RCA, Thomson Consumer Electronics (Lancaster Plant) Records, 1942-1997

Call Number:  MG-398

3 series     3 boxes      40 folders     1.5 cubic ft.

Repository:  LancasterHistory.org (Lancaster, Pa.)

Shelving Location:  Archives South, Side 14

Description:  This collection contains records about the Radio Corporation of America’s Lancaster plant which primarily manufactured television picture tubes beginning in 1946. The French company Thomson Consumer Electronics bought the rights to RCA’s consumer electronics in 1986. Thomson’s Lancaster plant closed in 2006. The collection is divided into three series: Series 1, RCA, Thomson Consumer Electronics (Lancaster Plant) Records; Series 2, RCA History and Newsletters; Series 3, Zero-Defects Program, George A. DeLong Papers. The records include histories of the facility, publicity, corporate and local plant newsletters, employee policies and programs, personnel directories and organizational charts, 1980 information on the color picture tube, and correspondence and information about the Zero Defects program. The newsletters contain a wealth of information about, and pictures of, employees of the Lancaster plant, as well as the activities of the company.

Creators:  RCA, Thomson Consumer Electronics (Lancaster Plant); DeLong, George A.

System of Arrangement:  This collection is divided into three series based on the donor.

Series 1  RCA, Thomson Consumer Electronics (Lancaster Plant) Records

Series 2  RCA History and Newsletters

Series 3  Zero-Defects Program, George A. DeLong Papers

Conditions for Access:  No restrictions.

Conditions Governing Reproductions:  Collection may not be photocopied. Please contact Research Staff or Archives Staff with questions.

Language:  English

Source of Acquisition: Series 1  Gift of RCA, Thomson Consumer Electronics (Lancaster Plant), 10 April 2006; Series 2  Gift of Keith Bechtold, 5 April 2006; Series 3  Gift of Jeanne S. DeLong, in memory of George A. DeLong, 20 November 2008.

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Series 1  RCA, Thomson Consumer Electronics (Lancaster Plant) Records

Box 1

Folder 1         History

Insert 1  Plant  initially a war time facility in 1942.  RCA purchased plant in 1946.  Its major function was color picture tube types, which lasted until 1972.  The latter years were devoted to support other facilities.  In 1988-1989 the plant phased out.  Saved jobs for engineers and pilot production.  Settlement was amicable.

Insert 2  A 90-acre cornfield purchased in 1942 led to the most modern electron tube plant in the world.  Radar tubes production was a major force for war effort.  Management and labor worked well together with incentive campaigns and monthly awards.  Communications fostered through newsletter and broadcast from plant to the employer.  The wartime effort brought numerous national awards towards war effort.  Celebrated VE Day with a 3-day open house to the public.  RCA purchased plant in 1946 from the U.S. Navy and converted it over to TV tube production.  The plant expanded in the next 5 years, unprecedented in TV tube production, to ride the TV boom years.   A FCC decision in 1953 greatly enhanced the color television production and further expansion.  Also not overlooked were tubes for communications industry and national security. 

Insert 3   A brief history of RCA, 1942-1952.  Relates Navy wartime utilization to TV tube production initiated by RCA in 1946.  The middle years of 1952-1962 catapulted Lancaster to the capitol of the world’s color TV industry.


Folder 2         RCA 20th Anniversary Program.  A picture book celebrating the 20th anniversary of RCA in Lancaster.  Outline depicts media data.  List of employees still active since 1942.  Message by RCA CEO describing the challenges and work ethic of employees in Lancaster.  Invitation to luncheon 11 December 1962 to the “Pioneers” of the RCA electronic tube division.  Plant memo to employees and brief history of achievements for the past 20 years.  Media release details events.  Various pictures capture the “Pioneers” of the RCA experience.  Channel 8 memo to cover events for TV coverage.  Newspaper items relate news of past 20 years.  Company newsletter and thank you note to Lancaster Newspaper.  The portfolio concludes with a RCA family newsletter dated November-December 1962 depicting the last 20 years in pictures and stories. 


Folder 3         A booklet of the Chemical and Physical Laboratory (RCA) from 1942-1962 in Lancaster.  A Summary lists past engineering accomplishments.  A tree depicts division and leaders of the Laboratory.  A brief description follows of the six departments with leaders of each.  A list of educational data followed with papers, organizations and patents presented.  A outline of new business developments relates new opportunities. materials listed.  The next part of book depicts 26 pictures of equipment and uses.  The Latter part of the portfolio lists biographies of engineering personnel depicting education, work history, and achievements.

Folder 4         A publication from RCA illustrating a historical perspective 1919-1984.  First phase covers birth of company in1919 up to 1938.  Illustrating products , personnel and brief description of companies bought and research.  Part 2 relates 1928 to 1958 era of wartime contributions to color TV productions.  Part 3 captures boom in color TV, space systems and microcircuits and computers.  From 1958-1962.  Part 4 from 196 to 1966 computer advancement for business and technology.  Part 5 1962-1971 emerged as a multinational company with worldwide industrial involvement.  Part 6 from 1971 to 1976 recession led to a leaner, stronger company.  Part 7 from 1977 to 1984 RCA targets electronics, communications and entertainment.   


Folder 5         A colorful brochure depicting the overview of the company’s policy, aims, and products.  The electronic division is divided, TV, Technology, New products division, Broadcast system division, Government systems division, RCA service company, communications, RCA laboratories, Entertainment (NBC, Records), Hertz and Cornet Industries.


Folder 6         Open house brochures depicting the Lancaster plant through the years.  The 25th anniversary edition showing options to tour and map of facility.

1968, a RCA manufacturing management tour on June 14 outlined.

1980, May 18, another open house offered to the community with map of plant and various divisions.  

1985, September 8, Highlighting the new products division and the video components display division. 


Folder 7         Theme is 25-year service annual citations, 21October 1976.  Names and pictured included. 

23 October 1980, names and pictures included.  Held at Host Farm.

29 October 1981, 34th annual ceremony held at Host Corral.


Folder 8         Brochures depicting 25-year service annual citations, 1982-1984.  The last brochure lists names and pictures (1985), for 40 year awards.


Folder 9         Internal Newsletters and Memos

Insert 1  An urgent reminder to RCA family.  Dated 12 June  1944  to join the war effort by working at RCA.

Insert 2  A memo from the company in regard to state and federal laws regarding women’s labor policy.  A form letter for state and federal guidelines concerning wage and hours. 

Insert 3  A newsletter regarding RCA and GE merger, stressing fair and equitable treatment of work force.  Bob Frederick (Pres. and CEO) and Jack Welch (Chairman and CEO) both had remarks regarding project. A second newsletter outlined the finalized version.  A third newsletter outlined features for RCA employees buying GE appliances.

Insert 4  Newsletter announces buyout of RCA new product division by Detek Co. (A local group).  Also mentions phase out of CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) operation.  A second newsletter announces the opening of a outplacement center to aid displaced employees.

A special bulletin relates the transfer of equipment to Kentucky.  Premium Allied Tool, newcomer of CRT operation. 

A letter from Linda B. Wych, on intro to Indianapolis to be held at Continental Inn. 

Letter regarding approval by FTC.  Conflict with holidays.

Insert 5  Announcement of GE consumer electronics being required by Thomson S.A. (French) letter from R. W. Miller is optimistic with new company. 

In a press release Welch applaud the agreement.  GE will purchase medical equipment business and Thomson will buy GE’s consumer electronics business.

Insert 6  A letter from Steve Saperstein relating the need to identify employees willing to transfer to Thomson S. A.

A internal newsletter state the CRT engineering and business support functions to remain in Lancaster.

A memo affecting salary employees.  Will not meet timetable end of May of downsize from 317 to 200 people.  Positive response to remain in Lancaster.

Insert 7  An urgent letter from R. R. Alexander of Thomson consumer electronics outlines the dire competition of the TV industry.  Issues call to employees to meet challenges and fast forward. 


Folder 10      Employee Charts and Phone Directories  

Insert 1  Schematic programs of the color picture tube design-dept. 526.  Lists divisions, personnel in family tree style hierarchy.  1965, 1970-1974.

Insert 2  10 charts depicting changes in personnel in division in Dept 526, tube development from 1975-1979.

Insert 3  Personnel charts in the following: Product design, type design, advance development, lab test equipment, engineering standards, tube development.  A dept 526 tube development chart, a dept 521 pilot development chart, a dept 524 pilot production center chart listing divisions and personnel.

Insert 4  5 timelines depicting the personnel and departments in tube development (526) from 25 February 1980 to 24 October 1983 (6 such papers).  4 personnel and departments in the type of engineering divisions (1984).  Dept. 525 in May and Sept.

Insert 5  4 depictions of type engineering with divisions and personnel. Dept. 521 April- December 1985.  5 depictions of tube development of divisions and personnel, 14 November 1986 to 14 November 1989. 

Insert 6  Applications and Tube design, Dept. 521, showing divisions and personnel.  1988.   2 illustrations of applications engineering 527. 1988.  One, tree-like program of applications and Product Engineering Depts. 521, 522, 527.  9 groups of pilot production center and type engineering (Dept. 524). 1988.

Insert 7  11 charts of Dept. 664 pilot production center (PPC) and type engineering, indicating divisions and personnel from 1 January 1989 to 1 January 1991.


Folder 11      Picture Tube Division Engineering.  Overview of picture tube division engineering with 5 divisions, 11 papers illustrating personnel, etc.  Product development, 5 papers divulge levels and personnel.  Equipment development and various departments needed to execute this phase with personnel, 9 charts cover this area.


Folder 12      Family Newsletters.  4 RCA victor family newsletters.  1) dated May 1949, Headline: “Purchase from Navy”; 2) Dated June 1949, Headline: “TV Production of 1 Millionth Tube Highlighted”; 3) Sports section March 1951; 4) December 1952 edition shows pictures of TV production and employees.


Folder 13      Newsletters

Insert 1  6 complete newsletters including depictions of plant news, awards, sport and social events from Summer 1961 to November-December 1962.  2 partial RCA family inserts included no date, covering various topics.


Folder 14      RCA Family News.  6 complete family newsletters from 1963 covering appropriate subjects from products, sports and social news.


Folder 15      RCA Family News.  7 complete family news, editions 1971 to 1977.


Folder 16      Newsletters

Insert 1  4 RCA family newsletters from 1981 depicting various items from the plant.


Folder 17      RCA Family

Insert 1  Newsletter dated 20 April 1989, highlights the developments of TV picture tube.

Insert 2  Newsletter dated 20 April 1989, highlights the developments of TV picture tube.

Insert 3  Newsletter dated 20 April 1989, highlights the developments of TV picture tube.


Folder 18      Consumer Electronics News.  2 consumer electronics news periodicals from Thomson Consumer Electronics (1989).


Folder 19      LTEC News.  2 newsletters courtesy of Thomson Consumer Electronics, NATD CRT Engineering , Lancaster PA. (October and December 1990).

Folder 20      Focus in Lancaster

Insert 1  3 newsletters covering plant activity in 1992, a division of Thomson Consumer Electronics, Americas.

Insert 2  7 newsletters for 1993, same as Insert 1.

Insert 3  6 newsletters for 1994, same as Insert 1.

Insert 4  3 newsletters entitle Focus relating activities of Lancaster plant, 1995.  Courtesy of Thomson Consumer Electronics, Americas.

Insert 5  2 newsletters for 1996, same as Insert 4.

Insert 6  3 newsletters for 1997, same as Insert 4.


Box 2

Folder 21      Newspaper Articles and Advertisements

Insert 1  “TV comes to Lancaster” as spelled in Intelligencer edition of 3 May 1949 proclaiming June 1 start up of WGAL-TV-Channel 41.  Other articles show TV ads and children’s shows and entertainment value.

Insert 2  Intelligencer May 3 edition continues with virtue of TV in teaching medium and culture benefits.  Various ads displayed featuring TV values from local dealers.

Insert 3  Paper continues, 2 local ads featuring models and prices in full page ads from local dealers.

Insert 4  Intelligencer continues TV coverage with Admiral and Motorola ads featuring local dealers.

Insert 5  TV advertisement frenzy continues with full page spreads featuring Motorola, Admiral, Bendix and Philco dealers.

Insert 6  Paper article continues with RCA plant in Lancaster featured, TV technology explained, more TV dealers ads displayed with makes and models.


Folder 22      Newspaper Articles

Insert 1  The Sunday News edition of 26 March 1995, features article on Thomson Consumer Electronics as outgrowth of RCA with a brief history and full page ad pictured.

Insert 2  Edition of 31 March 1996, Sunday News.  Article proclaims Thomson as leader in TV tube development on engineering.


Folder 23      Employees of RCA

Insert 1  Newspaper article from The New Era of 16 April 1984 includes RCA patent recipients of 1983.  Second article features Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. King for volunteer part in mental health field with pastor.

Insert 2  Insert gave Mary Doerson several accolades in “Tech Spotlight” listing her achievements. 5 January 1977.  Second item: a thank you note from Charlie King for retirement part held in his honor after 27 years service, dated 30 September 1977.

Insert 3  A Christmas Yuletide takeoff of the 12 Days of Christmas from RCA picture tube division on mounting procedures. 25 December 1976.


Folder 24      RCA Expansion

Insert 1  A proclamation from Governor William Scranton, saluting the RCA plant for expansion plans at the Lancaster Plant. 25 June 1963.

Insert 2  A newspaper release from the Governor’s office outlining expansion of RCA plant in Lancaster. 25 June 1963.

Insert 3  RCA news memo spelling out expansion plans for Lancaster plant encompassing 200,00 sq. ft. and $11.6 million.

Insert 4  An article from the RCA Public Affairs Dept. in NYC proclaiming to the world the expansion at the Lancaster plant.

Insert 5  A further media blitz from RCA for morning paper on 26 June 1963 about expansion.

Insert 6  A press kit portfolio of 1963 plans; skeleton piece.


Folder 25      Color Picture Tubes.  A loose leaf binder dated 1980, outlining color picture tubes under these folders: General, Population, Quality, Product glide, Data Sheets, Performance specs, Bases, Glass, Phosphors, and Data display.


Folder 26      Advertising supplement of Sunday News, 26 March 1995.  Entitled Economic Update.  Article “Thomson Consumer Electronics is outgrowth of RCA” is featured on page 10.   Advertising supplement of Sunday News, 31 March 1996. 1996 Lancaster County Economic Update.  Article “Thomson is helping to launch the digital revolution” is featured on page 11. 


Series 2  RCA History and Newsletters

Box 3

Folder 1         History

Insert 1  Interoffice memo concerning reprint of third part of “History of RCA” from RCA engineer indicating disbursement number of copies at various locations.

Insert 2  Brief outline of plant from its birth in 1942 due mainly to war effort.  Incentives and company programs enhanced productivity socialization in the RCA family, 1942-1945.   Transition took place in 1946 with RCA buyout and when TV tube production took over.  Expansion ensued with an important FCC decision for the industry.  Color tube dominated next phase. 1945-1955.

Insert 3  Newsletter: Television Marks 50th Anniversary.  Dated 20 April 1989, includes a brief outline of development from black and white to color tubes with illustrations and year of production.


Folder 2         Minorities

Insert 1  Brief history of development of RCA Minorities in Engineer Programs in cooperation with Lancaster School District (23 students qualified from Jr. High level, brief biographies included).  Class schedules listed with subjects and instructors.

Insert 2  Graduation brochure listing graduates, instructors and programs.


Folder 3         Engineering Development and Telephone Directory

Insert 1  Chronological listing of RCA organizational and engineering development from vacuum tubes to radio and TV to recording equipment.

Insert 2  Interplant phone directory of RCA (Lancaster), 1 July 1955, number listed alphabetically, by name, department and division.


Folder 4         RCA Family Newsletters (photocopies)

Insert 1  Fall newsletter of 1961.  “Getting to Know You,” “Combined Charities Week  September 25-29.”  Highlights color TV production, pictures and civil defense, corporate data includes latest in technology.  Department information and event happenings, recreational activities also included.

Insert 2  February-March 1963.  “The unseen friend behind employees, their jobs, their job security—profits (see pg. 3).”  Had corporate information, 20th anniversary pictures.  Safety emphasized, dept news round-up suggestion, awards, and personal milestones, and finally the bowling tournament results.

Insert 3  April-May 1963.  “RCA’s Klystron goes to College (see pg. 2)”  Spring edition lists latest advancements and how to increase profits.  Article on ham radios and “Housekeeping”, bus trips and basketball highlights issue, along with regular department news.

Insert 4  July-August 1963.  “Lancaster’s $11.6 million expansion is reviewed by members of RCA electronics components and devices.”  Summer edition highlights expansion plans, corporate news includes realignment and thermionic conversion.  Pictures of sports banquet along with service awards.

Insert 5  November-December 1963.  “A Gift from RCA employees that expresses the true meaning of Christmas”.  Article on semiconductors, pictures of expansion, Lancaster highlights, VAC news and minute flag award.

Insert 6  February-March 1964.  “RCA Lancaster ensures a color-full 1964-65 World’s Fair.”  Lead story on color TV tube production development of electronic tube.  VAC and departmental news. Back page deals with morality and integrity message.

Insert 7  November-December 1964.  “RCA girls decorate Lancaster’s ‘Christmas Tree’ of color.”  Image tube development and color tube production highlights issue, VAC and department news data, retirees and service recognition pictures.

Insert 8  May-June 1965.  “RCA Lancaster Employees receive citation for Space Age Achievement.”  Space components highlights this edition.  Clean environment a major factor.  Pictorial on space “gadgets.”  Ends with usual dept and plant newsworthy items.

Insert 9  September-October 1965.  “Verna King explains her $2500 award winning idea.”  Suggestion awards financially lucrative.  Employment policy reviewed.  Quality and safety emphasized.  Company highlights articles along with usual dept and VAC news.


Folder 5         RCA Family Newsletter (photocopies)

Insert 1  January 1968.  Car safety, REACT, insurance items.  Segment dedicated to RCA retirement and insurance plans.  Suggestion articles and VAC calendar.  

Insert 2  August-September 1968.  “Skilled hands at work.”  Pictures of plant manufacturing, venture into literary horizons with Random House.  Charities involvement encouraged.  VAC events, along with suggestion and insurance data.

Insert 3  December 1968.  “40 years of service with RCA.”  Pictures of 25-year club annual dinner.   Article about Hertz, a RCA subsidiary.  1968 VAC year-end review in pictures and recap.

Insert 4  July 1969.  “Perspective: Dept. 661.”  Article on inflation.  Pictures on Dept. 661.  RCA sponsorship of Little League baseball, vacation opportunities outlined.

Insert 5  June 1971.  “Lancaster Summer Arts Festival.”  The history of your paycheck explained.  Glass plant of picture tubes is mentioned, pictures of VAC awards for sports.  Vacation to sapphire mine in Montana highlighted 3 RCA families.

Insert 6  September 1971.  “VAC vacation photography contest winners 1971.”  Feature article on the RCA administrative management positions.  Electron tubes put through tests for reliability.  Images of photography contest current and past winners.

Insert 7  October 1971.  “Combined Charities Campaign October 20-29.”  United fund and combined charities featured.  Article on plating department highlighted.  Safety procedures are brought to our attention

Insert 8  November 1971.  Thanksgiving issue.  The role of photocopying of company printing needs is emphasized.  Article on sky-diving featured Don Trout.  Pictures of BIE day depicted (Business-Industry-Education).

Insert 9  March 1981.  “Powering Our Nation in the Next Century, RCA-Neutral Beam Sources.”  Dental plan outlined.  Pictures of suggesters in contest.  Article on fusion energy program and the neutral beam source. Christmas party pictures.  Retirement and service awards.

Insert 10  October 1981.  Manufacturing on CPT (color picture tube) quality programs.  RCA’s CCD (charged couples device).  21 technician/draftsman award winners with pictures. 

Insert 11  Summer 1981.  “Solid State Around the World,” Solid State Times.  Solid state division depicted in family tree 1948-1981.  Plant in Mountain Top, PA shown.  The Findlay, Ohio Plant highlighted.  Articles on overseas operations in Malaysia, Taiwan, Europe.  The solid state focus is on the Palm Beach Gardens and the Lancaster plants.

Insert 12  Winter 1982.  RCA input into the personnel computer field explained.  25-year service banquet recipients mentioned.

Insert 13  August 1992.  Focus. Keynote article on the Lancaster pilot production center and technical evolution.  Other happenings: safety committee establishment, scholarships awarded in savings bond essay contests.

Series 3  Zero-Defects Program, George A. DeLong Papers

Box 3

Folder 1         Goal Zero Defects Employee Information

Poster contest booklet.  Employee pledge for the Lancaster plant. Unsigned.

Program for foreman with a handwritten note to George DeLong on cover: “G. Delong, very good and to the point.”  4 pages long, front and back print. 

Performance goals and personal development plan for 1963 and 1964.  Listing major responsibilities and goals, attached to each goal is 3 columns in which the supervisor assesses whether the employee met the goal surpassed the goal, or did not meet the goal.


Folder 2         Correspondence to Management

Memo to all supervisors dated 19 August 1965.  From W. J. Schnelli to all supervisors in departments 549, 571, 573 to schedule meetings for Personal Quality Performance.  Stamped Advanced Development Conversion Tube Operation. 23 August 1965.

Memo dated 22 November 1965 from George Delong, acknowledging the progress of ZD-PQP program and urging that certain steps be taken so as not to diminish the programs effectiveness.

Memo to PQP administrators dated 14 January 1966 from George DeLong, ZD administrator. 

Bulletin to RCA Management regarding the 2nd quarter PQP awards. Signed by George DeLong. 25 May 1966, vol. 18, no. 9.  Issued by Personnel Section Training Group.


Folder 3         Typed Notices about ZD and PQP Meetings

Invitation to a Zero Defects presentation to be held in Demonstration Room 12-2 on Wednesday 20 January 1965 at 9am.  Signed by S. White (Manager, Operations Services) and A. B. Dickinson (Manager, Lancaster Color Television Picture Tube Plant).  Distribution list on back side.  Stamped: “Received Jan 12 1965 S. J. Cerar.” 

Zero Defects Invitation dated 27 April 1965.  List of invitees.  Signed George DeLong.

Agenda for Ephrata Jaycee Regular Meeting.  1 page typed.  Program: Mr. George DeLong “The Privilege to Work Philosophy.” 28 February 1967.

Insert 1  Draft for Zero Defects meeting, 2 pages typed, signed by C. E. Burnett.


Folder 4         Handwritten Notes Concerning PQP and ZD

Insert 1  Outline for “An Evaluation of Industrial Motivation Programs.”  Handwritten in blue pen on loose leaf paper.  10 pages.  Corrections through out in red and gray pencil. 

Insert 2  Outline for “The Spirit of Competition”.  Handwritten in blue pen on loose leaf paper. 3 pages.

Insert 3  Outline for “The Privilege to Work Philosophy.” Handwritten in blue pen on loose leaf paper.  10 pages.  Article from 15 February 1967 edition of Lancaster New Era attached, “Leisure Time seen Doubling.”

Insert 4  Outline on “Communication.”  Handwritten in blue pen on loose leaf paper.  4 pages. Corrections made in red and gray pencil. Note attached to George DeLong from George E. Allen, concerning outline for subsequent talks at Jaycee meeting March 4.  17 February 1971.

Insert 5  Notes dealing with Leadership and Group Dynamics.  Handwritten in blue pen on loose leaf paper.  4 pages. 

Insert 6  Outline on “Self-Analysis and How to Do It.”  Handwritten in blue pen on loose leaf paper.  4 pages.  Correction in gray pencil.

Insert 7  Speech covering 5 elements.  Handwritten in gray pencil on loose leaf paper.  9 pages.  5 Elements: 1) Knowledge of varied types of industrial operations.  2) Ability to evaluate contractors capacity and capability.  3) Ability to communicate orally.  4) Ability to develop technical support data for reasonable cost and price action.  5) Ability to communicate in writing.

Insert 8  Outline for “Why is such a program needed by a corporate business?” Handwritten in blue on 4 note cards.    


Folder 5         Internal Correspondence

Internal Correspondence dated 17 August 1962.  Received 20 August 1962, W. G. Fahnestock’s office.  To G. A. DeLong and R. L. Kauffman from W. W. Winters expressing appreciation for doing well in preparing the Solar Cell Proposal for JPL.

Correspondence between Jersey City Warehouse and Lancaster Warehouse.  Dated 13 August 1965.  From G. J. McKenna (Lancaster Warehouse) to M. R. Stoecker (Jersey City Warehouse) referring to the PQP program.  McKenna feels it is a good program that will be very successful.  Stamped: “Advanced Development Conversion Tube Operations Aug. 17, 1965.”

Internal Correspondence from John Hipp to George DeLong.  Dated 3 September 1965 asking DeLong to meet with plant manger Bill Collicott from Vineland, NJ.  Signed J. H. Hipp.  Written response on bottom of letter informing John that any time after 1 October would be fine.  Signed George DeLong.  Stamped: “Advanced Development Conversion Tube Operations, Sep 7 1965.”

Internal Correspondence dated 7 January 1966.  To George DeLong from S. M. Hartman (Marion Plant).  Thanking DeLong for opinions on ZD – PQP program.  Signed S. M. Hartman.  cc: P. Thompson-Lancaster, C. Simeral-Lancaster, J. Bradley-Marion.  Stamped: “Advanced Development Conversion Tube Operations Jan 10 1966.”

Internal Correspondence  to George DeLong from C. C. Simeral Jr. congratulating Mr. DeLong for running for political office and thanking him for doing it in such a way as not to involve RCA.  Signed C. C. Simeral Jr. Dated 18 November 1966.

Insert 1  Internal Correspondence from George DeLong to C. C. Simeral Jr. Dated 23 February 1968.  Pertaining to the Zero Defects Personal Quality Performance program.  Assessing past performance, present status and future possibilities.  Signed George DeLong.  Stamped: “Received Feb 26, 1968 Manufacturing Standard: RCA Lancaster Plant.”


Folder 6         Correspondence from George DeLong

Correspondence dated 6 April 1965 from George DeLong to Mr. Harry A Walker (Acting Director of Material, Lockheed Georgia Company, a Division of Lockheed Aircraft Corporation, Marietta, Georgia 20061).   Expressing enthusiasm for the kick-off of the ZD-PQP program at the Lancaster RCA plant. Signed by George DeLong, Project Administrator.

Correspondence dated 27 December 1965, from George DeLong, to Mr. W. J. Anderson (Special Assistant Qual. & Rel. Mgmt. Ofc., Dept. of the Army, Headquarters United States Missile Command, Redstone Arsenal, Alabama 35809).  Expressing thanks fro interest in the ZD-PQP program.

Correspondence dated 17 January 1966 from George DeLong to R. L. Kelly.  1965 Accomplishments at Lancaster.  Details the achievements of the PQP program throughout the year and future outlook.  Signed George DeLong, PQP Administrator.  cc: C. C. Simeral Jr., G. A. Delong/file. 

Insert 1  Correspondence dated 6 March 1967 from George DeLong to Vincent Vannoni.  Concerning USAF Participation award.  2 pages typed.


Folder 7         Correspondence to George DeLong and RCA

RCA Envelope, 17 April 1965.  Addressed to George DeLong, from S. White.

Correspondence to RCA-Lancaster from Lockheed Georgia Company.  Dated 26 March 1965.  Regarding ZD within the Lockheed-Georgia Company, relating successes and urging RCA Lancaster to adopt the program.  Signed Harry A. Walker, Acting Director of Material.

Correspondence to George DeLong from American Aniline Products Inc., Patterson NJ.  Dated 2 November 1965.  From J. J. Heffner thanking DeLong for sending materials concerning the ZD-PQP program.  Signed J. J. Heffner, Manager of Productions.  Stamped: “Advanced Development Conversion Tube Operations, Nov. 4 1965.”

Correspondence to George DeLong from S. M. Hartman.  Dated 7 January 1966.  cc: P. Thompson, C. Simeral Jr., J. Bradley.  Expressing appreciation for opinions on PQP.  Signed S. M. Hartman.  Note addressed on bottom of letter to George: Congrats for doing well at the Marion Plant.  Signed C. C. Simeral Jr.  Dated 19 January 1966.  Stamped: “Received Jan 10, 1966, C.C. Simeral Jr.”  Stamped: “Advanced Development Conversion Tube Operations Jan 20, 1966.”

Correspondence dated 24 August 1966 to George DeLong from Rulon Nagely, Vice President-Material.  From North American Aviation Inc.  Thanking Mr. DeLong for responding to inquiry about ZD-PQP program.  Signed Rulon Nagely.

Correspondence to George DeLong from Arthur O’Holliday, Forest Products Research Society.  Dated 24 October 1966.  Concerning “Zero-Defects program and its affects” presentation, confirmation of invitation. 1 page typed.

Correspondence from Arthur O’Holliday, Chairman, Northeast Section, Forest Products Research Society.  Dated 1 February 1967.  Thanking George DeLong for his ZD presentation.  Signed Arthur O’Holliday.

Same as above letter.

Correspondence to George DeLong from Manufacturers Association of Lancaster, PA, Walter C. Miller, Executive Secretary. Congratulating DeLong for doing well as Toastmaster. 

Insert 1  Correspondence to George DeLong from W. W. Collicott, Plant Manager, Owens, Illinois. Dated 1 November 1965.  Thanking Mr. DeLong for visiting the plant and sharing his PQP presentation. cc: Mr. Phillip Vokrot (RCA Lancaster), Mr. A. M. Pitcher (Kimble-Vineland), Mr. F. L. Curcio (Kimble-Vineland).  Signed W. W. Collicott, Plant Manager.  Attached is response form George Delong: Thanking Mr. Collicott for letter.  Dated 30 November 1965.  Stamped:  “Advanced Development Conversion Tube Operations Nov 3 1965.”

Insert 2  Correspondence dated 27 December 1966 from Frank Pine Zero Defects Administrator  to C. C. Simeral Jr. regarding participation of George DeLong in the kick-off of ZD at Braceland Brothers. Signed Frank Pine.

Correspondence dated 27 December 1966 from Frank Pine Zero Defects Administrator  to C. E. Burnett regarding participation of George DeLong in the kick-off of ZD at Braceland Brothers. Signed Frank Pine.

Envelope from Braceland Brothers holding letters from Frank Pine to C. C. Simeral Jr. and C. E. Burnett.


Folder 8          RCA Family Newsletter

Newsletter, Spring Issue: April-May 1960.  Articles: “Tube Developed and Manufactured Here,” “Power 150 watt Pioneer V Transmitter,’ Suggestions, RCA Briefs, “DeLong Honored in Oklahoma,” “Pictorially Lancaster: 10 & 15 Clubs receive new members,” Dept news, VAC, Winter Sports Review.

Newsletter, July-August 1965.  Articles: “RCA Introduces the Personal Quality Performance Program,” “PQP Zero Defects,” “Color Expansion and Meeting Advancing Technical Needs of Industry,” Dept. News, RCA Highlights, VAC.

Newsletter, September-October 1965.  Articles: “Verna King Explains her $2500 Award Winning Idea,” “RCA Reviews Employment Policy,” “Zero Defects Award Program Announced Safety Depends upon Accident Prevention,” Dept. News, RCA Highlights, VAC, ‘Goal Zero Defects’ Poster Contest Rules.

Newsletter, Marion PQP Edition: 1965. Dedicated to the “Personal Quality Performance” goals which started with the Zero-Defect program.

Newsletter, March-April 1966.  Articles: “Pres. Sarnoff Visits Plant,” “RCA Modernizes Monogram,” “Beneficiary Notice,” “Zero-Defect Award Winners Honored,” “2nd Quarter PQP awards,” “Converter Uses ‘Heat Pipe’,” “RCA Reduction Efforts save $39.2 Million in 1965,” “RCA-VAC Holiday in Grand Bahama.”

Newsletter, May-June 1966. Articles: Don’t Take a Vacation …from Safety,” RCA Plans New Puerto Rico Plant,” “RCA Traffic Plan Designed for Shift Changes,” Service Awards, “P.Q.P. Self-Checklist,” “Lancaster Tops Corporate Goal.”

Newsletter, September-October 1967. Articles: “Lancaster Plant Awarded Citation by National Guard,” “Z-D Award Presented to Lancaster Plant,” “Department 22 Honored at PQP Dinner,” “New Employee Awarded $3,531 for Suggestion.”


Folder 9         External Pamphlets and Newsletters Concerning Zero Defects

Pamphlet, Forest Products Research Society, Northeast Section.  Fall Meeting and Business Meeting.  Dated 16-17 November 1966.  Featuring “Zero Defects Program and Its Effects,” by George DeLong.

Braceland Brothers News ‘n’ Views.  Newsletter, August 1966.  Regarding Kick-off of Zero Defects.  Short biography about George Delong.

Pamphlet, CTC Composition.  “The User’s View.”  5th Annual Convention and Exhibit.  Cold Type Composition Section.  20-23 September 1967.  Featuring George DeLong’s “Zero Defects for Composition.”