Folder 7 Imprint, “Key to the exercises Addapted to the Book, Murray’s English Grammer.” 1816.

Folder 8 Fourteen Composition Exercises, Lancaster, 1862-1864. 1. Four leaves, theatrical scene, unknown author. No date; 2. Two leaves, “literary society,” unknown author. No date; 3. “Our Chapel”; 4. “Knowledge,” James Maxwell, Chestnut Level, 18 April 1862; 5. Stitched booklet, leaves loose, “The Last of the Conowingoes,” Mahonowin of B Division; 6. “Habit,” Sarah Marshall. 31 October 1863; 7. “Extended Similes,” E. P. Newell. 8 December 1863; 8. “A Needle,” Lettie Locher. 13 January 1864; 9. Exercise, L. Dorwart. 11 March 1864; 10. “Disappointments,” Massey C. Burrows. 8 April 1864; 11. “Exercises in Paraphrasing,” Mary Black. 6 May 1864; 12. Exercise, Lizzie A. Weaver. 6 May 1861; 13. Composition, Lilles Roberts. 20 May 1864; 14. Rhetoric Exercise, Lancaster. 6 December [1868].

Folder 9 Two exercise books, Millersville Normal School. Emma E. Bowers. 1865.

Folder 10 Bound Booklet, “A Thesis, True and False Education,” Rebecca Jones, Millersville [Normal School]. 1870.

Folder 11 Exercise Book, Millersville Normal School, Annie Geiger. No date.

Folder 12 Ciphering book, George Shober, Kesselboargh Schoolhouse, with quill pen fragment at page 18, and “Compound Addition” and blotting paper interleaved at page 7. c.1808-1814.

Folder 13 Seventeen Ciphering Book Practice papers (from George Shober, folder 12). 1. Dutch language paper, “Waarshouwing,” advertisement for medicine by Klaas de Koning Tilly; 2. Letter to David Habecker from his brother with original envelope (stamp missing), regarding family news, crops, weather. 2 December 1859; 3. Slip of paper with addition in English currency; 4. Practice promissory note; 5. Song, “No. 136 Come All You”; 6. Practice legal forms; 7. Practice sheet, “Stop the Thief”; 8. “To be sold by Public Vendue…Henry Geib”; 9. “6.6 for every 2 yards…”; 10. “A Counting House Almanac…1815”; 11. Mathematical problems; 12. Letter. David Habecker to M. David Habecker. No date; 13. Woodcut, “A Living Elephant”; 14. Math problems, “…to trench a field…”; 15. Mathematics; 16. Newspaper clipping, “Counting House Almanac.” 1814; 17. Newspaper, “Der Volksfreund,” pub. William Hamilton. 24 January 1814.

Folder 14 Ciphering Book, Abraham H. (A. Herr) Smith, Beck’s School, Lititz. 1830.

Folder 15 Book, Ciphering and Accounts, Henry Haverstick. 1833-1842. Gift of Dr. Elizabeth B. Bricker, 4 December 1953.

Folder 16 Ciphering Book, Elizabeth Yaindt. 1842.

Folder 17 Writing and Ciphering exercises, Abraham H. Smith. No date.

Folder 18 Three Drawing Books, Mary Louisa Dubbs. 1. Whites School Series of Industrial Drawing, Primary Course #2, Iveson, Blakeman and Taylor Co., NY. 1879-1880; 2. The Little Painter, Scholtz and Janentzky, Philadelphia; 3. My Second Drawing Book, Fisher and Brother.

Folder 19 Five Drawing Books and two drawings, Mary Louisa Dubbs; 1-5. Whites School Series of Industrial Drawing, Freehand, #2-6; 6. Drawing, “Design for Dessert Plate,” Mary Louisa Dubbs. 1887; 7. Drawing, untitled design for pitcher. 1888.


Box 2

Folder 20 Ciphering book of William Demuth. Drawings at the back. Lititz. “Cyphering be the pleasure of youth.” 1815-1816. Transferred from the Library 2003.

Folder 21 Ciphering book of Susanna S. Jacobs. “The property of Miss S. S. Jacobs, Sorrel Horse School.” Earl Twp. Calligraphy by S. L. Sweitzer. 1850. Donated by Rev. and Mrs. Gilbert S. Larsen, 27 October 2000.


Folder 22 School workbooks of Mary Amanda Kindig, Conestoga Twp. Transferred from the Library, March 2003.

Insert 1 Penmanship practice book. 1830-1832. Blank book sold by Uriah Hunt, Market Street, Philadelphia.

Insert 2 School workbook. Mostly ciphering, but some penmanship. 1832.

Insert 3 Loose papers from school workbook: Poem, newspaper clipping. “Pew Talk and Church Scandal”; Poem, newspaper clipping. “A Dirge,” by the Rev. G. Croly; Poem. Handwritten. On reverse: penmanship practice of Christian Kindig; Hymn or poem. “Saw You My Saviour,” copied by Adam Kindig, 10 February 1824; Songs, handwritten. One attributed to Joseph McMillin, 1 July 1833; Poem or song addressing Nancy Layman from Ann Kendig. No date.

Insert 4 Penmanship practice book of Mary A. Kindig. No date.

Insert 5 School workbook of Mary A. Kindig. Penmanship, numbers, receipts, and promissory notes. 1831-1832.


Folder 23 Please make appointment with Archivist to use this item. Herbarium scrapbook of Ada M. Cochran, Lancaster High School. 1886. Wrapped in a broadside advertising Frey & Eckert, boots and shoes.


Folder 24 Drawing exercise book of Ada Cochran. No date.

Insert 1 Loose papers from drawing book: [Embroidery pattern.] No date; Drawing of a bird on a branch. No date.

Insert 2 Drawing exercise book of Ada Cochran. (part of book) No date.


Folder 25 Drawing exercise book of [Ada Cochran]. No date.

Insert 1 Loose papers from drawing book: Drawing of Bertha Cochran. Nests of eggs in upper right corner. No date; Landscape drawing. No date; Printed design, an example to follow; Painted geometric design. No date.

Insert 2 Painted pieces—flowers and vine. From drawing book. No date.


Folder 26 Industrial drawing book of Ada Cochran. 1885; Drawing of girl, 1886; Drawing of girl, 1887.


Folder 27 Industrial drawing book of Ada Cochran. No date.

Insert 1 Loose papers from drawing book: Six scraps of paper with designs (five are on tissue or tracing paper). No date; Drawing of easel supporting a painting. On reverse: design with acorns and oak leaves. No date; Drawing of skeleton from clavicle to pelvis. “Design for November 1886.”


Folder 28 Industrial drawing book of Ada Cochran. No date.

Folder 29 Industrial drawing books of Ada Cochran, with designs and other drawings. 1887.


Folder 30 Drawings and designs by Ada Cochran

Insert 1 Drawings and designs by Ada Cochran: Design for plate. November 1885; Design for plate, incomplete. No date; Design for wall paper and border. December 1885; Design for ceiling. January 1886; Design for [quilt]. June 1886; Drawing of skeleton from clavicle to pelvis. November 1886; Insertion and Embroidery. December 1886; Design with oak leaves and acorns. February 1887; Drawing of fan. May 1887; Geometric design. December 1887; Drawing of a pitcher. February 1888; Drawing of birds at a nest. 19 April 1888; Design drawn by Mamie Bateman. October [188_ ].

Insert 2 Geometric design with crosses. No date.

Insert 3 List of students in 2nd Class. 9 March 1888.


Folder 31 Penmanship Books. Gift of Mrs. Anna May Habecker, June 2005.

Penmanship book of Mary I. Murry, 6th reader, Green Hill School. The Language System of Penmanship, by Van Evrie Kilpatrick. New York: Globe School Book Co. 1904.

Penmanship book of Ada S. [Been]. Knopp’s Practical System of Penmanship, No. 9. New York: Benziger Brothers. 1868. Shows examples of visiting cards.


Folder 32 Ciphering book of Abraham Hostetter. Poem inserted at back. 1832.

Folder 33  Ciphering book of “Benjamin Long by John Rose.” Borbeck & Dimond, manufacturers of blank books and importers of stationery, No. 8 South Fourth Street, below Market St., Philadelphia. Purchased from John Bear’s Cheap Book Store, North Queen Street, Lancaster. Poem on back cover, “The Farm.” Back cover torn. No date.

Folder 34  Elocution workbook of Kit Long, Sacred Heart Academy. 1920-1921. Gift of Kenny Myers, 2007.




Folder 35 Biographical essay of Harry Merton of Denver, Colorado and Philadelphia by Mattie C. Hess. Martic Twp. 2 February 1876. Transferred from the Document Collection Box 7, Folder 1, Item 5 on April 2014.