Records of the Lancaster Chapter of the National Conference of Christians & Jews, 1964-1977

Call Number: MG-411

1 box     7 folders      .5 cubic ft.

Repository: (Lancaster, Pa.)

Shelving Location: Archives South, Side 10

Description: This collection contains six scrapbooks of records of the Lancaster Chapter of the National Conference of Christians & Jews. The volumes hold meeting notices and minutes, reports, newsletters, newspaper articles, and programs. The last folder contains documents from 1977 regarding an executive board meeting, fundraising and expenses.

Creator: Lancaster Chapter of the National Conference of Christians & Jews (Pa.)

Conditions for Access: No restrictions.

Conditions Governing Reproductions: Collection may not be photocopied. Please contact Research Staff or Archives Staff with questions.

Language: English

Source of Acquisition: The collection was kept by the late K. L. Shirk. Gift of Shirk Reist Attorneys, Lancaster, PA, 27 October 2006.

Historical Information:

“The National Conference for Community and Justice (NCCJ) was founded in 1927 as the National Conference for Christians and Jews, in response to anti-Catholic sentiment being expressed during Al Smith’s run for the Democratic nomination. Its founders included prominent social activists such as Jane Addams and U.S. Supreme Court Justice Charles Evans Hughes who dedicated the organization to bringing diverse people together to address interfaith divisions. Several years later NCCJ expanded its work to include all issues of social justice including race, class, gender equity, sexual orientation and the rights of people with different abilities.

In the 1990’s, the name was changed to the National Conference for Community and Justice to better reflect the breadth and depth of its mission, the growing diversity of our country and our need to be more inclusive.

The National Conference for Community and Justice (NCCJ) is a human relations organization promoting understanding and respect among all races, religions and cultures; providing education and advocacy, and building communities that are inclusive and just for all.

The National Conference for Community and Justice is dedicated to fighting bias, bigotry, and racism and promoting understanding and respect among all races, religions, and cultures through education, advocacy, and conflict resolution.”

National Conference for Community and Justice. “Our Story.” Accessed December 17, 2013.

Administrative History: Processed and finding aid prepared by MK, Fall 2013.


Folder 1 Records Scrapbook September 1964 – May 1967.

Meeting Notice and Minutes:

September 24, 1964 Local Chapter meeting discussing minority student retention in Lancaster Schools.

October 22, 1964 Local Chapter meeting discussing local Republican and Democratic Party minority planks.


[October/November 1964] announcing service club speakers and chairmen for Brotherhood Week and reporting on a shift in the national NCCJ from education regarding Judeo-Christian relations to action regarding race relations, Pres. Johnson’s support for NCCJ program to ease racial tension and implement the anti-poverty bill and a summary of NCCJ outreach programs across the nation.

[November/December 1964] reporting general business, the Rearing Children of Good Will program and a statement on Rolf Hochhuth’s play “The Deputy”.

[February/March 1965] announcement of Mitch Miller as national Brotherhood Week Chairman for 1965.

Brotherhood luncheon programs for January 28, 1965; February 18, 1965 (first Brotherhood Banquet); February 25, 1965; April 22, 1965; May 27, 1965; December 16, 1965; March 3, 1966; February 23, 1967 (third annual Brotherhood Banquet).

Invitations to Brotherhood luncheons for January 7, 1966; February 3, 1966; April 21, 1966; September 8, 1966; October 13, 1966; November 10, 1966; December 8, 1966; January 12, 1967; March 9, 1967; April 13, 1967; May 11, 1967.

Minutes of April 22, 1965 Regular Membership Meeting including a presentation on the effects of housing integration, the implementation of which was pioneered by Chester and Bucks Counties.

Year End Report, May 27, 1965 summarizing Lancaster LCCJ chapter meetings from September 24, 1964 through April 22, 1965; the integrated play “Some of My Best Friends” on February 18, 1965; the Mitch Miller Banquet on February 25, 1965.

President’s Report, May 27, 1965 recapping the prior year’s meetings, activities, and accomplishments including a record fundraising drive collecting $2,600, educational activities in 17 service clubs, high schools, and community organizations.

News Clippings: “Brotherhood Leaders Listed” No date; “Brotherhood Week Dinner Tomorrow” February 24, 1965; “Farkas airs city policy for preserving public order” December 18, 1964; “Scranton, Coe share in Brotherhood Week call” February 16, 1965; “Cast of social dramas rehearses for February 18 debut” February 11, 1965; “Mitch here to sing praises of brotherhood for ‘week’” February 26, 1965; “100 Sing With Mitch, Help Honor Dr. Dunn” February 26, 1965; “Negro housing inequities scored at NCCJ meeting” April 23, 1965; “Law Sought to ‘Freeze’ Homes in Bias Cases” April 23, 1965; “Dr. Glass Will Become Head of Local NCCJ” May 20, 1965; “City Minister Cites Apathy in Housing Problems Here” November 11, 1966; “Area Religious Rights Groups Ponder Workshop” November 22, 1966; “Human Rights Unit Eyes Plan to Cut Prejudice” November 22, 1966; “NCCJ to Honor Schwalm at Banquet Today” February 23, 1967; “Four to Attend Police Parley” April 20, 1967; “Pastor Charges Negro ‘Ghetto’ Growing Here” No date, “Minority Students Getting More Help” No date; “Plan under way to aid minority group student” No date;

NCCJ Lancaster Chapter Man of the Year certificates awarded to Louis G. Milan (1966) and Theodore R. Schwalm (1967) with lists of NCCJ patrons.

Year End Report [1965/1966] summarizing chapter meetings, meeting attendance, an Institute on Rearing Children of Good Will at Hand Junior High School, an October 27 [1965] resolution denouncing de facto discrimination, financial report.


Folder 2 Records Scrapbook February 1967 – June 1969.

Annual Reports May 11, 1967; May 23, 1968; and May 15, 1969 summarizing financial performance and activities of the Lancaster NCCJ during the prior year.

Annual banquet programs for February 23, 1967; February 20, 1968 (with Lancaster County Human Relations Committee); February 26, 1969 (with Lancaster County Human Relations Committee);

News Clippings from 1967: “Lancaster’s NCCJ Chapter Spearheads Local Observance” February 19, 1967; “Schwalm Cited as ’66 ‘Man of Year’” February 24, 1967; “Schwalm Honored as NCCJ’s ‘Man’” February 24, 1967; “Anti-Prejudice Film Previewed” September 20, 1967; “Equality for Negro Plea Made” October 27, 1967; “Local Negros Seen Not After Special Privileges” October 27, 1967; “Dr. Christie Raps Campus Radicals” November 16, 1967; “2 Nominated to NCCJ Board” November 4, 1967;

News Clippings from 1968: “Stacks to Get Rights Award” January 17, 1968; “Brotherhood Week Leaders Meet” January 21, 1968; “Overcoming Prejudice Called 2-Way Street” January 26, 1968; “NCCJ Unit to Hear Role of Layman” [1968]; “Hawaiian to Speak at Banquet” January 28, 1968; “Editor Receives Rights Award” February 21, 1968; “Yetta Sachs Carpenter Honored by Soroptimists” February 28, 1968; “County Prejudice Practices Rapped” providing examples of anti-Semitism at F&M, the Hamilton Club, and Lancaster businesses April 26, 1968; “He Told It Like It Is” April 26, 1968; “Lawyer Raps Bigotry in Lancaster County” April 26, 1968; “NCCJ Schedules Talk By Nat’l Official Thurs.” May 19, 1968; “Private School Aid Debated” September 20, 1968; “Parochial School Aid Debate Topic” September 20, 1968; “LCCJ To Hear Political Debate” October 13, 1968; “Candidates Talk at Luncheon” October 18, 1968; “Human Relations Views Aired” [1968]; “Police Must be Members of the Community, NCCJ Told” November 13, 1968; “NCCJ Proposes Police-Community Human Relations Seminar Here” November 13, 1968; “NCCJ To Hear Discussion By Professor, Policeman” [1968]; “Policemen, Prof Discuss Protests” November 22, 1968; “Enlarging of Rights Unit Voted” November 22, 1968; “NCCJ Hears Views on Demonstrations” [November 1968]; “NCCJ To Hear Greek-Hebrew Link Discussed” [December 1968]; “Brooks Hays Speaks Here in February” December 21, 1968;

News Clippings from 1969: “Local NCCJ Unit to Hear DPI Advisor” January 12, 1969; “Teacher [Hazel Jackson] to Get Award of NCCJ” January 22, 1969; “Mrs. Jackson to Receive Human Rights Award” January 22, 1969; “Lt. Duncan a Brotherhood Example” February 12, 1969; “Banquet, Award Presentation Highlight Brotherhood Week” February 16, 1969; “Ex-Solon Urges Push for Rights” February 21, 1969; “Mrs. Jackson Cited at Rights Banquet” February 21, 1969; “Instrument of Peace” February 22, 1969; “New Morality Topic Thurs. For NCCJ” March 16, 1969; “’Host Family’ Program Opens” March 21, 1969; “New Morality Said Outmoded” March 21, 1969; “Black Children ‘Host Family’ Plan Begins” March 21, 1969; “Israel Topic for NCCJ Session” [1969]; “NCCJ Slates Talk On Israel Luncheon” April 14, 1969; Police-Community Institute Planned” April 17, 1969; “150 Expected to Attend 3-Day Institute at MSC” April 17, 1969; “Police-Community Institute Planned” April   17, 1969; “NCCJ Exec [Leonard Aries] Will Speak Here Thurs.” May 11, 1969; “NCCJ Official to Speak” May 14, 1969; “Weisman New NCCJ President” May 16, 1969; “Police-Community Relations Institute Will Be Keyed to Cooperative Theme” May 18, 1969; “Speaker Here Hits Scorn for Young” May 26, 1969; “NCCJ Director Says Police, Citizens Both at Fault for Misunderstandings” May 26, 1969; “Parents Linked to Police Views” May 27, 1969; “Weisman To Head Agency Unit Again” May 28, 1969; “Duncan Lauds Value of Police Sessions Here” [May 1969]; “Non-Involvement Endangers Ourselves” letter to the editor from Clyde Fellenbaum calling for community involvement to combat vandalism and crime in southeast Lancaster;

Newsletters: Spring 1969, Elmer Resnick replaces Arthur Hammel as Lancaster NCCJ Co-Chair, summary of national NCCJ Annual Meeting.

Internal planning documents for the Lancaster Police-Community Relations Institute conference at Millersville May 25-27, 1969, including minutes of the Steering, March 17, 1969 and documents detailing organization and preparation.


Folder 3 Records Scrapbook September 1969 – June 1970.

News Clippings for 1969: “Ralph Craft Gets Child Center Job” September 13, 1969; “NCCJ Opens New Season” September 14, 1969; “Duncan Urges ‘Understanding’” September 19, 1969; “3 Mayoralty Hopefuls to Address NCCJ” October 12, 1969; “Candidates Air Views on Rights” October 17, 1969; “Not The Tourists But The Taxpayers” October 17, 1969; “Candidates Air Rights Views” October 17, 1969; “Education Dialog Thursday” November 2, 1969; “City Teacher to Address NCCJ Session” November 16, 1969; “Sacred Writings Aid Hero Search” November 21, 1969; “Film with Rabbi, Minister Wins Award” December 6, 1969; “Rabbi Shain Film Cited by NCCJ” December 6, 1969; “Three Students to Discuss Drug Abuse” [December 14, 1969]; “Drug Abuse Program Set By NCCJ Unit” December 15, 1969;

News Clippings for January 1970 – March 1970: “Priest to Speak at Temple Here” January 6, 1970; “Rabbi Shain Explains Israel Stand” January 7, 1970; “Rabbi Shain Says Israeli Stand Just” January 7, 1970; “Priest Voices Hope for Cooperation in Temple Talk” January 10, 1970; “Christian-Jewish Cooperation Noted” January 10, 1970; “NCCJ To Hear Poverty Formula” January 12, 1970; “Poverty To Be Topic For NCCJ” [January 12, 1970]; “Services Today Mark Dr. King’s Birthday” January 15, 1970; “Memorial Service for Dr. King Today” January 15, 1970; “Education, Jobs Called ‘Cure’ For Poverty” January 15, 1970; “350 Here Pay Tribute to Dr. King” January 16, 1970; “Poverty Plan Outlined By Assistance Chief” January 16, 1970; “Rabbi Shain to Speak At Lititz Club Meeting” January 16, 1970; “Rabbi Shain to be Cited at Banquet” (2 copies) January 26, 1970; “NCCJ to Honor Rabbi Shain” January 26, 1970; “Rabbi Shain Slates 3 Lectures in Feb.” February 4, 1970; “Working for Brotherhood” giving impressions and a brief history of the impact of the NCCJ on community relations in Lancaster, February 15, 1970; “Rabbi Shain To Visit Israel After Absence Of 37 Years” February 16, 1970; “NCCJ Fete Draws 104 Reservations” February 18, 1970; “Rabbi Shain to Go to Israel” February 19, 1970; “NCCJ President to Give Relations Award” February 25, 1970; “NCCJ President to Speak at Banquet” February 25, 1970; “Priest Tackles Anti-Semitism with Dialog” February 27, 1970; “Intell Reporter Honored” March 20, 1970; “Warren Court Depicted As Defender Of Rights” [March 20, 1970]; “Burkholder Praises Warren Court in Speech to NCCJ” March 20, 1970.

News Clippings for April 1970 – Jun. 1970: “Second Police-Community Parley At MSC May 24” April 8, 1970; “Police Seminar Set at MSC May 24” April 8, 1970; “Roanoke NCCJ to Cite Dr. Kendig” April 8, 1970; “F&M Students to Discuss Unrest at NCCJ Meeting” April 12, 1970; “Student Unrest Topic at NCCJ” April 13, 1970; “Police-Community Institute Slated” May 12, 1970; “Police-Community Institute at MSC” May 13, 1970; “Relations Seminar to Open Sunday” (2 copies) May 22, 1970; “Seminar Will Open Sunday” (2 copies) May 22, 1970; “Poverty Cited As Next Key Issue” May 22, 1970; “Growing Gap Seen Between Poor and Affluent” May 22, 1970; “Bad Social Conditions Blamed for Crimes” (2 copies) May 25, 1970; “Unrest Halt Keyed to Understanding” May 25, 1970; “Police-Community Parley Film Shows Prejudice Peril” May 26, 1970; “Speaker Urges Reorientation of Police Work” May 26, 1970; “Realistic Dialog Between Police, Citizens Praised” May 28, 1970; “Police Institute Wins Plaudits” May 29, 1970; “’Day of Thought’ Set for Sunday” May 29, 1970; “’Day of Thought’ Slated Sunday” May 29, 1970; “Rabbi Will Install Protestant Minister” June 20, 1970.

Programs for the “Testimonial Banquet Honoring Lieutenant Calvin L. Duncan” October 25, 1969; the Third Annual Banquet of the Lancaster Chapter of NCCJ and the Lancaster City-County Human Relations Committee February 26, 1970; the Service of Installation for Rev. Robert G. Masenheimer, Jr. as pastor of Salem United Church of Christ, Moorseville, PA, June 21, 1970.

Memo from D.W. Nesbit to Millersville State College faculty inviting attendance at a presentation by Mrs. Inez Long about the “Religious Literature of the West” course taught at McCaskey High School. November 10, 1969.

Booking confirmation for Father Edward H. Flannery to speak at the Lancaster City-County Human Relations meeting of December 12, 1969.

Human Relations Award certificate awarded to Rabbi Samson Shain by the Lancaster NCCJ Chapter and the Lancaster City-County Human Relations Committee, February 26, 1970.

Annual Report May 21, 1970 summarizing meetings, financial performance, and activities of the Lancaster NCCJ during the prior year.

Group photo of selected participants at the 1970 Police-Community Institute appearing in the May 28, 1970 Intelligencer Journal.


Folder 4 Records Scrapbook March 1970 – August 1971.

News clippings for 1970: “Anti-Semitism will continue, ecumenist says” March 5, 1970; “Dr. Dunn of UCC Dies, 79” September 5, 1970; “Rev. Dr. David Dunn, 79, Seminary Dean, Is Dead” [September 1970]; “Police to Report on MSC Institute” September 14, 1970; “Police Set Talk at NCCJ Meet” September 15, 1970; “Duncan Talks on Disorders” September 18, 1970; “Duncan Says Clashes Eased by Understanding” September 18, 1970; “Rabbi Shain to Address Sacred Heart Guild” October 1, 1970; “City Candidates Schedule Debate” October 28, 1970; “Rabbi to Show Israel Slides” October 29, 1970; “Horn, Pittenger Debate Thursday” October 28, 1970; “UNICEF Day Designated as Friday” October 29, 1970; “Hebrew Units to Meet Here” November 12, 1970; “Joint Thanksgiving Services Planned” November 18, 1970; “Rabbi Shain to Talk on Israel at NCCJ” November 18, 1970; “Lasting Mid-East Peace 10 Years Off—Rabbi Shain” November 20, 1970; “Rabbi Shain Sees Mideast Peace In Ten Years” November 20, 1970; “Annual Union Service Slated at Temple” November 25, 1970; “Rev. Simmons to be Honored” December 11, 1970; “NCCJ to Hear Talk By Glasse” December 13, 1970; “Rights Groups Set Honor for Rev. Simmons” December 11, 1970; “Seminary President To Talk to NCCJ” December 15, 1970; “Religion Won’t ‘Go Away’ Asserts Lancaster Seminary President” December 17, 1970; “Religious Patterns to Change” December 18, 1970; “Pittinger, Horn Caution Voters” October 30, 1970;

News clippings for 1971: “Brotherhood Banquet Set February 25” January 8, 1971; “Willow Street Women To Hear Rabbi Shain” January 9, 1971; “Rabbi Shain On Program for Woman’s Club” January 9, 1971; “F&M President Sets NCCJ Talk on Universities” January 9, 1971; “Spalding Speaking at NCCJ January 21” January 10, 1971; “Lancastrians Attend Inaugural Gala” [January 1970]; “New College Types Seen By Spaliding” January 22, 1971; “Universities Face ‘Confidence Crisis’” January 22, 1971; “Brotherhood Banquet Set” February 2, 1971; “NAACP Attorney to Talk at Brotherhood Banquet” February 2, 1971; “DeLong Sworn In As State Deputy Labor Secretary”, February 19, 1971; “Eight Apply to Human Relations” February 20, 1971; “Brotherhood Banquet On Thursday” February 21, 1971; “Book Review on Program For Hadassah Luncheon” February 22, 1971; “Humanitarian Award To Cite Dr. Robinson” February 25, 1971; “240 ‘Amen’ Rev. Simmons Award” February 26, 1971; “Rev. Simmons Wins 1970 Rights Award” February 26,1971; “Quality as Acceptance Rule Urged” February 26, 1971; “Rabbi Shain To Be Cited” [February 1971]; “Rev. Campbell NCCJ Speaker” March 10, 1971; “Rabbi Shain to Be Honored at Meet” March 10, 1971; “NCCJ Series to Conclude With Discussion of Youth” March 14, 1971; “National NCCJ VP To Speak” April 1, 1971; “National VP Of NCCJ To Speak Here” April 4, 1971; “Says Most Radicals Are Junior High Students” [April 1971]; “City Woman Visits Ben-Gurion” May 13, 1971; “Rabbi Shain in College Exercises” June 1, 1971; “Youth ‘Rap’ Session Gets Rights Priority” May 21, 1971; “Alumni Marks Hebrew College Golden Jubilee” June 17, 1971; “Rabbi Shain Going On ‘Safari’ in Holy Land” [June 1971]; “Rabbi Shain to Tour Israel” June 29, 1971; “Israel: A Rabbi Revisits The Land of His Heros” August 5, 1971; “Israel Faces Future With Confidence, Determination” August 5, 1971; “Rabbi’s Travels Reveal Israel Unique In Beauty” August 6, 1971;

Transcript of selections of the final session of the Police Community Relations Institute including speeches and panel discussions including Messrs. Kozak, Tesnar, Christian, Johnson, and Shain on the relation of the news media, violence, civil disobedience, and race relations, May 26, 1970.

NCCJ resolution concerning the late Dr. David Dunn, September 17, 1970.

Newsletters: LCCJ Reading-Berks Chapter Fall 1970, Rabbi Samuel Shain to speak at annual meeting, with short bio.

Minutes: second meeting of the planning committee for the 1971 Brotherhood Dinner, December 10, 1970; committee meeting of the Third Annual Regional Police Community Relations Institute, April 7, 1970.

Draft of human relations award presented to Rev. Alvin James Simmons, February 25, 1971.

Programs: Lancaster Chamber of Commerce 99th Annual Meeting, January 6, 1971; Sixth Annual Community-Wide Brotherhood Banquet, February 25, 1971; Third Annual Police Community Relations Institute, September 12-14, 1971;

Annual Report April 15, 1971 summarizing meetings, financial performance, and activities of the Lancaster NCCJ during the prior year.

Approved grant proposal from the Pennsylvania Criminal Justice Planning Board for Police-Community Institute workshop on student unrest and the police, 1971.


Folder 5 Records Scrapbook August 1971 – May 1972.

News clippings for 1971: “Community Relations Parley Set” August 23, 1971; “3rd Annual Policy Community Relations Institute Set” August 23, 1971; “NY Police Head Will Speak at Institute Here” September 9, 1971; “N.Y. Police Chief to Speak Here” September 10, 1971; “Police Relations Institute Gets $6,999 Grant” September 11, 1971; “Police Institute Granted $6,999” September 11, 1971; “Narcotics Rated As Top Police Problem” September 13, 1971; “College-Police Understanding Asked” September 13, 1971; “Attica Slayings Called Sad Day for U.S.” September 13, 1971. “NYC Top Officer Blasts Slayings” September 14, 1971; “Students Tell Police: Don’t Turn Off Teens” September 14, 1971; “College Heads Back ‘Orderly Dissent’” September 15, 1971; “Orderly Dissent Endorsed By 2 College Heads” September 16, 1971; “Lancaster Square, Park City Ready For Dedication” September 19, 1971; “Fun for All Fri. Sat. At Square Dedication” September 23, 1971; “New Lancaster Square Dedicated” September 25, 1971; “Scott Sees More Funds For States” September 26, 1971; “Lt. Duncan To Report On Institute” October 8, 1971; “St. John’s LCW To Hear Rabbi Samson a. Shain” October 9, 1971; “Police Official Lauds Local College Residents for Attitudes Toward Youth” October 22, 1971; “NCCJ Hears Lt. Duncan On Hostility” October 23, 1971; “NCCJ To Hear Prison Reform Talk November 18” November 9, 1971; “Parole Chairman Exposes ‘Myths’” November 19, 1971; “Dr. Garrett Will Speak” December 2, 1971; “3 Students to Attend Policy-School Parley” December 4, 1971; “3 To Attend Institute on Police” December 4, 1971; “Women’s Rights Topic at NCCJ” December 8, 1971; “Women Are On The Move” December 17, 1971; “Blind Rabbi Will Address NCCJ Group” December 31, 1971;

Programs: Third Annual Police-Community Relations Institute, September 12-14, 1971; Lancaster Square Dedication, September 24-25, 1971.


Folder 6 Records Scrapbook September 1974 – May 1975.

News clippings for 1974: “Petersen to Address NCCJ Meet” September 16, 1974; “Pa. Welfare System Topic for NCCJ Meeting Thurs.” September 15, 1974; “Wenrich to Get NCCJ Honors” October 12, 1974; “Wenrich To Be Cited by NCCJ” October 12, 1974; “NCCJ Will Hear Ready” October 13, 1974; “NCCJ to Hear Ronald Reedy” October 16, 1974; “NCCJ Told More Pride Is Needed” October 18, 1974; “Trials Here To Be Held More Often” October 17, 1974; “Reedy to Speak At NCCJ Meeting” October 17, 1974; “NCCJ Honors Jay Wenrich” October 18, 1974; “NCCJ Grant” October 20, 1974; “UCCJ to Hear Talk on Hunger” November 15, 1974; “McElhinny to Get NCCJ Recognition” November 17, 1974.

News clippings for 1975: “Gockley to Receive Brotherhood Award” January 30, 1975; “Seibert Toastmaster For Brotherhood Event” February 21, 1975; “Rabbi Shain is Guest in Holland” February 22, 1975; “Methodists to Hold Seder Service” February 21, 1975; “Sister Hargrove Returns as Brotherhood Speaker” February 16, 1975; “Business Executive [John Gockley] To Get Rights Award” February 26, 1975; “Gockley Honored for Dedication to Justice” February 28, 1975; “Gockley Gets Rights Award” February 28, 1975; “NCCJ Chapter to Hear Vicar” March 16, 1975; “NCCJ To Hear City Educator” March 15, 1975; “MSC Folk Singers at NCCJ Thurs.” December 18, 1974; “NCCJ To Hear Cullen” April 17, 1975; “Fr. Kealy Will Head NCCJ Here” May 14, 1975; “NCCJ Installs New Officers” May 16, 1975;

Programs: Eleventh Annual Community-Wide Brotherhood Banquet, February 27, 1975; “Religious Leaders Find Concern Evident” February 25, 1975; “Religious Leaders Cite Lay People for Efforts” [February 1975]; “M. Seibert Will Host Banquet” February 22, 1975; “Examples in Brotherhood” February 27, 1975; New Holland Methodist Church “A Service to Better Understand The Backgrounds Of The Jewish Seder And The Christian Communion Service”, February 26, 1975; First English Lutheran Church “Seder/Communion” March 19, 1975; William Penn NCCJ Chapter “Holocaust Martyrs Memorial Day Observance” [1975].


Folder 7 Miscellaneous Records May 1977

Agenda, Lancaster Chapter NCCJ Executive Board meeting, May 31, 1977

Brochure, Millers Smorgasbord [1977]

Invitation, Penn State Alumnae Club tea August 17 with handwritten driving directions [1977]

Letter, A.G. Breidenstine thanking Ted Grabowski for assistance with NCCJ fundraising, May 23, 1977

Voucher, certain NCCJ Lancaster Chapter expenses for May 1977