Political Campaigns and Elections Collection, 1847-

Call Number:  MG-94

2 boxes          21 folders, 6 oversized folders      .75 cubic ft.

Repository:  LancasterHistory (Organization); PV7

Shelving Location:  Archives South, Side 3

Description:   Collection contains material related to political parties, campaigns, and elections in Lancaster County, including programs, ephemera, election certificates, election returns, campaign brochures, and posters.

Creator:  LancasterHistory (Organization), Lancaster, Pa.

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Language:  English

Source of Acquisition:  Items were collected by the Lancaster County Historical Society unless otherwise noted.

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Preferred Citation:  Political Campaigns and Elections Collection (MG-94), Box #, Folder #, LancasterHistory, Lancaster, Pa.

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Box 1

Folder 1  Democratic Party

Insert 1  Flier, circular no. 6, from the Democratic County Committee regarding the duties of committee members and poll watchers. Shows “the Democratic home vote in the different districts at the last presidential election.” 3 October 1866.

Insert 2  Flier. “Wail of a Fee-Grabber.” A reaction to Lewis S. Hartman’s mud-slinging flier. No date. (photocopy of full flier; top half of original)

Insert 3  General admission ticket to the Democratic National Convention, Atlantic City, New Jersey. 26 August 1964.

Insert 4  Letter from Lancaster city council candidate, Eugene Aleci, soliciting votes. Includes two pages of biographical information. [1989].


Folder 2  Lancaster County Democratic Yearbook. Contains photographs of candidates, biographical information, committee information, and advertisements for local businesses. 1966, 1969, [1972], 1974, 1975.


Folder 3  Republican Party

Insert 1  Letter to constituents from A. Herr Smith, candidate for Congressional nomination. Lancaster. 16 August 1872.

Insert 2  Campaign Ephemera

Postcard featuring images of buildings from the International Exhibition, Philadelphia, 1876. With note to constituents from J. Kennedy, candidate for Congress. Mount Joy. 1 March 1876.

Facsimile of Confederate ten dollar bill promoting Capt. E. McMellen for Prothonotary. 1896.

Card promoting C. R. Landis for Director of the Poor. Upper Leacock Twp. Printed by New Era Print. 26 May 1877. Transferred from MG-180, The Card Collection.

Insert 3  Mailer promoting Republican candidates for Lancaster city and the school board. Shows platform for current election and outstanding accomplishments for the previous four years. [1933-1934].

Insert 4  Campaign booklets and card for Republican candidates for 5 November 1946 election. Edward Martin, James H. Duff, Daniel B. Strickler, and William S. Livengood Jr.

Insert 5  Campaign Fliers and Ephemera

“A Record and a Pledge.” 6 November 1923. Gift of Bill Arnold, 1991.

“Russell Pugh for City Council.” [1989].

Flier for Robert Giberson, candidate for Supervisor of West Lampeter Twp. 1989.

Insert 6  Republican County Committee of Lancaster County. 1896. (partial document)

Insert 7  Participation certificate for The Republican National Committee issued to Bertha C. Landis. 1936.

Insert 8  Card listing Republican candidates for Lancaster County offices, Lancaster City Commissioners, and Lancaster City School Directors. Primary Election, 12 September 1939. Gift of Elsie M. Knoll, 30 April 1992.


Folder 4  Republican Directories and Rules

Fall Dinner directory. 18 October 1990.

Fall Dinner program. 22 October 1992.

Insert 1  Rules of the Republican Committee of Lancaster County. Amended in 1977.

Insert 2  The Republican Record and Its Nominees. Republican Campaign Committee, Lancaster. 1923. Gift of Gary Hawbaker, 31 January 2006.


Folder 5  “Salt River” Ephemera. “Salt River” was a popular term which used an imaginary river to symbolize a political downfall.

Postcard. “Through Ticket Up Salt River: Popular Joint Democrat-Coalition Excursion…” 1929.

Card. “Ho? For Salt River.” [1868 or 1880].

Card. “Great Catastrophe on Salt River.” No date.

Ticket. “Washington Up Salt River.” 1889.

Flier. “Ho! For Salt River!” 1912.

Placard. “Salt River Ticket.” 1952.

Flier. “Salt River Ticket: One Way Only.” [19__ ].


Folder 6  Speeches and Events

Insert 1  “Whig and Anti-Masonic County Convention,” The Tribune and Union Extra. 25 August 1847.

Insert 2  Flier advertising Grand Mass Meeting of the Friends of Fremont and Dayton.  1 October 1856.

Insert 3  Booklet. Prominent American Protectionists: A Century of Protection in the United States, 1789-1889. Contains images and biographical information of protectionists. Event held at the Lancaster County Court House. 12 September 1889.

Insert 4  “The American and His Ballot.” Speech delivered by H. Frank Eshleman. Manheim Opera House. 22 February 1915.

Insert 5  Program for Lancaster’s Second Annual John F. Kennedy Birthday Celebration. Young Democrats of Lancaster County. 29 May 1968.


Folder 7  The Steeple. Weekly magazine, formerly a column in the Intelligencer. No date, 1 October 1921.

Folder 8  Certificate of Election certifying D. B. Landis’ position on the Common Council, 2nd Ward, Lancaster. 6 November 1913.

Folder 9

Election returns, Lancaster County. 1864-1868. (photocopy) Original housed in MG-94  Oversized Box 1, Folder 4.

Card. “Electoral Vote for 1880.” National election. Transferred from MG-180, Card Collection.

Folder 10

Election return for Lancaster city, 1st Ward. 1 May 1868.

Election return for Lancaster city, 2nd Ward. 1 May 1868.

Election return for Lancaster County. 8 November 1864.


Folder 11  Letters to Tobias Bowman

Gift of Elsie M. Knoll, 5 March 1991.

Insert 1  Letter from H. Clay Brubaker regarding candidacy for judge of Court of Common Pleas. With envelope and reminder card for primary election. 20 March 1891.

Insert 2  Letter from F. G. Musser soliciting his vote for H. Clay Brubaker. With envelope. 13 October 1891.

Insert 3  Letter from Walter M. Franklin regarding his candidacy for district attorney. With envelope. 1 March 1892.


Folder 12  Political Ephemera, Election Certificate, Election Return

Gift of Hon. Charles I. Landis, 15 October 1930.

Insert 1  Membership lists for Select and Common Councils, Lancaster. 1875-1877, 1879-1880.

Insert 2  Certificate of Election issued to George M. Franklin for the office of Select Councilman for the 4th Ward, Lancaster. 22 February 1877.

Election Return for the 4th Ward, Lancaster. 20 February 1877.

Insert 3  [Sample ballot]. No date. Envelope of American House postmarked 25 March 1907.


Folder 13  Campaign Brochures and Ephemera

Insert 1  Flier regarding absentee ballot deadline. 1992.

Flier. “Notice to Voters,” showing requirements and hours. [1992].

Flier regarding the Clean Water Referendum. [1992].

Insert 2  Sample Ballots, Republican Endorsed Team

Primary Day. 21 May 1991.

List of Lancaster County Republican Endorsed Team members. For Primary Election, 21 May 1991.

Municipal election. (two different styles) 5 November 1991.

Insert 3  Candidates for County Commissioner

Card for Jane Wiley. No date.

Card promoting Ron Ford. No date.

Sample ballot and brochure promoting Ken Rutt. 21 May 1991.

Insert 4  Candidates for Judge

Card and two brochures for Charles A. Achey, Jr. No date.

Brochure for Lawrence F. Stengel. 21 May 1991.

Brochure for candidates Lawrence F. Stengel (Judge), Dennis E. Reinaker (Deputy Attorney General), and Henry S. Kenderdine, Jr. (District Attorney). [1991].

Letter from Hon. J. B. Livingston soliciting votes for renomination at the Primary Election. Lancaster. April 1891. Gift of Elsie M. Knoll, 30 April 1992.

Insert 5  Candidates for Register of Wills

Two cards for Tom Walker. 21 May 1991.

Brochure promoting Dick Witmer. 21 May 1991.

Letter to constituents soliciting vote for Dick Witmer. [1991].

Insert 6  Candidates for Municipal Leadership

Card promoting Kevin Zartman for borough council, Lititz, 2nd Ward. 21 May 1991.

Card for Phil Starr for Supervisor. No place, no date.

Two cards and a brochure for Tony Allen for Lancaster Twp. Supervisor. 21 May 1991, 5 November 1991.

Brochure for Greg Paulson for city council, Lancaster. [2001].

Insert 7  Candidates for School Board

Card listing Republican candidates for Warwick School District. No date.

Brochure for Kathy Peck for School District of Lancaster. No date.

Flier for James L. Landis for Conestoga Valley School Board. No date.

$1000 note listing members of school board. No place, no date.

Brochure for Marlene Arnold. No place, no date.

Card for Heidi Kraft Cody for School District of Lancaster. No date.

Card for Daniel Betan court for School District of Lancaster. No date.

Insert 8  Candidates for County Offices

Brochure promoting Betty Draper for County Controller and Kay Angermier for Jury Commissioner. [2001].

Insert 9  Candidates for Prothonotary

Card promoting John Roland, Earl Twp., for Prothonotary at Primary Election. With image of Dr. E. E. Higbee. 1890. Gift of Elsie M. Knoll, 30 April 1992.


Folder 14  Candidates for Mayor of Lancaster

Insert 1  “George Coe, Merchant, GOP Choice for Mayor,” Lancaster New Era. 10 March 1961. (photocopy)

Insert 2  Brochure for Charlie Smithgall. [1997].

Insert 3  Letter to constituents from Ed Ruoff soliciting votes. October 2001.

Two brochures listing Democratic candidates for Lancaster. [2001].


Folder 15  Song books

Insert 1  Taylor and Fillmore Songster: An Original Collection of New Whig Songs, for the Campaign of 1848. Published by Turner & Fisher, New York and Philadelphia. 1848. Transferred from the Politicians Information File, [1992].

Insert 2  The Wide-Awake Vocalist; or Rail Splitters’ Song Book, Words and Music for the Republican Campaign of 1860. Published by E. A. Daggett, New York. 1860.


Folder 16  Independent Democratic Coalition

Window sticker promoting Heidelbaugh for Congress. “Stamp out Bossism.” No date.

Folder 17  Program packet. Republican Committee of Lancaster County: celebrating 150 Years. Contains biographical information, committee chairmen and current members, party leaders, and sponsors. Menu card. Printed address from President George W. Bush. Held at the Lancaster Host Resort, Lancaster. 4 May 2006. Gift of John W. W. Loose, 2006.

Folder 18  Form letter addressing the “Union Man” regarding preservation of the Union and soliciting votes for Lincoln and Johnson, sent to Isaac Bowman in Brickerville. With envelope. Reading. 29 October 1864. Gift of Elsie M. Knoll, 30 April 1992.

Folder 19  The Lincoln Catechism, wherein the Eccentricities & Beauties of Despotism are Fully Set Forth: A Guide to the Presidential Election of 1864. Published by J. F. Feeks, New York. 1864. (volume is fragile condition, may not be photocopied)

Folder 20  “Address of Honorable Homer Cummings, Attorney General of the United States,” delivered at Moose Hall, Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Prepared for release to the morning papers on October 30. Also broadcast over Station WGAL and a state-wide hook-up. In this speech, Cummings is trying to rouse the Democratic faithful for the upcoming election. 29 October 1936. Gift of Michael J. Birkner, Ph.D., in honor of Roger Stemen, 1 February 2010.

Folder 21  Republican poll books. Lancaster City. Unused. Would have been used to record names of voters with notes on taxes paid, residence and political affiliation. (covers are very fragile) For city election 190_.

Republican poll book for the campaign of 1890. Would have been used to record names of voters with notes on taxes paid, residence and political affiliation.


MG-94 Oversized Box 1

Oversized Folder 1  Campaign Posters

  1. Bill Clinton, president. No date. Housed in Oversized Box 6, Folder 2.
  2. Eugene Aleci, city council. No date.
  3. Petito, state senate. No date.
  4. Bruce DeBord, state representative. No date.
  5. Tony Allen, Lancaster Twp. supervisor. No date.
  6. Jere Schuler, state representative, 43rd district. No date.
  7. Dukakis and Bentsen, president and vice-president. [1988].

8, 10.  Bush and Quayle, president and vice-president. [1988].

  1. Gekas, congress. No date.

Oversized Folder 2  Campaign Posters

11, 12.  Bush and Quayle, president and vice-president. [1992].

  1. John Heinz, senator. No date.
  2. English, state treasurer. No date.
  3. Gib Armstrong, senate, 13th district. No date.
  4. Bob Walker, congress. No date. Housed in Oversized Box 6, Folder 2.
  5. Bob Walker, congress. No date.
  6. Strittmatter, state representative, 97th district. No date.

Oversized Folder 3  Campaign Posters

Ed Ruoff, mayor. [2001].

Jose Urdaneta, city council. [2001].

Oversized Folder 4

Election returns, Lancaster County. 1864-1868.

Certificate of Election issued to J. Frank Sweeton for City Council, Lancaster. 5 November 1931. Gift of Shirley Gill, 13 January 1993.

Oversized Folder 5  Certificates of Election for James W. Aikens. County Commissioner. 1908; Justice of the Peace, Bart Twp. 1892, 1903, 1908. Gift of G. Pownall Jones.

Oversized Folder 6  14″ x 22″ poster:  “Dick Thornburg, U. S. Senate.” 1991.

A 16″ X 22” poster of Reagan–Bush’84. Photo Print. 1984.